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: troll-surrendering
to specify: im not saying they played with 4 people "just" so they can surrender the game, im just wondering if my reports will actually go through/have a chance of going through since im rather annoyed at those people
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: "Honor wall" {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} As if it was hard to just not get punished in the first place...
in all honesty, in lower ELO's everyone thinks trying to shotcall or give advice is flaming, which means that for borderline cases like i replied below. your more likely to get banned for no real reason
: >i was restricted last week and now i am stuck at honor 1 checkpoint 0 with 30 days to go Back in the days one punishment didn't granted you any season reward, so here you are complaigning for nothing because you have a chance to gain stuff by increasing your honor. Next time respect the term of use you agreed to follow.
the problem is that my last restriction was pretty random, i was telling my botlane to not and come into the river to help me (the jgler). that was the closest thing in my chat to flaming that was there
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: > [{quoted}](name=lars092000,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=OGhnOGGl,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-05-18T10:20:08.596+0000) > > all i did was telling the other team what he was calling me, i do not udnerstand why i got banned and i would like to know why i was banned, You got banned for using racist words in chat. Your report, if they have done something bannable, is enough to trigger a ban for them so there is zero need for you to go crying to everyone else in the game about what he said to you. Hope that clears up why you got banned (and gives you an idea of how to not get banned in the future)
im not crying about what he said to me, im crying about getting banned for what is in my opinion a crappy reason. because it is under no circumstances verbal abuse if its not directed at somebody
: I didn't run into this issue myself, but I think logging *out* of the Boards, and back into the Support helps... Try that, or the incognito window that was suggested.
relogging only into the support page worked, there was another thread on the technical support board that experienced the same problem
: Greetings lars, You might be correct, it seems like your quote triggered the punishment. Quoting hate speech is not the smartest move, but reaching out the Player Support is probably still worth it. Maybe they can help if you [submit a request]( and tell them what happened. --- In the future, I suggest you simply don't engage with people like this at all. Asking others to report someone is not only completely useless, it can also created quite heated environments or simply annoy others. The amount of reports a player receives is irrelevant, so all you need to do is report them yourself, otherwise you might put your own account at risk. --- Good luck with the support, let me know if you have any issues or questions! {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
ive tried submitting a ticket, but i keep getting the quote "you have to be logged in to submit a ticket like this" , and ive relogged 2 times, yet it doesnt work at all, so i cant submit a ticket
: what he said is correct. just because you disagree with him, doesn't make him a "troll"
rebels, then ill refer you to my reply down here, i think its okay to quote slurs if im not calling someone them, i merely said he was calling me a n*gger, so it isnt technically verbal abuse if im not calling someone that
Jsp (EUW)
: Yeah system is buggy today, i got wrongfully chatrestricted as well... Also ignore this cream reaper guy, he's just a unranked eune last season bronze main who likes to go around and troll.
yeah, at least i got the instant feedback report saying that the yi got banned as well, and i honestly think its okay to quote slurs seeing as how im not directing them directly at someone like he was doing
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: Getting up from honour level 0 is almost impossibly hard
even worse, riot said you would be put down 1 honor level for a ban, but i was checkpoint 3 out of 3 in honor 2(for like a few months), i flamed an inting player, and ended up at honor 1 checkpoint 0 out of 3, i think that is way too harsh, and riot should put that down to honor level 1 checkpoint 3 out of 3, making you only go down exactly 1 honor level, because the system as it is now is too harsh
: Why can´t I stand in the fountain and wait till enemy ends the game when it´s beyond hopeless?
in my last 2 weeks, i played a two jgl games where i forgot smite (i was changing runes and didnt notice), but the first game of those two i actually won, even though i was like 4 levels behind everyone at one point, so even if a game seems unwinnable, just try, and maybe you can help snowball one lane (in your case maybe your botlane) so you have an actually carry, and then just try and scale on until your not as far behind edit: i do understand trying to play like this and then losing is demoralising and tilting, but as long as you know your team will ff at 15 or 20 minutes, dont sweat it, try to have fun, because knowing you will ff or lose does take a lot of pressure off, and you will still be playing/practicing your mechanics
Not xPeke (EUW)
: it is trash lmao! there's players going 0/20/0 for hundreds of games IN A ROW, and don't get banned. then someone gets banned after one or two games of inting. and in this case an INNOCENT player gets banned off ONE game (where he didn't even int). The system is indeed trash, inconsistent, and unreliable. The only "good" thing it can do is ban flamers, and even there it's highly inconsistent. Players can get banned for using certain slurs after a couple occurances for example, while others can say it hundreds of times and don't get banned. Inconsistent.
even worse, you can flame someone all game long, but if you edit words as f*ck to fudge, the bot that checks your report will overlook it, so you wont get banned. that is probably why so many toxic players get away
: No, not always. This doesn't happen for every successful report.
fair enough
Infernape (EUW)
: That you know of. For all you know they could've got chat restricted themselves.
i wouldve gotten an instant feedback report for it, wouldnt i?
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