: Honestly i'd say it's probably down to the CS, I usually get an s- at 200+ cs and s/s+ at 250+ cs
Game was less than 30 minutes long. No way you're getting 250+ in that length of time unless you do literally nothing but farm all game. My gold per minute in that game is pretty damn high, so it shows I was clearly CS'ing as much as I needed to. If I CS'd more I'd have gotten less gold because I'd have less kills.
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: I wouldn't call that very high cs, just above average. Master Yi got the same amount and he's jungler
I spent the entire game waveclearing. It's something like 6.5 a minute - I mean I guess I could've gotten higher if I AFK farmed but that'd be to the detriment of my team.
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: Garen vs Viktor
You gotta be very careful with your Qs. If you can land it, he's dead, if you can't then he'll kill you as you run away. And you should be buying MR not armour btw.


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