: This is what Rengar needs! The ideal rework for Rengar!
hi, i came here from rengarmains, and although i'd love to see this, this is not a rework its a revert with buffs. And sadly, this will never happen
: This is what Rengar needs! The ideal rework for Rengar!
There were some good changes with the rework, but current Q overshadows every positive change because it looks bad, sounds bad, and feels bad to use.{{champion:107}} {{item:3070}}
Rismosch (EUW)
: Agreed. Ryze's current ultimate is a gimmik, not an ability. It just doesn't fit with his theme. In my opinion as a solo player you are better off not even putting points into it, seriously.
Completely right. But Riot focus on the pro players, and it's useful there.
Lùmen (EUNE)
: Old Ryze was soooo much more satisfying to play with his effects and particles. The entire passive combo + Desperate Power was just so satisfying to use
Oh yeah! I remember playing with Dark Crystal Ryze, the red skin, with the blue shield and ult. That was just awesome! But as I said, the 3D model itself was better.
: The instant targeted root. This is all that needs discussion. And removal, also.
Yep, it should be a skillshot. Then it could have a lower CD, or the mechanic to reduce its CD.
: Ryze is fine, he deal enough damage to handle his laner, he can counter almoust every champion on top lane. Ryze doesn't require to much skill, that's why he is NERFed. I even think they have to NERF him again. I admit his ULT doesn't deal dmg, its hard to use, even COMBO with Nunu isn't possible anymore. But if u play smart u can defeat any enemy with any champion. Also, he is strong enough let say, but some enemy deal a lot of damage, like Darius. They don't have to make Ryze better, they just have to NERF some other champions. Best regards, Cemba {{champion:11}}
Thanks for sharing your opinion, I have to addmit that you are right, Ryze is strong. But I just miss the Old Ryze. Maaan, i damn miss him.
OlmiLux (EUW)
: ryze nerfed???????? wtf what game are u playing. In plat+ he's a pick or ban guy. A good ryze can 1v5.
I know, I just wanted to say that I miss old Ryze. Sorry. At least now with practice mode I can remember the old feelings.
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