: If they made ARURF+ permanent will hapen same has TT the mode will be so common that none will play it.
wasn't Dominion permanent no one played it even when people did they went afk or trolled it so why not urf
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: Please fix Project Ashe, her ultimate and her other abilities are impossible to see for colour blind
her ultimate is so bad even for normal people to see and the hit box is bad
DraonCC (EUW)
: My guess is either that your status is still pending (You can check it here: https://account.leagueoflegends.com/euw/en/alpha - If it says Status: Pending, you've not yet been accepted) or that you have your region set wrong (make sure it's set to the region your account is on, likely EUW since you're posting here). Other than that, have you tried it multiple times or just once? There's a bug where the first attempt won't work for some people, but the second will.
my status is active and everything is fine i told the supp guy but he found that i have 2 account on my email address is that even possible
DraonCC (EUW)
: There's a known bug where you have to try twice before it works. Are you also sure you have selected the right region?
won't work thank you for giving a shitt about my problem
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KRex96 (EUW)
: Really?
yeah and in the league web page it says that my alpha status is active
: First logging attempt
same here it tell me that my login info are wrong
gas1k123 (EUW)
https://pbesignup.euw.leagueoflegends.com/fr/pbe you use this link to signup for a pbe account and wait till they accept your request {{champion:1}} {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:14}} you dead have a nice day the annie main
KRex96 (EUW)
: Alpha Client for log in
yeah me too my login info won't work


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