: The loss prevented for games like that has been suggested countless of times since season 2, but there is a reason riot said they will never implement this. A system like that would encourage toxity. Imagine if you were in a game that seems lost, (even if it sometimes is not). With your system in action, most of the time, players would start bullying and preasuring one player (probably the one perfoming poorly) to quit, making him lose more while you dont lose anything. And other people argue, that that player can just mute and ignore them, but the fact still stands that people would be more toxic thanks to this system. Thats why riot refuses to make a system like that (the idea of a comeback would be ruined because people would spend more time making allies ragequit than man up and try to come back). Another point is, and you are going to hate me, The system right now is fair. In fact, it is even advantageous for you. You only mentioned when trolls and leavers make you lose you lose unfair lp. But I dont see you complaining about enemy trolls and leavers who GIVE you free lp. People only see bad stuff, that happens to them, but not the good stuff. Lets do some math. There are 10 people in a match. Lets assume one of them is going to ragequit, dc or troll and thus make his team lose. Now we assume that YOU are NOT going to be that player. That means out of other 9 players, 1 player is randomly going to be the troll. Every player has 1/9 chance to be it. You have 4 teammates and 5 enemies. That means there is a 4/9 procent chance you are going to lose thanks to a troll, and a 5/9 chance you are going to win thanks to the troll. This means in a long run, if you yourself are not a troll, you are getting more lp than you are losing thanks to the trolls.
So it would increase toxicity for all the games that are not trolled in? That is an assumption that is stated on nothing. I don't believe this is a correct assumption seeing different games with the same system showing way less toxicity than LoL. The game is already extremely toxic. There is almost no way it can get more toxic because people can try to bully someone so he ints just to not lose LP. It would decrease toxicity because people will get a lose prevention for those games that get griefed. People won't be as scared of having someone that does not want to win and won't harass people because they go 1/4. Bullying someone so they play worse does not make them int. That just makes people bullies. If someone intentionally feeds or griefs the LP is refunded. Not if they play poorly because their team bullies. Bs reason in my opinion.
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