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: TFT - Guardian Angle doesn't trigger
probably something to do with the poppy cc coding and angle coding
: TFT Game Breaking Aatrox Bug
he will only use it if the enemy is within range to use it, giving him the RFC means he isn't in range to use it
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Febos (EUW)
: Are we really going to complain about Olaf in ARAM? Well, I have great news for you. You can now ban champions on ARAM! Don't like playing against it? Ban it.
haven't played against it, just thought about how you could abuse the mechanic. And banning it is a way to stop it from happening :)
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Gebba (EUW)
: It's possible that because there was some weird thingy when moving from whatever previously to windows 10, the client is trying to update and fix itself by deleting all windows 10 files because they are not recognizable to the client, considering how it was used pre-10, but at the same time it cannot upload or restore previous windows which it was running on. If you think uninstalling and reinstalling would make the program adapt and recognize the new windows 10 system, that's not entirely correct. Not all files are deleted when you uninstall, and this goes for almost all games actually. Furthermore, if there is a backup of the pre-10 operative system, this causes problems in general. What i did when i moved to windows 10 was that i also completely wiped my PC but saving the personal files. Doing so fixes most issues windows 10 comes with because it is also restoring its own self, instead of replacing itself with the previous system which can cause corrupt files. As for how to recover anything deleted on the harddrive, i have no clue. It is said that files are never truly deleted, but you may have to be a cryptic mastermind to solve that riddle.
Thank you, yeah he'll be more careful when he next has to update
: It's sounds really far fetched that Riot deleted all your files.
It was how it decided that all the files were league of legend files and because it didn't recognise them as a patch it removed them. I know it's not directly Riot's fault but something like that should be fixed or looked into.
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: Riot have already stated that it's highly likely they will remove his ult from his kit as they feel like he can't really have it... if this does happen riot will ensure that a new champion who is designed to use the ult gets it as it's an awesome ult just not for urgot (reanimated meat on crab legs sort of Frankenstein's monster thing really doesn't scream hi tech position reverser... he should be much more of a horror movie monster esq thing, that was literally how riot first described him when revealing him). And while I think close range juggernaut might make sense personally I doubt riot can move a champion so far away from the original... they can but they can't alienate the urgot fans. They will likely try the tank marksman thing, although I think that they are planning to go more the literal tank... as in treads and a cannon kind of tank (so slow, beefy, does lots of damage but can be out manuvered)... So think slightly longer ranged juggernaut. Idk urgot is weird... there are so many ways to pull him and none seem 100% right... prob why riot keep putting him off till later.
It will be good to see what they have planned for him. I do think they'll keep him Ranged and they should do a good job of his rework with all the experience they now have. He could become something simular to kog'maw in play style but with a more zombie/zaun theme to him (maybe another time manipulator? Like ekko and zilean) At least he's finally getting a proper rework.
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: good idea but he seems sort of strong being that all of his abilities deal damage, i like the idea that he is a cowboy thought but i keep thinking of him looking like jhin lol. If you have time could you check out my champion creation?
I agree with what you say about them all dealing damage being strong, which is why in my reply to the other comment I made 1 of them a kind of control thing over a jungle monster and would probably need to reduce the Base damage of the abilities as a general. Thank you for your help :)
IndigoFenix (EUNE)
: It's a good start - we've got ninjas and pirates, so of course we need cowboys! Whip-users also seem to be strangely absent from the League. But, I think his kit is kind of boring - all three of his abilities are minor variations on lashing enemies with his whip, which is also his auto-attack, and despite packing a revolver he doesn't seem to get much use out of it. Disarm is an interesting concept, though it could be easily merged with his W. One of his basic skills could be a tricky skillshot with his revolver, fitting with his quick-draw theme. And given his ranching background and animal training imagery in one of his skins, maybe he could make use of neutral jungle creeps somehow?
Really liking how you've aproached the idea! :D I get what you mean about all the abilities being simular. Introducing some form of jungle taming thing could be cool. Foemr example, his next basic attack causes a neutral monster to help him and attack nearby threats that it can sense for a few seconds (being either other neutral monsters or enemy champions, wouldn't work on dragon, herald or baron). This would likely replace the E. Merging the Q and W together would be a good move, could make the crital area also the area that disarms the enemy causing theit items to lose effectiveness (would probably be a set %). As this would free up his Q, the Q could become, as you said, something to do with his revolver. A skillshot with some form of reward for using it well (getting a kill with it could reset it). It would likely have a narrow missile width to make it harder to use but would likely have a high middle speed. What do you think?
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: Alright, now I'll just quickly read trough it and write down my thoughts as I write. So, first of we wanna keep the "imprisoner" feel. I like the idea of his Passive if we're gonna roll with the blob taking x amount of dmg his target takes too. I think his q could possibly make for a passive ability without the ultimate where he jumps onto someone. Like kindoff leave a field behind him that slows or a field that dmgs not sure what you want to rule with. Maybe toss in some mana cost on it so it's kinda like singed If he's gonna have the slow on his ultimate too I think it shouldn't slow the other teammates just because it would be hella OP in teamfights. The W should be a channeled ability where he spews ooze infront of him with a decent ap scaling so that he'll get down those jungle creeps. W with ultimate is ok I guess, but think he still should be able to basic attack only his target so that he's truly an imprisoner and he's got his target. The E is alright, true sight with a skillshot would be nice on him. E with ultimate is also alright I guess, don't have too much to comment on that. When it comes to the ultimate I still think that only his target should be able to dmg him but the part where he takes x amount of dmg also works.
so make the q: leaps onto a target champion (550 units away, possible a skill shot?) dealing magic damage and staying attached for x seconds; while attached he can reactive q to cause a trail to be left by the target that damages enemies (inc target) which lasts for as long as he's attached (when reactivates it would cost the same mana again and just lasts for however long he remains attached?) so this would remove the slow from his kit. so making the W channel would work well, only hard cc could cancel, and to make it better against jungle monsters could just make it do 150% damage to them so that it wouldn't be too op in lane or team fights? swapping it to only attack who he is targeting would be weird to animate, i was more thinking he could gain some attack range and stretch out and attack nearby enemies, although if it wouldn't be too hard to animate (like maybe he kind of detaches a bit so that you can see more of the target and then he could easily attack them and only them?) E's ok, might take some AP ratio off but apart from that it's good. making it so only his target can attack him would be weird, maybe enemy champs could attack him but damage is shared between him and his target? as a ranged champ wouldn't really be able to attack him while he's over them... and it probably makes sense to keep it as he takes % damage of what the target takes many thanks, Luke :D
: The final level base damage is WAY too high. 220, 240, 290 or 110+140, 400; You could delete any adc without even building any items. Some champs are already like this so we dont need more! One other thing is his ap ratios, similairly to the base damage at max level this seems a little high. You build a full ap build and you might aswell just ignore any squishy mage, slightly behind lane or adc because they wont even touch you :/{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} Dont mean to hate, cool champ concept and would be a cool addition to the league.
i agree that the ap ratios are high and that the abilities are slightly too high at max level but take a look at vel,koz ( Also he has to be reasonably close to use most of his abilities so could make him more squishy to give him that risk reward style of play, maybe? Thank you for the advice though :)
: Like, when I read only the first part of the description I thought, hey this would be a perfect blob champion, I want to see that! But then like, the abilities doesn't quite match him being a blob (not even a humanoid in my mind, just a blob) And most of the abilities after ulting is OP, he'd be the king of CC. If we talk a blob champion here I'd think more like a blob that jumps onto people but his downside would be he get hit by everything they throw out. So he'd be real goddamn tanky and amazing at locking out enemy champions. Just think about it. A blob just sliming it's way trought the jungle and suddenly jumps onto you and you know you can just run to turret to make him jump off you but also if you just trow out all your skill you know they'll hit him anyways Just my thoughts on the matter, tell me if you're interested in discussing more cuz I'd love a blob on the rift.
What you're saying is a really good idea and I know there is major balancing issues. Would probably be better as a blob, kind of like a Black Pudding from d&d. With his abilities being op after ulting is more to give it a feel like hes actually doing something; do think the normal abilities should be weakened a fair amount and for his ult abilities to be weakened a bit. Would probably change that he takes xx% of damage that the victim takes; this could scale with his ult so that it might start off as he take 2/3 of the damage that the victim takes (does not reduce the damage to the victim), then 1/2 then 1/3 so that his team don't kill him too much. Jungle is probably where I see him now, especially with his passive; would have to put a cap on how much health he could gain from the use of 1 ability so he isn't un-killable (would probably scale with level). If you have any other ideas I'd like to hear them.
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: Nice! Which ones?
"On Saturday 5th March 2016, Winchester Video Gaming Society will be hosting VARSITY! For the first time ever, 13 universities from across the UK Will be competing in a tournament!" however it's not an exclusive LOL event, can't find out what universities are joining us...


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