: 2017 All-Star Vote: Choose your dream team
**My face when seeing the players picked for each region** {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} **My face seeing Kami and BRTT picked for the CBLOL** {{sticker:sg-lux}}
: I finally started carrying as Vayne! My secret is
ahh, so the standard vayne build. I'll remember that
: league of tanks...
ofc tanks can one hit mages and adcs the whole point is that they don't reach you in fights also, the name 'tank' should say it all
: can we have Kha'zix as free champion in the new rotation
If I never see kha'zix ever again, it will be too soon
: league of legends the friendship destroyer xd
well in league, I have the choice to not always stay in prison until I first past go.
Likowoof (EUW)
: >Be me
> Go for **point blank Q** because only way I can win DPS race > He **dodges Q** {{summoner:13}}
Husker (EUW)
: Master Thread - Updated Client FAQs & Issue Reports
I have a good thing and a fairly bad thing to say and a question. Firstly, I really like the new client. Since it looks really cool, my profile makes me feel great, plenty of new features and the home page is really handy. Also, I don't suffer from poor ms/ping issues. I used to have a slight problem with latency, but the new client feels like it works so smoothly now. The issue... well, FPS. Burn me all you like about 'low spec mode' or 'client close in game' but I haven't felt the impact of those features at all. If anything, I'd get poor FPS at around 30 minutes into the game, which drops to as low as 4 fps, but since the newer patches _and_ having both support boxes ticked, the FPS drops much earlier and doesn't wait for big team fights or large number of minions before crashing to as low as 1 FPS. While it may be fair to say my computer isn't amazing, It can play _far_ more demanding games with little to no problems. While this isn't going to stop me playing, it certainly stopped me having meaningful and fun games. **Question**: I remember RIOT saying the legacy client would be removed completely from the league client, meaning the computer would take less information and performance should be increased. Has this happened yet, since the legacy client is now retired?
mystipisti (EUNE)
: Looking for a main champion.
: What is cancer, and how does it begin?
Toxicity: words, my friend, they are just words on a screen. you don't even have to look at them. Refusal to communicate: being honest, it's a solo game to me. I'd couldn't care less if we grouped to make a fancy play or not. Only proficient in one champ: Let them play it, you **really wouldn't want them to play any other champion!** trust me. Personal problems: these fall under a category I like to call 'sandbags'. someone who lets real life problems interfere with a game have no intent of trying to carry anyway, they're just there to attempt to get carried. with sandbags, you gotta let them take the heat in order to provide cover for the soldiers. unstable connection: I don't even know why these lot even play. If i feel like my game might not be stable, I won't want to play, it's simply not fun. this is just a free loss unfortunately, unless you pull those miracle moments, but mostly it isn't fun. I agree with some of these problems, not to the extent that they are cancerous, that's just a _little_ bit crazy.
azizTyga (EUW)
: hOw about unban every one
there is only one reason I'd support this... if a certain individual can grace this game once more... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Ncmjy-HaeA {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{item:3086}} {{item:3086}} {{item:3086}} {{item:3086}} {{item:3086}} {{item:3117}}
: Ok, hear me out on this...
play a proper carry and **actually** carry. if your games are determined by the actions of your team mates, not _you_, then don't play carry. Play support or a sandbag and help those who can carry. the law of the jungle, those who carry can carry their own weight to the top.
soulspooke (EUNE)
: why did riot buff yi ?
well while you're sitting in the corner pressing E on that yi getting his penta kill, other people actually find him fun. {{champion:40}} you make me sick
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Describe this game in 3 words
**F** for **Fire** **U** for **Uranium**... bombs **N** for **No** SURVIVERS
TeeTohr (EUW)
: [Contest]Ship your favorite boards users !
if only it were "put two boards users in a pit to watch them fight to the death" then I'd be entertained {{champion:80}}
Stell (EUNE)
: I just came from a local grocery store
I look back at the referendum after reading this thinking "i regret nothing"
: Who does agree that supporting an adc who knows what they are doing....
_When you ask a Janna main how their day went..._ > EYE OF THE CYCLONE! > MONSOON! > LOCKET! > REDEMPTION! > HOWLING GALE! > and Zeke's Harbinger goes with its mantra of "crit, crit, crit, crit...." while MC Hammer "Can't touch this" plays in your head. {{champion:40}} E for Elo
IAmDoosh (EUW)
: This has already been said before, but I must vent.
Am I among the only people who plays games, see's irrelevant things typed by other players and thinks... meh.
Medusa (EUNE)
: I got wrongfully banned for 14 days.
you had the most cs... I hardly call that intentional. that's like a singed proxy farming, not getting any kills but dying a lot due to getting rushed by the enemies. It is even evident in your build path that you weren't intent on trolling. this would be the part where I question riot for this, but I know one of them would come to {{summoner:11}} me, plus the report/banning system is automated.
DeepT (EUNE)
: Perma ban
: there are only 4 roles in league of legends. top lane, mid lane, jungle and support. we don't talk about adcs.
according to some people, there is no support role either. {{item:3070}} {{champion:37}}
Una Jam (EUNE)
: Most annoying champs in the game?
{{champion:103}} : I thought 'Damn this champ is very noob, very easy to play with no real risks'. Then I played them **for the first time**... one of the easiest champs I've ever played. {{champion:31}} : _same as {{champion:103}}_ {{champion:81}} : I hate cowardly champions. {{champion:120}} : Oh joy, this guy again... he just builds brick and scales on how fast he can run at you. Since not a lot of champions can move as fast as he is, you're in for it. And if you're a tank, lel, u ain't killing him. {{champion:74}} : _same as {{champion:103}}_ {{champion:38}} : yeah, his early game is lame, and if you itemise against him _directly_, you're fine (somewhat). But I absolutely hate how he can just build one or two items and then it becomes a team effort just to fight him. Then there is his late game... {{champion:240}} : I just hate this champion, don't really hate their kit or find them overpowered, I just think riot made a stupid champion. {{champion:117}} : I _really_ hate cowardly champions. {{champion:99}} : somewhere, someone picks Lux... then a distant scream of Sion can be heard yelling **COOOOOOWAAAAARD!** {{champion:78}} : _same as {{champion:240}}_ {{champion:133}} : despise this champion to the core. I could go on for _years_ about what I hate about this champion, and I know they aren't insanely strong, but the champ annoys me to the absolute core, just pure hatred. {{champion:106}} : I respect the fact that 'tanks need to reach you to deal damage' but in a lot of circumstances, don't you find that the tank reaches you a little _too_ easily and are just a _tad_ difficult to take down, even with help? {{champion:62}} : _same as {{champion:133}}_ (but no way near as bad) {{champion:154}} : _same as {{champion:106}}_
: This morgana bind lasts longer than me in bed
you spend less than 3 seconds in bed? you play way too much league, get some sleep.
Brølaf (EUW)
: Why u dont fight olaf when he is low HP
why? because he has a passive and ability which scale on his missing health. I'd be surprised if that _didn't_ happen. nicely done. {{champion:2}}
Ariya (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=ktos,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=zy4yhBAT,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-01-18T11:36:58.066+0000) > and Zyra isn't a new champion But why do we need a new one, if we can just pick Zyra. ;) {{champion:143}}
for almost a year now, I've been spamming the boards telling people to play zyra support because everyone was complaining about support. knowing a year on from then, riot are starting to support that point, I raise my glass to that. {{item:3174}} cheers
: You are locked into a prison cell with 3 champions for a month...
{{champion:245}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:236}} my partners in crime
314exeexe (EUNE)
: Why is it so hard to play support?
so you play the carry role to no success and when you decide to let others take that role while you play support, you win. take the hint.
: How to win 1 vs 9?
build damage, spread your feed to your team mates, destroy the strong and the weak will crumble. unless it's just one of those games where it's just a downward spiral... you can't
Virtuoso IV (EUNE)
: Jhin nide a skin!!!
well the design behind dark star thresh was just released and they said how he was among the most popular champs in the game. maybe it's a sign he is getting a legendary himself {{champion:202}} {{item:3094}}
Voukras (EUNE)
: 3 types of matchmaking players a.k.a FIX IT!!!!!!
> 1. Their good and probably gonna carry you (0.99%) I was spectating a few games of one of my friends and his percentage for this was probable 90% I've _never_ seen my friend carry again, or even mildly win lane or be relevant all game, yet he always has some star players on his team who literally solo carry. perhaps if you duo with him, you'll get the same luck. (actually, thinking how bad he is, _you'll_ probably be the good player).
mhkiler (EUNE)
: i have big question guys. i dont have problem about sup role but in low elo your adc suck! so when lol put me at sup role i get upset. some people that troll or hate sup are like me. so pls give us help how we can play with noob adc! so we dont pick sup you dont pick sup nobody go sup gg! we have no sup at all.
> i dont have problem about sup role but in low elo your adc suck! > so when lol put me at sup role i get upset. my friends, _this_ is the real problem. it's not 'oh let me play my role or I troll' it's 'when we let you play your role, you _will_ troll, or feed (heck both).' i'm more scared of people playing their main role **and/or** their main champ. you're right, the problem isn't the support role, it's the sandbags _not_ in the support role trying to carry.
: Stop playing this game, it's worthless
> Matching 1 super player with 4 retards against 5 normal players Even a broken clock i once twice a day, plus that _super_ player can surely carry, especially if it's bronze... come on. > Have a nice day with your transsexual yasuo, manly vayne and other gender bender champions. now I know what this thread is really about
: pls just dodge
> a role u know u play like utter trashand you just go along with it i feel the same way when my allies play their **main** role > For your own good, when u get role you are bad with, just dodge, please, yes you may get 4 fakers in team and enemy may get huge retards, but statistically speaking, its bad for you. well, being a sandbag and getting carried isn't bad if you're getting the elo at the end of the day.
Kusluk (EUW)
: He ganked my lane when i was under turret with 2 waves of minions, i essentially stood and watch him eat a syndra combo and get splattered
oooh I know that feeling.
: Banned for toxcity when it's 85 % bs and 10-15 % toxicity
oh this made my day. especially when you kept writing "how is this toxic?" XD you're unreal.
Kusluk (EUW)
: Standard these days?
what did you do to provoke him? {{champion:64}} {{summoner:14}}
Stell (EUNE)
: In League there's guys and Janna mains
I'd give +10000 if I could OH F@%$ I HATE these kind of people. mainly because, for some _very_ odd reason, they _don't_ play support when it's clearly their main role. I get these diamond players going top/mid playing champs they have a 5 mastery in, what happens? they play like they've never seen that champ before, feeding like a soup kitchen and asking what they build etc. you look them up after the game? {{champion:40}} main. there's me thinking: just stay in your lane, janna main. (funniest thing is, they aren't even good as a support. you look carefully at their games, they may have a premade with them doing all the hard work while they feed botlane.) ---- TL:DR - press E for ELO {{champion:40}}
: Riot, pls when can jax have a buff?
wouldn't a champ main know how to work around their champs strengths and weaknesses?
ModMayhem (EUW)
: Stupid Question but rather important to me.
I got placed in silver 1, played my favourite champs till I got to gold.
Undine (EUW)
: Would a cannon ball take damage from a bullet after being fired? Nope.
{{item:3094}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3902}}
: This is why you should not spend any money on this game.
: Is it even possible to beat Panth early?
he is a great 1vs1 champ, especially since he is great in the early game. it's possible with the right champs since he counters some quite hard.
: Katarina issue
those daggers are givaways now, plus she only does damage if you're near them, if not then she is ulting, an easy target.
: Frozen mallet
in low elo, {{item:3075}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3074}} {{item:3109}} {{item:3060}} are good items for adc's
: This is quite concerning... Dodgers
>when you get autofilled support and the guy that is going your lane feeds I think this will make a great meme, mainly because it's so true.
: Poll: which camera mode you use?
i only lock the camera playing {{champion:157}}, and sometimes i still play unlocked as him
: The dangerous game of russian Roulette
{{champion:143}} it's time to shine
: http://i.imgur.com/e3sgb9V.jpg We do read a lot of threads on the boards, but we may not be able to respond to them all. We do take the feedback on these boards very seriously :)
https://i.imgflip.com/pizk3.jpg poor shaco
Mangekyu (EUW)
: Flamed for being a Tank
oooh boy have I had this problem before. when I play a sandbag champ (which isn't often) and I'm fighting 4 members of the enemy team, while my team fight one of theirs. My team get stomped by this one guy while i take on the full force of a seven nation army.
: Fill and reserve yourself for a lane you don't want
all them bronze {{champion:157}} mains who climbed to silver will be in every game then. it was easy for them to play in bronze, but now that they face people who can think, GGWP.
: The Champion Mastery Levels 6,7 is broken
well if you're really good at a champion, surely you should be good at farming with them as well.
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