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Teahyun (EUW)
: It depends mostly on the champion you pick. Draven works well with armor pen , or generally speaking champions that use spells like lucian benefit more from armorpen. That said there is a lot of other factors to get into that. The standard setup of AD/AS is always better overall. remember that a lot of times lvl2 spike is a big thing in botlane. Being able to push the lane effectivly to get that is important. Also farming under turret or switching between trading / farming gets a lot easier with AD/AS. Most importantly AS allows you to trade fast while with lower Attackspeed trading becomes more telegraphed as you practically stand still before you auto with low attackspeed. Attackspeed also means that early on you get to lifesteal a lot more. Overall arpen might give you higher burst but given the fact that most ADs run with the fevor of battles mastery you can assume its better to stack those up as fast as possible which again is speaking for attackspeed/attackdamage runes. When it comes to ranked soloQ you will get matched with random supports or terrible supports that dont know or dont want to trade. Even worse hide. That means that the early armorpen runes dont do you any good as you dont get to trade. You have to switch to farm only and this gets incredibly difficult when you are stuck early on behind ur tower. unless you have a duo with whom you know you can shit on in lane , plus have a decent championpool to always be on the aggressiv/winning matchup side i doubt any adc is better off with arpen runes. Generally speaking as of right now i would opt a ton more for the safe laning thing. When you learn to perfectly freeze ur wave infront of your tower without getting shoved in you practically cannot lose. Double tps roams etc become a ton easier on bot when u play like this. You basically give ur team free opportunities to get kills. Meaning when u play aggresssiv there is a ton more risk. You get roamed/tpd on, you have to be able to outplay 2vs3 and not sit there and complain when you die. If you shove and play aggressiv, get ready to 2vs3 2vs4, thats how it works.
thank you ill do that next time i play adc
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: G2 are one trick ponies that consist in going full yolo (get fed by going SoloQ mode) with zero strategy. Not to mention that G2 is a team that consists of 4 players, cause one of them is basically a banner of comand buffed toplane minion who cant play anything with the exception of subpart support-ish tanks. Seriously... He cant play Trundle, he cant play Gragas, he barely does well with Poppy, he can only play Tankko (a champion that no longer works outside of the Esports patch). G2 is like Samsung white but with zero coordination. They force situations that they cant win in and freeze whenever botlane gets tp ganked. ____ G2 is a joke. How can you win the springsplit like if it were a piece of cake, to later throw everything out the window?! I know that they are rookies but holy cow... Fnatic was a rookie team last year (with only two remaining teammates) and deleted everyone in Spring, Summer, and worlds. ____ I have no idea what they have been doing, but practising is obviously not it. By the looks of their preformance at MSI, G2 havent done their homework (study the teams, watch games from the other teams/regions, expand they pools, practice more team comps). _____ No to mention that G2 is freaking predictable. ___ In all honesty, either they wake up after MSI and take Esports seriously or some serious team re-drafting is going to be made.
well i just hope Perks and kikis get the boot, they cant play the game ive seen golds play better in tf. and perks is too cocky. i just cant wait to see febiven man handle him in lane... but yeh i hope h2k and fnatic step up and are able to represent in worlds.
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Goodnigut (EUW)
: I'm seriously considering it if you are that piece or not, still not sure of it though.
oh i am the yasuo part xD
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Sethys (EUNE)
: You dont get key fragments when you get S or lvl 5, you just need to win the game and it's random, you dont always get.
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Aúrøn (EUW)
: hey i added you and im ready for the climb
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