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Armakar (EUW)
: nice editing man
: It would've been best if one of the Fiddlesticks wrote ''gg ez '' XP
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Le Termi (EUW)
: What was your first champion you played?
: Can we get a 'Warded' ping now?
Does it really take that long to type "warded" and issuing a blue ping? Personally I don't find it difficult at all, and it is fairly understandable. Even if you don't say warded, usually a blue ping on the bush is enough to catch their attention. The issue with adding another ping is you break the 4-directional system there is in place, or you'd have to find some sort of hotkey or way to add it in a non feature-breaking way. I've gotten used to the ping placements, I know to go up for Danger, down for Help, left for Missing and right for On my way. If that was to change, even in the slightest, my pinging accuracy would go down as well. I'm not saying I don't like the idea, but I think right now it's fairly difficult to add to the game without some kind of compromise, which is something I don't think Riot is prepared to make to please a minority :(
: That's because your farm is pretty bad almost every game I checked on your matchhistory
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