Larzzzzy (EUW)
: I also have to use my Phone's Hotspot since a few weeks to log into and to use the Client. Using the WLAN and Ethernet Cable it always shows the "trying to reconnect / Leave" Window. Then in Loading Screen I can plug in the Ethernet Cable and stop the Hotspot. Sometimes the client freezes and I have to restart my Laptop, most of the times it somehow works, and once I get into the game I have a really good connection via the ethernet cable. But the Client just doesn't want to work with the Router (Fritzbox), while the game does willingly. Someone in a forum wrote that I should change the bandwidth(?). I don't want to hassle with that. Pls fix. Thanks hard working people.
After switching between hotspot and wifi and restarting the client about 6 times, once it's actually running on the wifi it works pretty smoothly and the actual game itself runs really well with no lag and no disconnecting - unless I get a call or FaceTime during it, then all hell breaks loose and it's back to step one with the restarting and hotspot xD I've tried the hassle of changing the bandwidth and it didn't change anything for me personally anyway and was exactly the same still.
: I sent a bugreport 3 days ago. No response. I'm absolutely fuming.
I've probably sent about 3 in the past month and literally had no response to any of them, they must have had loads about it by now.
Nexos x (EUW)
: Ive been having this issue for a month solid now, every time i try and log into the game it just says 'attempting to reconnect', it just seem like, so long as windows ect. are all okay, mac just get ignored, if it was a windows issue there would be an instant hot fix for the issue. my game either black screens instantly and i have to use activity monitor to close the client or it just sits there with the loading icon, it just makes me not want to play the game as it isn't worth the hassle. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO MAC USERS AND FIX THE ISSUES WE HAVE RIOT!!!!!!! TY<3 lysm
It's literally just impossible :( I have my activity monitor constantly open, probably spend more time using that than the actual client ><
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