Thepital (EUW)
: What is wrong with Platinum?
Platinum IV is eloboosted town. It gets better from P3 onwards
: Rank Rising Champion Selection
Stick to 2-3 champs per role you like and are good with. Everyone has their own mains and that's what they climb with. There's no "specific" champions (but don't try to climb with riven or yasuo if you're bronze)
Atlas (EUNE)
: I just lost all my motivation to climb...
The reset was done because a lot of players (including you if you were getting -30) had been ranked up too high because of a LP gain bug.
: First of all. I was offrole strictly playing support, helping my friend improve as an ADC. It wasn't ranked and I wasn't a smurf ruining any of your games, we lost a fair few and I made my own mistakes too.
He's just the kind of player who blames not ranking up on smurfs and trolls... don't try to make him think
Kokozuma (EUW)
: Splitpushing is the thing which annoys me the most. The enemy team is slightly ahead of us so we need all members to turn the table, but no instead of teamfighting 1 decides to splitpush and the other one goes take wolf camp. Leaving a 3v5 and making us retreat before we are getting collapsed on. In case you actually got collapsed on the splitpusher types: "Why you fight, I am not there"
If your team is behind, splitpushing is actually a good call. You won't win a 5v5 fight anyway because _you are behind_. Waveclear mid while 1 guy gets a tower or two in top, force them to back before he gets a inhib, then make a engage when they're backing.
: I can honestly agree somewhat but trust me you have no idea how many trolls and disco nunu's infest diamond/plat
If bronze players had to deal with the amount of "lol bro i don't give a %%%% if we lose i'm plat/diamond 4 0 LP let me mid or i run it down" we deal with, they would never want to rank up.
: {{summoner:4}} u dont value ur time properly
Why? We went on a intermediate bot game and tried to fully clear the jungle, as 5 adcs, with no smite, heal or barrier on any of us, before the bots finished the game. It was fun dying to drake over and over.
: i went from B4 to B1 with 1 Game, No Promos Think its Bug HALP!
The people you were getting paired with suggests that your MMR was around silver 3-4. That's why you skipped so many divisions.
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: having fun trying to do a mission where you basically have to sit afk for 15 minutes as 5 man premade? LOL. thats one wierd defintion of fun: doing nothing. Ofc inting could speed it up a bit down to 10 minutes.
Trying to lose to 5 begineer bots who struggle to beat minion waves can be fun if done with 5 friends tbh.
zekaa03 (EUNE)
: Cats and dogs missions are bullshit
There's an alternative mission...
: Someone tried to get into my account
Use malwarebytes. Also, don't trust free RP sites and beware where you download music/games/movies
: Players could try to focus more on their performance, and less on the outcome. It's a mistake I am doing myself repeatedly. I think, the reason they point out the "bad" player on their team, in all chat during a game, is because they want to separate themselves from the team and the upcoming defeat. And they also don't want to feel they've been bested by an "inferior" player regarding his/her skill in a desperate fight. But in reality, the outcome of a teamwork is not a personal feat, and losing to a higher level champion with better stats, doesn't make you bad. It was a necessary action you should take, something you should try before giving up. But in the heat of the moment you don't think so clearly.
When you're trying to reach a goal, on any aspect of life, you don't care about your perfomance if you fail. Applies to a league game, a test, a job interview, or whatever.
: Not a bad idea but still i can click enter ... i need to stop the flame monster with a way that cant be reverted that easily
Try this out
Kurotsu (EUW)
: How often do you guys see the "Skin Boost" button being pushed?
When it's a 5 man premade and someone on discord has 100 spare RP and wants to have a laugh.
: I want to disable in game chat
Grab your keyboard, pull the "enter" key out, play the game. Not a joke i've done that.
Evidence (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Humpelstilzche,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=86KErh0I,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-03-25T04:29:24.531+0000) > > So basically from the first day League existed? > League was always explicitly focused on being a team game, nothing about that has ever changed and probably never will, given that this is the core game design of League or even MOBAs in general. either u havent played leagye from season one or ur just tryin to fool everyone here. In the past u had a choise splti pus or team fight now mostly u get 90% of games forcing tfs.
Splitpush has only been a thing when you pick a comp to force splitpushing. Like camille top or whatever. Some wave clearer like ori or anivia to hold up sieging on mid. If you try to splitpush without a splitpush-meant comp you get obliterated and that's always been the case.
Father Tios (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=M3GTRDragon,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=86KErh0I,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-03-25T06:10:50.176+0000) > > there is no way to know how people behave, unless you want to spy on them, which is a breach of privacy. Except for when you record their history. Which riot already does. And doesn't ban the trolls effectively. > > That said, the matchmaking is indeed more about luck than skill. Got to gold IV and I'm not even that good. most of the time my cs is rubbish, and my laning is worse. I either get lucky by someone hardcarrying or lucky by someone trolling in the enemy You can get plat relatively easily playing a passive support and just focusing on not dying :P I've done this a few times, pretty much just afking.
I got diamond V on the first ardent censer meta by picking lulu, telling the ad to take a hypercarry (kog if possible) and just clickspamming E on him. My skill level was somewhere around platinum 4. I'm pretty sure that's doable now. Like main morgana just rush censer and let adc carry u. As long as you play safe and not die your teams actually carry you.
: Let's talk about Ohmwrecker
It can't be removed. It was given as a reward to a player featuring the player's nickname.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: And now a decent amount of players won't play ARAM any more because of that. I don't mind getting Ezreal here and there, but I do agree champions like you mentioned, Lux, Ziggs and Xerath are very annoying and almost impossible to kill if they have at least one peel champion on the team.
If all these players were playing were lux, ziggs, nidalee, sona, xerath and a ezreal here or there, they won't really be missed.
Fanta7up (EUNE)
: Aram is perfect as it is
Yeah, i love the changes, %%%% the entire playerbase who has ARAM accounts with only the OP champs to ruin everyone who just wants to have fun day. And if that includes you, %%%% you too. Now we can ban 5 OP champs so you don't get to play sona, ziggs, nidalee, lux over and over :)
: The leaver still gets punished. No matter what friend, I wont leave the game on purpose and take the "full dik" just so my friends can save 10 lp.
If you're losing the game anyway, you lose nothing by dodging. Premades would take turns to dodge the games so they only lose half the LP they should.
Shamose (EUW)
: Why can't I queue with my platinum friend but I can get matched against plat players?
They can't queue with plat because they would get carried/boosted by the platinum people and get a undeserved high rank. If you want to play with far better/worse friends go play normal games.
: Idk what bugs are you on about guys, I started the season in Plat III and got to Dia with +20/-18 and once there this shit started and it hasn't stopped...
The LP bug that got you do diamond when your winrate once they fixed it clearly shows you belong in plat.
: The only bugs I encounter are in-game lol.
Sure, that's why your MMR is so %%%%ed up you lose 10 LP more than you gain.
: Asking for a chatrestrict.
Have you tried doing something as simple as taking the "enter" key off your keyboard when playing? No joke i've done that with a script that made windows ignore the "enter" key if lol was open in the past and it works. You want to flame but you just can't.
: Lets talk abouy Kayn
Did you try warding so you can see coming and actually back off? Unless he's like 10-0 he can't just dive into you like olaf.
: What would you do in this situation?
He prob just quit and went playing an offline game. If my ping is so high i can't play i will quit too. It's better to go afk than just going 0-15 because i can't see the enemy throwing skills at me anyway.
: I see, so I'm just supposed to sit there and have 1) my team mate flamed and have his jungle taken 2) my laner getting fed and winning the game 3) my minion waves taken 4) getting flamed for "not helping" when i've taken all my lane towers and helped mid 5) not diving into a 2v5 and getting flamed by it 6) not building a support item when im not support that's what you mean? aight. Who am I talking to again?
1) /mute all 2) can't fix that by flaming 3) can't fix that by flaming 4) /mute all 5) /mute all 6) /mute all
Crockito (EUW)
: Should i be chat restricted for this...
Yes, and if you keep going down that path you'll earn a 14d ban followed by a goodbye account.
: when will diamond+ LP be back to normal. +14 -24 is depressing af.
If you're going +14/-24 it means you earned too many LP off the bug and your MMR is a league or two behind your rank. The reset will probably hurt you lol.
: > [{quoted}](name=Tiger of Summer,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Em1EEGG9,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-03-18T16:58:37.284+0000) > > 1. Play CC > 2. Play CC > 3. play tank with CC I main a squishy mid laner. Even with team mates who have CC, they CC him and as soon as he's rid of the CC he destroys us again.
> [{quoted}](name=The Godkarther,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Em1EEGG9,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-03-18T17:01:59.498+0000) > > I main a squishy mid laner. Even with team mates who have CC, they CC him and as soon as he's rid of the CC he destroys us again. -> Have your team stun him -> Don't get on his Q range -> Actually finish him after he kills you, you're %%%%ing karthus -> If you just can't play against him just ban him
: > [{quoted}](name=Humpelstilzche,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Em1EEGG9,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2019-03-18T17:04:04.768+0000) > > Mikrogane already wrote that, it's the "obliterate" part. Master Yi has basically no defense at all, with a little coordination you can kill him while he is stunned. Not if he buys Deadmans plate and Wits or Mallet / Titanic / Steraks. Only garbage Yi players go full Damage without defense. You want to kill Yi lategame (EASILY) ? Pick tryndamere or Jax.
If he built 2-3 defensive items he shouldn't be 1shotting you anyway.
: Remove chat, give free 5 emotes to say everything you need, then the rest are cosmetics for emotes. Make it so you don't need chat.
You don't need chat at all. Mute everyone and use pings.
: Btw Hansiman, since I catch you just now on the topic toxicity. What is the systems reaction to the 3 letter word that tells someone to quit his life?
TheBigFart (EUNE)
: I'm bad because I always have a Yasuo-Nautilus opponent in bot lane that won't even let me farm or else I will get hooked by Nautilus and ulted to death? Or am I bad because I don't play these 20-30 OP champs that change every patch because I want to play the champs I want in order to have fun? Likewise, there is no point in counterpicking your lane opponent every single time, because this way you are forced to pick champions that you probably aren't familiar with and aren't able to play the one you want. Keep in mind, we are talking about normal games here.
Stay behind minions, ward the bush, dodge the hook. Learn to play and cry less kid.
: Sure but beeing in queue for like 40 secs and going instatly ADC is kinda sad. I can wait 1:30m no stress since I get my main role
I'm not willing to wait 6 mins so you get to play mid. Neither is the rest of the game population.
: Should players be issued perma-bans for a first offence?
No. Everyone can get heated up once because the 0/16 udyr %%%%ed his last platinum promo game. Even you. You've flamed at least once in your LoL history. You're lying if you say you haven't.
WolfX10 (EUNE)
: I dislike people that look up match history of their team and then cry about it.
The reason i look up my teammates is to dodge if someone who hovers teemo has gone 0-8 last five times he played it...
Nherax (EUW)
: Stop putting me with 3-4 premades that will pat each others back, no matter how bad they are.
Some solutions 1: Play solo/duo 2: Use /mute all 3: Ignore what they say 4: Report them for flaming
: I got the same thing. But it would be nice if we got notified about this maintainance....
: Queue system is bad
No, it's working as intended. Learn how to play soraka or janna for those 1/10 games or just play full ap brand support or whatever.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Why is Ranked not separated into just Solo and just Flex?
Longer queue time as every duo bot would have to switch to flex so there will be a lot of duos but not many 3s and no solo players at all.
Zouo (EUW)
: Choosing a main/champion pool
Pick someone you enjoy playing and you'll become good with it after playing it multiple times. No one can tell you what champs will you enjoy playing or not.
TheBigFart (EUNE)
: A different kind of toxic behaviour
So you're saying that because you're bad i should let you win? That's not how the real world works.
R4ndom F1nn (EUNE)
: Watch those games and you'll see what I mean, the games all started great but other lanes feeding the champs allowed the enemies to roam and guess where they roamed the most often
No, that's not what happened. You just don't play safe and then blame your team. Ward, stop pushing, roam yourself to help your losing lanes. You don't go 1/8 because of "your team".
R4ndom F1nn (EUNE)
: What is wrong with lol players in ranked?
Checked up your last 4 games 2/6 1/8 10/7 7/8 Sure, it's "your team" that's losing you the games.
Hecate (EUW)
: Is this being toxic ? How do I deal with it ?
The first thing you should do whenever you join a game is type /mute all on the chat. Below high diamond pings are all you need to communicate. If he's your premade and he acts like that, but you still wanna duo with him, just mute him.
Vegito101 (EUNE)
: Please remove duos from solo q and make it solo q
Playing adc/support on high elo without a premade on voice chat is a joke. Sure you don't care about a premade when you're top or mid but supporting a random adc who won't follow your calls or adcing with a support that won't play safe no matter what is infernal.
: Riot, can you stop putting me with AFKs, Trolls and feeders pls? I'm not having fun with a 23% WR...
You died 10 times as Neeko and 6 times as Soraka, dude. That means you die every 4 minutes or every 5:30 minutes. You're losing your team these games and not vice versa.
DK4ever (EUW)
: Players After Pre-Season
LOL PLAYERS USED TO DO WHAT IN S6-7 I don't think you've ever played league mate LOL
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