: Players going afk deserve a 24h ban
i have to admit i dont like it especially in ranked. but then again i wonder if you are afk for specific reason (one time because of workers our whole street had no internet (they drilled into the internet cable on street .as a result 7 hours without internet before it was fixed) and even this week i had no choice to leave my game. that because my father had to be taken to the hospital. i had no time so i do hope that if people get banned they can justify themself. trough for me it only happend during aram's i still felt bad for both times but in this case i had no solution for it.
Timarius (EUW)
: What can i improve on?
after IE and Runans huricane+ boots i would first go for BT or static shiv. of course i cant see how the game went (like positioning etc farming at start etc) but i think youre not doing that bad trough one game you died a lot. this could be because of overextending or just bad warding , could be bad positioning etc ...
Raxyel (EUW)
Silver: Summoner Icon, profile insignia, Victorious ward skin (2+ queues) what do they mean with 2+ queues ? dont get that xD
: Dutch player searching for other dutch people.
voeg mij ook maar toe ign : levyGajeel
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: We kunnen morgen we samen potje doen :D
ik heb je een vriend invite gestuurt :)
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