: It depends. Ban levels add on to eachother. Only by good behavior for roughly 3 months your punishment level drops (own experience). So, if you already had chat restrictions before and continue to be toxic like this, your next punishment level is a 14 day ban, followed by a perma ban. It doesn't matter anymore how severe your negativity/toxicity is once you already had chat restrictions. Your punishments will increase in severity. The chat restrictions were your warning to calm down and be the better person. As tough as it can be, just try to mute them, sit the game out and report them. By flaming them you only encourage them to keep trolling because they feed on your tears. It also increases the negative atmosphere for your entire team. Again, I get it's hard and you are right, they started it. But Riot states retaliation isn't appropiate. I myself struggle a lot with it as well. I bite my nails trying to ignore inters/trolls but it's sometimes really hard to not call them out on it. :/
But that was the first time I got banned on this account, did they remove the chat restriction or something because I thought you got 14 day ban if you told someone to "K.Y.S" or if you call them a racial slur.
: Riot only cares if you insult other people. Don't use chat if you're gonna insult and you'll be fine. Edit: The next ban is a perma so be careful if you dont wanna lose the acc
So I can troll and INT all I want only if I don't use chat? Guess who's making a new account!
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