RandyVidz (EUW)
: How is this ban able? got perm ban
Your insults weren't on the other name for "go commit death-pacito" level but it's still repeatedly insulting and annoying people. And as Humplestilzche said; you already were on probation and wasted your last chance.
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: you mean a ice version of infernal akali?
Basically, but more like Akali being an ice climber instead of a demon. I mean, her kama could be an ice climbing pickaxe and her backpack just a red backpack and stuff
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CptNezer (EUW)
Well, yeah, cause you left and didn't contribute to your team. Even if it were unintentional, you still were a handicap to your team
wolf jade (EUNE)
: skins
The borders for the skins will be limited edition, the skins won't. Only seasonal skins, Victorious skins and skins from events such as PAX are limited edition (although with the seasonal skins they return each year, so you can still get them but you'll have to wait a while)
: The unique passive "lifeline" change
Yep, would be a good change. At least for Maw, cause that shield won't even block attacks from jungle camps.
: Dominion is not an option on the "Which map/game mode would you like to play more?" question {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
Rip {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
ElZengy (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=CompletlyUseless,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=2AAyfzqO,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2018-09-03T20:55:42.756+0000) > > Zoe isnt fine at all she is pathetic she should get deleted form the game finally like the commentators said "Can we do whats only fair and delete her from the game". I understand her q is hard to hit and all that but free summoners spells from minions wtf? Also the most patehtic part about her is her bubble you cant and i repeat you cant dodge every single bubble even a lcs player cant its impossble and the bubble isnt really hard to hit and if it hits you one out off 4 times you are just death without any counter play possible this is stupid in my opinion the bubble should get removed completely from this champ or make the bubble nearly impossible to hit so she actually needs skill cause she needs to hit her bubble then you can go afk and watch how you die in 1 sec or even 3 cause she has years time to hit her q if you sleep for 5 secs so pls just delete her or nerf her so she is unusable cause this champ doesnt even deserve to be usable at all since the day she came out!! why comment that thread is nearly 1 month old from the last comment
Kinda what I was thinking. Also, I won't awnser on a rant comment.
mr Wade (EUW)
: My opinions on some stuff
Yeah, they honestly should just make the battle Royale close in towards the center of the map every time... (and I haven't played enough to make sure this hasn't already been added, but they should make people stay dead until the Battle Royale is complete cause it's stupid if you spawn in the circle.) Also, they should revive all the team members when Sudden Death starts, because it's really annoying when you just had a big fight and then all of a sudden Sudden Death starts and you have 2 people alive and the enemy 4 because 2 were already dead and just revived... Kinda stings when the team that was originally losing won because they did good in one teamfight and got to kill your nexus without killing 2 turrets first..
Febos (EUW)
: What do you mean? Are you talking about Willump?
No, I'm gonna add in another champion on the left, and I was asking who you think it's gonna be...
: which skin/champ would you recommend for me (new player)
If you're looking for a champion to play and main, I'd say: {{champion:84}} for fun and just learning in general. Best to have a friend with this one {{champion:20}} for fun and learning the basic tactical decisions of the game (and learning to jungle) {{champion:222}} for fun and learning the basic adc mechanics of the game {{champion:61}} for fun and learning the basic mage mechanics of the game {{champion:131}} for fun and learning the basic assassin mechanics. {{champion:497}} for fun and learning the basic support mechanics. {{champion:122}} for fun and learning the basic fighter mechanics. All these champions (with the exception of Diana) are decently easy to pick up and learn to a good extent, but have plenty of depth to them to get really good with them. They also are probably gonna stay decent throughout almost all changes, simply because they are decently fair and easy to keep balanced. Diana is an exception because she really doesn't have much depth to her and will probably get some serious balance changes soon. These aren't really adviced for new players, but I find they are very enjoyable to play and still teach you plenty about the game that you can apply to other champions. My favourites are {{champion:84}} and {{champion:61}} because they both have some very satisfying things to their kits. As for skins: It's really just what you like. Skins don't neccesarily buff your champion. The only thing you might want to take in consideration is that most 1820/3250 skins change animations of champions which can make the champions more enjoyable and sometimes easier to play. But it's really just what you like. If you wanna see the skin in-game, just check out SkinSpotlights on youtube. They have a video of every skin in league where they show off every part of the skin so you can see for yourself if you like it. Good luck on the rift, summoner. May you throw snowballs and shurikens as much as your heart desires before you're cockblocked by a Yasuo
: The splitpusher Azir
This is the shit I want to see when I'm on boards at 8 past 0
JSilvaWP (EUW)
: Demotion while not at 0 lp
It isn't??? Are you _**sure**_ you weren't at 0 LP??
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Show champion names in postgame lobby
Would like it, a nice little QoL change that shouldn't be too hard to implement.
: S E J U A N I
I think I like it just cause I'm gay... But _Gaston when did u turn blonde??_ Also _Zarya_
: Battleboss Malzahar drawing
Here's me starting to be capable to be half proud of my half-finished drawing of Nunu and Willump with completely outta whack shading, no hard colors, bad linework and no applied anatomy... and then this comes along
x OsAmA x (EUNE)
: i was googling and found this
It's the same innovations as with mobile phones
: High Noon Lucian - W animation
I kinda like the snappy animations in general... I believe that's also kinda what they're going for. The smooth animations are usually a little harder to combo with because there's no obvious moment where the damage goes through. But they probably won't really change it anyway. Maybe the transtition tops.
: Kaisa Bug Report
If it ever happens again, just know that pressing ctrl + ability also works to level them up
ZaeemB (EUW)
: Ofc i did but i made this post just saying how stupid this is.. the accounts use to int had normal looking games and both just decided to int randomly most likely for "fun".
Well, yeah, it's just bad luck... Some people are a-holes and just go inting cause they feel like it. Nothing you can do except dodge. And I'd say venting to boards is ok, but at least make your title something that acknowledges that you're venting. I sometimes get really fed up and want people to know that, so I make a post with "Sorry but I just need to b*tch or Ill break a table" for the title and then just post a warning with "this is just me being rage enduced, don't take it seriously or personal" at the start of the post, and then it's just a full post about how stupid the game is and how angry I am. Sorry that you lost the game, happens to everyone once in a while..
: Bug when you ping on heralds eye of your team mate.
That's a bug from misusing an array, nice find! It's a formulation mistake, which is really rare since most workspaces automatically find these mistakes and point them out so you can fix them.
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: A small buff to Kalista?
I haven't checked her current damage numbers and such, but I think it would only help her if she snowballs out of control. This change would basically just mean that you'll be adding around 33% damage output to her when she's doing what she always does... I'd say she needs some more trading power for in the laning phase, but I'm not a Kalista player. My idea which I just thought up and didn't really think through but think might help her in trading in the laning phase: Her Q deals damage to the first enemy hit. If the enemy is a minion or monster, the spear pierces the enemy, taking out the spears stacked by rend. Then, it keeps traveling, sticking into the first enemy champion hit and applying the rend stacks to them. A change like this would benefit her in the laning phase and get her her items a little quicker through either getting a little more kills early game or not dying as much and being able to farm. But hey, I'm not an adc main so I wouldn't exactly know what the champions would need to become relevant..
: Divine Sword Irelia
They're probably gonna be uploaded some time this or next week
: Black Alistar vs Challenger account
Getting a challenger account would mean you'd be playing with pros, who are probably streaming, and completely embarassing yourself in front of them and all their viewers because you're not nearly as skilled as any of the players you're playing with or against. If you get Black Alistar you'd have something cool to show off, but it wouldn't really mean much because Black Alistar is basically a trophy at this point, and buying a trophy instead of earning it is also really dumb. In either way, you didn't earn what you got, which makes it meaningless. No, what I would want is Hextech Kog'Maw. It's achievable, has the rarity and dazzling factor, but doesn't have any status that you're stealing from people who got the skin the legitimate way
: what the %%%% riot?
Aurelion is actually a super strong champion atm if you play him correctly?? He has broken roaming and sustained damage early game which nobody can match, he can (in thd correct situation) just roam bot land at lvl 3 with his jungler and get 2 kills/assists without a problem, throwing hin into a snowball which could lategand make him 4-boop enemies?????? You're just venting cause you lost another game. Aurelion Sol, Ryze, Nunu and Orrn are all chapions that can put out a ton of map pressure, which can massively help your teammates. If your team is just literally inting, as in running face first into the enemy Leona and laughing afterwards inting, those games are basically impossible. But if you roam and help your team, you are gonna gain LP. Just read through some guides about roaming and freezing lanes..
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: HAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA Nice try. DO you REALIZE that if her trap insta stuns you it means your team mates can follow on that instantly... and it makes zoe even more dangerous in team fights. and when getting ganks. THATS EVEN MORE OP xD I think you haven't tough that through mate :)
Is it though? What is her E right now then in your opinion? In my opinion it's an even bigger signal to your team of "KILL THIS GUY" because they get some time to set up before the enemy falls asleep and you can absolutely murder them as soon as they do. In teamfights I'll sort of agree because yes, it's a decent stun then, but if you get auto'd by the support you're free to go. When getting ganks I'll give it to you that it is stronger then, but Ahri basically has the exact same thing and she even gets 3 dashes, so yeah..
Enricosieu (EUNE)
: nunu rework
It's typically every 14 days, and it has been 14 days since the last patch today, so he should be coming very soon {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} I'd say check tomorrow and he'll probably be on. Otherwise wait a day, then I can 99.9% guarantee he'll be playable :)
Hydnoras (EUW)
: This might be hard to believe but most players actually do not even read the patch notes so why would they care when the next patch comes? They might only care when a specific patch comes because of a rework for example but they do not care about them overall. It's called being a casual player. So it's only ignorance.
YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CAN U GUYS CHILL xD This guy just wanted to know when he was coming out! It's a lot easier to ask on boards than to look for it on the internet because when you search anything about patch notes it gets clouded with all the previous patch notes and it's just really annoying to look for!
Fendokil (EUW)
: i honestly dont see the problem that so many of you have with how zoe works.. she was DESIGNED to be a oneshot mage, how come so many people have a problem with such a thing existing?? is it SO hard for people nowadays to get just a few tankyness items? If you're getting oneshot it means you're either out of position or way too squishy (unless your role is to play another oneshot assassin like zed, in which case theres still some more defensive items like Maw, that will save your life..) Instead of always raging about something being strong, maybe try to find a way to counter it, cause i promise, theres always a way to counter something, ´People are just too focused on them having to be the ones doing all the damage that they forget that someone has to be able to soak up some of the damage.
Oh, I don't have a problem with Zoe. She's like my 3rd favourite mage, right after Orianna and Taliyah. I spoke up because I really don't want her trap to be removed in the next patch. It's one of the fun things about her kit that you don't use too often, but when you use it you feel really smart for placing it somewhere inside a choke point. I also know how to counter her with both Orianna and Taliyah, so I don't have trouble playing against her, but it's really just that change of the trap that got me panicked.
: or just remove her? syndra could oneshoot but that was to toxic so riot nerfed her.. but that was her ult and she needed to prepare with her Q but ZOE oneshoot with her Q... a normal spell instend of a ult.
Just... shut up. Zoe is not gonna be removed, no champion has ever been removed, none will. The only thing you can ask for is a rework. Yorick was a champ people wanted deleted, Yorick got a rework too.
: The trap removal is s good change though... Zoe is a very powerful burst mage with extreme range, she doesn’t need to be rewarded for missing her skill shots. If the ability was just a stun or just a damage ability then that would be more acceptable, like with karma... but Zoe’s E is extremly powerful and can result in one shots which can be near impossible to avoid from a good Zoe once you get hit by the E... so it shouldn’t reward you for missing. ___ You’ve also forgotten that your idea removes counter play... the delay is there so that you can get to minion cover in time, it’s so you can try and put yourself in a position where she won’t one shot you. By removing the delay you make her safer by giving instant cc, and also make it harder for someone to play against Zoe once they get hit by the E.
Yeah, ok, but the trap is a really fun part about her that I would hate to see go... I'm fine with her kit getting balanced around the fact that the trap is a part of it if that means my damage or utility is going to suffer. Also, that counter play that you can step behind the minions is usually not even really possible... If you get tagged by her bubble you'll eitehr have to waste flash (if youre immobile) to get behind your caster minions, which Zoe can work around by just throwing the star in a different direction, or you'll have nothing to hide behind (most likely scenario) and are sitting there waiting to facetank a nuke nonetheless. The sleep right now is basically a 4.2 second long stun because you're never gonna get far away enough to be out of Zoe's range within the drowsy timer and then you're just a sitting duck after. If the sleep activates instantly, you will be a sitting duck for 2 seconds, but then you can move, flash, or whatever you desire. If you stun Zoe now when the bubble hits she actually won't be able to do much once the stun's expired. And you're probably anrgy about the fact that Zoe could get guaranteed damage now if she hits you with the sleep, but is it any different with the current version? She'll get you anyway in 2.2 seconds, but now she'll get rewarded because she "stayed in range during those 2.2 seconds". If it's just an instant cc ability, she'll be rewarded for hitting the skillshot, or for you being stupid, and that's it. And btw, when I said that her close-range damage would need a nerf with this change, I ment like; if she uses her Q close-range, it deals 20 damage + 45% AP. But if she hits it from range, it's the current damage numbers. Also, maybe the bonus damage from her E could scale with the distance it travelled, so IF you hit your entire combo you WILL one shot someone. I just want Zoe to keep some playmaking potential while fufilling her artillery assassin job, but she needs to be punished with something and I think nerfing her close range and making bubble a little less powerful is the way to go.
: > it's pretty much the only thing in her kit that's more tactical than a "if not hit, quit" thing I mean, the main problem with Zoe is that she can still destroy you even when she misses all her spells. There are so many clips even at high ELO where the ZOE just misses everything but still kills the target. Zoe's main problems are : 1. Her W is plain broken. Summoner spells are balanced around their huge cooldowns, but Zoe says "no thanks, i'll use 10 of those during this fight". But that's not all ! She also picks item actives !! Nice ! Is that all ? NONONONONO ! She also picks items / summoners FROM CREEPS ! But hey !! THAT'S NOT ALL ! When she uses her W, she gains movement speed and gets 3 small targeted projectiles that deal damage ! You could make a whole kit with that spell alone. 2. Her Trouble Bubble. Basically it's a stun with a fairly short range. SO the thing is she ~~gets punished if she misses it~~ is perfectly fine missing because if so, it then stays as a pretty big AOE on the ground for 4 seconds !!!!!!!!! GREAAAAAAAAAAT ! Not only is it a stun, but it also doubles the value of the next instance of damage on the target !!! But HEY, THAT's NOT ALL ! IT also converts a part of this damage into true damage !!!!!!!!!!!! But she is limited by its short range right ? RIGHT ? NOPE ! if you shoot through walls you can snipe someone screens away. But the good thing is then she can't aim at the target since she doesn't have vision that far right ???????? NOPE ! She can see the animation of sleep activating through fog of war, so she doesn't even need proper vision control to snipe the target !!!!! 3. She doesn't even need those 2 previous spells to one-shot a target, her Q alone from max range is enough, and the combo is at worse 10 sec cooldowns in the early game. She's got all this, PLUS her passive which empowers her AA after each spell, in case the target was still not dead. She's so overloaded it takes minutes to describe her whole kit, and EVERY PART OF IT is so good, it's obviously unfair. SHe makes Akali, Aatrox, Kai'sa and Varus look perfectly balanced !!!!!!! I've got a good idea of how to rework her to make her more balanced : 1. W UPDATED : she can now hold as many summoner spells / activated items effects as she wants. NEW : While holding 1 or more summoner spells / activated items effects, cannot cast W. 2. E UPDATED : When hitting an ennemy champion, cooldown is immediately refreshed. NEW : Can only be cast while on cooldown. I think those 2 changes would make her perfectly balanced, while removing some of the frustration she provides.
I would try to argue with you, but since you just indirectly asked to have her W and E effectively removed from the game I'm not sure you're being very objective here
TechMajin (EUW)
: How to survive a camped lane?
It's hard, but generally you just have to play very safe. If their jungler is really good and yours isn't helping, there's not much you can do. Try to farm under tower and tp-gank when you can. For top lane it's especially annoying because you're probably an immobile melee champion, so I can't give other tips... Just read up on freezing a lane, stay under turret as much as you can, ward so you know when their jgler is there (best thing is a river ward so you know when he's coming earlier and you can just walk away before he gets to you) and so you can sometimes get out from under your turret to farm when he's not there, and tp-gank for kills or try to kill your laner if the jungler is somewhere else for once. As a melee champ, it's just hard. As a ranged champ it's usually easier to do this :S
: Should i dodge?
Try to dodge as late as possible. It's an annoying thing to do, but you give the jungler a chance to pick his summs and if he doesn't in that time frame you should be fairly sure he wasn't going to anyway. Situations like these are why dodging is a thing, so you should use it (the situation here is someone intentionally making themselves completely unable to play their role. You shouldn't dodge if someone is just playing a champ you think doesnt belong in a role. Like, I play Camille mid every so often, it works really well but I get a lot of shit from people... But something like a Nami jgl is ok to dodge then again..)
Rioter Comments
: So your agenda indeed is not to take counterpoints as you both assume my opion and dismiss it right away as salty, whatever it is.
I have already taken counterpoints from Deamontemp and Simpleton AI, have said why I think the statements aren't true/why it doesn't justify people wanting to delet Zoe, and I said I urged you to take a look at those comments as well as the others where people agreed with me that Zoe isn't actually OP or unfair. I labelled you as salty however because you instantly made the assumption that I wouldn't take counterpoints because of a title.
: misses all skills shots. still kills you with w and passiv. fun
can I ask you what champion you're playing when this happens? I'm doing the calculations. Currently I have that if Zoe has Rabbadon's and Luden's at lvl 11, that her passive + all her W shots deal a total of 1120.55 damage, which only really is a 100-0 vs an adc. If you're playing a mid laner, top laner, jungler or a support, you could buy one mr item and gut that damage
: She is balanced for sure. But that's not the point, she isn't fun to play against or with. It doesn't matter that she isn't overpowered if she is a champion that can chunk 3/4 of your health with a spell that is honestly not that hard to land. A nuke like that won't win you the game since you won't be landing them every single time due to the fact that people can simply be out of range or hide behind minions or their jungler. Not to mention that her sleep is as annoying of a spell as it can get while it's cast range over walls is absurd. For example I would call Karthus in the hands of an experienced player super OP but I would never complain because you have to land your Q over and over again for it to be good and that isn't easy or frustrating to play against. My point is that none of her abilities is OP or game changing but it's super annoying and toxic to play against which is why people hate her, like Shaco or Teemo. All of these champs are weak but annoying, Zoe being viable at all ranks...
I'd disagree that Zoe is annoying to play against, I actually find it quite fun. It's a skill dependent matchup every time, and you have to make sure not to get hit by her E and just generally outplay against her. I find champions that I either have to constantly dodge against, so Karthus, or champions that have undodgable poke, like Pantheon and Teemo (this is for when I play top lane Camille), way more annoying than Zoe. But never the less, that she's not fun to play against isn't a reason to ask for her to be gassed and deleted (2 examples of posts I saw today). If you compare her to champions like Singed, Teemo, Pantheon, Karthus, Caitlyn, Ziggs and Vel'Koz she's actually pretty tame. She doesn't have sustained damage, but a single burst damage projectile that takes skill to hit (unless you got hit by bubble) and is your only way to deal serious damage, she can't pull her damage off consistently from range (unless you get hit by bubble again, but from over a wall you just should be able to dodge it), and she has a pretty hard time in teamfights if you're out of position. The only thing she really has that keeps her going is her Q, and that's just how it is.
Thaba1234 (EUW)
: Im on my pc but pubg works fine and YouTube videos also {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
Anything you've downloaded recently? And make sure to check your FPS cap in the settings, just to be sure...
xZabaksx (EUW)
: Upcoming reworks?
I'm thinking {{champion:54}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:26}} in that priority order. Malphite, Udyr, Jax, Olaf and Pantheon are just either OP or unplayable, so they'll probably be reworked soon. The rest just doesn't quite fufill their charachter potential. I also think, after all the reworks, Riot will robably go and clean up champions that have bad visuals but fine kits. And although I don't think she will be reworked, I'd love to see what Riot would do with {{champion:61}} She's one of my most played, so she does hold a special place in my heart. And although I like her kit, I don't think it fulfills the idea of "Orianna the ballerina, fighting while being protected by her trusty companion, the Ball". Besides,she could at LEAST use a model update since her current lore states that she threw away her charging key, but guess what's in her back in-game? I'd love to see her become a bit more of a mobile fighting mage, like Taliyah... Right now though, I think {{champion:77}} has the most chance of getting a rework as he's just a bit of an outcast. I'd personally love to see him become more true to his story of being the guy that harnesses the power of the animal spirits.
: Whoever types "Change my mind" doesnt really wants to be reality-checked anyways, so why waste time with bringing up counterpoints?
Because I generally don't understand why people think Zoe is that op and most of the people commenting on this post have also pointed out that she isn't all that OP, and tbh I want people like you to read this and realise that when they say Zoe's op they're just being salty
Ákali exe (EUNE)
: Akali is very combo intensive and if you miss some of your skills you're in for a big fail. For example your team initiates teamfight and lets say you're behind some distance. You walk in and throw E to initiate on a target But you miss... Not only did you not get into the fight but you also worsened your position since you just threw yourself back for no reason. Akali at the moment is a champion that feels she can do insane plays but you need to be very focused when you play her and minimize your errors There's way too many combos with her though and i believe most are situational. For example first R is a good opener before you use your smoke bomb because if you use it after the smoke bomb chances are you will find yourself outside and you will die. But maybe you can use R after the smoke bomb if the enemies are in it's radius so you won't be dashing outside of it, meanwhile you also need to micromanage your passive while you're fighting so you need to always have optimal positioning to activate your passive for extra damage and energy regen
A tip for when you want to engage; just use your E for the dash. It's only 200 damage, so if you don't hit that but get into the fight it's still better. Also, your E dash + ult dash is about the same length as your E dash would get you to about the same place as if you'd activate your E immediatly after hitting it. But if you can wait a little bit and hit your ult after using your E dash, please do wait because losing your ult damage is a lot worse than just your E damage.
: I also picked up Zoey again a couple of weeks ago, and i think it's a lot of fun throwing your bubbles across the map and hit people. But fo rthis to happen a lot has to be prepared; you have to be in the right spot, you need to have vision if you want to produce reliable cc and your team needs to be there to follow up at long range. Given Zoes very low base mobility and defenselessness once her E is out i think she is in a good spot. Also, plenty of Champions can spellshield the E, and back in the day when a champ called Nidalee was being played, dodging long range Qs was a thing. But even as support Zoey after Ludens + pen boots she's very potent, but never broken.
{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} That's what I mean
: I want to check something. I also check the forums regularly and havent really seen new posts on zoe. This is most likely because she is a perma ban champion atm. The reason he winrate is so low is not what you said but more when she does get through people know how to play around her. Her kit is good the issue is the 100-0 time. Her basic combo is bubble, Fire back the skill shot, Ult and fire the skill shot for a guarantee max damage. She has become more balanced but still has a long way to go before her banrate drops. She also has limited counters as you really need a point and click hero against instead of a skill shot based one.
Well, if you'd take away the 100-0, she would be less effective because she doesn't have much else. She doesn't have any other big abilities unless she gets really lucky with her W, and her bubble can be a useful tool, but it's single target and it either tags a target that was already out of position, tags someone that the rest of the team can't reach in time, or tags someone in the middle of an enemy team which you can't engage on. Her 100-0 is the only thing she has that makes her feel impactful. If an enemy survives, they'll just leave and nobody can get the kill then, and if that happens too often Zoe gets behind and eventually gets to a point where the enemies don't have to leave anymore. Besides, the one shot is still pretty uncommon unless you get fed early game, which isn't that easy as you do need to be pretty creative with your bubble, and even if you do get fed there's still a decent chance you can't quite reach your targets so you're left with firing at tanks and bruisers. Basically, Zoe needs her E-Q-R-Q 100-0 to actually have and keep an impact on the game. It's understandable that people dislike it but that's just the champion. If you want to beat her play Vladimir, or Ahri, or Taliyah, or Lux, or Morgana, or Fizz, or basically anything that can either capitalize on her R which basically stuns herself or dodge her E, or both. She's not as hard to counter as people think.
: Our approach towards Preseason micropatching and balance
Might be time to unpin this guys, it's been 9 months
Bırd (EUW)
: what i dont like about zoe is how she can sometimes 100-0 me with 2 items if she lands her bubble then a q, even if we're of equal strength (i also have 2 items). but i dont think she's broken, she has her flaws
So you think she's aight too
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