: 14 day ban
Truth be told, it was kinda flame (if you count you trying to justify what happened) but it certainly is not worth getting a 14 day ban over. Hope it gets rescinded, feels bad that you cant even defend what you are doing without being branded as "flame". #UnBan
: Wrongfully Banned for 14 days.
I agree this is a bit too extreme for a punishment. You can clearly see that this was very little toxicity (seen far worse). I can see where the player is coming from and I agree with what he said. He was probably responding to questions his team probably asked judging from the chat log. Unfair punishment tbh, but sadly cant help. Wish riot atleast showed full chat so we can see it in context.
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: quote of the day "I got banned and i didnt do anything" sora1287 "2015"
Are u implying that I did something wrong? If so just say it. I literally did nothing as my kd is amazing with great win streak. Why would I flame if my kd is somewhere around 22 kills and 4 deaths? Who should I flame on? my team for carrying them? dude at least be smart and think before you type something. If that was a joke then im sorry because your "joke" got 0 likes.
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