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: its definied at that what I said btw so you say noob is a kind word?
Not particularly, but it's not toxic. It can be when you go rage-mode like 'f*ck u noob'.
RallerenP (EUW)
: Don't listen to that guy. Only hate speech or encouragement to self-harm will net you an instant 14-day ban. Threathening to report and calling people noobs and generally being negative is what gave you the chat-restriction. A reminder by Riot to not do that in the future.
I guess i agree. Just the threathening to report, i didn't mean to threaten him i was just saying so he knows.
: Usually you can't reason with people who have already decided they don't want to win. Best to just keep playing and not go typeracer against them.
I agree. But i don't think this guy gave up on winning. I honestly think he thought he did well and that it was my fault that we lost botlane, or so he said. Reminding you i had like 3 deaths when this guy had like 10, till we started to teamfight and try to win i got a little more deaths.
: You're being negative, but not too toxic. This punishment was fair
Tried to keep winning, you can probably see in the chat first i said we can still win. But when draven left us 5v4 and went suicide afk farming we just coudn't win anymore. And if being negative turns in to chat restrict and honor 5 being taken away. Trust me everybody would have chat restriction.
: noob is common reason for chatrestrict, the word "report" is common reason for 14day-ban. They dont care if you say it at end or beginning, they see and "bash"- hes gone edit: you didnt had to do any for honor5 and riot know this
Wait that's the most dumbest shit riot's ever done, banning people for saying 'report'? So riot creates the report system but denies any form of discussion about reports in-game?????????????????????????????? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: most get a 14day ban, you should be happy, you called noob and said the R word at the end
I know i called him a noob and im not trying to fight riot but come on calling someone noob once when he calls me boosted all game isn't worth a chat restricition and honor 5 being taken away, especially if i have honor 5 riot should now that i'm not toxic. And honestly does the sentence 'I'm gonna report you because you're feeding.' sound toxic at all?
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