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: [NEW SPLASH ART] Annie is Sid´s lost sister CONFIRMED!
I know there is a Toy Story joke here, but I can't find it
: You are locked into a prison cell with 3 champions for a month...
{{champion:82}}, and 2 random champions. My Lord will accept anything has a sacrife y'know?
Wulver (EUW)
: Question for Gold+ players
Diamond V is supposed to be Hell in Earth, once you're there, you're trapped for eternity
: ***
: Why Teemo disabled so long?
Cause nobody can find him
cjmaisam121 (EUNE)
: Buff aatrox
: blocking people should also enable that you never see that person in ur team again
No idiot, that would be stupid because riots system always reforms those toxic players
Tiichu (EUW)
: Stupid assumptions: 'Girls are nicer than guys, they all play support and are boosted.'
You could simply play Mordekaiser support, I mean, only Mord mains will notice you are a girl, so NOBODY will ever notice


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