: Something wrong with the client?
Eambo (EUW)
: Timeline can be found [HERE](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/hvzgE6om-tft-teamfight-tactics-release-timeline-and-temporary-restrictions) with information on TFT release. Keep in mind the times/dates are Pacific Time, so convert accordingly!
i updated client about 2 GB about 5 minutes ago. and i can see patch 9.13 in patch notes in client but i still dont have TFT mode in my client.
: My ping is higher than usual
i have ping issue recently too i dont know why. i made a post about this too : [Ping Goes Higher in-game?](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support-en/1jeL7lEf-please-help-me-ping-get-higher-when-i-go-in-game)
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Tarolock (EUNE)
: thats not an explanation... i won i think 10 or so matches with Ashe support, it does not mean its a good pick so whats the point building an item that adds ap dmg onhit for an ad champ and whats the point building a "manaregen" item on a champ that have no mana? dont tell me there is no other attackspeed/crit items that do the same but way better for trynda than {{item:3508}} and {{item:3115}}
https://clips.twitch.tv/ConfidentSillyJayFunRun Any Other Questions Sir ?
Tarolock (EUNE)
: wtf is that trynda build? and how did you get to plat with it?
well if u watch 3 games before that i carried 1v9 with that build in plat elo and got 4 honors u can understand what is and why is that tryndamere build.
: Your team: P4 S1 P4 G1 P3 Enemy team: S1 G1 P4 P4 G1 ELO wise you had the advantage. On top of that, the match was pretty even, you even got 2 kills early, and then you didn't use your advantage and died to riven like 5 times in a row. Why are you blaming your team? You and twitch did the least damage of your team! YOU DID LESS DAMAGE THAN THE JANNA SUPPORT. Least gold of the game, apart from your janna support. Least damage dealt, most damage taken, and that as a tryndamere. How dare you blame your team?
Enemy Riven was smurfing (btw we all know RIVEN is broken AF anyway) . u can check his account and u will see he is smurfing and thats why i lost to her because she was so much better then me because she was smurfing she had 80% winrate silver 1 but if u look at my jungler he is silver too but he is on 49% winrate he isnt smurfing he isnt on win streak or anything and if u watch the replay u can see we lost because of him he didnt gank once and griefed . i mean why the %%%% should be a silver in my game in the first place at all ?
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: Well, I'm currently sitting at a near 70% w/r in P1 solo, and near 60% D2 flex. From my experience, over the years, the matchmaking never changed. It always tried matching you with and against people in your MMR range. This MMR range might be confusing for some, since it doesn't equal rank based matchups. a Gold 3 can be matched with a P4, if their MMRs match +/- 50-70 or so. The algorithm can't tell the difference between two 1700MMR 48% win-rate players who played 300 games in said season. If they get matched against each others, one might stomp the other one, while having the same stats. The matchmaking system simply can't know the picks of the two players, and their performance in said matchup. Human-factors come into the calculation, loads of variables. Imagine having a Darius main vs a Renekton main, both having the same MMR and win-rate. Darius gets banned, the Darius main first-picks riven, which isn't quite his comfort pick, but he's decent on said champ. The Renekton main is on his best comfort-pick. He will simply smash the Riven, since the whole match-up favours him big-time. Now you will call the Darius main a bad player, and feel like Riot has matched you with the worse guy - but in reality, they had no idea what champs will be banned, and what champs will be picked. This whole scenario renders the "riot's evil matchmaking made me lose a match" point pretty much invalid. - And I'm seeing quite a few posts like that recently.
That is true. nothing can be balanced 100%. yes i agree with that. but people are not asking riot to do magic and put human-factors in matchmaking. people are complaining because silver players are in plat games. plat players are in silver games. its not even near BALANCE. one team has 5 people under 50% winrate and they are against 5 people above 50% winrate. these are what players are complaining about and want it to get fixed.i had silver 4 adc against gold 4 adc and my botlane lost ofc a silver 4 player lose so hard to gold 4 player its a whole division diffrence. and i actually checked my ADC op.gg and he wasnt on winstreak that he has so high MMR or anything he was a normal silver 4 player. another game same thing my mid lane lost so hard because he was against a plat player.
131314121 (EUW)
: Why I cant win?
> [{quoted}](name=131314121,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EbseExwy,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-02-24T12:33:46.795+0000) > > Guys, i need some advice..and some information, cuz i dont understand this game... > > I started playing my first ranked at the last day of season 7. Right after lvl30.. of course i promoted to bronze 3. Before s8, at preseason I did silver 5, with mostly playing at mid.. with yasuo and zed:D As season 8 started, i promoted to bronze 1, but then i climbed to s4 easily. After that I sit at silver 4-5 for months. > I watched Faker, and other pro players, etc.. I played a lot {{champion:141}} , and somehow i hit gold 5. Of course before season ended, i falled to silver 3. > Now at preaseason I struggled a lot, i tried everything, and i thought i found my "main" finally.. {{champion:29}} .. at the end of preseason, I climbed to gold 2.. I was so glad, cuz i had high mmr, i played against plat 3-4 adc's , and won. > Preseason ended, season 9 started.. i did promos right after that... and promoted to bronze 1.. how? 8 lose, 2 win... uncarryable teams.. but ok.. i can do it..i thought...but not, now i cant climb from silver 3.. i climbed to s2, but falled back. > I started playing at another server now, and ... i cant carry bronzes... > (here is the salty part starts) > > It does not matter, what server, elo: even at bronze 1 or silver 2, i got uncarryable, bad teams... Idk what is this, but my team always lose.. > Yesterday i tried to win at bronze 1.. it doesnt matter what i play or at which lane.. If i play adc? my support doesnt exist, like blitz: cant hit a single Q at the whole game...enemy support: poke the hell out of me.. > If i play top:{{champion:86}} : i went 8/1, took harald solo, (cuz jg doesnt exist.. i pinged him 100x times) , destroyed 3 towers with harald... then lose.. why? all my teammates were 0/5 - 0/10 ... > > Every time my bot lane goes 0/5 - 0/10(if im not at bot), or if not, we have a feeder mid+ top (if i play at bot) .... > I cant understand this game... If i go 10/0 at 15 min, i still lose... the enemy support almost always better, the enemy jg almost always a smurf or doing very well..mine? mine goes 0/10 .... > Like LS said, play simple champs, to focus on macro.. Like {{champion:1}} ... ohh, okay, i thought... hmm i went 6/2, but my botlane 0/10, and top 2/8 ...hmmm... should i roam? ohh.. i roamed, and what happened? our adc suicided before i reached them... i pinged 52 times...i wrote at chat... > ..ahh this is how looks like my Most games... > > Idk what to do.. i cant climb... i cant carry bronzes, and silvers.. they playing so badly (just my teammates of course :c ) but sometimes enemy too .. > I can kill them, i can beat them at lane phase, i can do anything, but not 1v5... i focus at objectives.. but nothing happens.. > > Feel free to ive me some advices or write ur story.. > Sorry for my english, I try my best, but i still learning this language, but i hope u can understand:) im totally agree with u on the thing that RANKED MATCHMAKING SYSTEM is so bullshit right now. u can effect in a game and win with going 10/0 getting FB and ... WHEN The game is Close. which means ur botlane are a little bit weaker in terms of skill of enemy botlane or ur midlane or ur jungler. in that games u can win by winning ur lane and putting pressure so ur less skilled teammates use the space u create for them to come back and get ahead and WIN at the end. but right now games skill diffrence is so muchhh.i mean sooo much. it literally is flipping a coin when u press the find match button. there is no close game that u can make a play with playing good. game is over before laning phase ends. its either ur botlane(or top or mid) is such better that will get first blood and first turret and destroys enemy team or they are such braindeads that lose in the same way. i play toplane. i lost a game that i was 25/3 and then right after that i won a game in 15 minutes when i lost my lane so hard and i was 0/10. its just doesnt matter what u do its all about ur team right now BECAUSE THERE IS NO CLOSE GAME. every game is one-sided . every single game. u dont get pushined for losing ur lane if u are on the better team and u dont get rewarded for winning ur lane if u are on the stupid team.because the Skill diffrence is just so much. i didnt find any solution for this so for now i just dont care about LP and MMR and i just play ranked just like normals. i demoted 5 times already in s9 and promoted 5 times again and now im demoting again and etc .... . IT DOESNT MATTER WHAT U DO WHEN SKILL DIFFRENCE between teams are 9999999999999
: Actually that is the worst idea for matchmaking. What you are suggesting would more often than not crate massive dis-balance. Someone of diamond MMR could be matched with silver while he's climbing. Is that fair? MMR tries to find teams of similar skill level. Both have faults but MMR is as close to perfect as you'll get in this game for the time being.
well if someone is good as a diamond player and he is gold yes he will match gold players but he will go to diamond so fast and he will reach where he belongs . thats even better and healthier for himself and for that elo
: You know that not everything has a perfect solution right? Just saying "riot should have fixed it by now" is like me going to my doctor and demanding to know why they haven't cured cancer yet. After all, that has been around for thousands of years and we still haven't fully cured it. Of course, if you have an idea of how to make the matchmaking better, then by all means say it.
i just said the solution.its so simple. match the gold players vs gold players. silvers vs silvers. plats vs plats. etc ... . im sure there is enough player in low elo for this right? like 80% of player base are in low elo and league has most players from all online games right now ?
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Gman444 (EUNE)
: Matchmaking
> [{quoted}](name=KDA Spirit Rush,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=n3KI8jQK,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-02-21T12:03:49.778+0000) > > Dont know but this thing is happening way to often. I dont what kind of (fun) is this but for me personally is not funny to watch how Diamond elo and Master elo having fun with some kind of bot(aka low lvl players) 1* Losing my time 2* It's no funny 3* This guy 100% dont know what is he doing .And because of this he sees the game in different view.I mean C'mon its so funny u know . in my last game i was wondering why my midlaner with his main is losing 1v1 so hard ??? then i asked him and he said i am trying my best but he is so much better then me. after the game i went to check and i saw this : https://cdn1.imggmi.com/uploads/2019/2/21/22087d6c8638a8dfbaf8b6e4483d7395-full.jpg OFC a gold 4 player loses to a plat 2 player. thank u riot. thank u matchmaking. nice and fair system. full gold team vs full plat team. thank u riot. i had so much fun playing against so much higher players then us. thanks balance team. god blesss u

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