: When does challenger series open qualifier begin for 2018
: This is what Rengar needs! The ideal rework for Rengar!
This is almost identical to release Rengar, and release Rengar wasn't fun for anyone but Rengar.
: Bring Mordekaiser back to life !
> [{quoted}](name=PhotonicTempest,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=zOJHE8y1,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-07-18T20:05:24.838+0000) > All you see is every single game is Lee Sin, Yasuo, Yasuo, Yasuo, Yasuo and Riven. That is boring considering the huge variety of available champions there are and that's ultimately a very bad thing for the future of your game and thus your money (yeah you listen to me now, don't you ?). Oh damn that was a good one mate, I almost fell down from my chair on that one. Most of your post is just one big bronze rant, Idk who you are trying to convince with your rambling. You're talking as if you have direct contact with Riot, but really you're just putting amusement out for us forum stalkers.
Tiffan (EUW)
: Vi's Ult is broken now
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: What a time to be alive (And to be playing my promos) (Spoiler: I lost)
Gonna predict here Support {{champion:44}} Mid {{champion:25}} Top {{champion:157}} Jungle {{champion:29}}
Shamanana (EUW)
: Support items in Twisted Treeline
Quite frankly if everyone wanted to play 3v3 as a "chill" mode then the hyper carry meta wouldn't be a thing. Obviously some people want to climb the ranking system, and utilize the most effective way to do so, which is to do the hyper carry form. The hyper carry is not uncounterable, it's in fact a rather risky strategy, in which you sacrifice a teammate so he can empower another teammate to be really strong. The support player falls behind in levels and gold, while the hyper carry gets the majority of it instead. If the hyper carry falls behind, then they might as well give up really, as they'll never recover. If you want to solo lane against a hyper carry combo, then pick a sustain laner that can push and utilize the early game. Personally I have found Rengar to be good against hyper carry combos, because of his cc-resisting abilities, fast pushing capability and 100% damage taken heal.
: On Twisted Treeline: -Renekton loses 50/150/250 hp on R -Jarvan IV loses 0/2/4/6/6% Armor Reduction on Q and 0/1/2 of the on-target CD of his Passive -Leona R cooldown is increased by 10/15/20s -Singed loses 1 armor per level growth and 20s CD on his R -Wukong R cooldown is increasy by 0/5/10s
I stand corrected Yet these changes are very minor compared to the one Rengar is receiving. -6% shred or 10 sec extra cooldown cannot compare with 13% bonus AD loss. Renekton seems to be the only one who loses anything relevant.
: It might me a nerf but not huge enough that Riot would care about TT.
They cared enough about it to make it competitive, so why is this a thing? 5v5 Rengar is far stronger than 3v3 Rengar purely because of this mechanic.
: Seems balanced because TT is a smaller map with smaller game times. They games are extremely snowbally and are usually over soon. That aside I dont think TT is a priority to Riot right now, if ever.
But to lose 13% bonus AD + 13 AD is one hell of a nerf, I get that the game is quite different from 5v5, but no other champion takes this form of toll
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: yasuo needs a nerf already
Git gud And stop complaining because you can't beat someone
: You are asking for way to much dude^^.
I'm asking for a revert. We're all asking for a revert. The rework is so bad that Rengar mains are ignoring his main ability to play him pre-rework.
TeeTohr (EUW)
: Meanwhile his play rate and win rate are both decent and his ferocity mecanic is still unique. From what I read here it's like you want him able to be in position to one shot close to everyone while running away without risk ? More tanky Detected from closer Revealing every ennemy champion ( = can't know where rengar is anymore and can't interact as ennemy with this abitlity anymore) Having a Q ability doing more damage faster (it's an assassin hunter don't tell me you want something else than this fitting his theme) Ferocity always staying at it's level meaning more damage from nowhere W is an olaf ult Only downside i see in your post : W heals too much You're claiming that his ability do 0 damage but still wants more utility, settle up on something..
That is not what I have written at all. All your statements there are far from what I've meant.
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QQYasuo (EUW)
: > But as of the pre-season patch, Yasuo has gone completely out of line by being able to become unkillable and deal a ton of damage. Bruiser Yasuo still has the ability to deal high damage, and since colossus became a thing he's also unkillable. You do realise that Yasuo's winrate has been dropping since patch 6.19? His current winrate is lower than 50%. Also, i've never seen a Yasuo pick colossus, and if you lose to that, you kinda deserve to lose.
Uuugh Yasuo has above 50% win rate right now. If you see 0 Yasuo player pick colossus, then I can only connect it to your elo really. Colossus is by far the superior choice.
: Decrease base damages heavily. Increase ratios (to get rid of tank yasuos) Decrease windwall duration/make it destructible (to goddamn balance it after all the years) Increase R cooldown by 60 seconds, so it's not up twice every teamfight. Then you can increase the damage for spotlights. Or at least rebalance the bonus armor pen. You can't have a champion that gets 100% crit chance after 2 items not care about armorpen at all 15 second duration of the buff compared to his 25 second cooldown of his ult.... he can have it up like.....indefinitely.
I agree that the cooldown is really short. Even with the conditions that are required to activate the ult, 24 sec cd (with trinity) is way too short for a powerful ultimate. 60 seconds is too much in my book, but I could easily see an increase of 30 seconds could balance it out more. I still think making it scale with crit would attract damage building Yasuos rather than tank Yasuos. Lowering the buff duration to 10 would be good as well. I don't agree on the windwall though, that is fine as it is. The whole point of that wall is to reposition around it, and it's extremely thin so there should be no problem doing that.
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