: Dont worry its all about improving! I started playing this game late S5 and im almost plat now (wich is good for me) All you need to have is a good mindset!
Bronze 5 is tough you know xD. Hmm I'm gonna try again I guess. I don't want to lose the whole month I spent to try .
: An Ancient technique for ELO heaven!
Climbing.. :') We bronze do not know what is a ward. We bronze will regroup when you will gather all the dragon ball after dancing naked in the top of the eiffel tower wearing a weird hat designed by a pinguin(and only if that condition is cleared). Nasus as top laner will enable a secret buff : you cannot 5v5, it will be prohibited untill you gangbang to the death the drake with the ennemy team(of course, you die too, why ? because 42(google it)). Still have hope and try to communicate ? Sorry, we bronze do not know what the fuc.k is 'ping'. We think it's fun to make noises by clicking a button and spamming it :D We bronze do not like to push, we like kills you know =D. ... ooops, sorry, it's like my brain burns when I see things related to climbing(trying for a month now, promoted/demoted 7 times :D I think it's a high score, where is my medal ?) I love that command, it's very handy and you will instantly know when you're improving by checking times to times this list to see if you did the mistakes again ^^). (PS: bronzes, do not be offended, I'm one of you 8D. #tryingtoclimbforawholemonth) I'm really impressed by those who climbed from bronze V to diamond. I wish I had your skill. I can't even climb to silver ha ha :') .
: Why does RIOT have to be so UNFAIR
Same here, and I get demoted after that. I already be promoted/demoted 7times.. =D And when I was like "ok don't give up, you will be silver one day. Next game: people refused to regroup and 1 or 2 v5 until the game ended. I still didn't gave up and try another game. Thanks the 2000ms, I crashed and lost again(ok this one I can't do anything ha ha, I'm just a very unlucky bronze ha ha). Give up man, you won't have any help here. + people are very mean on this forum. I don't know in wich elo you are but don't trust people who say 'elo hell' doesn't exist =D . It does. You have to do your best to not end up in bronze V in placements matchs or you're doomed for ever :D PS: Or be like me, accept you will play for ever in bronze and try to enjoy it 8'D #destroyedhope
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Xrozz (EUW)
: i saw your thresh game didnt went well again, go check http://champion.gg/champion/Thresh for runes / masteries and the optimal build dont Forget: the build depens on how the game is going! does the enemy have 2 or more AP champs? are they full AD?
To be honest, this game didn't went well, probably 50% due to me. I missed a lot of skillshot. Playing thresh with smartcast wasn't as easy as I first tough. I always try to build depending on the ennemy team so if my build was weird, it's probably due to my lack of knowledge in building for thresh, or maybe tanking ? I'm going to check the builds and follow your advices. I really thanks for you for taking your time for me :) . I gained motivation again. I'm gonna climb that sh.t =) . You gave me that motivation ! I said it a lot, but thanks !!
Xrozz (EUW)
: p.s. go watch some YouTube vids about supporting and check Champion.gg for Champions builds.. checked your history and your masteries and builds are often weird :)
Ha ha thanks for telling me. I don't know what I'm doing with my masteries(I wasn't sure about that). Dear lord, you looked at this bronze history, I'm so ashamed... I don't know many good names when it come to supporting, which person you suggest I watch ? (i don't know any streamers name or the LoL's big names). Sorry for asking so much question, thanks for your time.
3rd Age (EUW)
: Support is actually the hardest role carry with, as you have to consistently create opportunities (while being the lowest gold on the team) for your carries to get fed. Many things are wrong with this in low elo, but the primary one is that you're depending on your carries to be able to have the knowledge and mechanics and positioning to be able to follow up and secondly that they will be able to snowball off of it. The best way to carry urself out of this shitty elo is to be extremely selfish and grab every kill and cs that you can get until you get into an elo with more reliable teammates. Tbh there is little to nothing to do if you have an afker. The best way to win 4v5's is to push a lead by taking towers and try to end the game before 30 minutes (which is aroundd the time they catch up). But honestly, i'd get out of support and go into a solo lane or jungle role so that carrying is easier.
Thanks for the advice, I'm gonna try those lanes. I'll let you know if something changed :).
Xrozz (EUW)
: well..we wont lose if we dont get 3 afk's :D:D we can also do a normal just to Train a little
Of course ! I'm gonna follow you =) . If training = get out of elo hell. I can do it the whole day ha ha(Joking, I have to work). I'll be connected tonight I think.
Xrozz (EUW)
: i know that feel.. i was there once as well ^^ if you stick on playing Support..try to learn how to Play thresh..something with strong cc.. blitzcrank can Change the game as well ^^ if i can Play today, we will do a game together and yeah the afk Problem.. try to search for some People to Play with.. 2 or 3 others.. so the Chance of getting an afk is not that high
Thanks for your comment. If you play with me, won't it low your MMR(I would feel terrible about that ><) ? If not, I would be super happy to play with you =) Let's try thresh, I'm gonna try another ranked right now.
3rd Age (EUW)
: You're looking at it half right by blaming yourself, but still half wrong by expecting anything from your teammates at this elo. Teammates only become reliable at around Gold. What you have to imagine now, is that you will always have less of a chance of getting idiots on your team as long as you're playing above the level of game-play as everyone else. Why? Because you have 4 teammates that can be all idiots and they have 5 teammates that can be all idiots. So you have a man advantage (you!). Keep improving your play, grind those games, and eventually statistics will work in your favor because you'll be a better player than the average person in your games. Nightblue3 logic :)
I just did another ranked right now. What I got again ? One afk... I didn't even raged ! Nor flamed. I just kept the #dicksucking mindset. Result: 3 games, 3 afk. So here is my question, if the other side is always well doing, maybe I'm screwing up my games ? Am I doing something wrong in safe play ? Should I be aggressive sometimes ? Or should I do like the carries on the other side, just feed myself, chasing as hell and win ? I don't understand. I'm playing karma, but I'm only doing my job getting assists, protecting and peeling. Of course, I' don't say I'm doing it at a pro level. Sometimes I miss skillshot, sometimes I do dumb things... But I try to never throw(of course it happened in one or two games, Again, I'm not trying to say I'm better, here, or something, just that I'm kinda the safe player, waiting the enemies' mistakes) So should I fuc. this sh.t and go ks the ADC from the very start and just crush them all ? I feel I may be able to do that but... This is not what I 'signed' for ha ha. I feel sick even by thinking it... Anyway, thanks for listening to a bronze cry. I'm almost sad that I have to bother all those peoples on this forum. At first, I didn't even believed that guyz like you were really on this salty community ha ha ...
: Nah...the role isnt problem, it is even easyer to carry as support in lower elo bcs your enemies wont expect dammage from you ( if you pick AP support ). Im main support and just 2 days ago got PLAT... so everything is possible.... I dont think its about time you are playing but about the time you are playing and NOT learning.... I was stuck so long in silver until i sat down in my room and told myself that I suk, that Im missing to many skillshots, that I have no idea how to protect my carries, that I dont ward enough, my map avarenes is terrible, I dont use exoust correctly etc etc.. and I found soooo many things to work on... took them ONE BY ONE.. and practised it in games, I didnt focus on winning instead of pure improoving of myself..... after I realised that I got to gold in 60 games.... Basicly I searched for youtube vids, topics and twitch streams ... anything where I can learn things I didnt know. After that I devoted my time into learning how TO NOT GO ON TILT EVER.... the hardest process in this game so far :D So now, in my games when something happens I just ask myself "Can I do anything to change that?" If the answer is no, I ignore it. Just wanted to share another post, I hope you will find a way to improove yourself and get out of bronze :) P.S. silver isnt better either :P gold is nice, less toxic people, plat is same as silver :D
"TO NOT GO ON TILT EVER" "the hardest process in this game so far :D" => At least, I do that ^^. I even got surprised by getting the green ribbon :o . But I don't know, I got 'friendly' in each game, and seeing it when I know I had been trolled, make me kinda sick ha ha. I'm focusing on improving, but I want also to have fun you know. Since it's a game :/ . "Basicly I searched for youtube vids, topics and twitch streams ... anything where I can learn things I didnt know." I'm doing this, but it's not enough, I don't know how to carry. I think this is my main problem. If i want to climb the ladder, I need this skill. I noticed that all the plat/gold are peoples able to carry in low elo. Maybe I'm wrong, I don't know. I don't even know what to do now...
Xrozz (EUW)
: well i was everywhere from bronze 5 to Gold 4 Support is a hard role to carry yourself out.. because you Need to rely on your teammates many times if you want to you can add me ingame and we Play some games.. iam playing jungle / adc most of the time so we can get you out of there :P
Hi... Did another game.. Guess what happen... Ha ha I'm sick of this game.... Impressive that you climbed from here ! Why not =D, You're maybe my last hope before uninstalling..
3rd Age (EUW)
: my story is that near the middle of Season 4 i finally got lvl 30 and put into Silver 4 (should not of been placed that high). I fell down to Bronze 4 by the end of the season. End of season 5 I got gold and now it's mid season 6 and i'm almost plat. It just takes time and experience.
I played this game a loooot of times, since the early seasons. I'm just sick being matched with the bronzes for placements match. I don't deserve the trolls. I dont know how bad am I to be matched with them, but I'm at least trying to get the turrets, playing safe and warding, being friendly with everyone. It's like I'm gonna be a noob forever ? It kills me seriously... I love this game, but right now, it's unplayable. Bronze are just salty, sick and pathetic...(I just got trolled in the game I just made, I stayed friendly... But i swear inside me It was hell. I still kept my calm, and tried to get turrets.. But how ? Everyone is splitting in each game, refusing to cooperate and bad behaving, always being racist/insulting, chasing and all the funny stuff) And you know what, I'm not climbing, i lost 3 places in Bronze V. Maybe I'm just freakin' bad then..
Xrozz (EUW)
: well i was everywhere from bronze 5 to Gold 4 Support is a hard role to carry yourself out.. because you Need to rely on your teammates many times if you want to you can add me ingame and we Play some games.. iam playing jungle / adc most of the time so we can get you out of there :P
Hi... Did another game.. Guess what happen... Ha ha I'm sick of this game.... Impressive that you climbed from here !
: I will be hones with you and tell you that bronze is not the most comfortable place to be :) I never acctually dropped to bronze but due to my noob-ness my lowest rank was silver V, and I was matched against/with bronze dudes... .. it felt terrible, there were so little games wich you can enyoj that is was scarry, the amount of afk/rage/ignorance/pure stupidity was outrageous and to be honest not really comfortable to play in. Noone can tell you magic trick how to get out of bronze, there are some general advices but players tend to do it themselfs, after couple amount of games people just get better... I like to think like this - noone is stupid/unskilled just UNEXPIRIENCED.... Another word; you will improove in this game when you play more. Some people are faster learners but some of them are the slow ones, so everyone takes different amount of games to learn how to be better. The sad trouth is that bronze is filled with salty people wich are stuck in there mainly bcs their additute, for example - someone is going with the wrong build ( enemy team is full AD, he is building magic ressist ), now, one of your temates decides to tell him POLITELY to stop building MR items and explains why - that guy tells him to FUK OFF and ignores the advice. In order to climb/improove players need to accept that they are dooing a lot of things wrong and have to try to search for stop dooing those things, in order to do so they have to addmit they are WRONG wich is very rare in bronze elo., its like the lower the elo - the greater the ego :D:D Noone deserves to play in toxic atmosphere and it feels rly bad, but there is no magic wond to fix that, people will always be people and will be dooing same stuff allover again. The best advice I can give you is to ignore them all, dont chat with toxic ones bcs thats what they want - they want the attention to spread their toxicnes. If you get a troll in your team who will run and suicide in enemy team ignore him aswell . You might ask yourself HOW ? Well - YOU CANT DO ANYTING TO STOP THAT, you are controling only yourself and your chapions and no matter what you do, you cant get into theirs heads/keyboards/computers, so stressing about it is pointless. Last words .. it is hard, it is frustrating and can be non enyojable at all, but you need to care less, bcs again, you cant change it, you can only change yourself and improove yourself :) P.S. find THREE champions master only three of them and spam them until you start climbing, people are making big mistaked with changing their champion pool to often, it usually takes more than 50 games to learn how to react in eveny situation with just ONE champion. :) Gl and dont forget to have fun, if you find ranked to toxic just play normals, noone is forcing you to climb trough bronze... P.P.S. Normal MMR isnt relatet to ranked MMR, they are compleatly sepparated
Thanks for reading me ! "P.S. find THREE champions master only three of them and spam them until you start climbing, people are making big mistaked with changing their champion pool to often" "Another word; you will improve in this game when you play more." I forgot to say that I play from the early seasons of this game >< Maybe the problem is coming from the role I play(Or am I delusional here ?) ? I always play support. Thanks for this motivational message, I'm gonna try to climb again. Hope I'll get out of bronze V P.P.S: Well.. Now they are probably similar in my account xD
: I wish, I could be bronze to get that feeling. Guess I will try to get bronze on this account. Had fun reading your thread. Don't know if you are being sarcastic or really bronze player, cuz I haven't interacted with any bronze before. You want to improve? Follow few tips. 1) Focus on few champions on two roles and master them in normals and customs. Do play them in ARAM too it will help you learn how to team fight, when to go in and when not to. 2) Know what the abilities of the champions are, and get a general idea of their cooldowns. 3) In lower ranks, try not to team fight avoid if possible, cuz you don't know exactly if you will get a follow. So focus on yourself. 4) Go for objectives rather then kills, and absolutely do not chase kills where there is no vision and you don't have the location of other enemy players. 5) Dragons baron are important but you main focus should be towers, so try to split and focus on objective game by getting towers. 6) Above all you should know, you can't win every game but as long as you keep above 50% wins with a smaller champion pool, you will climb. Just a tip, easy to learn carrying champions Vi, Master Yi, Jax, Udyr, Tryndamere, Xin Zhao, Volibear, Graves, Trundle, Shyvana. And lanes top and jungle. But for mid annie, lux and talon are good to carry with too. But chose only maximum of 6 champions and know their matchups.
First, thanks you for replying and taking me seriously. This is surprising. So it's not a myth, good people are in hight elo.... I wish I could got there ha ha. "Don't know if you are being sarcastic or really bronze player, " To be honest I don't know either, I'm playing this game since the early seasons, I'm not super bad, but unable to carry. So it may be a little true. Just recently tried smartcast, kinda fun but a little hard to play. Maybe I'v to train that. My strong points: a good map awareness, I often success to guess when the drake is free, or when I can roam to take some turrets. Seeing when the jungler is uncoming is rarely a problem. So where I think is the problem, my big weaks points : - poor mechanics I think(especially when I play ADC). And for example: When I'm dived, I don't know what to do. So I often die when I'm dived. - 0(lets say -10 000) leadership or 'social skill' xD. Even If I know when to drake or take a turret, I'm unable to make my team do it. Being nice is not enough I guess. "do not chase kills" I'm maining supp, I never really cared about kills I'm really thanks full for your tips wich I was already following for some of them. I hope one day I'll stop meeting the trolls ha ha. Thanks for taking your time and reading me. PS: "I wish, I could be bronze to get that feeling. Guess I will try to get bronze on this account. " Please don't do that. You will only regret it.
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