: I had a dream, I still have one (SPOILERS WORLDS)
I think splyce would win the Bo5 vs G2
Kubalzki (EUW)
: Adc LFT Team | Plat +
hahaha, du sprachst von erfahrung. du hast ja garkeine xD und dann mich noch blocken^^ übler typ
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Snowi (EUW)
: Camille nerfs.. hello???
A Janna Lulu main talking about toplane?^^ And then ontop of that complaining about Camille... Janna and especially Lulu is anti assasin, what on earth is your problem
Shukr4n (EUW)
: dunno. yi = cc death trinda = wound + tank more cc annie = spread and kill easy nasus = camp top early kata = cc death if u plan to instapick whatever opponent picks, who am i to disagree with you. you should pick accordingly to those picks, if u want to win.
Nasus is irrelevent, way too easy to kite
GreyfellD (EUW)
: League has too many mechanically easy champions
> I do feel that hard or mechanically technical champs should be MORE POWERFUL then mechanically simple ones to force people to gravitate into learning harder champs. That is happening, here are the stats: Diamond+ popularity and then after that the global popularity (so bronze+silver+gold+....+challenger) Tryndamare 2.4%, 5.6% Annie 1.6%, 4% Yi 2.7%, 14.6% Nasus 4.1%, 11.2% https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/stats/diamond https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/stats/all (I'm not counting Katarina since she is one of the hardest champions in league and you not realizing that is kinda weird) ------ You see the further up the ranks you get the less those champions get played since they are worse and mechanically harder chance have higher potential so they play those. The winrate after 50+ games played stat reflects what I just said https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/winrates-by-xp So in the future instead of shittalking Riot, maybe take a look at the stats yourself. >you feel absolutely powerless when mid lane decides to feed over and over and over again. Maybe you feel powerless since you arent playing strong supports. Try Alistar/Blitz/Leona/Sion. Build Rightgous glory, roam a lot, put down deepwards. That is how a support has impact in the game, and that is how I carryed myself to diamond on this supp acc. best regards, and gl
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: Sometimes you want a champ that fits the comp. Try to pick up tgings are verstile. Karth and Trynda are not versatile.
That would be true if I was on an even skill level with the people I'm playing with. But since its just gold I have to hard carry
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: Well, maybe just that you are bad. Pick something that is good for the team, and stands thr chance of top.
Lol, I pick something with which I can carry. Golds and Silvers are hard to carry so I have to play something like karthus. And I do have a winrate of over 60%
: > [{quoted}](name=Mark Sama,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=qqdpcAzc,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-02-28T23:17:33.153+0000) > > no... it's specific, once is "towards Fiora" after being proc-ed or 'lost' it's on the opposite side, then again "towards Fiora", etc.. > I mean when you walk into lane. If you walk into lane and the Vital is pointed directly at her, then you are put on the back foot off the bat. > The Q cd get reduced if she hits something, otherwise is way longer > The issue there is that you'd have to fight Fiora away from minions and at a range so that she can't land Qs on you, which not a lot of top picks really have going for them. > You can still outplay it if you wait to her to waste it and then fight her instead of going ape all-in without thinking, or you can still bait it out and dodge the counter by side-steping while trying to cc if she W That again relies more on Fiora misusing her W, rather than you forcing it out of her. > You just stand against a wall so she can't proc the heal unless she kills you. And in that time, you lose a pretty substance chunk of health while she whales away on you. > Any items that apply reduction of healing counter hers, if she gets fed obviously you can't really expect to win a 1vs1 with any random champ or situation since she is a Duelist made for the 1vs1... I'm not really expecting to win the 1v1. I just want something, anything that isn't just cowering from her until teamfights start happening. And I just cannot see it. In lane, she seems to have everything you could want to bully an opponent.
You are not thinking clearly and prob playing way to aggressive vs her. She is very weak in teamfights compared to other tops and has no cc. Play around that, I see you have noticed that she is very strong early. so as conclusion let her have early game and try not to fall too far behind. You're not supposed to win every matchup in every part of the game
: That's not why you get a drop in honor. You only get it if you yourself were toxic in game. And the system is designed to ignore pointless invalid reports such as unorthodox champion picks. It doesn't matter how many people report you, be it one or nine. If you haven't trolled/int or raged, you'll be fine.
Then why do I have this? I mute all every ranked I start
Smerk (EUW)
: Did your punishment message really said "played unorthodox champions" ? I highly doubt it
: No you dropped in honour because you were either toxic or trolling/inting. Also you have 0 teemo or tryn in your ranked history in any of your seasons now, and only one game of tryn in your normal match history.
if you look at what I wrote closely I said low elo, im not sure about you but I dont consider Diamond low elo. My toplane account is BB HF
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: Anivia has a generel winrate of 54 % or higher and Anivia is a mechanically champ and she always had a super high winrate some champs have high win rates for months and they stay untouched
"Anivia is a mechanically champ".... oh I see, is Annie also a mechanical champ?
Pyrosen (EUW)
: I wrote the numbers on the side of what I was gaining but on average 17 and on loss about 19
Oh sorry didnt see :) maybe you are playing against easier teams so you gain less and loose more
: Looking for a dia+ duo
Rip MMR lul. Sorry cant you're too low, anyways good luck
: Leaverbuster + demotion because of bugs
This is what the bugg button in client bottom right of client window
Pyrosen (EUW)
: Low amount of LP gain.
How much do you gain on average and how much do you loose
: Riot Dont Nerf Katarina
9% pickrate, 53.7% winrate. Kat is a mechanically intensive champion with a high skill ceiling, So the more you play with her the higher your winrate goes. Riot balences champions according to challenger tier and lcs, for instence Lee sin got nerfed even thuogh his winrate was around 50% just because people who could play him well made him op (in lcs and challenger), so he needed balencing. So a good rule of thumb for high mechanically intensive champions is to nerf them so they are at about 48-9% winrate. If it were something like 51% then that would say that anyone who just picked her up has a good winrate and those who perfect have a stupidly high wnirate due to the mechanical intensity. That would make the champion over powered in chalenger tier and lcs even though it might not look like so in winrates. Now lets get back to Kata: she has a 53.7% winrate while being popular with a pick rate of 9%. This is obviously too high for the reasons we went over already. Meaning she will likely rightfully be nerfed soon. (Lee sins stats for comparisson: pickrate 20% winrate 48.5%)
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: and i was saying that just because the pros don't use those items, doesn't mean nobody should. Riot made runes reforged to "encourage players to make strange builds" and then shoot them in the knees when they take items "the pros don't use because they are off-meta"? are they serious?
Okay so this is what pros do. They play what they know is good, what others are also playing and then wait for silvers and golds to find some cool shit that works, then they use that. Blue Ezreal came from gold, Insec also came from gold. And this is what Apdo said (Best SoloQ player in Korea), now the next thing he said is play meta. Why? because those who try these weird things dont have a high winrate because most of the time they have something horrible try to make it work and just loose loads of mmr. This guy said that he will miss the items on thresh, all I said that they werent meta anyway besides, we are taking about meta. Not the best possible thing which hasnt been found yet, META. And you know who introduces meta? Pros, lcs had a awefull lot of braum lately, look whos pickrate and winrate has been going up? OOOh its braum. Pros popularize meta, they decide what is and what isnt. They shape it, like it or not. You have completely lost track of this thread
HSBunny (EUW)
: Advice 202
you need to play consistent to get from high dia to challenger, but first of all you need to improve
: dude, F*** pro players! just because they play some items and not others doesn't mean they have to decide for the rest of us
They have more game knowledge, understanding and coaches behind them, if you want the best possible build (meaning meta) then look to them, ofc you can build whatever the %%%% you want, but in this Diskussion we were talking about meta.
EddyKoysee (EUNE)
: Yes , they play supports with cleanse or qss but im not on their level and never will be . I dont compare with pro players
They do neither of those things.... The play meta, the same meta you play in.
: Anyone else's screen flickering?
: > [{quoted}](name=ImAJesterMain,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Vf3HIxpw,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-01-24T23:05:23.467+0000) > > {{item:3800}} anyone ? It's not nearly the same thing, you can't use that for people you can't see but know are in the bushes, you can't use that to run away, it's just not the same! And the most important is that you can't get it 10mins into the game, that's the whole point of the items they removed!
{{item:3341}} If you cant facecheck take this, and ask your teammates to take blue trinket. Dont overextend trying to ward, dont facecheck. Only go for deep wards when you are grouped.
EddyKoysee (EUNE)
: "High elo" ? You ware platinum last couple of seasons and im gold , i dont think its a big diference ...
I'm not talking about myself. Im talking about Mata, Effort, Ignar, wolf... high level players of which I consistenly check their matchhistory for champion picks, runes and yes, item builds. You see I try to get better, instead of moaning about the game :)
: Why I left game : advices to new players
You were that elo and you lost games because you didnt focus on getting better, that's fine but then dont complain about a champ being good because I can guarantee you to be able to carry myself from bronze to plat with lb top or some other troll pick with low winrate
EddyKoysee (EUNE)
: Support items rework
High elo doesnt even use the items which got removed, so I guess its time for you to get good xD
: You completely ruined supports for me!
Dude its a new patch. Give it some time, and also Bard doest even go frostqueens. The items you are naming arent even the best choice so now them being removed might help you having a viable itemastation :) Also its 24 hours into the patch, give it some time, Jeez
morte rei (EUW)
: any advice for a support main gold tier but low plat preason i have just started to be better and grind last season so wondering if you got any ideas? finding it hard to carry with the role atm.
I carryed myself up with playmaking champions like Alistar or Leona, now in diamond I find reactive supports such as Taric, Lulu and Shen are stronger. The only way to get betting is to learn from mistakes, so just always have a small notpad besides you where you type/write your mistakes on the specific champion every game. I mostly use the replay system to do that since ingame you cant really be objective and should concentrait on other things.
: Dia / Master Support LF Team for Tournaments to win some RP
82 lp Master is still practically dia sweety. xD dont oversell yourself, you look like an idiot doing it, no offence.
File a support ticket :)
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l MrD l (EUW)
: Is standard adc build for MF viable?
no, because you overreach attackspeed cap (with berserker+phantom+rapid) and thats without ardent, you need to replace one of the attackspeed items with damage
: plat team lf support
I can be a sub for you guys if you need one, check my second last post for more info
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Fajerk (EUW)
: Making 10+ streams per game? That's definitely not economical, not to mention it does not really benefit us in any way, you would pretty miss over 50% of action, watching pros csing is quite boring too. So there is no real point in doing that.
I reply to this a bit late, but you do realize there are already 10+ streams by riot for the different languages :) sooooo economical my ass
: Holland is not in the UK.
he just wants to show of I think^^
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chοwdog (EUNE)
: Plat 5 top/adc player looking for a good team :)
you need to be master to have a chance at a good team mate xD
lLu lLz (EUW)
: Looking for dia support
Hey, I'm a plat II main support, 70% w/r on supports this preseason. Hit me up if you're interested
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