: What I do is I unbind the Enter key so I can't use chat. That way I can use pings and see what they are all typing, but I can't type back.
I'm sure that still wont hold me back from talking back, ill just bind enter again
: Crowd: There is no elo hell | Me (Blitzcrank):
http://prntscr.com/fe1464 bronze life
: Just /mute all ... at the start of the game... you can flame as much as you want because noone will see :P
not true everyone will still see it but you dont see their mesages and i still want to communicate with the team so i want a chat restriction
: It's 10 chat > 25 chat > 14 days > Perma No special treatments.
I want to use it to reform and with muting ppl that doesnt really help because I still want to communicate with the team
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