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mRc (EUW)
: Soul Reaver Talon Skin
Skin link upadated :)
Minipx11 (EUW)
: Really cool to see the Portuguese community doing this kind of work. Bem jogado!
Não fui eu que fiz a skin, Apenas a vi,adorei porque sou main Talon e postei :P
: A re-post, should mention that. And yea, it's not a bad idea. You should also give credits to the creator of this concept art for copy right issues.
Yeah but i dont know who is the creator :(
Moon4Lord (EUW)
: well I'm not playing him but gotta say all his current skins are pretty crappy
I just like SSW Talon :P
: i dont play talon but i will play talon for this skin only lol
Yes its realy epic skin :P
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: Soul Reaver Talon
Charibasa (EUW)
: ssw talon got released like 2 months ago...
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