Kashiro (EUNE)
: Blizzard app as an example, that advertises random things whatever you click? If i click on HotS i see wow ads etc. I have games i can't remove like call of whatever and Destiny. It doesn't hurt you, it's not obnoxious, and it's only logical they make it in their only client. Riot games have one game, and for now they want to make people being able to play wahtever they like in as few clicks as possible.
If TFT and LoL shared the same launcher as they do now I'd be fine with it if they organised it a little different. Just make it so that when you click Play you get 2 cards, 1 for LoL and 1 for TFT (should look the same as it is currently with the 4 cards displaying SR, TT, ARAM and TFT). If you click LoL you get 4 cards for SR, TT, ARAM and customs, and when you click TFT you get 2 cards for normal or ranked. Riot shouldn't have this be organised illogically. TFT is a seperate game, not a gamemode. They put it with the gamemodes out of laziness, but they should've created a new part where you choose which game you want to play. This is just a quick and cheap solution someone thought up so they could go home earlier.
: Chat restriction (Mute) removal appeal.
> this time I've tried not to be toxic No you didn't. You flamed them. You might have used very few curse words but you still flamed them. If you really wanna try to not be toxic use the mute chat function and just focus on yourself and the game.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: if tft is not league related then i played while i was high, cos every single thing in it was league champions and league abilities and got stuff for league of legends (emotes, icons)
Yeah, it shares assets, but if you thought the gameplay was anything like League then you indeed were high. TFT is autochess. LoL is a MOBA. They're different games. They may use the same champions and items, but they're different games. They attract a different playerbase. They have different people who want to get good at the game and go pro in them. They're different. You can see it at the core, doesn't matter what kind of paint you use to color it. Now stop trying to grasp at any small strain that I left to grab at because you know I have a point here. It might be somewhat nitpicky, but Riot has been structurally forgetting that they're not a small indie company anymore and that they should handly their shit professionally. I'm just calling them out on that after the millionth time.
Hansiman (EUW)
: TFT is still in beta, and the focus was to get it out so players could actually play it, rather than the whole system around it.
Still, they've already decided to make it permanent, and they've even deemed it ready enough to give it a ranked mode. I think having the client show that TFT and LoL are seperate games would be a professional thing to do at this point since that's just where TFT is headed. Right now it's just GUI design of a 12 year old kid.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: it's not a seperate mode it's a different game that uses leagues visual assets and some mechanics it's by far not a league mode when TFT was announced riot said it's a game not a game mode you get shared missions and thats pretty much only because people complained to the moon about having them shared the initial direction was that TFT has it's own events/missions and League has it's own as well nobody is treating it like a game mode people are assuming it's a game mode because it shares the same client treat the client like Blizzards client you can launch every game from Blizzards client how is TFT any different and why are people assuming it's different? it's a damn client the shared space for the company to advertise their content treat it as such
I know it's a different game. That's my whole point. Why is the different game in the same space as the League of Legends gamemodes? Riot should organize the games like this: CLIENT --> **League of Legends** --> LoL Gamemodes CLIENT --> **Teamfight Tactics** --> TFT Gamemodes But instead they organize it like this: CLIENT --> **League of Legends** --> LoL Gamemodes + **Teamfight Tactics** It makes no sense. If TFT is its own seperate game then Riot should treat it as such and take the extra effort to get it its own space. Don't paste it with the LoL gamemodes where the rotating gamemode queue once was. For all I care it can be the same client, but they should have seperate spaces. Have it be that you pick LoL or TFT, then what gamemode of that game you wanna play.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: and what harm does it make you if you have 1 more button on your client?
Cause a normal company would keep their games seperated. Let's take Blizzard's Battle.net as an example. Their launcher holds a list of their games. You can choose for instance Overwatch and it opens the game in a window. Now you can select a gamemode inside of that Overwatch window. Everything you see in the Overwatch window is linked to Overwatch. Nothing is about, say, Heroes of the Storm. Now take the League of Legends client. For starters, the client is called League of Legends, which means anything that you'll see inside of it should be League of Legends related. Then you open it and there's a button called Play. This should hold all of the gamemodes of League of Legends, which it does. However, it also holds a seperate game called TFT, which is weird cause everything here should've been League of Legends related. If the client was called Riot Games instead of Legaue of Legends, and when you press Play you get presented two block for LoL and TFT respectively it'd be fine because now those games are seperated. But that's not the case, Riot treated TFT as a gamemode for LoL while it's a seperate game, and that just seems very lazy and very bad for a multi-billion dollar company. Doesn't really inspire trust in the compentence of this company.
Hansiman (EUW)
: > Right now it's lessening the workforce put on LoL and it's being used as an excuse for not creating other gamemodes or even just one new gamemode As a game company, it's not a good idea to keep all your investment in a single game. Over the longterm, that's not a safe strategy. Using resources to develop new games is sustainable. --- > nexus blitz where the frick u at??? It was cancelled as a permanent addition. [Nexus Blitz Wrap-Up](https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2019/04/dev-nexus-blitz-wrap-up/). --- > It's annoying that it's being treated like a gamemode of LoL while it's clearly just a seperate game that shares the client because Riot was too lazy to get it its own client. I thought the idea of the updated client was that it would eventually serve as a hub between the various games Riot would eventually offer, rather than having one client per game. Kinda like how Battle.net does for Blizzard.
> As a game company, it's not a good idea to keep all your investment in a single game. Over the longterm, that's not a safe strategy. Using resources to develop new games is sustainable. That's understandable, but the way they integrated TFT into the client seems lazy and it doesn't exactly inspire trust. Kinda feels liek they're replacing LoL (which they obviously aren't but it's just a weird move) > It was cancelled as a permanent addition. Nexus Blitz Wrap-Up. And that's exactly what I'm annoyed about. It was one of the most popular gamemodes for the small time it was alive, and they threw it out for no aparent reason. Then TFT gets released, which nobody of the LoL community actually asked for and Riot was lucky people eventually liked it, and that becomes permanent almost instantly. That feels like the LoL community wasn't heard and Riot was only thinking about monetization of Little Legends. > I thought the idea of the updated client was that it would eventually serve as a hub between the various games Riot would eventually offer, rather than having one client per game. Kinda like how Battle.net does for Blizzard. If that is the plan I'd be fine with it, but then the client needs a serious redesign. The Battle.net client keeps all their games seperate. You can start up Overwatch, which opens a seperate window with Overwatch, and then in the Overwatch window you can select if you wanna play Quickplay, Ranked, Arcade or make a custom game. All the gamemodes are inside the Overwatch screen. Then there's the League client. You open up the client, which is called League of Legends mind you, and you get into a screen with mixed news of League and TFT. Then you can click on play to select the gamemode of LoL that you wanna play. However, TFT is also inside of there, which is just weird. It mixes TFT in with LoL as the game. It makes TFT seem as a LoL gamemode, which it's not. Riot could've done this way better, but they didn't which doesn't exactly inspire trust in the multi-billion dollar company. Just do the following: * Rename the client to "Riot Games client" or just "Riot Games" * Maybe their logo needs a redesign as all their games have a color pallet totally opposite of their logo, but that's less serious * When you click on play, you are met with 2 options. League of Legends and TFT * If you press LoL you're met with 4 different blocks; SR, TT, ARAM and Co-Op v.s. A.I. (and in the corner Custom Game) * If you press TFT you're met with 2 options; normal and ranked There you go, the games are seperated and everything feels a lot more like a normal, competent company's work.
y'know, boosters are just really hard to detect if they're not constantly advertising their boosting services. This is mainly because you can't judge someone by their skill level because some people might be coming from a similar game like Dota 2 and already understand the mechanics. Then there's smurfs (a.k.a. people like you, who btw also don't make the beginning player experience very enjoyable) who could be boosters, or they could be those new players with experience from other games, Riot just can't tell from data. Riot just simply can't say wether someone is being boosted or not from how quickly they rise on the elo ladder. But, if we're being honest here, you shouldn't %%%%% about player experience when you're ruining things for others with your smurf accounts either.
Hansiman (EUW)
: What's the big deal? If you don't like it, there's no need to play it. Doesn't mean that rotating modes are going to stop. Autochess is a pretty new genre that's grown quite popular.
It'd be fine if it weren't treated like a gamemode of LoL. Right now it's lessening the workforce put on LoL and it's being used as an excuse for not creating other gamemodes or even just one new gamemode (nexus blitz where the frick u at???). It's annoying that it's being treated like a gamemode of LoL while it's clearly just a seperate game that shares the client because Riot was too lazy to get it its own client.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: literally %%%% everybody that likes the mode because you don't like it i hope to god i never meet a person like you in my life
1st of all, watch your profanity. 2nd of all, it's just weird that TFT has to share the same client as LoL. They're pretty much seperate games that share the characters, so why is TFT being treated as a gamemode of LoL while it's being promoted as a seperate game? Just get it its own client or at the very least its own launching space in the client. Don't treat it like a gamemode because it's not.
Rioter Comments
Lynxmetal (EUW)
: Poppy is one of my main top champs. She does do well in laning vs these champs. But after they've got like Deaths Dance or Spear of Shojin it's over for her. Either they shred her armour, deal true damage, or out sustain her in duels. I'm not a top main, but this is just my personal experience when I come up vs these champs.
Well, it's not the job of a tank to carry or be a 1v1 god (not since tank meta at least). She's supposed to be the disruptive meat shield that forces the enemies to attack her instead of her carries. With Steadfast Presence, Heroic Charge and Keeper's Verdict she's more than well equiped for that job. The hard part is accepting it when your carries are shit at the game. You can try to get them more fed by doing a tp gank every so often at bot lane, or just walk down to mid. Most adc's will not be getting away from a Poppy since basically all of them have dashes, if they have any mobility spells at all that is, and a decent amount of mid laners are the same. Try to give the kills to your carries and just help them out when you can. As a tank you're basically a second support in this meta, but just a different kind of support.
: Why are Tanks so useless in the Top lane
Poppy has been doing pretty well actually, but that's because she counters certain champs like Irelia, Aatrox, Camille, Jax, basically anything that relies on a dash gapcloser. But she's not strong against those champs, she just goes even with them, so your point does still kinda stand.
: This isn't even related to the server load. TT is just not worth the effort basically. It's one of those things that everyone claims to love but noone actually ever plays. So they just don't want to waste resources on balancing/maintaining TT and are shutting it down instead. Kinda meh but in the end who cares.
TT is still quite popular. Sure, it's the least popular of the 3 gamemodes, but it's definitely still very alive. Riot deleted Domination before, which was sad but warranted since the gamemode had so little players that sometimes disguised bots were added to not make queue times ridiculously long. TT isnt like that. TT has a big and lively playerbase, and queue times are fine. There's no reason for them to remove TT! They gain nothing from it and only lose people who want to play shorter games! The only thing riot could possibly hope to gain from this is more space on the servers. (And I know theres some workload relieved here as well, but lets be honest, there were very few people actually managing TT)
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Why is it another event with event pass?
I still haven't fact checked this but in the description of the passes it says that the passes count for the same events. So if you got the Lunar Revel pass that it should also give you benefits next lunar revel, and I suppose if you got the arcade pass that you'll get benefits for the next arcade event.
Rioter Comments
: ***
Because maybe not everyone is checking their token count after every single game and he checked it after getting tokens was impossible again and realised he was off by 1 token
: TFT Gamebreaking Bug
wut? you created an enemy and they stayed during a farming round???
DManRimo (EUW)
: About TFT and Nexus Blitz
TFT was just a way to attract a different playerbase entirely. It's weird how it's still in the League of Legends client and didn't get its own. I would've loved Nexus Blitz to have been permanent. It was quick, and didn't have random champs, making it a great game to play when one of your friends doesn't have enough time for a full game anymore, or to test out a new champion in an actual game setting. However, as much as I just plain hate Riot these days, there's an explenation for why TFT went permanent so fast. TFT presents no risk of damaging LoL. Although they share the same fan base, they don't share the same player base neccesarily. People who like LoL for the mechanics and gameplay will not swap LoL for TFT as their main game. The amount of players in LoL stays in tact, so the queue times won't get longer, player base won't decline, and league has no risk of suffering an injury that'd kill the game. Nexus Blitz on the other hand did hold that risk, to a certain extent. People who like the mechanics of League SR would mostly also enjoy NB, meaning the playerbase of SR might decline because the players favor NB. This presents a risk for SR as queue times might suffer and the player base could decline. League already isn't in a very stable position, so taking a decent risk could lead to a huge acceleration of its decline. TL;DR: NB is a competitor of SR because they share the same mechanics. TFT isn't. Because TFT doesn't present any risk and was popular Riot just made it permanent to build a new playerbase in autochess. But %%%% that, give me NB any time, I loved it.
SuperJunk (EUW)
: because they don't need farm, you can pick lulu or bard mid, and give all your farm to jungler
They do need farm, just less than most. But not giving a Bard any farm while he's in a solo lane will render him very weak to almost useless. Lulu would still be able to give her buffs, so she would stay more viable, but without any items she wouldn't be very strong either.
DutchPro (EUW)
: Lissandra ult isn't a game changer. It stuns one person not a full team. Taunt combo is basically a bigger malphite ult. Difference is malphite's kit for the rest just doesnt deliver enough cc to be useful as support
Killing the adc, or any carry, when they're defenseless can be a gamechanger. If you stun the Kai'sa for a full 2 seconds and the team was prepared for it and bursts her down you've taken out a huge carry and made the fight a 5v4 for just one ultimate. That is a gamechanger. Of course, Galio was very strong with his combo, but he wasn't OP and the combo did have a 5 minute cooldown, and used up Galio's only reliable form of escape, while Malph ult has a 2 min one. Galio didn't deserve this.
DutchPro (EUW)
: In pro play just that combo is better than most ults so the champ could literally be useful but still be picked because of the combo. In soloq u aint gonna win games with that combo
That combo indeed was very useful in pro play, but it has a 5 minute cooldown. You don't see riot removing Lissandra's ult because that's actual undodgable cc. Liss also stays very useful when she's behind because of it, yet she's pretty balanced. Galio's taunt is like 1 second teamwide, and the pros could play into that very well so that's why it's stronger in pro play, but Liss ult will stun someone for 2 seconds, which basically means free kill in pro play.
: Tahm Kench nerfs
I don't know if his Q now takes away stacks even when it doesn't stun, but if it does that should be made into that it only takes away all the stacks when it stuns. Also, maybe his W shouldn't deal percentage max health damage anymore so it's mostly a cc ability and not neccesarily a damage ability. Y'know what, what about this? Urgot treatment. * Passive keeps the no damage * Q slows, and if the target has 3 stacks it consumes the stacks and stuns * W refunds 80% of its cost and cooldown is lowered to 4 seconds when eating a minion and minion launch damage becomes a flat number. Hitting someone with a minion also still applies passive. Eating allies or enemies grounds Tahm and slows him for 60%. * E is as it is now * R is as it is now (maybe it can only be cancelled when taking health damage, a.k.a. not when he has his E shield. Could be a nice gimmick) It makes his signature ability more pronounced. W can now be used as a passive application tool, and so he doesn't have to apply marks from melee range to get the stun off. He also becomes more viable as a poking support, meaning he can be built diversily and fill multiple purposes as support. He won't just be a weaker cc bot than Leona.
: rito should change tahm kench exactly what they did in pyke. i am a pyke main but i am happy that none will abuse him in mid/top/jungle anymore! also some chamions like lulu ' bard etc requires this changes too!
Lulu or Bard in solo lanes is more for memes than any actual advantage. They're weak solo laners, so why make them completely unplayable in them? Let some people enjoy the memes.
Yeah, I've had similar shit.. They really just need to redesign their stuff.
Rioter Comments
: Hi Thanks this really helped. I am particularly aware of lack of vision and low farm in low elo. Will definitely try to stay above that threshold. I will be playing mainly Ekko as he can be a hard carry or even if I am behind a decent teamfight impact due to a well placed cc. I haven't quite thought of another champion as yet, was thinking yumi but I find playing support is relying ridiculously on your team to carry and I hate that. Also, I will always use mobafire guides and at least 10 games in normal before trying out any champion in ranked Thanks for the heads up
If I could give you another bit of advice then; make sure you have multiple champions for mid-lane and some for off-roles. I'm a mid-lane main, but I know quite some champs in other roles too. For mid I would advise you to learn at least one assassin (so Ekko is fine for that), one burst/poke mage (I advise Neeko because she's fun, easy, and can have a huge impact on teamfights), and a super safe lategame scaling pick (Lissandra for instance). This way you can adapt to any teamcomp or enemy pick. For the other roles you'll also need champs. In the top-lane I have Camille and Poppy, jgl Evelynn, Sejuani and Nunu, adc Jhin and Tristana, and for supp Janna, Nami and Braum, but that's because I like playing them and not neccesarily for any strategical advantage. You should look for yourself which champs you prefer in the off-roles, but it's important to at least have a pick you know in every role. In your main role you should really have a diverse raster of champions that you like to play so you can pick a different champion when the enemy picks a hard counter to Ekko. The off-role champion picks don't need to be as tactical since you (hopefully) won't be playing your off-role as much and thus have less instances where you get hard counterpicked and need to have another champion ready.
: Tips for starting ranked?
Ok, a few tips for beginners: 1. Remember that there's a mute button. The League community, especially at lower ranks, is toxic as fck. If you play bad you are gonna get flamed. Just remember that you can mute people who are unconstructively giving you hate. That brings me to number two. 2. Don't get toxic at others. Flaming your team isn't good for anything. It'll do nothing at best and make everyone play bad or ragequit at worse. If a teammate of yours is doing something bad and you know how they could do it better tell them how to. Don't press it, just give them a little tip and if they don't take it don't keep pushing it. 3. Stay with champions you know. Playing new champions in ranked is gonna be terrible for your LP. Even if it's an easy champion, try them out in normals before you go into ranked, and maybe look up a guide or two. It's always best to have some idea of what you're doing, even if it isn't perfect yet. And the awnsers to your questions: You don't start at Iron. You begin your ranked with your placements. These are 10 games that will determine where you'll be placed. Everything gets taken into account when deciding your rank; farm, k/d/a ratio, win ratio, vision score, etc. If you're a beginner you'll probably be looking at iron/bronze. If you hit silver you should be quite proud. The main factors you should be looking at are k/d/a ratio, farm and vision score. These are often very clear indicators of the rank of a person. A bronze might get 50 farm in 20 minutes, while a challenger player will be getting 200 farm in 20 minutes. K/d/a ratio's are a little less important, but generally you'll be hoping to keep it positive (don't let your gameplay go to waste for a positive k/d/a though). Vision score also is a very important one, warding is essential to becoming a better player. You might wanna check out Proguides for guides on general things to improve. I don't know where you'd be able to find more info about the ranked system though.
: If you do this
Akali and Vayne, no. Zed is also fine. Yasuo is a bit annoying because he gets way too much value out of crit items in the early game and if he gets a lead he's basically just "auto to win", but if he gets behind he can still do good if the player is good. Idk, only Yasuo is really cancerous. But if you're playing adc it'll feel different yeah.
Εlin (EUW)
: why do people keep saying PINK ward
It used to be pink. Also known as vision ward, the pink ward used to reveal all stealthed enemies. Then they changed the invisibility mechanics and made a division between camouflage and stealth. https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Vision_Ward
: need answer about jungle item
for as far as I know it doesn't make a difference. Many meta jungle builds involve not upgrading the jungle item all together in favor of an earlier tiamat, so I think it doesn't make a difference. You should look up some probuilds for the jungler you're playing to see if it applies to your champ.
xxxXFANXxxx (EUNE)
: The Qiyana
Qiyana is the most fun I've ever had. Her W is actually one of the most useful abilties in the game; she has a short dash on low cooldown, meaning she can maneuvre around the jungle very well and has a dodging ability. Vayne Q also ain't useless because of the same. Her base Q is a bit underwhelming, but it's a basic ability, what'd you expect? Karthus Q or Orianna Q also is underwhelming. Her E is a nice tool because you can use it on minions to get closer to your target, much like Fizz Q for instance. And her ult is another great ability, but it's location dependent. I'd argue her ult is the worst ability on her kit. She is currently underpowered, yeah. The further she gets pushed into her base the less options she has to oneshot someone. That ain't good. But other than that, her ability design is very good. Whoever designed the model probably took some concept art from smite and made her from that, but that doesn't matter too much. I would like to see her W reset her passive entirely, even when she picks up the same element, and I'd like to see her ult shockwave deal reduced damage when it doesn't hit an element. But she's a fine champ, I'm positive you just played one game with her and didn't do well.
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: Bots in custom games are also disabled (I guess for the same reason) Edit: Nvm custom games are disabled entierly (unless 10 players) The stress on the servers with TFT must be huge.
It's Clash all over again...
: Is Qiyana a kardashian?
She's a Lunar Revel Sivir skin (seriously, look at Lunar Revel Lux and imagine that but for Sivir)
Axdamo (EUNE)
: Prestige Skins
K/DA Kaisa and K/DA Akali are from before the Prestige Points were introduced. But FC Vayne, BA Lux and Arcade Cait should be added to the pool, yeah... I thought they already were but they are in fact not...
: Permabanned when i was hacked
Is this that account? Cause if it is; open a ticket and just explain the situation. It's pretty obvious someone else has been playing since your summoner spells got swapped when "you" started playing again. Or at least that plays in your favor.
Rioter Comments
: Nicely done Rito - price of key fragments doubled since last event
Weren't they also 20 at the Battle Academia event?
: > [{quoted}](name=LittleFktard,realm=EUNE,application-id=IRLJz88n,discussion-id=4pXzgu1f,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-24T22:02:39.986+0000) > > Trundle was amazed that his big pillar of ice could fit inside her mouth! *police siren intensifies*
Zoe is thousands of years old. If anyone's the pedophile it's Zoe
: can someone explain this chromium thing to me? I'm not sure I completely understand it
I'm also not 100% sure but I believe it's a lot like a web page launcher? Like how you can run spotify or discord in chrome. I'm not sure though...
: Can we finaly remove onhit neeko toplane from the game.
It's not broken, stop taking rage out on the boards or do it in off topic.
: considering she has a 16% max hp nuke on low cd does she really need buffs?
which she can't just spam cause she has low mana, and even with a corrupting potion she has mana troubles.. But idk, I just looked her up on champion.gg when I thought of this idea, and I saw she was not doing so good so I posted it
Rioter Comments
: WHY IS MY LASTNAME OFFENSIVE!?????????????????
I mean, last names can just be slurs or deriviations of slurs sometimes... Kuntz just comes way too close to its slur variant. Through this logic you could say that Arnold Schwarzenegger should be able to use his name, which in my opinion he should be able to, but a company can argue against it since it also means "black n-word". Srry dude. (but idk if you got banned for it. If you did; open a ticket and tell them it's your name. They'll hopefully let you keep it and make a note in the system, or maybe they'll give you a free namechange)
: Literally everyone hated tanked meta except tank mains and support mains
I actually quite enjoyed it as a mid-lane main with secondary adc. I could just go Rod of Ages Taliyah, one shot enemy squishies, and kite tanks. Got a Void Staff or Liandry's and boom you deal damage to tanks as well. I didn't hate it, it was just not that ideal. But looking back at it, it was waaay better than what we have now. Now the game can be decided within the first 15 minutes and there's no way of coming back most of the time. And seeing that you're an assassin main and smurf I can see how you would dislike tank meta. But tank meta really wasn't that bad, and this meta is a lot worse for anyone that isn't you. (And sorry for checking your acc but I can't help myself. When I see a guy with a very subjective opinion I just gotta check their acc, and a lvl 34 guy who's gold 1 with a 70% win-rate screams smurf, and since you've only played assassins (apart from Aatrox and Kled) I think it's safe to say you like assassins)
: there are too many champions
Omega Bot (EUW)
: Tank meta wasn't *that* bad
Tank meta was annoying but definitely playable. It was always a bit annoying when you're trying to kill a tank and you deal very little damage while they deal normal amounts of damage, but there was always a fighting chance. Adc's could just build a last whisper and a bork to counter those tanks, and casters could kite them pretty easily. Now there's very little you can do against a fed assassin and it feels like there's no fighting chance since you can't kite most assassins and building resistances on damage dealers is just a waste of money generally. Tank meta wasn't ideal, but it was definitely better than the current situation. The only reason rank meta got deleted was because top-laners were %%%%%ing for the most part. I agree, tank meta was better than this shitshow.
Rioter Comments
: Racism . Pure Racism
Most are trolls for memes. Also, you lost all your credibility when you said they left you in a 1v5. Why were you even in a 1v5 to begin with?? If you know they're gonna leave you to die just leave them to handle the game and go splitpush. And don't go preaching about god on boards. It's just annoying.
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