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: Player banned!
I got permmabanned for this Game 1 jhjfkgkg: rip skt jhjfkgkg: they lost jhjfkgkg: i mean team skt jhjfkgkg: in worlds jhjfkgkg: gay riven jhjfkgkg: this jhjfkgkg: ww jhjfkgkg: ur as bad as skt jhjfkgkg: Report riven jhjfkgkg: x9 jhjfkgkg: trolling jhjfkgkg: im gonna write a ticked to player support jhjfkgkg: with full recording of this game jhjfkgkg: enjoy or ban jhjfkgkg: end pls jhjfkgkg: and report riven stealing all cammps instalock jhjfkgkg: am feeding cuz i kill monsters jhjfkgkg: he steals with smite jhjfkgkg: idc anymore jhjfkgkg: what jhjfkgkg: look this kid jhjfkgkg: and than u say jhjfkgkg: report me And the worst part is the the gay i said gay and report vs trolled and made my adc quit. gg riot
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: Can i get victoriuse skin if i get banned for 15 days???
Does that also mean no border nor icon? and if i get honor 3 before season end wil i get the special ward? even tho i was banned after 22/8.
: Presenting the EU Boards Discord!
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: Thank You, Alpha Testers! Sign-Ups Now Closed
I 'm confused, is the open beta the same as the PBE ? If it is why is it called open beta when you have to wait like 2 years for a accont?


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