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: I agree with you, but I believe apology and compensation is something that should be communicated in 1on1 in the ticket not here, im here just to make sure Mffn notices (cuz not everyone reads their emails all the time), so they can get back in game :). As for the mistake, also agree, but that is now up to our internal investigation :). Agree we should not ban and that is why we are removing it right now.
Asking for compensation in a ticket will literally never get through because ethics don't play a role when talking through a ticket. It's just "you don't have a right to compensation because it doesn't say you do anywhere." While it may be true it's not ethically correct. The only way ethics become a point of attention is if you get pressured through public opinion to do what's right.
: I want to change a summoner name and. . .
How about "LemmeSmash_NoRon" (could also be a space instead of a flatline) Most meme related names have sadly been taken. Just a reminder that summoner names are max 16 letters and not case sensitive (they will show up in the case you type the name in but to the server there's no difference between upper or lower case)
MarijaCarry (EUNE)
: So now assassins/divers also have dps?
Assassins don't really have high DPS. Yes, quite a few get some attack speed steroid or such these days, but them being able to utilize it is another topic. The assassins you mentioned (mainly Diana and Rengar) both have a gap closer and an attack speed steroid. However, Rengar only gets one initial gap closer and the only way he's gonna be able to stick to you after is with his E. The slow isn't powerful enough to keep an enemy with any mobility close, and if you were gonna use his root you offer up the attack speed. Diana has her dash twice and her R to stick to you, but no slows or roots to keep you close while using the attack speed. Most assassins that are meant to be viable in the jungle have a form of attack speed built in since it helps clear camps. Ekko's passive exists to help his burst (since Q'ing a target, then E'ing in is supposed to be his basic combo), and Akali is meant to be a champ that constantly goes in and out of battle which her passive helps with.
TorKèy (EUNE)
: Old swain is back
No way. Swain got more personality and more viability from his rework. The only bad part about the rework is that Riot got rid of basically all the birds, but that's it.
: > . There are players like me who have played the game for so long that only new champions and content can create new interest towards the game True but to be fair lately ,reworks = new champions .If i compare old {{champion:266}} with new one ,feels like a completely new champion.Especially when many champions are thrown away and barely getting picked in solo q .
yeah, to be completely fair you could revert Aatrox's rework while putting his entire reworked kit onto a new champion and it would create two champs that have no overlap with one another whatsoever. I'd actually love to see that happen.
: Clash smurfing went up a notch.
The matchmaking itself also just felt kinda off. Me and my low gold buddies (all between gold 3 and silver 1) got put into bracket against multiple teams where the lowest elo player was high gold and the highest low diamond...
: Lagacy client
maybe choose a correct board next time, idiot
: Not in the slightest... she got reverted because it did nothing, she got turned into a mage with the exact same issues as LeBlanc so it was changed back... she actually didn’t see a massively increased pro play rate (she’s always had a decent play rate no matter what). > But her clone was always regarded as the worst part of her kit since it was "basically useless". It had no practical use against high level enemies, but low level enemies could sometimes fall for the trick and run away/use precious abilities. I think it would at least be worth trying out since right now Riot's just creating useless keystones which aren't asked for or fun (%%%%in omnistone, hello?), so if this turns out to be useless but fun it's already an upgrade, and if it turns out to be strong on a few champs then it can be tuned accordingly or removed. It wouldn’t be useless, nor fun... it’d be an absolute nightmare. Again it’s fine on LeBlanc because individual abilities where often not a massive issue. But that’s not the case for most abilities in the game... it’d be outright unfair on many champions who have single abilities that are paramount to dodge. So it’s not the case of it being useless, it would be toxic and should never be added
I quote Riot on their patch 8.8 patch notes > For LeBlanc specifically, we wanted to reinforce her identity as a combo-based assassin who cared about the order in which she cast her spells. > In LeBlanc's case, we feel that we've missed the mark on those goals, and we're turning back the clock on some of her changes. > >Those two goals can most be exemplified by two abilities: Passive - Sigil of Malice, and R - Mimic. However, neither of these changes have quite hit >the mark, so we'll be reverting them, and making some tweaks to the rest of her kit for balance purposes The reason LeBlanc's kit was changed was because the changes did not live up to the fantasy of Riot. They turned an assassin into a burst mage with good wave clear. If you'll look up opinions of more advanced players they'll tell you it was a bit problematic how she could clear a wave and then be free to roam. Fixing the waveclear meant messing with the damage of her Sigil of Malice. This resulted in LeBlanc basically either being able to oneshot a wave or not clear it at all. Additionally, the combos with her new R and passive were clunky, unsatisfying, and sometimes too hard to pull off reliably in a chaotic game thanks to having to time your abilities with the Sigil of Malice. The double R mechanic was just a casualty from fixing other problems. It by itself was not problematic. I can see how this could be strong on, say, a Blitzcrank, but that it's intimidating is not an excuse here. What would you do when a fed LeBlanc came walking at you and just casted W? You'd flash away or use a cooldown to get away. Then it'd turn out that it was a fake all along and you'd have wasted a cooldown. This would just be the same with a Blitzcrank, or any other champion for that matter. They're mental games. You trick your opponent, or they don't fall for your trick. That's the fun about it; if you're smart enough it has no effect on you.
: She’s designed as a support and as a adc second, Riot have already said if both are unable to be balanced together support is their priority. So no point debating it Riot have already decided this
> [{quoted}](name=swampert919,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ZuyfzK7A,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-12-02T17:01:52.073+0000) > > She’s designed as a support and as a adc second, Riot have already said if both are unable to be balanced together support is their priority. > > So no point debating it Riot have already decided this Just because they said it doesn't mean popular opinion can't change it
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: Kayn is history i can do it better
Could be a bug sprouted from the new map morphing. But in all seriousness, this is most definitely just test footage from the Fiddle rework.
: Stop trying to make Dota 2 supports
Riot made something new. New != broken and unbalancable. Senna's kit is too strong right now, but I can see her be easily fixable. Stats that make a support good are different from stats that make an adc good. Riot kept these stats pretty seperate, meaning they can nerf either side of Senna pretty freely, and they just gotta make sure they never make both sides strong. Senna's problem right now, if she was supposed to be a support, is that she gets free crit and damage, and the damage scalings on her Q and R are a bit much. Nerf the scalings, lower the crit chance gained from stacks (or lower stack spawn rates) and she's weaker as an adc but kept most of her supportiness. If she's supposed to be an adc, nerf her (self) healing on her Q, nerf her utility (W cooldown up, change E functionality), and lower the shielding on her R. Boom, support style nerfed but adc stayed the same. She really isn't that much of an enigma. All immobile champs are mostly numbers games, and Riot just needs to fill in the numbers properly. That takes time, but it's nothing on Akali scale.
Kalllemir (EUW)
: Swain
Swain's actually pretty good. He's like an Anivia, weak until you get all your items, then you can scorch everyone. Swain wasn't neccesarily reworked because he was terrible (he was still pretty bad); he was mainly reworked because he was cancer to play against. A tanky bird that stands in the middle of your team and constantly damages you while healing himself, either being unkillable or a wet sponge? Wasn't very healthy for the game. Current Swain is fun and good, just maybe not for you who wants to literally walk into an enemy team and expect to not die.
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: Judging from the comments the winners received, most of us could have gotten every answer correct but if they had precisely said at the start of the competition that adding details from your lore knowledge would benefit you, pretty sure everyone would've done so.
Yeah, I love reading up on the LoL lore. I know some champs' backstories off the top of my head (mostly Piltovians, like Orianna) and I could've gone into much more detail about the questions like "who is Senna?" but I thought "The Redeemer, a sentinel of light, and Lucian's wife, although she doesn't want all these titles and just wants to be 'herself'." was enough information for a supposed to be short quiz awnser. This entire contest was just a little muddily laid out.
: Bring back dominion T_T
Riot is in the process of changing up SR so much that it becomes as un-competitively viable and as sandboxy as dominion, so there's that at least
: That would be broken... think about it for LeBlanc it’s not too bad, for a blitz it’s gonna be torture. It just wouldn’t be healthy for every champion to get leblanc’s old clone mechanic... plus if it was removed on her there’s a good chance it’s not something that should come back
LeBlanc rework got reverted because she was too difficult to play for the average player and too good for the pro players. Kinda like Ryze syndrome. An AP assassin having an easy wave clear (W into Q) was too good/difficult to balance, so it made LeBlanc either unplayable or broken on pro level. They eventually reverted it cause having an assassin that can delete someone within a second reliably was easier to balance than a champ that had good waveclear and potential oneshots. But her clone was always regarded as the worst part of her kit since it was "basically useless". It had no practical use against high level enemies, but low level enemies could sometimes fall for the trick and run away/use precious abilities. I think it would at least be worth trying out since right now Riot's just creating useless keystones which aren't asked for or fun (%%%%in omnistone, hello?), so if this turns out to be useless but fun it's already an upgrade, and if it turns out to be strong on a few champs then it can be tuned accordingly or removed.
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: > I could already see some meta where it's 3 mid, 1 jungler and 1 side laner that holds both top and bot. That wouldn’t work though... you’d have one person whose well farmed vs essentially 2 supports and a very underleveled mid.... vs the typical and assignment even with a global shortcut it’d be weaker.
Then this: 2 side laners, 2 mid laners, 1 jungler. The side laners and mid laners are both 1 support and 1 hard carry, the jungler is a heavy cc tank. The jungler helps the side laners get priority on the portal when he's close to either end of the map, meanwhile mid and side farm up and try to kill their enemies. You'll eventually be left with one super strong carry from the side lanes, a medium strong carry from the mid lane, two supports helping to keep the carries alive, and a tank to frontline and also support the carries. Of course, can't really say what the meta would really look like, but I still think this would be a bit too game changing.
Bloodiko (EUW)
: Lets talk about Lane outcoves
Would be way too OP and meta changing. Riot specifically said that they weren't planning on affecting the meta or the general tactics of LoL with the outcoves. Having a global travelling point between the two side lanes is crazy game changing. I could already see some meta where it's 3 mid, 1 jungler and 1 side laner that holds both top and bot. The outcoves are a bit of a niche at best. For some champs it can be insanely useful, for others it's just a death trap. I don't mind that, gives a bit of extra variation to positioning.
Gryndall (EUNE)
: Why Why Vilemaw?
RIP Vilemaw
: But your going to change something ingame even if it is just for you you will get a ban if they find out. My advice if you want to do this don't tell anyone your doing this like this thread, there are snitches a person who i played with a year ago did what jou wanted to do and got his ac banned and every ac linked to his facebook and gmail because someone he told about it snitched or riot found out. Everway it your decision.
I am not changing anything in-game. I'm extracting a file from the game, making it seperate from the game, working with that in Blender, and showing the created animations from a render in Blender. I never re-add anything to the game. Besides, even if I would try (I'm quite certain you can't alter ANM files inside the game), custom skins are (controversial but) allowed. They don't lead to right out permabans.
: Don't just don't. If riot find out you might wake up to a permanent ban. We all are waiting for skins for our mains or champions we like{{champion:203}} . So just wait.
If I'm not making money off of any of it I should be good. As long as I'm not affecting players around me by giving myself an unfair advantage, and I'm not using property of Riot to earn money, there's no grounds for a permaban. I'm only planning on extracting the objects, animating them, and then posting the animations as a video to these boards. Not planning on changing any assets in my game. And besides, I haven't played this game seriously in ages. I still like the universe Riot has created, but I just don't find that much enjoyment from the game itself anymore, so if I lose my account it'll be a shame but it's not gonna ruin my life.
: Heartseeker and sweetheart skin line
Ehm, we already have Cupid, a.k.a. Heartseeker Varus
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: Shaco is too strong
Try Vi as a counterpick if you're jungling. Other than that ward deeper into the jungle, not just at the edges of your lane cause he can just invis past those. Shaco's main weakness is that when he's engaged he doesn't have an escape for quite some time, so he has to either oneshot you or dodge your defenses. There's champs in every lane that counter him, but generally you should just play back a bit and don't overextend.
Chodax205 (EUNE)
: Shovel Knight themed skins
I think you forgot the perfect fit for Shovel Knight, {{champion:83}} Also, no way cause Riot isn't gonna pay royalties to release a skin that doesn't fit the league of legends asthetic. But a Shovel Knight reference in an Arcade Yorick skin could be interesting.
Raigh (EUW)
: Riot's worries about "Urf - Burnout"
I have the same problem. I used to love LoL, but recently I've been playing other games more because I've grown a bit tired of the helplessness you're in when your team isn't good. However, lately I've started playing again because I just love urf. It's fast paced, the games don't last too long, and if your entire team is feeding you can still have a fun time simply spamming away at certain abilities. If it were a permanent gamemode I probably wouldn't play nearly as much of it, but I would think to myself "well, I'm not feeling like other games, I'ma just play some urf" every so often. Instead of not playing league at all because the games last too long I would be playing it at least some times when I don't feel like playing my other games. That's also why it's a shame that Nexus Blitz was discarded. It was a perfect, short gamemode that you could play when you had nothing else to do. But Riot pulled the plug on it after 1 round of live testing...
: Thresh and Senna are tied heavily lore wise, as thresh has had Senna captive in his laturn for 6 years now. They are also opposites (thresh is a wraith wanting to enslave the souls of the lost, Senna is a wraith that wants to set them free). That’s why Senna and thresh have that quest, because they are opposites of each other and extremly ties lore wise. Similar to rengar and khazix’s quest as they are archenemies Sylas and Galio have no lore relation, neither are even aware the other exists (to sylas Galio is a regular statue, and Galio isn’t even aware sylas exists)... so no point having a quest.... also technically you could say the exact same for anyone who wields petricyte... for example garen. Quests are exclusive only champions who’s lores are heavily intertwined and have a reason to hunt each other down (e.g. being arch enemies)... no point adding random ones in on very small lore stuff
Check the Lux comics, Sylas read the scroll that details the production and function of Galio. And sure, Garen wields a petricide sword, but that doesn't store nearly as much magic as Galio.
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: I stole an account and then wrote a ticket to Riot. Check out their response. :D
Aren't automatic responses that pretend to be people just the best?
BurnedFire2 (EUNE)
: One for All
Tbf I don't really enjoy One for All, but it should come back some time yeah
Krilldop (EUW)
: Funny picks in URF
For fun yet decent picks I'd go for Camille, Nami and Ekko. For weird but fun stuff: full AP Rek'Sai or Nunu And the Fast doesn't work so well for me these days.. He's only really good once you get past the 4 items, but since you're so weak early your enemies will already have 5 items by the time you hit 3 items, and by that point you'll just be tickling them...
: Kostenloser Skin Riot Tristana und gratis Champ+ Skin Schreckensritter Garen fehlen :(
Might be better to speak english on these forums. Also, when following their twitter or youtube you should've gotten a code that you can redeem. Maybe look if you got them, if not maybe look up if you did everything correctly.
: Am I the only one that feels really bad for Faker?
I think it would be more of an insult to Faker to give him some sort of participation award or a leg up than to let him lose fair and square. He just needs to learn that when he puts in all his effort and loses that he either needs to improve or accept the loss. If he put in all his effort he should be proud of it and try harder next time.
: 10 year anniversary almost 5 years without a skin or anything else noteworthy. I didn´t realize that Zilean has been forgotten for half of league´s lifespan. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Yeah, it's a shame really. I quite like his playstyle, but I just can't enjoy him for long with his stale animations and vfx.. If he got an 1820 skin I'd buy it in a heartbeat and become a Zilean main, but right now it just gets kinda boring looking at a permanently T-posing old man.
: 🎃👻 Volunteer Halloween Quiz 👻🎃
username: jacktjong region: EUW I really like that it's mostly about lore, although I'm sad there wasn't a question about Orianna in there
: ONLY one role in ranked
I think role queue should exist in Plat+ because if you don't have that there the queue times can be hours long, but for lower elo I would indeed prefer the 30 seconds extra queue time to be able to play my main role. But I do think that, if support really becomes a big problem, that autofill towards support only would be a viable option. Having a set role that you can be sure of that if you get autofilled you get THAT role then you can practice it at least a bit. A lot easier than having to be good at EVERY role in order to overcome autofill.
: Skill and Player Experience. Balance !
How'd you get your Imgur picture set up without the entire imgur border? I've been trying but the post always keeps the imgur border
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: For real July Yasuo gets a skin, August Akali gets one. It's just disgusting. They do not care about older champions that created their game. What about Rek'Sai, Vel'Koz, Ornn, Ivern, Cassiopeia, my fav. champ Elise. Idk they do not care, they won't do anything for older champions. Just release another skin for an overrated champion people play after 1 month basically (there was a rumour of their skins in September already). I'm disgusted of them releasing like this, the champs themselves, the toxic players that play these champs and will now get butthurt definitely. BIG YIKES.
Ok, what I'd like to see is a band consisting of Orrn, Zilean, Heimerdinger and Poppy. Idk why but I think it'd just make for a hilarious group and it'd give a reason for them to finally get some skins. Poppy lead vocalist, Zilean rapper/remixer/DJ, Heimerdinger for the tech, Orrn as bass and generally just the big guy of the group. I think it'd be awesome, but it's never gonna happen cause Riot cares way more about that 5% bonus revenue than the fans.
: More Skins for Akali and Yasuo
Zilean also hasn't had a skin for over 4 years now and his only skin that's more than a chroma is Blood Moon... I would've loved to see him as either a Battle Boss or a DJ for these bands... Like seriously, Ekko got all the things that Zilean could've also done; rewind, pause, speed up, start over, all these things could've been awesome things for a DJ skin for Zilean but no, instead let's give it to the champs that all got a skin within the last year. And now he's probably gonna get some garbage 1350 skin with a theme that doesn't even slightly fit him. %%%% Riot, shit like this is why I've basically stopped playing the game.
: Disappointing Victorious Skin
If you mean a token you can trade for any skin, I'd be fine with that but Riot would never do that because they're greedy %%%%s. If you mean a token you can trade for any of the Victorious skins, I could be fine with that if they base it on the margins of how many people have the previous skins. Skins like Victorious Jarvan and Janna are super rare, and giving them away to new players would be a shame. I'd say there needs to be a margin of like 10% of players having the skin for them to be available to get with the token. That way the less legacy skins are available but the very rare ones will stay exclusive.
: Please allow instant region switching again.
Ok, I don't get what you're asking. You can swap regions in the client before logging in, if that's what you were looking for. I don't think you're using the same account on the different servers, cause if you were you would be breaking the Terms of Use. And isn't english already a language for the turkish servers?
: Looking for CLASH teammates? Join the EUW DISCORD server to find a clash team!
I'm just gonna watch Clash crash and burn for a second time. Don't expect much else from Riot.
SGT Nuthead (EUNE)
I'm not accepting any skin ideas until theres a new Zilean skin. IT'S BEEN 4 YEARS SINCE HIS LAST SKIN! ;-;
: So the Riven buffs has nothing to do with her new skin + prestige
Riot 101 for you. New skins? Make sure champ is broken for more sales. That's how mafia works.
: question about cheap shot rune
For what I know damage over time effects do not trigger cheap shot. You could just test it out in the practice tool though, that's what it's for.
: I think Yasuo is missing something very important.
He basically has 2 autoattacks, Q and his normal ones, way too many gap closers, a CC on 6 seconds cooldown, stupid safety from windwall (seriously, a hitbox can be on top of Yas but once he presses W it gets deleted), his R lets him towerdive without getting punished cause it puts him out of harms way, and he still gets a shield and double crit chance (which combined with his 2 autoattacks basically gives him 4+ times damage with like 2 items) Delete his R keeping him out of turret range, delete his shield, delete his double crit chance, and then you have a normal champ.
: Skin Suggestion to Ornn
Might be more appropriate for the Creations&Concepts boards. Also, I would like a Reindeer Orrn skin for christmas. Instead of making it a copy of Thunder Lord Orrn his pillar could be a christmas tree, his W just spitting snow, E just a ram, and his ult spawns a sled pulled by a giant reindeer.
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