: > [{quoted}](name=kriegnes,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=HW0W1Uln,comment-id=000a000300000001,timestamp=2019-08-14T12:29:28.649+0000) > > bruh i mean you. > u dont understand the point of a ranked system. you cant complain about people being bad in ranked..... > if they suck they dont climb. if you play good you climb. that goes on untill you are in a rank where you are not good anymore. but that also means you dont have to play with the lower ranked people anymore. > theres a reason why we have bronze and iron tier. thats where the worst players end up. you cant just forbid people to play the game cuz they are not good enough wtf? Nah Bro don`t believe this nonsense, you never tested it right? Who did that? Let me tell you i did. This is my oldest Acc. i only played Support on it. It was impossibel to climb beyond Silver, after S7 for me even when i played better then ever. No i refused to play every game Brand or Pyke Supp. Then i created last Year my Sec. Account "Unverzüglich" to climb i tested playing only ADC and went to Gold with mainly Jhin instant. Next i thought this goes well i head for Platin and got it with my 3 Account "Nimsyvanhinden" playing premade ranked only^^ So please you fellow rito james believers, you have actually no clue what your are talkinga about i do! I test such staff out before i claim something on the boards. Climping depends not on skill rather then lane / premade or not and champ select. Everyone who says different has no clue.
first of all you (again) missed the point. but well doesnt matter. maybed u are just a shitty support? also back in the days supps couldnt really do much after lane phase. nowadays they can carry games so you should be fine. its pretty obvious that climbing depends on if you are premade or not and what champs you pick. ever heard of meta? the game starts at champ select and picking the right ones with the right runes n stuff is part of your skill. you also need a mouse and a keyboard to climb. is this game pay2win now?
: > [{quoted}](name=kriegnes,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=HW0W1Uln,comment-id=000a0003,timestamp=2019-08-12T14:51:08.611+0000) > > why are there so many people who dont understand how ranked works?? Ya thats a good Question actually, well the biggest reason into my eyes is that you are not enlighted how well or not you play. This Game provides zero feedback to the players how well they really perform. People play the game for fun not for the win, that would mean work. Thats why Ranked is a clown fiesta nothing more.
bruh i mean you. u dont understand the point of a ranked system. you cant complain about people being bad in ranked..... if they suck they dont climb. if you play good you climb. that goes on untill you are in a rank where you are not good anymore. but that also means you dont have to play with the lower ranked people anymore. theres a reason why we have bronze and iron tier. thats where the worst players end up. you cant just forbid people to play the game cuz they are not good enough wtf?
: Trolling or not, there are to many players who simply can`t improve, such players should not be able to join ranked games until they CAN improve. I know sounds hard to exclude people, but like this Topic proves it is for their own sake. I wonder how many more years Rito needs to understand that you need a minimum skill standart for this "teamgame" otherwise nobody can or should take this game serious. Guess thats the reason why they only watch^^
why are there so many people who dont understand how ranked works??
Nhiré (EUW)
: an account like this should be long banned. every single champion he plays he feeds, just dont play ranked and ruin the experience for people who wish to get out of there
i think u missed the point of ranked.....
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Imo tooltip "help" suck... I have to keep phone ready with item cheat sheet to know what items to look for.
get the tft overwolf. you can see all item combinations and rolling chances on ur screen
: That too though I do think all spells scale with spell damage and all attacks scale with AD but sometimes it feels like spell damage does nothing.
: Items in TFT need more explanation
also how do i know if spell damage is actually make the spell stronger? i used rabadons on kha once but i didnt feel like it changed anything
Wsetaia (EUNE)
: And where did you see more RNG?
well instead of just getting atleast 1 item for sure they decided to give you an random amount of gold if u miss out. like you can get 1 useless gold. or you get atleast a bit. i dont need %%%%ing 1 gold i need items.
Rioter Comments
: u could add all champs and then instead of giving u 5 randoms they could let u chose 2-3 classes and u get random champs from that class. now its basicly the same for everyone: garen, darius up front a ranged carry in the back some casters around your carry to wall him from assassins sometimes u do see a full assassin team but teams like yordle/sorcerer/dragon r basicly unexistant.
wut?? i definitly disagree with it being the same i see yordles a lot and while not full sorcerer i do see them often too. dragons i actually also used once for some rounds but they are more of a situational combo which is totally ok. letting one choose the classes would be worse. then everyone would choose the strongest ones and then its just about who gets the best champ.
Rioter Comments
: TFT Suggestions .. Should give XP after every game and RNG in items is quite bad
> [{quoted}](name=ˆˇˆˇˆˇ,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Avo1y36l,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-07-12T17:13:33.515+0000) > > It feels so unrewarding after the game and forces people to play TFT only for the missions ( thats for League players ) .. its fun playing with friends but at least make it so we can lvl up ( it shows how much time you invested in the game). Also i wonder if there is gonna be major changes , cuz i feel it needs ? > since the missions only give tft stuff and random emotes i dont really see how league players are forced to play tft. > > 1. New Tier list like Poison champions: Twitch / teemo / malzahar for example 3 poison ones reduce enemy champs attack speed by 20% while i do like new champions you have to keep in mind that the more champs there are the harder it is to get anything usefull. you still have to have a certain chance to get your champs. > 2. At start everyone should get 2-4 items (because sometimes people end with 0 items at start and meanwhile other player with 4) definitly agree that the item system needs some change. in pbe they already changed it a bit but i dont think its enough. > 3. More items like Zonya (will give a little bit rng) all items have a combination already. you would have to add atleast 2 items to make 1 new item. each of these 2 items would have to have a combination with each or atleast most other items. this might be done once or twice but it would be too much after that. > 4. XP after each TFT game yes pls. i guess we will get xp when it gets out of beta. or they will add something new since they dont want to get to close to summoners rift. > 5. BEING ABLE TO SPEAK IN VOICE CHAT EVEN IF YOU LOSE (thats specially when you playing with friends) yes pls. fix asap > 6. Specator mode yes pls > 7. Match history (so it will make people more interested in doing TFT cuz most of league players dont enjoy waste of time unless you are TFT player( replay mode ) so you can add it on highlights i wouldnt say thats a priority right now. > 8. Daily missions > i think weekly missions are enough but they need to add ranked or smth already
Rioter Comments
: By rules he basically means how the game is expected to go. Like adc goes bot but g2 often puts a mage there or pyke top even though he has no chance of winning the lane.
as far as i know i am allowed to play whatever i want on whichever lane i want? EDIT: ah nvm i get it now.
Ebonmaw (EUNE)
: Oh thats because of a higher chance of getting dem lvl 1 champs to lvl em fast.. Or this pic is outdated ? https://imgur.com/IG6zVYO
lv3 is overrated. getting your champs to lv2 is more important than getting some t1 champ to lv3. and yes the the pic is a bit outdated. they buffed the chances for lv3 and 5 i think. https://tftactics.gg/db/rolling
: TFT Improvement list
i do agree with most points. at some points i just wonder why u dont just go play dota autochess tho.....
: Create a new champion, like "Bert the Troll", who's kit supports the trolls mentality, and makes the champion Balanced and effective to winning the game. I've noticed a youtube video headlined something like.... "G2 can do what the hell they like".I also remember a game about a month or two ago(May/June2019(Korea)) the commentator said G2 seems to have broken all the rules (what we generally follow on the Rift). Watching the pro's play is really intresting. Makes wonder about the advantage Voice Chat gives when playing.
what do you mean with breaking the rules? what rules did they break?
Xaytah (EUW)
: Since TFT is in B E T A, and riot is working on fixing a proper patch notes, match history and other functions. Have patience, this is not a finished product.
yeah because fixing such a quest is so much work that they need the normal lol team and have to stop dmaking other changes just to fix it.
Ebonmaw (EUNE)
: Do you ever use the refresh button on lvl 2 or 3 ?
why would you want to do that? its too early too decide for what you are going to. just buy what you get the most from in these levels
Fungii (EUW)
: how did you complete the 'activate a 6 piece set bonus?
by activating a 6 piece set bonus? if it didnt work for you check the number next to your weekly missions. if you can see a number it is the number of games that havent been "checked" for progress yet. but this number is buggy sometimes.....
Enchant5 (EUW)
: TFT Mission List n' stuff (wip)
lmao wtf do you guys dont understand about activating a 6 piece bonus? what can you have 6 times to activate some kind of bonus? also sometimes missions and progress isnt shown properly because it takes some time. its also pretty logical that if a server is overloaded things take some time and riot even wrote it into the tft missions menu....
BeastKong (EUW)
: TFT Guide that Gets me Place 1 nearly every time!
wild good in early? i always get stomped when i build wild early lol. i never get my stupid champs tho so they always stay lv1.....
CarryAll (EUNE)
: I find all your suggestions good, except for #6 which seems to change a core mechanic of the game, to my opinion.
its a shitty core mechanic tho
Enchant5 (EUW)
: TFT Mission List n' stuff (wip)
i havent gotten any missions after the third set. are there even any? my friends doesnt have any missions left either
Cheini (EUNE)
: am actually, this might be a windows... thing.. i also had this problem ago for some reason, however turning focus assistant off fixed it: start -> settings -> system -> focus assistant -> _turn this OFF for good_ also, make sure to disable peering for windows update if you play on wifi/dont have the best i-net or computer etc (this for all games btw!).. this though is hidden Way better than teemo shrooms '-.- norly: start -> settings -> update and security -> advanced options -> delivery optimization (bot) -> _Off_
ignore my comment just saving it for later
Otivnaig (EUW)
: I Think Riot should fire Daniel Z Klein
and then my friend gets banned for calling someone autistic. lol
Hi im Pete (EUNE)
: Muting people does not prevent you from playing with the team.
Hi im Pete (EUNE)
: Point is to destroy the nexus and have fun while doing it. If you want to chat with people go to ... well chat.
the point is also to do it as a team since its a teamgame.
Cavalier707 (EUNE)
: 60% of flamed players r having a bad game and not trolling. 30% of flamed players actually made the right play but the flamer is noob and he blames them for his own misplay. 10% of flamed players r actually trolling/inting. I personally mute any coward kid who flames from behind his keyboard and I turn the all chat off in my general setting cause I think that has no use at all. I'm just saying when u have that 2/10 game from time to time u won't be happy getting flamed while u actually r not intentionally feeding.
if you are having a bad game and causing the rest of your team to loose or have a really hard time than its normal that someone might get mad at you. i mean you dont have to accept all 4 players throwing insults at you after every death but you cant complain if someone writes "this top laner is so stupid loosing us the game because hes trying to fight the whole time" or smth like that. cant complain about being called stupid if you are playing stupid and if this is enough to trigger you then mute him. people should stop taking everything so personal. i think the 30% should be even higher tho. most flamers (like real flamers people even i report) are also the ones feeding. if someone is trying to carry and flames me i get it. but if someone is feeding and blaming the team (most of the time its the jungler and the person who defends the jungler that are being blamed lol) he can %%%% off. (this posts is probably gonna be deleted cuz i said %%%%....) i think these people are the actual problem. but nowadays people complain about every word and i dont remember having a game where no one reported someone else for some stupid shit. because of that sjw bullshit going on right now i am "defending" toxic people. i am not trying to defend that idiot that starts flaming from minute 5 because u took a minion after a gank or smth like that but today everything is being called toxic. its so annoying
Hi im Pete (EUNE)
: You might want to try something that helped me to stop being toxic in the chat. Just use /mute all at the start of the game and start using pings. I feel like you can communicate all the things necessary for the gameplay with pings and you dont get baited into arguments everytime someone says something stupid in chat.
whats even the point of this game if people just mute each other
: a thought about toxicity
telling people to man up, stop crying and not to say anything. thats funny because you are exactly doing what a "toxic" person is doing. the difference is that you are "flaming" the toxic people so its smh ok. people are different some get frustrated faster if others are acting like idiots or trolling intentionally and some dont. if you are such a man why are you crying so hard about some random people in the internet you will never see again? just mute them if its so easy. like you said dont feed the troll. before banning someone for saying a bad word without even knowing the context how about banning the trolls?
Hydnoras (EUW)
: This has been suggested a million times already and for the millionth time it will be shot down again. Riot wants to have a system that let's you commend your enemies but honor is not the way to go because of the huge amount of abuse cases it would have. A lot of people will honor trolls in the enemy team that give them a free win in ranked for example (happened a lot during the old honor system and is the reason that option was removed). That would mean a troll would get honor progress etc which is something that should never happen. So there might be a system like that in the future, just not in the form of honor.
but if he is a troll he will get banned and his honor will reset so wheres the problem?
SirBlues (EUW)
: Honoring Enemies
"Nice flash" lol thats not toxic. making fun of an enemy or shittalking him is allowed. its a tactic to make your enemy more tilted so he plays bad. if you fail i make fun of you. nothing personal and if i fail you can make fun of me so stop crying. i also want enemy honor back tho. i had games where my whole team was actually toxic complaining the whole time and stuff while the enemy was friendly and/or funny
sattoshy (EUW)
: why everyone is cryin gg about zoe ?
shes just %%%%ing annoying thats why everybody hates her
BigManJones (EUNE)
: The implications of the misuse of the "missing enemy" ping, and a solution.
again? i remember someone claiming the "?" is the reason why people use it in a "toxic" way. srsly stop crying its just a ping lol. also changing it to something else wont do anything
: Patch 8.17 Still no Nerfs to Jhin Miss fortune Draven.
Hansiman (EUW)
: For "milder" cases of toxicity, it implies that your friend is toxic in a larger portion of their games.
i am pretty sure i know how toxic he was or wasnt since we play together.
Hansiman (EUW)
: > you just have to write a "bad" word in the chat and get reported by the actual toxic person like it happened to my friend. If your friend was truly banned for a single game, then he did more than just write a "bad" word. That only happens in cases where a person displays racism, homophobia, issues death threats, or other comparative extreme cases.
no he wasnt even writing much. i believe its because he has been reported in other games too and that one report is what finished him. we enjoy making fun of toxic people so we get many reports. btw he has decided to stop communicating at all. i am sure this is what we want in a team game.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: As long as people would stop getting offended FOR other people, I would be happy. Also stop the millions of genders thing asap. And flat earth.
and the "global warming isnt real" bullshit. thats actually dangerous for everyone i dont get how trump is still there
: I don't get humanity.
it always depends on where you live and who you are living with and where on the internet you are. i can say as many "bad" words as i want to, i can make fun of people and everything without someone starting to complain. on the internet people get offended by everything. i can talk about my opinion and people can disagree but we wont have a fight about it. people will actually think about what you said. but when i for example talk about how sjw like the board and lol itself has become i get hated and downvoted. i feel like i can be more open in reallife because in the internet they tell you how you have to behave and if you dont do exactly as they want you will get banned.
Cypherous (EUW)
: If they were banned for being toxic they have a history of it, so yeah its kinda grounded in reality, either way it means they have a zero percent chance of ruining another game
not necessarily. you just have to write a "bad" word in the chat and get reported by the actual toxic person like it happened to my friend. ofc you have to get reported more than just once and probably have acted toxic some times. but you dont have to be a toxic every game to get banned. hell i am scared that i could get banned because i often dont ignore people but instead engage in an discussion which ofc ends up with the toxic dude reporting me.
: > [{quoted}](name=kriegnes,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=cgy5kQBV,comment-id=000600000001,timestamp=2018-08-23T15:45:42.364+0000) > > you dont have to be perfect to correct someone lol. Condescending which is OP's point in the first place.
well it always depends on how you do it i guess
: Put "underscore" "minus" "underscore" Leave me a comment with this bar _-_ _-_ _-_ _-_ _-_ _-_ _-_
: I really hate those players who corrects you at writhing jut because they don't have something else to say about you. Nobody cares that you type wrong some words if the other one still understand. We really need to waste some time by telling to our/enemy team how is right to write a word? Can be this reportable to "Hate speech"? _-_ I had a game where I typed "dont push"/"jsut def" and after 3-4 seconds he gets ganked and die. Him: "nice english btw". I was really mad and I asked him how is correctly to rekt him a little. He told me "is don't push and just def" and after that I typed "so was correctly to stop pushing and def because now you didn't had a death xD". Insta ragequit by him, but that game was still funny.
how did you make that thing in the middle lol
: > [{quoted}](name=Arcade Lulu,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=cgy5kQBV,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2018-08-23T13:50:40.332+0000) > > English isn't my 1st language either but i'm pretty fluent in it > > Usually i just correct people's mistakes in chat, because it just annoys the heck out of me when people make really simple mistakes > > The only case when i say ''Learn to speak English'' etc is when someone is speaking in a different language than English in the chat, because it's really annoying Why are you correcting people if what you write isn't perfect English?
you dont have to be perfect to correct someone lol.
: English not first language
it depends. if someone is flaming in really bad english i make fun of him. also i believe that nowadays everyone should be able to speak english.
Cypherous (EUW)
: > if you are going to ban someone do it before or after a game not while champ select lol. Not like it matters to the person being banned, better to prevent them from potentially ruining another match after the decision to ban has been made, him leaving in champ select only hurts him so i would rather it happened then instead
you act as if thie banned person is someone who trolls and feeds and acts toxic the whole time lol.
Rioter Comments
: > You're part of the masochist elite that likes to lose since start. > Your selfish pleasure of playing an unbalanced match And when you use hypocrisy without realizing you're the hypocrit here > first of all you can still win even if its 4vs5.im not a masochist or something like that. i also prefer 5vs5 but if someone goes afk i dont want to do all that stupid shit again i just want to play the game.also you really cant call me selfish here thats just hypocrisy.i dont want to surrender and keep playing which results in you being frustrated its selfish.you want to surrender and start a new game which results in me being frustrated and its ok (...)
the first quote isnt what i said its what the other person said..... and how the %%%% am i the hypocrit here? even if i was being a hypocrit how is that being offensive?
: if that is not offensive, then i'm a fish playing league 11k feet under the ocean
so what exactly was offensive about what i said?
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