Pxerkza (EUNE)
: champs that side lane are divided by 2 groups champs that want to push towers or champs that want to push the waves the latter is focused on team fighting the former is focused on turret taking ie the difference between a zed and a nasus they both want to split but zed doesn't want to take the turret while nasus wants to Nasus scales infinitely yorick scales really hard snowballing is more of a decision making than a champion kit you can snowball with a maokai just as hard as you can with blue kayn you just have to make the right decisions for your champion there is no champion in the game that can just win every matchup you will get smashed in some and you will smash others also with trynd you can playi like with nasus you have higher safety with trynd even and you can make the enemy team play just around you and all you have to hope for is that your team doesn't come to help you
Thank you for your comment! i think i will try to keep my champion pool to jax, maplhite and i will try yorick, maybe one trick him he seems pretty fun
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: and playstyle? do you like always being useful do you like inting some games and carrying others you like being a solid damage threat do you like engaging do you like backline do you like zone control give us info there are 150 champions and some champions can be played in multiple ways more info
I like champions like jax, scaling champions who are able to snowball. I like to be able to sidelane, but also group. But jax is just to weak in the laning phase, i cant work with that. ive tried tryndamere and i like playing him but i have the idea that you are kinda relying on ur team to make the right play out of ur splitpush unless ur super fed and can just oneshot the adc in teamfights. Right now im trying aatrox but i just got dumpstered by a bronze fiora
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: 1 trick if you want to climb consistently as the win rate of your 1trick will determine your climbing rate the more random things you play the slower your climb will be dunno man tell us what you like
I prefer toplane i guess
AiFted (EUW)
: How are your games going generally then? Some general tipps: Are you dying early? - Get a champion and play it more often then, best would be to use a champion that is easy to execute on like annie, garen, ashe etc. That way your shotcalling also improves. Also maybe you are not playing to your best ability if you are dying early (bad trades, overstaying etc). Is there someone feeding in your games? - Use teleport and use it to countergank the botlane or toplane, use the f1-f5 keys to check on them regularly and if your enemy adc is about to overextend you can teleport to get kills/ prevent kills etc. Just be careful so you don't teleport into a lost fight. Are you losing long games? - Play a champion that is easy to execute on. I feel like in lower elo there is a debuff where your chances to win go down the longer the game goes on because the champion might be too hard. Therefore if your opponent has a hard champion to play, such as irelia, akali etc it is a good idea to extend the game :).
Thank you for ur comment, i always try to one trick someone, then i spam him 20 games and then i get bored from it. The result will be that i think im suddenly capeble of playing things like yasuo and then i will lose all the elo i gained from spamming this champ
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: Help meee
Yes i know that it is not good to play random champions thats why i asked what i should do, i cant find a main champ to enjoy
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