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yoniame (EUNE)
: lol {{champion:38}} as an assassin. The only thing he can kill is himself
not in late game tho no one can kill him in late game he only kills other people
AznaktaX (EUNE)
: Be careful on your way up, cause when I escaped Silver, I breezed through Gold like it was nothing. I thought I could easily get Diamond, and well....long story short, Platinum kicked my @$$.
Solash (EUW)
: Actually Insane Suggestion Time - What if Jayce's Acceleration Gate empowered EVERY projectile?
: Just give him some time. Look how much it took Bard to become super mega popular. People will be playing {{champion:136}} in no time.
Bard was a popular pick even though he was shit
ta16vl (EUW)
: Is it a bad thing I only play with bots?
You shouldn't get scared to play PvP, it has no impact on your ranking what so ever, I've been doing the same as you but then realised that I'll learn better if I play against real people that are unpredictable unlike Bots that have a fixed decision for every situation.
: Players using bot accounts in games
There are a lot of bots that run it down mid in Intermediate Bots, seems like they switched from TT to there.
Happee (EUW)
: Low level Jungeling
: Aatrox=Volibear, but Volibear>Aatrox x 3?
Wait what? Volibear can die? Didn't know that OwO
Rismosch (EUW)
: There are exactly 3 Types of People
Jluil (EUNE)
: Ranking system is mathematically broken and unfair
"You start at gold 4 with 0 league points. Then you win 2 games and lose 3 games. The system will most likely demote you to gold 3 with 75 points." I might've misunderstood what you wrote, but you get demoted from gold 4 to gold 3?
rallot01 (EUNE)
: This rank is too unfair!
Wow thought someone was going to complain about some of his friends who got to higher ranks than him through "dynamic queue"
: SAVE 1,200 IP ON EACH 6300 CHAMP
And you get extra blue essence too
: Why I have a wrong summoner icon on boards?
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vhcvieira (EUW)
: Pls rito make this dream come true
A new thresh skin is coming soon, they posted teaser on Facebook.
: Before typing "I have no jungler" please, ask yourself this question
They should now that the jungler's role isn't to gank, he just does it for charity :)
Kush (EUNE)
: I am searching for a clan with a tag "Tits".
Troller911 (EUNE)
: Why i have play against Diamonds/Plats/Golds when i am Bronze?
Most of your games are against gold/silver you only have 1 or 2 games against diamond and plat and they are probably premades
: Banned permanently for no reason. So unfair. Please review.
You probably got flagged from past games and Riot's system decided it's time for you to get punished.
: Well Shaco has cool skins. I personally like Masked shaco because of the model (I´ve lived in China for 6 years, so the asian culture is my home), the knifes are super cool and the mask looks insane. Then for the extras, his walking animation is more natural which is a nice touch. But I also like Asylum Shaco, it represents him to perfection. A crazy, insane, maniac. The model while it doesnt look like the splash art (the face mostly) its pretty cool, plus I got it in a chest 2 years ago. Mad Hatter is also epic. I love movie references and **sometimes** its my top priority when I want to buy an old skin. [Right now I thinking about getting Deadly Kennen or Swamp Master Kennen (simply because they are references to Deadpool and Yoda). The reason why I am also interested is because Im thinking about his VU (whenever it will come), VUs have been getting better and there´s alot Riot can do with old skins.] Also, Nutcracko and Workshop shaco are just awesome looking. _______ Too bad I dont even play him Q_Q
Yes Workshop Shaco is the best shaco skin hand down, too bad they made his splash art worse with the chinese one imo
Altiverse (EUNE)
: This skin loves me
I'd still disenchant that skin if I get it
Alex3995 (EUW)
: yea i meant when flash is down. her weakness was she realied on flash to close the gab now she can get that item. she can use her ult up to 3 times before flash comes up 5 with 40% cdr. the belt helps her while flash is down. ofcourse if flash is down she can just "use flash + Protobelt"
You know, Protobelt dash isn't that big and will only be effective against some melees. People buy protobelt for the damage not the dash (700dmg with the seven rockets without any ap which is tbh very high).
: Lets talk skins for a minute
Just like Masked Shaco, shittiest shaco skin ever and the only one with particle changes (while his best available one is the mad hatter shaco).
: New Game Mode - Every Man For Himself
> 45 seconds before minute 10:00 , 125 seconds after minute 10:00 Okeyyy, you can literally fap if you die after 10minutes and come back finding out that there's still 50s left to wait
Alex3995 (EUW)
: what do you mean?
Protobelt is better with champions that already have a gap closer (you use item while you're near the enemy so he takes all the rockets), Annie can do that but she has to use flash + Protobelt
: Poor Xin Zhao :'(
When they changed Xin's W they meant it so he's played more as a bruiser rather an attack speed based guy, so bloodrazor is at their favor to make xin players play with Warrior.
: %max HP true damage is a toxic mechanism anyone anything says, especially as a passive skill, especially when the champion is encouraged to build AS, especially when {{item:3124}} lets it proc every second AA. Since Vayne can literally never go OOM it would be a good idea to alter the skill so W is either a toggle effect and consumes mana (like Jinx's Q rockets) or making it so that without activating it deals x/2% max HP physical damage every 3rd hit and with activating it deals the current amount of true damage and for compensation I'd give her 10/25/35/50 more range on AA. at level 1/6/11/16. It's ridiculous that you cannot itemize against her at any way and half her damage dealt is True. That's acceptable on Garen or Cho who has to potentially run or flash to you being melee, but not on an ADC with hypermobility, self peel and stealth.
I'd give her 10/25/35/**50** more range on AA, yes let's make her a caitlyn with a 1s invisibility and 2s dash.
Wards Bot (EUW)
: More bans won't solve the problems with URF. Watch this video where Foxdrop explains problems with the mode perfectly: In order to make URF fun, you need to **permanently break the meta**. So you can either keep banning whichever champion is overpowered, but that just creates a new meta where the runner-up most broken champions take their place. You can do two things. You can either go for the ARAM approach and not allow players to pick at all, and just give random champions. This still creates broken games, but at least a percentage of them will be fun / fair. The other approach would be to do something League has never done before, which is to only let people choose between a limited champion pool and then try to actively balance those champions for URF. This allows you to create a realistic work amount for preparing URF and at the same time keep the meta fresh every release.
They should make URF with random champions just like ARAM, problem solved {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: I'm leaving LoL
Expected a shitpost n1
: > [{quoted}](name=Larry,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=RtWElAPP,comment-id=000200020000,timestamp=2016-05-09T14:19:30.773+0000) > > zed has a better escape mechanism but he has room and time to think and counter him. Meanwhile talon can 100-0 in literally 2 seconds just by jumping on you. And you can't say "you will see him getting close" because good talons use fake movements to scare you and you never know when it's coming > In plat he has 56% win ratio and in diamond 60%, in master he does reach 100% sometimes If a Talon is taking two seconds to kill you, that Talon is doing something wrong. Yes, a Talon main will mess most people up, but you gotta remember in Plat+ he has a 3% pick rate, that is tiny, and it's mostly mains that use Talon, that's why his winrate is so good, and if they don't use him because they main him, they pick him as a hard counter (vs say, Kassadin) Talon is the epitome of how an assassin should function, and that is why I main him. Go in, assassinate, and have a 50/50 to survive or die, there is loads more risk on him than most other assassins, but the reward if you are good at him is also higher. It's a fairly good tradeoff
> Talon is the epitome of how an assassin should function, and that is why I main him. > Go in, assassinate, and have a 50/50 to survive or die, there is loads more risk on him than most other assassins, but the reward if you are good at him is also higher. It's a fairly good tradeoff I don't think assassins should have that much AOE damage as Talon does. Rengar is the epitome of how assassin should function.
: So you don't want a challenge then? If you see a higher-ranked opponent on their team you should think "Ooh, I can take him easy," not "OMFG FACKIN RITO NOOB MATCHMAKING FACK DYNAMICQUEUE." ######That said, Plat+ Shacos are pure terror.
: When reporting can also honor?
It's not supposed to work like that. Back when I was reporting people I couldn't honor them after.
Grill Dog (EUW)
: Taliyah rant (don't take it seriously)
The huge ass delay was funny xD
SantaHunter (EUNE)
: Do you want to honor anybody?
This is a very good idea, I keep forgetting to honor (and report) people too.
: what about a 40% winrate?
Well, the 40% winrate is from past games, so it has nothing to do with next games.
: Do I belong in bronze?
Don't worry too much when you lose, no one has a 100% winrate. If you worry, you will get frustrated and it will just make you lose more, it's all about the mindset (and keep looking to improve your playstyle, decision making and always blame yourself to climb).
mustafa2881 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Stahlvormund,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=cFHTmbr8,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-04-23T09:55:11.610+0000) > > Good thing ppl forget about {{champion:134}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} you are right because i dont have to deal with her shitty burst damage combo Q E W Q R because its stupid
"you are right because i dont have to deal with her shitty burst damage combo Q Q Q Q Q (anywhere) R because its stupid" FTFY
Shadòw (EUW)
: urf
yes pls
Sourika (EUW)
: By giving her money and telling her what to do.
You can't simply make a girl moan like that ;)
: So who should I make my arch nemesis?,h_473,al_c,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01/509a09_1ecbc155706544f0b0884dd247356753.png
The last guy that is in gold 1 ladder
Yes let's kill all stealth champions and destroy Rengar even more ! Yay
Cosantoir (EUW)
: If you could rename real world objects or league items what would name them.
Kringe (EUNE)
: Off meta picks
Play blind pick, draft is full of tryhards :/
Stingy (EUW)
: The Blood moon Yasuo skin idea was an idea
Owl Bro (EUNE)
: Draven Day Rewards
Rachnera (EUW)
: There's another "surprise" coming up
LegendCZ (EUNE)
: Guys chill out! RIOT servers are heating up! They doing their best to fix it! [PROOF]
Zikr (EUW)
: I quit maining WuKong after 1.3k Wuk games
I feel u m8 same happens to me as Shaco.
TTekkers (EUW)
: So you stun, reposition, hit E again, reposition, hit E again, reposition hit E a....... That would toxic as hell :P
isn't that the case already?
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