: So the Kai'sa smurf plays normals for him too? With his friends?
In normal games he goes 1/2/1 on Kai'sa. In ranked he goes stupid scores like 17/1. Go figure?
: I think that me actually playing at my full potential made them think it was a boost. I do this in every game,i start off normally,i gain more exp and stay away from ranked,at a certain point i feel like i should try a competitive match and see what i can do there. Only difference is that in this case i'm being accused of something i didn't do.
The booster who was playing on your account likely showed up as an IP address from a different country. Unless you were playing a bit of league on holiday?
: Wrongfully Banned
Sorry OP, but it looks like you were MMR boosted by a Kai'sa smurf. Riot games will see that the IP address of the person playing during the period where you would go insane scores every game (24 kills in 30 minutes like every game i mean cmon) will have an IP address in a different country.
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: I don't understand it I have so many smurfs which I play and none ever got banned for "MMR Boosting" even tho I easily get huge winstreaks on champs those accounts have never played before etc because all smurfs own different champs because I have a huge champ pool. I also know of people who obviously got boosted and they are also not banned so I am quite confused on your case, sry to hear so
Because thats not mmr boosting. Mmr boosting is when someone plays on an account they dont own to raise another players rank. People will pay for MMR boosting to certain ranks if they feel like they cant climb because of their "team". You can usually tell if someone has been MMR boosted because they will have insane winrates on certain champions, and they might randomly switch summoner spell position.
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: In my opinion the game experience when I'm Ingame is fine. The problem is; I need 4 hours! to find people in Plat 5+ to play FlexQ 5v5 with. That's just way to much time... When we are Ingame the game experience is nice, the balancing is fine atm and we have intense and cool games, sometimes nice comebacks, sometimes god like plays that can carry games but how I can experience this nice moments when I need that long to find Premades :( Riot pls: Support the League Team experience and make it easier finding premades :( I can only play 1-3 games per day because searching people takes 2-6 hours depending on the time I start searching, only because you does not support team play in a team game... Luckily I do not experience games like you (Inter or flamer) because I only play with premades but that leads to the problem above... In my opinion Riot need to fix this problem and your problem would be solved aswell :) btw. No native english speaker aswell, hello from germany :)
4 hours? Uhhh thats not even remotely true lol

maiden is inting

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