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: > [{quoted}](name=lekkerwijfie,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=6guQf91u,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-12-25T09:44:07.257+0000) > > Isnt it anoying when a darius main keeps spamming "ez" eugh Well, if you can point me to Dario's chat log, I'll be glad to do the same service for him that I did for you.
Hmm sure, how to give that logg :)
: Argh... Subtle hints aren't very effective >.> You mean to say "trolls", "troller" is **not** the word you're looking for. --- Well, having a troll doesn't make me break the rules, and it doesn't make most people swear either. What makes you swear and flame others is a lack of **self-control.**
hmm so if you are in a game and someone keeps anoying you, you keep being happy and support the troller because he has fun ?
SeanGoku (EUW)
: "New Player Advice"
Give them advice to troll ;d let them all play yasuo
MrVört (EUW)
: Define what you see as "Trolling". Like I see so many people throw the salt over people "trolling", where they are writing how that said "troller", stole their lane, didn't gank, intentionally fed etc... that's not trolling, it's griefing. Legit trolling is: Doing like a friend of mine: {{champion:103}} on the spot for Marksmen, builds full AD and wins the lane. Trolling is literally picking a champion not fit for the lane, making a build not fit for their roles... and winning/losing, they play to experiment and have fun on their own. Sure it's annoying as hell to see someone fail it, but when someone actually does succeed with it, it becomes more fun for yourself as you can laugh over how surprisingly well it went. so... Breaking the rules, by flaming, feeding, AFK, overall Harassment and Griefing. Not Trolling, it's breaking the rules. And yelling back at them or yelling at them for it, doesn't make you yourself a better person. Instead of throwing the salt bucket and spamming chat with swears. You should avoid using any type of offensive, degrading and namecalling slurs... and ask them for their logic. What's the logic for them, flaming you... for a screw up they did? If they keep on at it, ignore, mute and report them. As they will pile up more wood against themselves while you keep yourself outside from the fire. And I know this doesn't make me less toxic... but I've improved my in-game behaviour. Outside the game, I curse like a maniac at everything. In chat, I keep it as positive as possible. So if I get a gank from my jungler, and he screwed up, which caused both of us getting killed, enemy escape or him dying and forcing me to back off from the fight. I may curse the living soul out of my screen. But in game, I apologetically say I couldn't do much and apologize for his death, or if he apologizes for his mistake I keep chat positive and tell him it's okay, mistakes happens. Sorry for long rant there... but it's just how I figured to keep games more positive, keep toxicity outside the game and just stay positive in the chat no matter how bad it goes for your team. I had a game go so far we had 3 Inhibs down, Nexus open... and we won, because we took CS like crazy when their team couldn't push and I built up my full build to plow their team with my team taking the frontline for me ^^ Nothing is impossible if you just boost their morale to keep going, rather then giving them a reason to give up :)
hmm well said >.>
: Well, why would anyone ban these glorious vehicles? ---- Trolls on the other hand, can get banned from the game, it's just quite a bit more difficult.
But thats bullshit a troller makes people swear
: No. We are just not allowed to be assholes. Kinda simple actually. Btw did your swearing stop the troller?
Actually he went afk
: It suprises me how often people confuse this... No, trolling is NOT allowed! Just because we think you are wrong, doesn't mean we support the trolls. **Both of you** broke the rules, it's simple. ---- >we need to respect the trollers? You need to respect the rules!
But trollers wont get banned haha :)
Braap (EUW)
: Tree Hugger Ivern
He looks like imaqtpie
Mada (EUW)
: What you said in chat was annoying and not useful at all. Try to use it only to say something useful instead
Isnt it anoying when a darius main keeps spamming "ez"
: Oh no another thread xDD have fun doing whatever xDD i won't have you in my games anyways
When people play normal and serious I would be very nice :)
: You threatened to go afk if your team wouldn't surrender. Thats highly negative. Also in each game you were abusing someone. What I found really funny tho is that you said "I never look in the chat". Yet you used the chat to cry for ganks xDD Such logic much wow xD
Its hard when someone (mid) goes to my lane the whole time, steals my cs and runs away.
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: So its allowed to stay in someone's lane be a support take yasuo with smite and troll the hell out.
sounds good, now i know what im gonna do with a new account lmao
: Telling others to report teammates is bannable... even calling others noobs is punishable I think.
So its allowed to stay in someone's lane be a support take yasuo with smite and troll the hell out.
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: "Boohoo, Yasuo players are cancer" as if Yasuo's release a few years ago was the actual cause behind toxic players in League... Toxicity comes from a person and not the champion they play, anyone who uses their brain can comprehend that.
If there was no yasuo or riven, there were no toxic player. Like they wouldnt have any reason to play the game {{champion:17}}
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xGunna1 (EUW)
: play teemo top and ban pantheon and u will be fine
: cause most players are full of hate and will pick zed support if you pick maoki mid even if they never played zed before and just troll
But, I'd like to buy Orianna for top, why isn't that going to work?
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