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: As {{champion:28}} main, she really doesn't need that buff. She actually needs nerf for late game and buff a bit in early game. Because Evelynn's late game just like no skill required and really feels bad to just one shoot everyone.
I think Evelynn is in a good state right now, not to strong not to weak. Her Early game balances out the late game decently. I don't mind the buff though as I'd like to see her some more in competitive as well. However i think the buff will most likely affect Solo Q and will result in a nerf along the way. Should we say RIP Evelynn in advance? Maybe...who knows...
: When riot nerf abilities they nerf Esport, when they nerf stats they focus on solo que. And when they rework and ability, it's cause it's to hard to balance around it. Please keep this in mind.
It is a good point of view, I respect that. However when Riot nerfs champions for competitive it also affects the player base and there is no denying it. A player like me could wonder, why should I invest money in buying skins for my favorite champions if Riot will soon make it unplayable or completely change it. I mean there are plenty of champions that were left untouched since the beginning of League of Legends. Should I only buy skins for them?
: High skill champions shouldn’t be outright stronger than low skill champions... that would make it so that only high skill champions are viable in high elo and only low skill champions are viable in low elo which would be a balance nightmare. High skill champions should be able to do more than low skill champions but that’s it, they shouldn’t be stronger... a yi can only auto attack but can do his job as well as an irelia who’s gotta use more skill but brings cc and mobility to the table. So if a high skill champion is too strong Riot should nerf, simple as that. Thank god you aren’t the one balancing the game league would have died off years ago if you where
_"High skill champions shouldn’t be outright stronger than low skill champions..."_Why even pick a harder champion then? I think what you are trying to say it's that a bad player shouldn't be able to win on a high skill champion just because that champion has high base values/attacks/skill damage. I could agree with that. However I think that the time investment to learning a hard to play champion should be rewarded. Making a hard to play champion week AF will not balance the game, it will only make it so that that champion is garbage and has no place in League which I don't think should be the case. Think about it, if 2 players have the same skill LvL in terms of macro/farming/game knowledge about the game who should win? You might say well the one that is better mechanically(since in the other aspects they are equal)?But the truth is it is not the case. Right now the guy that will win most of the time(99.99%) is the one that executes better on a play. You can execute better because 2 reasons 1:Ease of execution 2:Mechanical prowess. However in the current state of the game Ease of execution is rewarded over Mechanical prowess. I don't think that is fair towards the people that spend hours on hours and days on days and months and years to learn a champion. And to the Yi/Irelia example I get your point. Irelia brings more to the table. However I don't see how 2x basic attacks from Yi or 1 basic attack + one targeted spell(Q) that btw it's aoe and spammable and undodgeable should ever in a million years do the same amount of damage as if Irelia would hit all her spells, all her resets even if you take it from a time needed to hit everything perspective(Yi combo:1aa+Q+1aa ~1.5 sec, Irelia E+Q+1aa+R+1aa+Q+1aa ~4 to 5sec). Maybe Yi it's an excusable exception though since I think people should learn to counter play his Q by CC'ing him as soon as he gets out of Alfa Strike but other then that yeah...strictly speaking from a DPS perspective I don't think it makes much sens. Also as a last point to reply to _"that would make it so that only high skill champions are viable in high elo and only low skill champions are viable in low elo"_ I wanna say that the strength of a champion shouldn't be the only thing you should think of when you are drafting. A champions viability is also given by lane matchup, team sinergy, CC, map pressure, lane pressure, ability to answer jungler ganks, lane priority, global presence, objective controll and much more so I don't agree with this, I don't believe that this would make it so only high skill champions are played in the high elo and vice versa with low elo.
: Just cause is more "hard" to play dont mean she need do 1 v 9 akali is too strong on people who know champion. thats why riot is nerfing, Like kalista, Kalista is a broken champ on good hands (and a support who know) but riot needed place she on "trash" cause was broken on competivite. Same will happen with akali, she is broken on good hands and riot cant let that happen. > healthy for the game to have HIGH SKILL CHAMPIONS be strong. is not healthy have a champ who can 1 shoot wihout you be able to answer back.
Kitty I agree with the "is not healthy have a champ who can 1 shoot wihout you be able to answer back." but as I explained in the other posts there are plenty of ways to answer Akali, even a good Akali. However that means you also have to get better. I don't think Akali as it is right now it's a champion that you can pick first time and do good on her. That shouldn't be the case, but at the moment I think even in the right hands Akali is not that strong. It's not stronger then a lot of other champions. I'd like more for Riot to actually make other champions that counter Akali stronger rather than straight up keep changing her/nerfing her.
: it isnt even a big nerf. Ive seen my favorite champions get nerfed to the ground kai sa was overpowerd and will still be good aswell. Her winrate isnt that high because she has a super high pick rate and lots of people still dont know how to correctly build her
For Akali I think the stun removal it's actually a huge nerf. While in 1v1 she might not really feel it that much in team fights she most definitely will... That 0.5 stun was the only way she could make sure she will not get instantly blown while entering a fight. I'd be fine even with the stun duration reduced to 0.25 but I think the complete removal it's BS.
: Not everyone cares about watching pro players 1v1 with "high skill champions. A lot of people just want to play the game and have fun. And the game (and champs in it) needs to be balanced for all of those people in mind (including low ELO). Also Akali's ban rate increases with rank, with it being highest at Master+, so not sure why you're ranting about low ELO anyway. She seems to have a pretty low winrate already though... So not sure about the nerf in this case.
I like how you approach the subject. It's true "Not everyone cares about watching pro players 1v1" and I think you are right "the game (and champs in it) needs to be balanced for all of those people in mind (including low ELO)." However that also** includes high elo.** I know only a small % of players are in high elo (diamond1+) but that doesn't mean that Riot should completely remove the **champions/champion kits that are designed for high level of play** by nerfing them into oblivion. If they will the game will present no challenge and people will start losing interest in it_(imo this will lead to a more toxic community focused more on wining games then on improving and having fun because let's be honest, no one is having fun spamming W and E as Malzahar on the wave and playing farm simulator all game long until minions are to strong to deal with)_. Also, there is only so much you can learn in a MOBA about macro, farming, still need a bit of spicy action which is usually given by skill matchups like Riven vs Fiora, Zed vs Akali, Katarina vs Ahri, Ezreal vs Lucian you get my point. I think it's ok to balance champions according to win rate only up to a point. What I mean by that is: you have Akali with lets say 43% win rate (don't quote me on that) but that doesn't tell the full story. It's not the same if that 40% win rate is given by OTP Akali players or first time Akali players(also the ratio of OTP vs first timers is up to debate). You have to assume and account for both types of players. If you have Akali OTP's with a 40% win rate that means the champion is garbage, if you have first time Akali player with a win rate of 10% or less it begs the question, does that means Akali is a high skill cap champion or that the player is bad? You can't really tell right, because it's more then 1 factor to ones win rate. It's not enough to be good at a champion most of the time to win a game, you have to actually be good at the game itself as well. What I mean to say is I don't think that Akali is in a state where a guy can first picks it and have a +60% win rate or even 50% win rate. That would mean the champion is broken. But currently I don't see that being the case so I hate seeing that a champion that needs so much work and dedication to learn keeps getting nerf after nerf and change after change making it practically impossible for people to even get to experience the champion at the highest skill cap because it keeps getting changed over and over and OVER again.
: Lel "high skill champs"... As an example maybe {{champion:90}} needs that point and click R to have decently reliable kit because he doesn't deal hybrid dmg and doesn't run like racing car while dashing in every direction. Multiple items and summoner spell counters him hard. I remember a good quote from a video. "Why were other assassins made when they could have just made 27 Akali's". People thought Yasuo kit was over loaded well world meet Akali.
And what is your elo again? I mean from the statement "People thought Yasuo kit was over loaded" I guess not to high since that implies you don't think Yasuos kit** IS **overloaded which **IT IS** but I am fine with it because you at least still need some brain to play Yasuo(proven by the guys that pick Yasuo and go 0-10-0). But fine, let me argue my point to you as well. You say Malz needs a more reliable kit? I am actually one of the people that used to play Malzahar a lot BEFORE he got reworked and I freaking loved that champion. After the rework he feels SO %%%%ING BAD! although his R now has both his R and W from before rework in one ability(Riot if you see this please revert Malzahar). Malzahar was a champion for newbies and it was completely fine, but they removed even the small combo he had to do, the placing of W under his R beforehand and also with it removed the ability to poke tank champions in lane with W at the cost of your MP pool which made him a viable top laner not stuck in mid and support role and not even viable in those. I think it's not about how loaded a kit is that should get you to higher elo but more how you use that kit. I don't see anything wrong with Akali in terms of a kit because 1: she is an assassin so she should be able to assassinate(stop complaining about mobility, every mobility skill she uses to close the gap on you is one skill she will not use to kill you << -dmg from skills that she uses to close gaps>>, and stop complaining about her damage since AP malph R does literally 2x the damage of all 4 abilities from Akali combined) 2: she his squishy so she can be CC'ed in fights and die instantly 3: her shroud grants her stealth not invulnerability so you can still predict where she will move once she uses it and aim your skill shots in that direction(btw I loved the tower concealement of shroud, it was OP but it was SO fun) 4: ignite now reveals her in her shroud so in a team fight having no tank items with like 2k hp or something...yeah good luck with that 5: there is such thing as Zhonia for her R2 or GA which is her execute damage btw so there is counter play in terms of items as well not just from summoners(barier/heal) In other words all I have to say is learn to play and learn to draft and climb that way, don't ask Riot to get all champions to an Iron 4 LvL so they present no challenge at all just so you can against them. A smurf or a better player will beat you in lane even with AP zed if he is tryharding(no zed has no AP scalings) so yeah, just L2P, learn what champions do and **THINK** on how to counter them rather then cry about champions being OP just because they have fun/good kits(better yet ask riot to improve the kit of more champions then to destroy the kits of the few good champions with actual good kits).
: Same old story everytime: Broken mobility -> so high skill cap Immobile champion -> so easy Too bad that, at least back in the days of used to be the exact opposite :D! {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Hey man, So while I **do not** say that immobile champions are easy to play in the sens that you don't need any brain to play them, I do however say that high mobility champions are definitely way harder to play and have more room to be counter played(at the same time they require the same amount of calculation if not more since most of them are squishy AF which I think it's ok btw). Lets stay on Akali as example right? So assuming you position properly (out of her R1 range) she needs to use R1 to close the gap which means she will be missing her R1 damage, then she needs to Q+E you and while Q is easy to hit you can definitely dodge or flash her E which means she is missing damage from her E as well. After this she is left with the Q damage R2 damage and passive damage. Again her R2 is a skill shot and at this point most likely you or someone in your team has had enough time to CC her, if you guys didn't do it it means you played bad not that Akali is OP. You will never see an Akali in a teamfight Q you to death, it just won't happen unless you somehow DC or AFK in the middle of the fight. The rest of her kit it's mostly skillshots wich again I say **ALLOW COUNTER PLAY.** Now you have a Malphite on the other hand which if he hits R you can't even QSS it btw cause it's a knock up, then he has his E which assuming he hit his R is again UNDODGEABEL because you are still CC'ed, and then you have his Q which his targeted so you can't dodge that either. His W is also a basic attack empower so no way to dodge that either. See the difference? Akali needs to calculate how many skills she can use to close the gap and still have enough damage to kill you while Malphite doesn't have to do any of those things. His main concern is to R as many people as possible and that his team is in a position to follow on the engage and in a position to win the fight(proper warding/fight area + damage output/damage intake for both teams). So yeah while both types of champions need some thinking in how they wanna approach a fight the amount of counter play available that you have while playing against them is greatly different.
: High Skill Champions nerfed AGAIN? Why?
PS: guys comment and share this post please, maybe Riot will listen and we will get a better and more fun and unpredictable game.
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