: Well, usually Murdarici tends to be a d\*ck. But when not he seems to be a very intelligent person who is trying to give in-depth explanations, and in this case I have to fully side with him!!! > [{quoted}](name=loldudexd,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=fH47R942,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-04-09T09:58:10.727+0000) > > No offense or something, ur rank is silver 2, my rank is platinum 3 so I'm pretty sure I have a better knowledge of the game than you. He already reacted properly but here are my two cents: Unless you are master+ this way you will just make fun of yourself... Especially, since you, Mr high-elo, really believe that Riven counters Renekton. If you want to see current competitve gameplay of renekton watch the vod of european masters, sk vs misfits; against yasuo mid. That is how you execute on a champion that scales poorly into the late game!
"in-depth explanations" - ask advices and then you get cocky and feel superior, thinking game knowledge has anything to do with divisions. very intelligent I see, totally related to my statement about Renekton being weak in the meta.
: damn, but yea renekton if buffed would just start randomly onehitting stuff again which was by no means fun or entertaining to play against especialy since you can cancel / overlap his animations quite a bit to make the enemy have no responds to the highdmg stunning nuke that went in and out before he could even move again
even a small buff is fine, just so he could actually compete with the other top laners that are god tier in the meta, and have about 50-51% winrate.
: First off when I entered op.gg your name it showed silver last season and silver now, it happened many times, probably not updated, I update it now and it show you are platinum 3. It's funny you were bottom of silver last year (silver 3) and now you suddenly become so great and knowledgeable at game I mean why not since your platinum 3. I play since 2009 and clearly have no clue about the game since I am just gold. Your altitude - whine on forum about a champion who is balanced, and you also have good winrate with it, what you want to win all games ? - ask advices and then you get cocky and feel superior, thinking game knowledge has anything to do with divisions. - play for 2 years, get bottom silver in first year and then in second year, after only 3 months you get platinum 3 (in a season that many high elo players complain of ex silvers being plat/diamond and they ruin games) and you get instant cocky and knowledgeable at the game. - you seem to like statistics and to quote me how some random names which I don't know about (I assume high elo streamers) play it, then copy them and enjoy your climb! - I love in my gold games Rivens that end game 1-10 with only bots + hidra since they also saw high elo streamers/guide that they need to build damage ! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} PS: rest of your comment has no relevance, I gave advice for a silver/low gold players as I stated in my first line of my comment so no need to waste time to advice me back.
i was silver 3 last year and was gold 3 in pre season 9, its called, improving, i paid skillcapped and i play league about 12+ hours a day. everybody is in their own elo for a reason. (ur op gg says silver 2) Renekton has every single patch 47-48% winrate since conqueror changes, and riot decided to buff him luckily in 9.8. gamer knowledge actually has anything to do with divisions lmao, you can't get to challenger without game knowledge, you can be faker with mechanics but you'll never reach anywhere without game knowledge and macro. i played for 1 year, not 2, and u repeat urself with the same point about my rank, the rank changes were in NA/KR, NOT IN EUW, therefore it has nothing to do with my climb to platinum, i don't get cocky and "knowledgeable" at the game, everything I said are facts lol. i really don't get ur point about streamers, I didn't say anything about me struggling to climb, I said Renekton is currently really bad in the meta. ok so you talk about "i love in my gold game Rivens that end game...." and later in ur comment u say "rest of your comment has no relevance" are you geniuenly serious or trolling lmfao, you're just salty I'm higher elo than you and u blame your team. about that statement tho, I said you need to go tank in low elo because in low elo people don't master enough their champion, and I said in my elo (platinum+) people are actually insanely good at mechanics so you'll need to rush damage. don't comment if you have nothing smart to say.
Charmy Bird (EUNE)
: That's cuz he doesn't need a buff. He's fine. He's a very simple and strong champ what more do u want?
Good statement, it's like I'll say, Riven doesn't need a buff, she's a very simple and strong champ what more do u want. you can say this statement about almost every champion in the game.
: Renekton was not buffed because he is ok and balanced as he is right now, he is not OP nor useless. High elo guides many times hurt low elo players since games and fights on lane are not same, I play renekton in silver and gold so around your elo and you should adapt to your elo not how high elo players do it, they farm perfect and their team know to fight with renekton. In high elo renekton is a split pusher, he don't join fights only with tp (or walking) after fights started so he has to choose which enemy to hit/fight. In low elo team expect him to be a frontline and initiator if you split push they wil spam pings and flame you why not helping them and if you ignore them they will die 4v5. **************** You should use E on fights on lane, why you say you don't use it ? You bully your enemy by going in with E doing damage and shred armour then W for stun and autos, Q for extra damage and some hp and E out to safety. Combine armour shred + conquer true damage and you deal a lot of damage *********** You should beat teemo on lane, I don't know why people keep take teemo to counter renekton, darius, nasus, when in fact you should destroy them with those champs, sure they are annoying early levels 1-3 but after your first back you should kill them, just bait is blind to not be blind when you W to waste the W. If you can't beat them at least you can be safe farming and regenerating with Q and later you are tanky with cc they are nothing. A Jax should be fresh lunch for a renekton early, you should bully him, kill him send him away all time, he only scale better late but early you should destroy him. It's easy to beat Jax's you go on them not with e or w just with autos and he tend to E, then you use your E to avoid being stun and not hit him while he is in his E. If you E on the minions you have second dash so you E away and run in bush and wait for his E to be finished then you E back to him and Auto+w+q and he lose huge hp. Do this 2-3 times and he is dead, level 3 you should destroy Jax. *************** Runes and builds are not standart to copy guides, you need to adapt if you feel you have stronger enemy take some defensive runes to regenerate back some hp + q you should be healthy to farm under tower and not be killed, nobody should kill a renekton if you don't fight in bad fights only if you choose to fight to dead they kill you, you have escape, you have sustain, and you have a personal lulu ultimate with your ultimate. I see in you builds in many games you rush {{item:3142}} I don't get why that item, also you rush in some games {{item:3813}} again I don't see this item on renekton maybe very late. {{item:3748}} I also not see it so good on him in low elo, that item is to clear waves and push fast for split push. In low elo you don't do so much, it's a great item on him but it's situational, if you don't get to splitpush then no point for it. You can use it if your verry feed to aoe kill the enemy in teamfights and aoe damage but if your not feed I don't feel his damage is worth for team fighting since your squishy and die very fast. {{item:3161}} - don't knwo to be honest look amazing on paper but I failed to feel his power, so don't knwo might be good. {{item:3111}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3742}} or {{item:3143}}(better against crit) {{item:3065}} {{item:3026}} - this I see ideal for him in low elo, aslo {{summoner:12}} {{summoner:4}} , I don't see why you take flash he either bully someone and have enough damage to kill the enemy without ignite or he need to passive farm I see no reason for ignite, tp allow you to split push and join your suicidal 4v5 team, and also to go back and buy items and stay healthy again champions you think are stronger, for example early game teemo.
No offense or something, ur rank is silver 2, my rank is platinum 3 so I'm pretty sure I have a better knowledge of the game than you. Platinum 3 in euw is for my opinion, not considered low elo whatsoever, so rushing full tank is literally the worst thing you can do on Renekton since you don't scale whatsoever with the tank build, and only with like 90% ad build. Second, you use ur E in teamfights, but not the empowered E so you won't waste fury because 90% of Renekton's damage comes from his W and his job in teamfights is to one shot the carries or focus them (sometimes you will need to both be the peel and focus the carries). obviously you can outplay Teemo in lane but it really depends on him and not on you, he's not an actual counter when he sucks obviously and he cant predict ur W, but some Teemos in high elo knows exactly how to abuse Renekton, and teemo does outscale Renekton, according to LeagueOfGraphs, at 10 mins when teemo has 2 kills he has 67.2% winrate, and Renekton has 58.6%, Big winrate difference. when a Jax reaches his first back and gets a sheen/phage, you really think Renekton can handle his W proc with sheen or his extended fights with phage? No. from experience when he has 5 conq stacks his W does 40% of my hp, so jax is stronger than Renekton both early, mid, and late game, and its impossible to kill him unless he fails really hard, or you get a gank. Did i say runes and builds are standard to copy guides? No, did I say there is not an actual keystone that works on Renekton both early-mid-late? Yes, Renekton's options for keystones are either Conqueror or Press the attack. if you run Conqueror, you have to win late early or you won't be able to carry whatsoever, because you do no damage with conqueror early. on the other hand, you can go Press the attack, BUT THEN, they rush {{item:3047}} , and you do no damage at all. THATS THE PROBLEM WITH RENEKTON, no matter what runepage you run, you'll always face problems. on the other hand, you can run Conqueror every game on Riven, Jax, Mundo, Hecarim and always get away with it. How can u argue about the items that I rush on Renekton where literally every Renekton main knows you are not supposed go tank on him or you won't scale? RTO, SoloRenektonOnly, and some other Renekton mains always go 90% of their build full ad. because there is no other way you could scale. ({{item:3142}} people rush rarely but it's really a playstyle preference.). Teleport is for roaming, ignite is for kill pressure, unless you know you'll win lane 100% you go ignite, for the kill pressure, because if you don't get ahead early your lane is over 99% of the time (obviously if your team wins their lane, sure, you'll get carried).
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