HarciMiksa (EUNE)
: Just a last venting before quitting league forever.
Dunkey is such a great example! 10/10
Daimonu (EUW)
: Get the **Tribunal** back
I agree with Shamose but DUDE LISTEN.... You have dope content from 2012... Dont waste it over some stupid randoms on the internet... keep it cool! =)))))))))))
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CM1Gaming (EUW)
: It will never go back up. Riot will tell you it will, but it NEVER will. I had an account where honor dropped coz of Rito's terrible report system and then for more than 100 games in a row I got honor and usually most honor on my team and NEVER went back up. Make new account if you want honor rewards.
WOW thats not good. I rather uninstall
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: Is there a way to get unbanned
: LF friendly people to get account to lvl 30.
Byaka (EUW)
: Looking for friends
Hi ! I added you. I am not yet 30 lvl tho :D
Vulpis (EUW)
: Aphelios.
Agree. This champ is just stupid.
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Hansiman (EUW)
: 90+ minutes was common in high elo. Queue timers were a big issue across the board, and autofill was introduced due to a community request of shorter queue timers.
High elo I agree. Its hard to find players your level if you are d+ But for the rest of the ranks, even normal games. There are tons tons tons of players in this game. Plus .. when exactly in was introduced? 5 years ago? 5 years player base rise a lot you know =)
: While he exaggerated a lot. Once we had something very close to que without autofill. It was 30+ min in silver for lobby. And why you compare a mmoprg to moba? Are you crazy?
I am crazy enough to think that league have extremely MASSIVE HUGE player base with all kind of players and roles, YES =) And I compare the system, not entire game.
: well i prefer to be autofilled than waiting 1 to 2 hours in que xD The system is fine , and please dont compare MMORPG to MOBA. ITs 2 completly different things.
2 hours queue? 2 hours? HAHAHAHAHHHAA Dude don't post stupid comments before you think what you gonna say.
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ivõ (EUW)
: Literally UNPLAYABLE PBE server
https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-creations-en/lgy9eqea-its-time-to-create-a-pbe-server-in-europe HAHAHA 2 years ago. Okay
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Yraco (EUW)
: There already is the option to mute pings. If you type /fullmute rather than /mute then that will mute chat, pings and emotes rather than just chat. I'm not sure if there is an option to mute just pings but if you want to mute only someone's pings then you can go into the scoreboard with tab and choose to mute only their pings. Flaming because of surrender votes wouldn't go away if there was an option to see who would vote yes or no because it'd just give a definite target rather than leaving it ambiguous.
Thank you so much!
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: -Don't starve [together] (Idk price, maybe 5-20 $ on steam + 30$ for all expansions) -Poker (lowest interaction, there is talking) -Uno (really random, in fact only thing to do IS talking, probably 5-20$ on steam) You can also be the center of attention in twitch category "just chatting" - stream yourself, just idling, rule **your own game**, make the Internet better for all of us. Maybe you will be very successful. Or you will find wisdom after you learn how hard it is to groom a community to be "nice". Most of the time the watchers will be competitive. Because everything is competitive. Something I got from someone is watching videos on udemy (google it). Learn something useful, help others with it. Be a nice person, have a good time!
: I'd play Tekken 7 if I had PlayStation. Also, you can try to play TFT or maybe Legends of Runeterra. I tried TFT, I don't get it, but at least you play solo.
Father Tios (EUNE)
: Well, based on this post, I would imagine you aren't much smarter than most trolls.
Thank you! I appreciate how you value my IQ by a post in EUW boards. You are amazing, Einstein! **Why do you even state such useless comments? ** Are you dumb?
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: Some people just want to watch the world burn
I have chat restriction and honor 1. I'm done with this game.
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: only 0.006% of players in league get Perma banned
I guess this is just a text. I'm sure that percentage is WAY more.
: How do you not rage in this game?
Friendly tip: Get over it. Happens **EVERYDAY** to everyone, Riot is trying to do their best banning flamers and leavers. Ints.... I dont think so. ANYWAYS.. Just accept it.. period
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: Change the key bindings to anything other than QWER.
I play with ASFD but my keys are not hidden
: Its because its bound to something else
I play with ASFD but my keys are not hidden.
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Ehhhh (EUW)
: Its available on EUW. Maybe yours is bugged
It's because I'm lvl 20 haha
: Team Icons
I wish I can get icons from Season 3 but .... =(
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