nikig99 (EUNE)
: Please Rion Games give me 1 blue essence for Tahm Kench
I think if you draw up a silly League related picture in Paint or a similar program, Riot are usually open to giving a couple of BE
Gerbster (EUW)
: I like that you have gone to the trouble to make all the stats and tried to make a detailed list of the abilities, but this is NOT a good idea with the theme you've chosen. Maybe if you change the underlying theme and focus on a different subject it would be a good idea. **Mental health is a serious issue and not something that should be taken lightly.**
I agree. I think the idea of a risk-reward system based on how much hp you lose is great, but that the mental health theme would never make it into modern League of Legends. At least not to the extent OP takes it. Mental health is already stigmatized enough without further parodying it like this.
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: Stop playing this Game this game is shit !!!
If you feel that way, leave. Other people feel differently. Accept it
hsen313 (EUNE)
: Make me a gift for Christmas plz
Critty92 (EUNE)
: This game already has enough champions, Slow down.
Just waiting for them to announce "LeaguéMon"
: The only champs on the list who got nerfed due to proplay are Azir and Kalista. Kalista got recently buffed whereas Azir was pretty much the only viable midlaner (together with Corki) a few months ago so I don't quite know why you think they got "killed". As for Taliyah - she didn't get "nerfed" into jungle. She got her Q changed which resulted in her being **the best jungler in the game** for several patches. I wouldn't quite call that a nerf. After that she received some changes becuase Riot actually wanted her to be played mid and her jungle obviously needed nerfs - but those left her in an awkward spot. ASol and Kassadin, for example, have barely had any presence in proplay for the past couple of years (although Kassadin has been a massive threat in soloq for some months now). I don't quite get where your impression comes from.
Thank you for informing me! The Taliyah one particularly rings a bell, I'm not quite sure why I just assumed they had all been nerfed for pro-play. Time for some humble pie
Rinart73 (EUW)
: It works in the other direction too. How about when they buffed Pyke just because some pro players underpefrormed in one of the tournaments? Now Pyke is broken and they don't nerf it. How about Ekko, Nocturne, Rengar and Diana that delete you in 0.5 seconds and there is nothing you can do? I agree that Riot balances their game around tournaments instead of the main playerbase.
I agree with you. There are definitely champions who Riot overtune. However, I don't think there's anything particularly unique about Diana, Nocturne or Pyke's kits. They're all things we've seen before from other champions. What bothers me is when Riot comes up with something completely new and interesting, only to dumpster it when some Korean finds a way to abuse it in worlds. Why should the very peak of League playing perfection dictate changes to the game for the 99% of the community that has made Riot what it is today?
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: > [{quoted}](name=kiwishrew,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=HaazfQnt,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-27T16:38:31.606+0000) > > Diverting resources from balancing, server stability, innovation and much needed maintenance to abuse gamers' addictions to cosmetics, will obviously _not_ make the game better. > Right. So you idea is taking a 3D graphic artist and...who knows, put it at work on the code, and you will get a better game as a result. Or maybe you meant that the RioT should fire some 3D graphic artists and hire more coders. On the assumption that, say, 1000 coders who are working on the same code are better than 100. ...well, ok{{champion:33}}. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
No. Those aren't my ideas at all, because I have no say in what Riot Games does or doesn't do. But here's what _happens_ if I really need to explain it to you: -Riot makes an amount of money (they don't have unlimited money because we live in the real world) -Riot needs to allocate that money between departments in order to effectively keep the company alive and turn a profit (aka: pay themselves) -Putting more money into skin development (hiring more people to get more done in the departments associated), means you're putting less money into other departments, because that money has to come from somewhere. And that's all I can be bothered to say
: More skins please
>please realize that the game will get better if we have more skins Diverting resources from balancing, server stability, innovation and much needed maintenance to abuse gamers' addictions to cosmetics, will obviously _not_ make the game better. But if you want to believe that, then perhaps you should consider employment at companies who share your views. Here, I'll hook you up:
: but when 2 q´s hit it does more damage so why not e too?
So just because one ability does it, the other has to as well? You're not thinking about it very logically; it's more important to keep things balanced on a champion. But, if you really wanted both Q and E to do increased damage, you'd have to reduce Q's current bonus damage by however much you increase E's by
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Does anyone like the True Damage song?
Not sure it needed the rap
: This has been around for quite some years, even for SR, TT, and HA. However, if you have a second monitor, you can open task manager, then press Win+ArrowKey to navigate it to the other screen, then kill league and relaunch. Sometimes Win+Ctrl+D (Open New Desktop) can save you, but Riot has made a client so buggy that it ignores which desktop it is on. Losing unsaved work always sucks, I feel you.
First, I have never experienced this bug in my years of playing League (I started sometime in season 3 I think?) Second, I was fortunate enough to not lose any work because I'm paranoid about saving documents, but it would have been devastating if after a lot of hard work and forgetting to save, someone just wanted to wind down for the night by playing TFT, only for it to completely crash their computer and force them to lose their work. Whatever issue you're thinking of, it is unlikely the same as this one because other people are reporting that it is localised to TFT and seems to happen after about the second of third game played consecutively.
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Reverse (EUW)
: make a good quinn skin
Her Woad Raider skin is awesome
Anaspida (EUW)
: > Additionally, cognitive studies show that people are more **attracted** to "prototypical" human faces of either sex than "non-prototypical" stopped reading here, why would you have to be attracted to a character you're playing ? That's so messed up.
>why would you have to be attracted to a character you're playing ? That's so messed up. You don't have to like a theory to accept it has some scientific value. But also, I'm not saying you _have_ to play champions you're attracted to; you're _**more likely**_ to play champions with qualities you like and any savvy business will try to exploit this no matter how small the real effect is. For example I think Bard is a funny, relaxing character to play and those qualities attract me to playing him/her/it. Before I knew Bard's gameplay and personality, I wasn't especially drawn to him/her/it; I felt neutral. Whereas characters like Miss Fortune and Riven are (arguably) attractive at a first glance, which might encourage me to play them before I understand how they play ingame. Unfortunately I can't stand either of their kits so despite _looking_ attractive, I am not _attracted_ to playing them. Basically, think of it like the difference between meeting someone for the first time and then getting to know someone. I also play a lot of Syndra because hitting a good stun with her is a guilty pleasure of mine and her ult is reliable/pure evil. And I'm not going to lie; the fact that she also happens to be attractive in the conventional sense is a bonus, but I find I don't focus on this while actually playing the game because I'm too busy farming or fighting or getting myself killed. Where prototypical versus non-prototypical faces are concerned, it is (as I explained in my previous post) a superficial draw: If someone know's nothing about a champion's abilities, chances are they're going to choose a character based on their appearance. And no matter how small this effect, a business will take into account the possibility that character's with more attractive qualities are good advertisement/bait and sell lots of skins.
Dagòn (EUNE)
: Why do junglers hate top lane so much?
>the majority of junglers ignore top lane completely. While enemy junglers seem to pay a lot more attention to top lane. Read that back to yourself and have a good think about why that doesn't make any sense.
NaitoEZ (EUW)
: Fall of Shurima: Azir
Because proplay ruined him. And the whole game.
: Seriously, is anyone enjoying urf in 2019? What the F* happened to the "it's supposed to be fun".
I don't understand why everyone is so shocked that URF is not fun. It's like you all got amnesia or something because it's the same series of events every, single, time: Beg for URF -> Get URF -> Complain about URF because it's unbalanced and people abuse dominant strategies to win.
: I believe volunteers like you are really needed in this world. But try to spend your time and energy on experimenting something we didn't know for years already.
This^ All that time and effort wasted when you could have put it towards something productive and helpful instead.
Lyssner (EUW)
: Female human characters still lack diversity
_TLDR at bottom of comment._ ___________________________________ >in cinematics Garen has an incredibly detailed face texture while Katarina looks like a literal plastic doll. Garen and Katarina are both attractive members of their respective sex. Men can pull off having more detailed faces because standards of beauty for men are a lot more forgiving. Additionally, cognitive studies show that people are more attracted to "prototypical" human faces of either sex than "non-prototypical" faces. Think of the most generic male and female faces you can and that's what we are more naturally drawn to because it's what we're familiar and comfortable with. This can obviously change based on how well we get to know someone, but instinctively speaking we are attracted to very basic and "clean" looking human faces by our nature. Since we don't get to know much about Garen and Katarina's feelings/ personal lives outside of battle, having them look more distinct is to the disadvantage of those trying to popularise them as key characters within a game that first and foremost promotes fantasy for a select demographic, _not realism._ Why is Garen's face more detailed and marked then? Evolutionary theories suggest that male observers are biologically drawn to signs of youth and fertility in females, whilst female observers are more biologically drawn to signs of resourcefulness in males. Katarina looks young (therefore attractive to males) _because_ her face is unmarked, and Garen looks resourceful (therefore attractive to females) because his face _is_ marked, demonstrating experience of having survived conflict. Therefore, they could both be considered appealing to the opposite sex assuming this theory is accurate. HOWEVER, the community for League of Legends is still largely young and male just like with almost every video game on the market, therefore the winning move for the designers of these champions is to tailor the looks of characters to be more attractive to the demographic of young males. Male characters who look "cool" will always be more popular than wimpy, funny or strange male characters because boys want to _be_ them, and female characters who are "sexy" will always be more popular on average than female characters who break the mould (elderly, plus size, distinctive faces) because, to put it crudely, boys want to be inside them. They come for the characters that peak their interest and flashy effects; they stay once they're hooked by the game itself. **The main takeaway here** is that it's not in anyone's best interest to be designing "unattractive products". Female characters in video-games are unfortunately always going to lack diversity until the sex-ratio for the both the gaming community AND game designers balances out (which it likely won't if history is an accurate indication). Exceptions to this will come in the form of very obviously corporate attempts at getting good publicity, such as token characters or one-offs. Sorry. ___________________________________________ TLDR: -Creating what is attractive and popular is a smart and lucrative approach from a business perspective because according to psychology, human beings are more immediately attracted to what they find most immediately attractive (shocking, I know). -More diverse and niche creations are unfortunately less lucrative by many scales of magnitude, particularly in the context of female characters in video games such as League of Legends because the community is still largely dominated by young male players who idolise cool/edgy male characters and sexually attractive female characters. This isn't likely to change because Riot/Tencent are high off the fumes of their own income and perpetually accelerating success.
: Ornn has only one skin!
Yes yes, Ornn only has one skin and everyone's crying about it. It's like no one remembers what happened _last time_ they all kept going on about one champion who never got skins: 3 years later you got Dunkmaster Ivern and no one bought it.
: More Skins for Akali and Yasuo
Just seems lazy and money-grubbing that they're using Yasuo and Qiyana in the same skinline again, AND that Akali is part of the next music group line-up despite also being part of the previous one and getting a Project skin this year.
: To be honest they could've easily replaced Yasuo and Akali with Bard and Irelia(or some other "badass" female champ). This wouldn't even be that big of a deal if these skins weren't their second skins this year, thats what's pissing everyone (or at least me) off. Just wasted potential imo
Irelia got a Project and Prestige skin this year.
Every assassin is gonna kill you on your own unless they're terrible. Stick with your support or another ally who can crowd control. Build items like {{item:3047}}, {{item:3046}}, {{item:3140}}, {{item:3137}}, {{item:3812}}, {{item:3026}} and even {{summoner:1}}, {{item:2423}} if he really bothers you so much. But honestly, sticking with your support should be plenty because it'll incentivise {{champion:56}} to go for another target instead. And if he doesn't, he's dashing into a 1v2 which will not go his way if you're both semi-competent players. In the event that you can pick into Nocturne, just pick an ADC with safety-net abilities: {{champion:18}} can blast him away with her ult once she's proced his shield with a Q, or if she procs it with her ult she can jump to safety over a wall. {{champion:51}} can play defensively by setting traps prior to a gank or putting one right beneath him to proc his shield before again, escaping over a wall. {{champion:498}} gets ult immunity and a root, although this is a bit trickier to pull off unless you're near a turret or support. {{champion:15}} can literally just spell-shield his fear and run the f away with her ult. If you are absolutely adamant about lone-wolfing as an ADC (not recommended), don't fight him til you have lots of lifesteal, damage reduction and ways to mitigate his fear so you outheal his damage (unlikely), kite him if you're speedy (also unlikely) and have some way to cleanse his fear. You'll probably still get wrecked though.
: LF a Girl Duo Partner Gold Elo
D Seraph (EUW)
: Urf is live boi's and grills
Cool. Maybe the three years of begging for it will be worth the three games you put into it before remembering what a broken, frustrating, boring mess of a mode it is
D Seraph (EUW)
: Kayn still underwhelming
_Underwhelming?_ I guess being able to change into two different champions depending on what you need on the team, having a Zhonays that deals damage for an ult, and the LITERAL ability to walk through walls isn't enough for some people {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
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Drda (EUNE)
: I bet it was you who downvoted me for no reason
Thank you for the link, it's nice to see we'll finally have something else to spend those lingering prestige points on. Also, why would I down-vote the person who I asked for help? Chill {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
Drda (EUNE)
: Prestige store
What prestige store?
1Creamy1 (EUNE)
: I think I did a BIG oopsie.
Rerolling is a risk. The only way to slightly mitigate it is to make sure you ONLY reroll skin shards you will never use. That way, the worst that can happen is you wasted three things you don't like to get one thing you don't like
: What did you get as your legendary skin?
Omega Squad Teemo. He was also the legendary in MyShop. Guess Riot _really_ wanted me to have this skin... Still, at least I didn't get that horrible Corki skin or "Magnificent" TF {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Shrekler (EUW)
: Why have Illaoi be the only odd one out with every other female champion looking pretty? True, her resistance Skin makes her look a lot better, but I am talkiing about her normal look. Okay, attractive most likely was the wrong word, pretty fits better and yes, I think Annie is pretty, you can think a child is pretty without any kind of sexual interest.
Why does every champion have to be pretty?
: I disagree. This thing is almost political. Talking about such procedures in cases like these, commentary entertaining for example, is normallizing them. It shouldn't be normal to skin animal for fashion and yet it still feels like normal for these people.
I'm sorry, but the unfortunate reality is that animal cruelty is already a normal phenomenon. People talking about it isn't making it any "more" normal than it already is, and restricting language/a person's right to free speech should be done sparingly and with carefully thought out reasoning. For example, if someone chants racial slurs or promotes prejudiced ideologies, I could understand why someone would be upset; there is _harmful intent_ **behind** the words being used. A pair of commentators briefly describing a sequence of events with a bit of flourish has no harmful intent, and itself does not cause any more cruelty to crocodiles than that which already exists. I honestly believe you are overreacting. I respect your opinion and agree that it is wrong to kill animals such as crocodiles to make fashion accessories such as handbags which are not a necessity. But if you want to do something about it, go and actually do something to save crocodiles instead of trying to impose restrictions on our right to use words in creative and entertaining ways. I imagine there are charities and organisations which already fight for the rights of crocodiles and many other animals which are unnecessarily killed for fashion. I recommend you donate to them since you're this passionate about saving crocodiles.
: Well, when Renekton dies during a match, some casters say things like "he turned that croc into a handbag" or stuff like that. Someone has to let them know that Crocodiles' skin being used to create accessories is cruel and they need to stop promoting it.
It's pixels on a screen. No crocodiles are actually being hurt when the announcers use creative language to make game commentary more engaging, nor when Renekton is slain by an enemy. Or to put it another way, the announcers are not promoting, advocating, encouraging, incentivising, popularising, suggesting or even implying that turning crocodiles into handbags is a good thing. They are simply doing their job which involves making commentary entertaining.
: (Daily Mission 3) Masterwork Chest is a major scam.
This 10 year anniversary master box was the only one I've ever got. It had Void Fizz, a regular hextech chest and a key, so that felt pretty good honestly. But maybe I just got lucky
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Silent Note (EUNE)
: Qiyana is getting a new skin in less than a month though. And even a Prestige one.
Admittedly there was a leak a couple of months back saying there would be yet more skins for Yasuo and Akali. I just chose not to believe it. Kind of sucks though...
: New Skins?
Akali and Yasuo got skins not too long ago, and Qiyana was the newest champ released, so I highly doubt these are new skins. The figures look nice though
iKolhx (EUW)
: Anniversary Gift doesnt work
I thought you just had to login
AllBear (EUW)
: Support harassing and taking minions
20 CS behind and you give up? Oof. Also, how did a Rakan outfarm you? He's a melee champion with one ranged ability that does pitiful damage...
: Thoughts on Permanently muting players instead of Permanently banning them?
Wall of text, didn't read. Permanent banning is necessary because even after someone is permanently muted they can still troll, which they likely will out of spite.
muklerduler (EUNE)
: Gifts
Keep wishing
Rioter Comments
: New champion mechanic
Gravity (a type of CC which pulls champions towards closest piece of terrain.) Siphons (utility abilities which do no physical damage but slowly or quickly drain enemy resources such as mana, energy, fury, etc. depending on how strong the ability is intended to be.) Redo (a summoner spell which gives you a free mini Ekko ult that freezes you in place for 2 seconds after you reach your destination - because screw Ekko.) Magnetic Charge (diverts the next three enemy projectiles to a chosen ally - they take slightly reduced damage from the first projectile.) Tbh new mechanics seem unnecessary
: what will we get for 10years?
You must be fun at birthday parties... "I wAnT pReSeNtS tOo!"
Zedant (EUW)
: Lux is unfun to play against
But Lux is: -predictable -simple -immobile -squishy -cooldown reliant -skillshot reliant -highly coreographed -defenceless against CC She's also just a bit of an all-rounder. There's always someone who can do her job better in support and mid. So, I don't get it... How is Lux any less fun to fight than other champs? You've got one-shotting tanks, over-safe assassins, stupid mobility on every new champion, overly complex kits on every new champion... And then you've got Lux. Predictable builds and playstyles, simple kit, avoidable skills, no mobility, and she's as good as dead if she misses her Q against you. I'd fight a Lux any day if it meant avoiding Zed, Fizz, Ekko, LeBlanc, Morgana, Janna and whatever else is just flat out better than Lux in the lanes she's played.
Fast Enough (EUNE)
: How can riot mess up 3 events this year?
"Can't mess up events if we stop making them" Riot, 2019
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