RallerenP (EUW)
: You literally just proved his point lol. You answered his toxicity with your own, and it just escalated from him calling you sensitive, to you telling him that you hope he dies. And your comparison to real life doesn't work. In real life if you punch someone in the face they might be dettered. But this is online. You're not scary. You're not intimidating. You aren't dettering ANYONE through words on a screen. You're quite literally JUST escalating the situation. What if you had just ignored him calling you sensitive. Just stopped replying at that point? Then the situation wouldn't have escalated.
LOL, it literally just proved my point for 300 percent: already three times. It is funny to see how this toxic, disgusting creature (ImainLilSatan ) goes unpunished with all its toxicity, flame and provocations, while my posts with proper responses to this animal are deleted. It is now proved and can be clearly seen that moderation on these forums, as well as in game, protects and grows the toxicity instead of punishing it. This community is a garbage pile.
: Sure you can’t mute them in pre game and post game lobby. You really shouldn’t care what some keyboard warrior has to say about your mom. If you are that sensitive you should stay away from the internet.
At first I'm saying that I care not helping them or allying with them in any way. By doing this you just making the world a worse place and encourage the toxicity to spread even more, obviously.
: This is not real world. It’s a game where you have an option to mute people.
You didn't get the point. But anyway. Imagine I follow your message. So, have I? Tell me how do I mute them in champ select and aftergame lobby chats? Why do I still read the swill from the person I just blocked in a previous game? Happens all the time. Why aren't blocked person muted in the next game again? Why can't I even see in champ select or even in game(!) that the person is in my blocklist? I could dodge the game or adjust my behavior properly.
Hansiman (EUW)
: No, I have still not seen it. Care to show me your chat logs? If you respond to toxicity with toxicity, you're simply being toxic.
Again, you have just seen it: the reason of ban is toxic teammates. If I hadn't had toxic teammates, the account would not have been banned. Closing your eyes to the fact, like you most likely do with closing your ears to toxicity and aggression around you instead of reacting to it properly, does not change the fact itself.
: well what else would you do? spit fire on fuel? i don't Think so. /mute all is currently a better option.
That's what I'm asking: what else can you do? In real world, if someone shows aggression to you, do you just stop your ears and go away like a pathetic vic? Or do you punch it in the face, answer to the aggression or go to the police? You have many decent options. And anyway, would you ever ALLY with toxic person to achieve any goal? That's almost impossible, until you plan to screw them later from the back. So here, the system is trying to punish you every time when you don't want to HELP and ALLY with person who is toxic and aggressive to you. This is just unbelievably mindless.
Hansiman (EUW)
: > Bad teammates cause bad behaviour. Not our faults the system doesn't care to look how the stuff started. That excuse doesn't work. You're responsible for your own behavior, nobody else. Everyone has a bad teammate once in a while, but that doesn't mean we all start being toxic. --- > Didn't work? In what world would it not. Because people that misbehave to the point where this penalty was required simply found other ways to ruin the game when they got mad and were unable to chat, such as intentionally feeding. It only allowed them to ruin even more games before getting the permaban they should've gotten in the first place. --- > Yes they do, but I was not talking about that. I was talking about the fact losing an account due to one bad teammate that cause something to leak out from you isn't a great thing, is it? But nobody loses their account due to a bad teammate, so I don't know why you raise that as an example. I've been active in the PB community for 6 years, and I have **never** seen anyone lose an account due to your example. --- > More chat restrictions could give the person some information they should calm down, possibly just /mute others. a 10 and 25 games is truly nothing in the big run and can be ran through fast, 100 games? not so much anymore. Increasing the length of the chat restriction is not likely going to help. Again, we had permanent restrictions, and they didn't help. --- > Self-defense exists, right? Yes, it's called the mute-button. That's self-defense. Retaliation is **not** defending yourself. --- > and the person who got attacked on defended himself, after the game he ended up getting banned and the person who started it never did. Again, after 6 years I've never seen someone "defending" themselves get banned, because defending themselves is muting the offending player and reporting them once the game is over. Once you start retaliating, you're not longer defending yourself. You're just being toxic.
> [{quoted}](name=Hansiman,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=y9E2ulIA,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-01-22T18:30:18.066+0000) > > But nobody loses their account due to a bad teammate, so I don't know why you raise that as an example. I've been active in the PB community for 6 years, and I have **never** seen anyone lose an account due to your example. > --- Was long time ago, but I'm the example, now you have seen it. Actually , many people like me. We are just not vics and not underdogs, so we can't ignore the fact someone toxic to us, answer to toxic apes and get banned for doing the right thing. Cause the system protects toxicity instead of punishing it. P.S. Accounts don't matter, just never invest any real money into it.
DavidK14 (EUNE)
: Discussion about toxic behaviour punishments.
The current system is the worst that can be imagined, it is not only absolutely useless, but even protects and multiplies toxicity by NOT punishing initial toxic players and being unable to understand any frames of actions and chat messages. > [how-do-you-fight-with-toxicity](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/ObaBPhNT-how-do-you-fight-with-toxicity)
: /mute all
It doesn't prevent them from spitting their swill in chat. It's just pathetic and self-deceit.
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