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: How to remove replays folder?
: Something wrong with the client?
Hello everyone. I just want to give a little defence to Riot. How many of you, who attack Riot for problems was/are game developers? Or any kind of program developer? I belive none. Since every programmer understand how coding is. You can have a great working code, and then , when you add just a little change, maybe a line, or a semicol, your whole program stops working. Its frustrating for the developers themselfs, and believe me they fully aware of that this happens right now and are trying to solve this. Sometimes, when i try to solve code problem, it takes me a day or two. So please, stop attacking. You dont understand how hard it is to be developer. Attacking them won't solve the problem. While you here try to blabla, i bet they are hard working on trying to fix the problem and are already frustrated by the problem itself, your not helping. If you don't like the game, just leave. No need to stress yourself and other people about your negative attitude to the real world. This is how the world works, kids, it has problems. And Riot here to solve them. Btw, if any Riot member reads my post.. You've made a great game. I was working on my first developer project with a guy, we had office for us two, he introduced me to League, it was when Jax was realeased (don't remember season), since then we played 7 hours of league at work and 1h of work :D. I still play the game, and i see a lot of great stuff you've made. Definetely the only multiplayer game i will stick with. Have time only for 1 game and my choice - League! 4ever. <3
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