: [Resolved] [07-11-15] Unable to login
Also me unable to connect: ISP: **Telecom Italia** Country: **ITALY** Error: > Connection failure: Unable to connect to the PVP.net server. Information regarding what may have caused this error can be found here. Service availability can be viewed on the League of Legends Server Status web page.
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KoalaSaur (EUW)
: Champion Select
I got an awful ranked where someone picked kennen without saying anything and after asking what role was left and getting no response I assumed he was top so I took Annie mid by saying that i'm not good in mid. 3 sec left he says that he was mid and that i should have taken a top laner i took tp but i couldn't change champ..... i ended up really bad and i think I was reported for trolling D:
: Somebody intrested in turning this into a splash art or sth?
kortik425 (EUW)
: Weird bug Game all DC
Ah, I forgot to tell that this was a normal game. It wasn't a server fault because I asked other friends in game and they were playing just fine
kortik425 (EUW)
: Weird bug Game all DC
EDIT: We finished the game by pushing the towers, anyway before the end Yasuo reconnected. Anyway can anyone tell me if it's possible to cancel this game? in my match history it's counted as a victory but I don't think it's right :/
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Aingaz (EUW)
: about wards and trinket types?
The blue trinket reveal a small portion of the map for a brief moment and it's useful to check for buffs or bushes without facecheckin them. By upgrading it it also place a ward. When people buy the red one without buying any wards it's just that people are still not good enough to buy wards by themself and prefer to spend their gold on attack or defense items instead of vision. {{item:3362}} gives you the pink ward but remember you can put only one pink at a time in the map . GL & HF in playing :)
ilCor (EUW)
: i hate fake elo boosters accounts
they should make a minimum level for messages: like you are allowed to start a chat only at level 2/3 ....I think there was a topic about it somewhere here on the boards..
Daveth96 (EUNE)
: i like her so much, tho i think that heal hp cost should be reduced to 10%/9%/8%/7%/6%, couse it is not even funny to die just becouse u use ur ablities.
I agree...a HP cost reduction would be greatly appreciated.{{summoner:7}}
Nòaa (EUNE)
: Jana or Sona? Please vote!
why not both? or why not Leona? XD jokes asides if I have to chose I would say Sona: Heal, atk and speed buffs and a stun so she is great in engage and disengage... she has mana problems but it can be solved....on the other hand we have Janna which is another really good support....I haven't played her as much as Sona but she have a nice kit too...I guess you should learn the one that you find more comfortable.....on a strict sense we can say that Sona is "easier" because you don't have to aim anything except your ulti even tho positioning, timing and mana control is a must have for Sona....
: Avoid Toxic kid ? solution ready ...
I don't see the purpose of this topic ... {{summoner:2}}
MC Ice (EUW)
: Minion wave last hitting
Maybe they are doing it on purpose to let you push for gank... maybe they think something like "I lose 100+ gold on minions but if I get the kill I get 300g and if I get the assist is a 150g" still worth :/ I dunno....but i'll follow the thread: there might be some usefult tips :)
: Weird lag on SR
Sometimes I have lag spikes even tho ping and fps are normal :/ i also had a try to reconnect problem without a real internet issue... but it was only on 3 or 4 games....the other times were my provider problem
ZartarUK (EUW)
: Silver Team Looking For Players
Hi, Silver 4 main support ...but i think that I was overrated, honestly speaking I feel more like a bronze 1 / Silver 5 I have to improve more
TeiX (EUW)
: no the mode is screwed because ppl already play to tryhard instead of trying shit our for fun
^ That ... Like, I had a game with someone who complained all the time about a teammate going jungle in URF(something like "no jung in urf you don't do jung in urf" )....why don't you let him do the hell that he want and have fun o.o
: Thx god soon URF will be over
lol when there was no URF people cried for it now that URF is there people cry to remove it ....
: People rushing ZZ'rot in URF
well....i take that for the 60 MR and Armor... in truth I almost forget the active as I am too focused spamming my abilities in URF XD
: Well there is one that is worst: {{champion:14}} loses stacks 2x xD
Jens Cole (EUNE)
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jchUC9wnaQg
Neonchan (EUW)
: Most likely you follow him, just like Lantern + any other movement abilities (like flash) used by Thresh. Haven't tested it but I would be suprised if you didn't end up in the same spot
What concern me the most is the speed: If I remember correctly (pls correct me if im wrong :P) when you take the Lantern you travel until you "hit" Thresh. Now lantern travel is faster than Portal travel so what happens if you hit Thresh in the middle of a portal? was it tested by riot? what if the champ get stuck in the wall? XD
: if you really want to jök use kalista ult when the enemy enters the portal, calling bard (or the oathsworn) back :D
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Melonizer (EUW)
: He is in the Free-Champion Rotation this week, he's just disabled at the moment due to an in-game bug. [Server status](http://status.leagueoflegends.com/#euw)
So I guess it'll be like kalista that they release him next week too ?
: i love it, this is what you guys get for begging to much! >:3
honestly speaking I was begging for the doom bot XD
: Yeah like if you play the summer map you get the current buff (overtime damage) but if you play winter they get a minor slow :D
It would be really cool I saw some videos of winter SR if the creeps change accordingly that would be awsome :)
Bubi a Cica (EUNE)
: Bard feedback
my idea for Caretaker's Shrine would be that 1 shrine have stacks...like you put 1 and you can use it 1-2-3-4-5 times and every use reduce the heal power (by 5-10-15-20-30%) Also I would make that if Q hit's an enemy and behind is there a portal if the enemy is in a teemo range from the portal it would (reverse it if it is an exit ) , suck in the enemy dealing DOT ...when(if) reversed the portal is open and time refreshed for half he time something like that...is it bad?
: It would be nice if they intergrated that but it would take so much time to find a match/make the maps for that matter, i think they should start minor with different seasons (every season different jungle monsters as some wouldn't survive in the cold)
Like at summer Red Brambleback that fire the enemy and at winter a Blue Brambleback that frost them?
: i dont know whay it always happens to me . only on this mounth i had problems only on my own account alone first problem was that my last game was stil runing though it was finished i couldnt use my account because it was buggy -.- and second time a bunch of accounts couldnt log in for unknown reason whitch my account was a part of them . and now this i can only {{champion:32}} {{item:3070}}
It's not only you...what I noticed is that for at least 1 or 2 weeks after an update LoL would always give me some trouble...like I see the whole game moving while I have "trying to reconnect" and while i am unable to move.....
: U.R.F
How can you not love it? in the time you finish 1 nurf game you could do 10 games normal, make cofee, go to sleep, go to pee, go to poop ,clean the house, find a GF/BF XD seriously, lets see it before judging :P
Mada (EUW)
: Add built in voice chat
there is skype, Team speak etc for these. you use them with premade anyway...there are a lot of flamers with just the chat.....imagine if you need to hear them too XD Anyway thank you! didn't know about curse voice... I'll try it ASAP :D
DoD1992 (EUW)
: Questionnaire for Bachelor project
I did it, but we want to know the result in the future ;) what are the statistics etc... :D
: Upgraded Sweeper on rank 3 (Red trinket) doesn't grant the Oracles effect (purple eye)
mhmm... i upgrade the red trinket out of habit....but i really don't see the difference on normal trinket either, now that i think about it....
: Huge lag
I have a huge lag right now...even thou i write it right now im laggin gin game :(
kortik425 (EUW)
: Increase ward limit on map?
may I bump this thread
Dhoni (EUNE)
: 1. Well i dont care about that 20mins but i care about lose. 2. I know this guys he make good videos (but i play ranked for be better in LoL, for reach some point like challenger, for fun from game i play normal games when ppl dont care about lose or win, just have fun)
and your point is? Even those who break the meta in ranked might want to win, you know? it's not like if you follow the meta = instawin ... why do we have to wait for pros to do something new to try and not try to win with our own strength and sharpness?
Dhoni (EUNE)
: Champ. select dodging
Probably not his best video...but here is my answer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Soo0MxU6WwI you deserve to wait 20 min for game! I hate people that worship meta as the God's word... {{summoner:11}}
: > [{quoted}](name=kortik425,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=x2F8P2EE,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-03-25T10:17:55.323+0000) > > It's kinda difficoult for low elo support like me to cover the whole map when nobody ward except for the occasional trinket ... Ooooh boy, that wont ever change, adc never even use their trinkets, they have their trash, their support, who can do this trashy missions with trinkets and such. Jungler may visits EVERY location, but warding? PAH we have support doing this crap! Toplane wards their lane sometimes, he is totaly isolated anyway. Midlane needs the money, there is a support quite near him, that can do this crappy work! For real, it doesnt go better with higher elo...
that's kinda....discouraging D:
: I'm saying double pinks would be too good. I think getting an extra green ward off the sightstone might be an ok idea (as that isn't a massive increase in ward %; max 17 instead of 15 green wards if both jungler and support have sightstone is justifiable).
: Double pinks from one player would be too good for a team IMO. If your jungler gets sightstone you'll suddenly have 7 pinks compared to 5. That's too much.
> [{quoted}](name=Aerial Attack,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=x2F8P2EE,comment-id=00010000000000000000000000000001000000000001,timestamp=2015-03-25T11:14:55.208+0000) > > Double pinks from one player would be too good for a team IMO. If your jungler gets sightstone you'll suddenly have 7 pinks compared to 5. That's too much. ok...so no extra ward for sightstone ...i agree on lee sin like champ would be too good .... then the support items.. coin, relic and spellthief?
: Pardon me i meant Ballanced AP Assassins
Ok, we went off topic XD so in the end would it be good to add at least one ward per type on the map? at least for support items owner?(or sightstone owner as stated before) ... to balance it it could be also added a new upgrade to the red trinket which would give 2 red trinket in the same way smite work atm... this would counter the extra ward...is this a bad idea?
: This is the exact reason why they removed the unlimited warding. Warding is a team effort, not a solo (support) effort. Sightstone giving one extra green ward placement option might be a decent buff for the item (as it's pretty sad compared to the only 250g costing upgraded green/yellow trinket). However it shouldn't get increased more than that. If your team isn't warding, try to friendly remind them to ward and upgrade their trinkets. Seriously, upgrading your trinket is OP, no matter what trinket you have.
This would be good too: Allow sight stone to put all his wards on map :P Anyway I agree with you that warding is a team effort...unfortunatly not all people are good/nice enough to listen to it ... some people are just like «argh, noob support why dont you place 10000 wards already? » when I explain to them that I have one pink behind dragon, 1 in the mid bush, 1 at baron, 1 in the river near dragon and 1 in the tribush.... but I think we all know of these kind of people already XD
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: A ward should display its owner when you hover the cursor over it
+1 for nice idea...also it would be good to have how many wards were placed on the statistics tab (when pressing tab ) because i got in a few game where i placed 30+ wards in a whole game (while team mates placed 1 or 2) and I got flamed for putting no wards ._.
: Yeah I can understand helping said Ahri to get some kills to get her going properly. But in this case, this mid laner started flaming when I took the first blood in his lane after I went in for a gank. He then refused ganks and scolded me the entire game, for one kill that could have been his if he popped his abilities a little sooner. Besides, I took the kill and he survived, he didn't even have a reason to flame.
I guess you are right :) anyway toxic player like this don't even deserve any help :/
zhangzhun (EUNE)
: what you can play with what cahmpion
happened someting similiar in one ranked...I asked for the roles then at the last second my team mates said "bot premade" while I was locking Cait...then I said that I could mid if they gave me an annie or lux...they gave me an annie and told me to support...i never supported as Annie...i totally sucked anyway the weirdest role that I took was a Taric Leona bot Lane we got tired at waiting for an ADC and we took the first guy that passed by... a Leona....we did pretty well together unkillables..and with much hard CC XD .....I would also want to recognize all the enemy draft games...which lead me to play(and consider seriously) Leona Jungler :P
: 0/5/1 Ahri flames and AFk's because I took the kill as Xin jungle. Because giving kills to the guy with as many deaths as there are minutes is a good idea.
> [{quoted}](name=JerimiahGottwald,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=2NEnMlGF,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-03-20T16:47:13.532+0000) > > 0/5/1 Ahri flames and AFk's because I took the kill as Xin jungle. Because giving kills to the guy with as many deaths as there are minutes is a good idea. well...IMHO in that case giving her a kill wouldn't have been that bad...if that ahri was bad at least you give him/her some gold to help sustain herself...but ...correct me if i'm wrong :)
: The Jungler doesn't need kills?
Old story bro....remember: it's always jungler's fault for everything: laner can't hold their lane? it's jungler fault jungler take 2 minions from lane? it's his fault if mid is 30cs behind jungler take kills? "OMG i'm behind with gold" jungler DON'T take kills and enemy escape? "OMG noob jungler" I don't play much jungle (the only junglers I play are WW and Amumu) I main support and I think that's hard but I have to say many times junglers have it harder... not only this...but when ADC and mid just start to farm jungle and expect ganks while they left the jungler behind with gold and exp {{champion:32}}
: im from america and have the same porblem where are you from? @ kortik
I'm playing in EUW ..i'm from italy...and I admit that internet connection here is not really the best...but there are times where my connection is fine but the game isn't
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