ItzAzoron (EUW)
: Oh so its cuz i havent done all my placements, i am not familiar with league ranking system
not sure if it's normal... i find it weird that the placements start at the lowest elo possible.... in typical ranked you start with Silver MMR
ItzAzoron (EUW)
: Ranked ELO bug
that's funny... cause i went 3rd on my 5 placements and got placed in Bronze IV .. my first game (which i finished 3rd) placed me in Iron III
Crazybg (EUNE)
: My first ranked game of TFT
Oh don't worry bro, same thing just happened to me in Ranked Queue.... client didn't launch the game... restarted 2 times, after the third time connected to the stats lobby and marked me as leaver, as well as taking me 17 LP for the remake.... I mean RIOT... if you have this many issues everytime you touch anything on your game / client... that's just not due to system complexity... that's incompetence.
: I think someone was complaining their tanky Garen was instantly killed due to an Assassin. TO be fair, critical strikes in TFT are so inconsistent that a PD Yordle comp makes Tristana practically unkillable.
hhmm could work, never seen a yordle build late game tho
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: You were diamond in the dynamic queue days. You're gold since 2 years, so you're experiencing the changes in Low-ELO. Thing is, reading your "op picks" list, first off, zed is a troll pick in Dia+, literally unwinnable if one team picks zed and the other one a champ that has scuttle priority. Only AD mid is Talon, with an exception to yasuo, who's a fighter and not an assasin. Viable mids are LB/Taliyah/Asol/TF , everything else is just weak now. Junglers. Shaco and Kha are memes. Viable junglers now are Taliyah/Xin/Graves/Udyr , others are just for fun, and not for winning games. ADC- with the right pick - Jhin/Kaisa/draven/xayah, you're as broken as before. Crit ADCs get a later powerspike, but that's perfectly fine. ADC was straight up busted on crit builds since years. Support - I don't know what's going on in your gold ELO games, but support is still the most cost efficient - highest cost to impact ratio role in the game. Shield supports are getting nerfed for a reason. I'm pretty sure most ADCs outrange the "support assasins". You're free to farm under tower, and do 0 damage to enemy champs pre 15 or 20 mins. I see what's going on. You played a Lissandra support game (yikes), failed miserably, and came to the forums to vent. It's always the same. Literally looking at OP.GG can show you the player's mindset before a ban, or a post like yours. It's funny. My suggestion to you is, reevaluate the picks/meta, you're FAAAAR off, I feel like we weren't playing the same game in the past 3 months... The situation isn't all that grim and drastic, 8.11 brought some life back into the jungle, we're not glorified peel supports for the ADC any more, we get some action as well. And always, if someone doesn't enjoy the game any more, there are enough other games to look at. Regards, A currently D4, near 70% win-rate jungler.
if you think i'm seriously playing lissandra support or heimer or teemo TOP, and hoping to win games, you'r just %%%%%%ed. i pick wtv the %%%% i think i'm gonna have fun with... Let it just call it a fun troller :)... but i bet somehow i get more honors than your sorry ass (not that they are indicative of anything)... But hey, you'r free to think wtv you want... take a look around on other sites, if riot keeps going this way, the game is dead in less than 3 years... Riot keeps alienating small player % on each new "game changing" patch... 1% today, 2% tomorrow, at this rate it's 80% of the players in no time... I didn't even started on the champions rework, that completely change the playstyle, champions like Sion and Galio, did a complete 180... not saying they'r bad or good changes, just saying those 0.5% that mained Galio and Sion are long gone :)...
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