: Too Soon?
: Nope, Ao Shin was way more OP XD. Jk anyway, it highly unlikely riot will make Ao Shin as how they said it will be
No. Ao Shin is never going to happen. Aurelion Sol happened INSTEAD of Ao Shin. They couldn't make Ao Shin for whatever reason, so the concept for Ao Shin got converted into Aurelion Sol
: Komachi is here! Ao shin ?
Aurelion Sol IS Ao Shin.
MrWoscht (EUW)
: Yasuo is one of the hardest champions in the game... same like {{champion:432}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:238}}
: Draven?
It's quite simple really; you press Q, right click on the enemy champion, and take half their HP away.
: Looks like Yasuo will win VS. *sigh*
Community are edgelords...
Greatatemi (EUNE)
: I was stuck at the loading screen.
SHS Vespr (EUW)
: That's just dunning kruger telling you that you have more of a chance of having the feeding yasuo on your team than the enemy does, when in reality it's 50/50
I don't think you know what Dunning Kruger is...
xProwel (EUW)
: What can i do when im being bullied in chat?
Your first mistake was telling Pantheon that his Q was strong. That instigated the entire chain of events. Your second mistake was not muting them. In future, say nothing that isn't going to help your team, and mute anyone who starts to say anything bad that isn't constructive criticism. Don't even say you're gonna do it, just do it, and focus on your game. That is all
Etherim (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Shiwah,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=kFX7XdtQ,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2017-06-10T08:24:45.559+0000) > > It's clearly just motivational talk. I have 877K Mastery points though I was on a loss streak, I motivated myself so much that i had to express it somewhere, Seems like the community didn't take it well :s
Seen people with over 1mil, if it's quantity that you think makes a better player
: I am not specifically talking about the samurai when I mention ''fun to play champions''. Champions like {{champion:238}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:91}} get a lot of hate,while being extremely fun to play with lots of stuff to do with them.I have to disagree with the part that you mention that you can feed all you want and win. Now on the other way I can understand the frustration that clueless low elo players feel when facing yasuo,since,if they can't aim a non moving target,how the hell will they ever hit a high mobility champion? Personally if they keep his beyblade/airblade/keyblade/wall jumping mechanics i will be happy no matter what they do. P.S. who in the world finds ziggs fun?
>I am not specifically talking about the samurai when I mention ''fun to play champions''. You have a misleading title then >Champions like {{champion:238}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:91}} get a lot of hate,while being extremely fun to play with lots of stuff to do with them. -Zed gets hate because he's too safe (although I don't really hate him) -Gangplank gets hate because of his crazy BARROL damage (which let's face it; IS crazy) -And Talon is still complete anti-fun to play against even after his rework. He can extend as far as he likes, because he can jump every single wall in the game, his burst can't be stopped because it all happens the nano-second after invisibility, for an assassin (designed to focus carries) he has a metric f^ckton of AoE, you can no longer counter his invisibility, and he has the single highest first-blood percent ratio of any champion in the game. ANYWAY... >I have to disagree with the part that you mention that you can feed all you want and win. I respect your right to disagree with that, and your right to disagree with any other objectively true statements >frustration that clueless low elo players feel when facing yasuo It's not just low elo players, but I'm not gonna go looking up the LCS big boys who agree until you can provide evidence that it's exclusively low elo players who think this way. >if they can't aim a non moving target,how the hell will they ever hit a high mobility champion High mobility is _supposed_ to counter skill-shots. However, good players can bait out mobility spells, THEN hit a champion. Yasuo is an exception to this rule, because he has a windwall when he's not in minions, and when he IS in minions, he has a 0.5 second dash. You cannot bait it out, because he can just use it again immediately afterwards. >P.S. who in the world finds ziggs fun? Well, fun is subjective. However, I suggest that Ziggs is fun both from a playing AS, and playing AGAINST aspect, because he relies entirely on player skill, and on opponent skill. All of his abilities are choreographed, which means it's a battle of predicting where the opponent will go, versus your opponent trying to outmanoeuvre you. You have to understand that it's not 100% about how fun a champion is to play; that shouldn't justify not changing a champion. It's 50% about how fun a champion is to play, and 50% how fun a champion is to play against. That is why your "fun2play" champions are so hated; because they are NOT fun to play against. I cannot think of anyone who actually enjoys playing versus Yasuo and Talon.
: About the yasuo rework
>People tend to dislike fun to play champions Immediately wrong. People tend to dislike champions who are complete **_anti-fun_** to play **_against._** Guess who is riiiight inside that category of champions according to the vast majority of players, just based on ban-rate? Oh! Uh, hang on one second, there's something in my- -COUGH-_shield for walking_-COUGH-_double crit chance_-COUGH-_block all projectiles_-COUGH-_0.5 second cd mobility spell_-COUGH-_ult off allied knockups_-COUGH-_feed all you want and still win_-COUGH- Hoo, sorry about that; think I had some salt in my throat. As I was saying, people _like_ fun champions (ie: Ziggs), and people _dislike_ champions who are NOT fun to play against. If a vast majority of players are banning a certain champion [Cough-{{champion:157}}-Cough], I would imagine it not only demonstrates a near objective level of disdain for that champion, but also a clear problem with him/her/it that Riot needs to address. When something is hated this much, there is without question a **cause** for the hatred that **stems** from a fundamental problem with the champion itself. I'm sorry, but Yasuo is probably the common denominator here, and not the community.
: So Vayne is the only champ with 3 buttons?
How about play Vayne as she's intended to be played? Counting on her screwing up with her 3 hits, is one of the only forms of counter-play her ridiculous true damage has (and kill me for calling THAT counter-play...)
Menardy (EUW)
: A themed Elise skin?
Imagine how good a Program Elise skin would look https://i.redd.it/db5se5xmvizy.jpg
: Twitch is such a DISGUSTING champion
Of course Twitch showers; he showers every day _(in chemical waste from Zaun's sewers)_
: Q is very unreliable and easily dodged by anyone paying attention... W is unreliable as it tends to miss melee targets, E is just E, passive is good early but falls off as he gets health, ult is well you know. But he is underperforming... he struggles a lot early and falls off late, full ap gets shredded, full tank is just a walking ult, he needs to be fed to be truly useful, and without flash he ain't ulting anyone worth while. So yeah, he is getting buffs soon because of how much he is struggling... being a walking ult and meat bag isn't good enough.
Upon further reflection, you make a pretty persuasive argument. I think I agree with you now; Cho'Gath, as a whole, isn't as good as he could be. He probably deserves a buff. HOWEVER, I still think his ult is bull, and that it needs some kind of change (although I reserve the right to change my mind about that too, if you can convince me otherwise)
ST Paws (EUNE)
I uh... sincerely hope you'll be okay, and am glad you found my post entertaining :D
AznaktaX (EUNE)
: Outplayed. http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/pyruslords/images/6/61/Kappa.gif/revision/latest?cb=20141228185531
I can scarcely deny it {{champion:32}}
: Actually cho is still struggling atm... his ult is the only reliable thing there, he is actually quite unreliable atm and requires flash to even think about his ult. He was also prob decently fed by the time this happened. Also health counters true damage, so build things like RoA to lessen the blow. Also cho is high on the list for a VGU for a reason... he is becoming a mess and riot is struggling to sort him out, he is struggling to be useful yet simultaneously does shenanigans like this... as an hyper tank... I'm sure you can see the issue.
I can't imagine how he's struggling. The only lacklustre parts of his kit are his passive and vorpal spikes. Q is perfectly designed to close the gap, and W stops people flashing away once they've been knocked up, leading into a perfect R (which most will be lucky to survive after taking hits from both Q and W.) And it's not even like Syndra or Veigar, where you can build resistances to counter them; this is true damage. Plus, you can't deny his ult damage with Zhonays, like you can vs Syndra and Veigar if you're fast enough. Cho's ult is just instant. No wind up, no warning. True damage is such a problem in this game...
: Fun fact Riot's planning on buffing him. Cho's ult is so powerful because he's so immobile. He has no way of reliably getting close to someone to ult them without using his Q (which has a long delay) or flashing (which renders him useless for 5 minutes).
It seems this guy compensated for Cho's lack of mobility, by building righteous glory (both uses of it's active help close the gap), and chilling smite. It also occurs to me, that his Q is disturbingly large, and slows after it knocks you up (I did not know this before.) I'd say that makes him a little more reliable at getting close. But yeah, I do understand the logic behind it. I don't fully believe it justifies dealing the sheer amount of true damage that it does, but I'll accept that it needs to be powerful...
shamshamm (EUW)
: Well , you missed your bouncy thingy and didn't dodge his q so yeah :v
I know. I was expecting to die. I just thought more would contribute to my death than just R. I thought he'd do like, half my HP if he was lucky. But hooooly damn, 93% true damage...
: OK. Wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't ask what Cho's build was.
Cho was jungling. He had the following build: {{item:1401}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3800}} {{item:3193}} {{item:3075}} I don't know the exact order he built in, but it's pretty evil. His ult's damage isn't reduced by stoneplate, because it deals true damage (which can't be reduced by anything I hear), and when in a teamfight receiving stone skin, he'll get 100% extra HP for four entire seconds. It gets worse: righteous glory's move-speed buff helps to close the gap for a near guaranteed ult, or at least a surprise Q to catch a fleeing enemy on the very tip of the hit-box, followed by Q's slow, which will go down exactly as Cho reaches them and activates righteous glory again, slowing them AGAIN, just in case. Oh. And this doesn't even take into account chilling smite. I think this guy really knew what he was doing... However, by late game, he was only (only, _lol_), doing 82% true damage to me, and I found kiting him got easier. We still lost the game because we threw in baron pit (low elo shenanigans), but I don't think I'm ever gonna get over 93% true damage. So scary EDIT: Turns out he's diamond
Rioter Comments
ChainedUp (EUW)
: I'm laughing so hard about this ban system
You're laughing so hard, there's tears streaming down your face. And your mouth is curved down funny. And your eyebrows are furrowed... oh
: Then like i said earlier,why not nerf or just delete the champion ? What's his purpose of existing then?
That, detective, is the right question. Program terminated
: is that even the point? i invested too much time on it to just quiit and its the only fun2play champ for me
It's fun to kick people in the balls too. That doesn't mean we go around doing it. And that's what it feels like for a majority of people to play versus Yasuo, Fizz, LeBlanc, etc...
: 10 bans Reeally?
Learn a new champion, and accept your loss. Balance is being restored
Eratos (EUW)
: Defence runes dont need it???
Well if that's what you think, go full AD/AP instead of complaining.
: Which skin theme is your favorite? :)
Arcade, Guardian of the Sands, and Star Guardian are wonderful, because each skin is uniquely distinguishable and has clear effort put into it's design and particles. The PROJECT theme is literally the most blatant, effortless, money-grubbing skinline Riot has ever made. There's nothing remotely creative about it; you just slap a grey suit and mask over a champions face, add one colour to make it different from the others and put on a voice filter. Oh, and couple it with a ~~cashgrab~~ _hextech_ event that has long sci-fi words printed on the chests to disguise the fact that it's designed to rip you off.
People should know by now that new content doesn't come out the second the new patch is up. Why do people still expect this? It's insanity
: Proof of Riot loves Lux... and hates Elise
Nah, this is just proof you aren't thinking clearly
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: Win a mystery gift! - It's my birthday!
I was playing league of legends in my room once, marathoning games back to back for hours and hours. It was late (2am), and I didn't wanna wake my family, so I was playing in the dark, with my door closed. I was doing okay, I'd just won a game and was about to start a new lobby, when all of a sudden, I began to smell something absolutely _revolting._ I _knew_ what it was immediately, but I refused to believe it; _sh-t..._ But what could be the source? There was no one else in my room except me... _oh no._ Mounting horror began to fill my body; had I somehow sh-t my pants without even feeling it? I didn't think that could even happen, and I didn't dare move out of shame and disgust. I was about to turn on the light in my room, when the sudden realisation hit me. It was both an awful, and relieving realisation at the same time. I _hadn't_ sh-t my pants. But there was definitely sh-t... I got up, and turned on the lights. And there, on top of my leather messenger-bag, perfectly placed and dead-centre, was a steaming, off-brown pile of diarrheatic sludge, and standing next to it, looking up at me with expectant, wide eyes... ... was my cat, Gizmo. I must have locked him in my room when I closed my door. I didn't know he was in my room, because he likes to sleep under my bed, and he must've been meowing at me for ages to let him out, but I had my headphones on, too engrossed with League of Legends, to prevent the putrid grossness that would result from my negligence. My room had to be fumigated, and the carpet replaced, as the cat-mess literally dribbled off my bag when I tried to move it. My nice, leather messenger-bag, had to be thrown away. And that's the story of how I was almost convinced into believing I had sh-t my own pants from playing League of Legends for too long. Even though I didn't, I cut down my playtime substantially for the next few weeks. And I always check under my bed now.
: > Riot were failing the moment they introduced manaless champions... So they where railing when league came out... as there has been manaless champions since the release.
That was the joke... But in all seriousness, manaless champions are a nightmare to balance
: PBE Preview: Chemtech Tryndamere
_Star Guardian Ezreal and Syndra Angel Blade Riven and Demon Blade Yasuo Omega Squad Veigar, Fizz and Twitch_ All the things they could have included in this patch, and they release a Tryndamere skin. ON IT'S OWN, with no other skins?! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} Welp. That's another month of league hiatus. What a disappointment...
Spyros320 (EUNE)
: ***
Your English is "brokener", friend
deja vudo (EUW)
: kha'zix how to double jump
: Is that really the case? I've noticed Lee Sin is quite OP, as is Riven, Kat, Kennen, Tryn even Garen and Mundo, if played properly?
>hugely underwhelming, complained about on a consistent basis, _**or **_ _**unbalanced**_ due to not having a REAL resource to manage >_**or unbalanced**_ >**_unbalanced_**
: Champions without mana
Riot were failing the moment they introduced manaless champions... But here, in addition to the ones you already mentioned, here are the others, all either hugely underwhelming, complained about on a consistent basis, or unbalanced due to not having a REAL resource to manage (I'll say that perhaps Rumble is the exception, but even his piddly "heat" is easy compared to mana): {{champion:84}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:157}}
shamshamm (EUW)
: Janna feels super weak
I think in terms of game-play, Janna is equally as impactful as any of the other champions you mentioned (and ultimately more so if used to her full extent). The only real difference is that she isn't as "flashy", and lacks vibrant particles. This may make her _appear_ less impactful, purely on the basis that she isn't dashing about or turning people into squirrels or throwing out giant heals (except with her ult). So that's my view: she probably _appears_ less impactful because her kit is simple and her particle effects are less vibrant than those of the other champions mentioned. Janna is a very passive support as well, whereas the others you've mentioned are far more aggressive and active in general (perhaps with the exception of Soraka, but even she can poke rather effectively).
: What's your motivation
Hansiman (EUNE)
: My pants are _lose_, so I might _loose_ them. =)
Rioter Comments
: Peer pressure vs reality.
Social Psychology answers everything you want to know. But, prepare to have your faith in humanity shattered
: Syndra's ult is so op :'(
Seasoned Syndra main. Can confirm, items like {{item:3065}} are really just a big middle finger to AP burst, and should be a strong consideration for any midlaner (or ADC) who may have to fight burst-heavy, AP champions such as {{champion:99}}, {{champion:134}}, {{champion:45}}. It is really not as bad as people think to build one defensive item. To date, the only midlaners I truly struggle against as Syndra, are one's that built {{item:3065}}, even after getting myself {{item:3135}} (the last two were Veigar and Karma, and they rekt my sh;t).
: Project Skins!!!!!!!!
Project: Cashgrab Project: Literally make champion grey, add one colour and BINGO Project: Who even wants unique skins anymore, amirite? Project: Entire community just wants robot version of their favourite champion Project: Congrats Rito on finding another way to make maximum income with minimal creativity Project: Rake in more cash with Project event about buying hextech boxes with sci-fi labels Project: This is getting old now
Allosen (EUW)
: Which Champion has the best Ultimate ?
How does one define "best", and what characteristics does it include? If we're talking about best visually and thematically, that would be a matter of opinion. Best in terms of effectiveness and use depends on the criteria against which we evaluate them. For example, {{champion:61}} and {{champion:54}}'s are very good AoE CC ults, but not so effective at single target focus and raw damage. Things like {{champion:254}} and {{champion:164}}'s ults are better for single target focus. {{champion:99}}'s ult is designed purely for damage, as is {{champion:45}} 's. In terms of straight up surviving, any ult that makes one invulnerable, or delays death is probably best, such as {{champion:10}}, {{champion:23}}, {{champion:203}} and even {{champion:127}}. For duelling, we have {{champion:48}}, {{champion:75}}, {{champion:58}}, {{champion:67}}, {{champion:92}}, the list goes on... My PERSONAL favourite ult is {{champion:161}}, because there's nothing more satisfying to me than wiping out a team in the jungle with a giant purple death-ray.
: What is the easyest champion?
Any champion with a mobility spell makes them automatically more forgiving than the "usual suspects" (ie: {{champion:1}} {{champion:86}})
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