: We just lost a game because of Riot's ~~great~~ matchmaking system...
Riot needs to sort out silver elo honestly its just too big and too variable my main is plat4 (I could log in and comment from it but i see no reason to not believe me) and this account I just got to gold now and I really had to tryhard on jarvan for a few games to get there. Getting from like silver 2 to gold 5 I found MUCH MUCH more difficult than getting from gold 3 to plat4 . silver is just such a mixed bag you get completely new players smurfs and people who are hard stuck silver because they are good but dont understand the things they do to completely throw leads.
: Where they disconnected or just didn't move?
they never moved once from the very start of the game. But originally remake said not moving for 1.5 minutes by the 3 minute mark would result in a remake possibility but it was never offered,.
: I have now had two ranked games where someone has been afk from the start and i couldnt remake
Im seriously so %%%%ing angry at riot for this I have to deal with remakes on the enemy team so damn often and whenever the system maybe just maybe will benefit me this shit happens and im stuck with a full 20 minutes of 4v5 from the bloody start. Can you fix your god damn shit system.
Rioter Comments
: Grievous Wound is the most anti-fun mechanic this game has!
while I don't entirely agree with your post I feel the counterplay in both situations feels pretty eh. it feels really bad to be doing super well on vlad or mundo then two people buy executioners and you suddenly feel so weak. Like in the past with qss removing things like zed ult fiora ult etc. it was a nice skill check and fun counterplay but like with qss I think its better for riot to change certain champions to essentially be countered by one item. Maybe power up mortal reminder but make all grievous wounds do less or maybe make all grievous wounds work like {{item:3165}} where it only reduces under a certain level and then slightly power done the heals of healing champs to compensate. The healing/grievous wounds situation definitely needs to be addressed by riot
: > Free speech is a fundamental human right, not having your feelings hurt is not That's wrong. You in your freedom are not allowed to insult me. And I, as a german, can very well go to the next police station and embassy to sue you for insulting me, if you did so. The question is though, is it practical. But I would be very well in my rights to do so. Also look up human rights, especially Artikel 1 Grundgesetz. My humand dignity and honour is above your freedom of speech. As such you are not allowed to insult me.
That's what people don't seem to get here, the german laws on free speech and freedom of expression are honestly stupid and ridiculous germany is not the world and does not control the world sorry I know you lot are enjoying this 4th reich thing merkel set up. The USA has the best laws and constitution regarding freedoms and honestly that is the best thing for the people and that is how the world should be.
: Go tell someone to kill themselves and get cancer and so on and see what happens. You get banned for being toxic and insulting, not for having an argument. Also, it's their game, they can regulate it however they like, you knew the rules from the start.
I have before and nothing happened because they were being shit people and completely deserved it and I live in a free country where i'm within my rights to do so.
GLurch (EUW)
: If someone steals your TV and you in return steal his fridge, that has nothing to do with self-defense. You weren't directly attacked, so you could have just gone to the police and reported it to them, instead of acting like a vigilante. It's similar in LoL: Someone is playing bad, flaming you, doesn't really matter and in return, you inflict your own justice upon him (flaming him) instead of just quietly reporting it to Riot.
I enjoyed your example however in the public eye you would be justified in returning to steal his fridge and most people would sympathize with you for doing this however you were committing a crime still and that's wrong. However calling someone and idiot in real life is not a crime but it is in the game which is actually the main point of my post and what I'm trying to discuss.
Perilum (EUW)
: Then you can't follow your own argumentation line. "Well arguing" as you stated.
Your statement makes no sense and your argument above is almost unrelated to my argument. I can clearly see however that you are one of those german leftist EU fanboys boy oh boy am I glad my country is leaving that god forsaken union.
Perilum (EUW)
: Germany is top ranked in the world in terms of personal freedom. You may want to work out your parallel fantasy world. Beside glorifying the Nazi regime as you wish, you can do. At home. Not in public. Because the NSDAP and it's symbols are against the constitutional state of the democratic society. Therefore the party is forbidden in Germany by the constitution. Including all of it's symbols. And yes I can sue you. You get the letter. You get the appointment. You don't come -> I win. You get served with the fine in the EU or any country which has partner agreements (like most in the world with Germany). It doesn't matter if you're German or not. By the way you also can sit for an X amount of € per day in jail if you can't pay. The option is always open. Alternative you also can work for the public for a certain amount of € per hour. Like picking trash in the park or helping seniors. Served the next time you put a foot on German or European territory. Your free speech ends when you affect another persons personal freedom. Called hate speech as you mentioned. So by denying the holocaust, glorifying a terror regime and wishing all non German ethnic groups death like Jews, Muslims, Slavs and other, you follow the path of hate speech. Claiming free speech to attack the society and other people is not only unbelievable dumb, but also the default "argumentation" of certain conspiracy, nationalistic and other "different view" circles. "Intelligence" is not defined about your university degree or your age. You may want to learn this simple basics. So long deal with it that people will not accept your behavior to insult other people and will not hang around with you anymore. Because you're against everyone. And everyone is protected by the constitution. Not just you. Stop reading conspiracy and ideology websites and adapting their "argumentation". Your views are not different from others, they're just blant Anti-Democratic. Which is not tolerated in Germany or anywhere else in Europe. Deal with it or leave. Russia or the USA are maybe a better fit for you. To sum it up for you "different" person: We don't want to be insulted. If you do, you've to deal with the consequences.
I don't know how you draw these parallels but comparing calling someone an idiot for the way they are behaving and saying death to all of some group is really completely ridiculous.
Perilum (EUW)
: Claiming nonsense and using polemics is not "well arguing". Your language teacher would give you a straight 6 for that. Followed up by the next 6 for claiming that you did well. Here is the basic read: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argument
wow you really think you're incredibly intelligent and superior to me don't you. I actually have an argument about a way of acting being allowed in society but not in the game, your counterarguments however are those that are baseless.
Perilum (EUW)
: It is not taken into consideration anywhere. Not in this game. Not on any court. Not in any society.
Perilum (EUW)
: Insulting can be pursued in civil court in most European countries. If you insult me on the internet, I can go to the next German police station to report you. Would cost you depending on the insult and the amount of insult between 50 - 500€. That is why flipping off a cop costs you 150€. Learn to behave like a normal and civilized human if you still can't control yourself. If someone is insulting you or mean, then ignore them and go away. You know, just like any normal half adulte person does. Nobody is liking them or you. You look both like idiots. Also everything is treated individual. Someone insulting you is no legitimate reason to insult someone. You can pull this children behavior of on a school yard, but the school exists to integrate you into the society. If you behave like that later when you grow up, you will get not only many problems with other peoples on the job, your social circle or with the state in worse case... it will also lead to something people call "low social class", because there is where your behavior belongs. To the bottom of a society. Ingame you've an easy tool. Mute function. Also you've no right to insult someone. Your right end when others rights are affected. And as the German constitution states as it's first article: "The human dignity is untouchable". You should read the constitution of your country and the EU. Good reads. You will learn a lot about rights and the laws which result out of it. Also you may want to visit a history class about WW2. The Allies responded to war crimes with war crimes as well. Because that is the thing about "Total war": No bounds. Not sure if you think that is an intelligent statement from you, when you claim the moral high ground here. Always glad to teach you teenagers one or two things. You're welcome.
Firstly Im 23 and fairly well off in society despite my views being different from many others. I am also university educated you don't have to believe me but I expect you to not try imagine me as someone you can simply dismiss based on an assumption that you are somehow better than me. Germany is a terrible country when it comes to personal freedoms considering you can also be arrested for making nazi gestures or singing nazi songs which in all truth you should be allowed to do if you want to. No you cannot fine my for insulting you on the internet as a german unless perhaps I was german but i'd like to see you try fine a foreigner for being mean on the internet. It is perfectly acceptable to argue with someone who is berating you even if you do it in an aggressive manor. Free speech is a fundamental human right, not having your feelings hurt is not I don't see how you can argue this. You should completely be allowed to say whatever you want to anyone as long as it isn't hate speech.
: Having aggressive arguments in League of legends and in real life and why one is not allowed.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
innocently walking ganking other lanes while one lane is losing is not being an aggressor, saying omg noob jungler why no ganks is being an aggressor it isn't that complicated really.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
but if someone is the aggressor it is their fault for both your flame really, it should completely be expected that someone will argue back and that should be taken into consideration with toxic players who start fights.
Rioter Comments
: oh, you dont care? clearly!!! is that why you bothered to start a discussion about toxicity when you know no one would agree with you?
the reason i started this discussion is to express my thoughts on how bad the system is.
: Then I am sure you'll enjoy this, and your likely further bans.
I really don't care I just hope riot one day realizes their system is trash.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. If you did nothing wrong, you wouldn't get chat restricted. The thing is, it's not actually Riot that decides what behaviour is acceptable and not: it's the players. Riot simply hands out restrictions based on what behaviour the community finds unacceptable. So the majority of the community has judged that the behaviour you display in your games isn't ok, which is why you got punished. --- > so I will not be reforming I will not be changing my chat habits That decision is up to you, but it will just mean you'll keep getting punished, and ultimately permabanned from this game. That means you'll never be able to regain access to your account.
Everyone finds trolling unacceptable as well as intentional feeding and report it accordingly but it has been proven many time that no trolls are banned.
Rioter Comments
Keatch (EUNE)
: laag
yeah tons of lag no dcs tho
GLurch (EUW)
: I don't think it was a bug. If it was a bug, we'd probably see many more people complaining and Riot would have already taken notice of it.
This person did not move once the entire game from the very start what other explanation is there? I could even record a highlight and post it here
GLurch (EUW)
: The only way for that to be possible is, if the person wasn't afk and moved around.
or a bug perhaps? which is what happened.
Zed genius (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=megadestroyeROFL,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=pt3E9ubE,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-05-23T21:50:14.184+0000) > > Im currently in a ranked game It would be a good idea to play the game instead of raging on boards
oh yeah playing a 4v5 with an afk from the start is worth my time.
Rioter Comments
: Remake fricken bugged riot can you fix this or what?
seriously I now have to waste like 20 minutes i dont have because riots system doesn't work at all? They should write a how to guide on how to be the worst company.
Rioter Comments
: I am smurfing atm and playing only disco nunu alrdy got over 100 Games with him with a winrate from 2% and a kda from 1/13/3 each game, didnt got banned warned once, Riot ur System is perfect :)
its great you can ruin everyone's game make them salty make the community more and more toxic and not even worry about any kind of punishment
Tarolock (EUW)
: yup because when you dont actually see it happening then it means it doesnt... and then you just join the problem because its easier to be toxic than using your brain and reporting toxic ppl
the problem is reporting toxic players does nothing
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
GLurch (EUW)
: With only 12 games, you can't really claim anything like that.
Im not sure where you're getting the 12 figure from I have 90 this season not recently though and quite a few last season after the implementation as well. I dont know why you want to refute my claim? Im not some idiot coming here and lying im quoting my personal experience with the system and why it is garbage trying to poke holes in my claims is fruitless because my claims are true the only argument really is that im incredibly unlucky and that the system works on a whole which obviously i dont know if that is the case
GLurch (EUW)
: So you're not counting almost every type of matchmaking? That's not a very reliable way of making a statistic. On euw.op.gg, it even says you only have 12 solo rankeds, how am I supposed to count 20 games?
well my complaint is that in ranked solo which is really the only time most people would care for a remake it does nothing but bad things for me.
: Then you get the smartguy who play with 300 ping, goes AFK instantly the moment game is being loaded, you remake, and you have saved time + LPs and now you know remake is a godsend...
Yeah doesn't happen on my team given I don't play all that much ranked but it hasn't happened once since the implementation of it.
GLurch (EUW)
: You are acting like you have a lot of experience with afks and even claim to have one afk at least every 10 games. I checked your match history and in your last 20 games, you had 1 afk. According to your claim, you should have had 2. It was a Riven probably ragequitting at level 3. So, my advice for you: Don't rant about something and say it's completely useless, because it was once useless. It may come in handy another time and because it harms no one, what's even the problem with it?
only in ranked games in my last 20 ranked games ive had 3 I keep a txt file on my desktop documenting my afks vs enemy afks along with whether or not they were remakes so I can base my claims on facts rather than speculation from what I feel. I get very few afks in normals and often the enemy has afks in normals either way it makes the game not very fun but doesn't bother me much so I don't include it but id say afks on my team to enemy team in normals averages out and its probably about 1 per 20 for both teams as it should be. ADD: I also dont count flex because Its often with a large premade so i dont get many afks there either.
Rioter Comments
: > i can have one every single game. That is not true, is it? Look up the word 'intentional' before making such wild statements. You can't report someone for having a bad game or getting outplayed. I highly doubt that you have an intentional feeder in every game. Actually, I would be very surprised if you had more than 1 in every 20-30 games. I think that I might have had about 4 cases of intentional feeding in the last year. So, I think that you might be exaggerating a bit. I actually think that players who starts report-calling for 'feeding' every time someone loses their lane are more of a problem than the ones that you call 'intentional feeders'.
losing your lane is not intentional feeding running into the enemy laner constantly after being 0/3 and then flaming your jungler and continuing to run in 4v1 is however intentional because no one does that as a mistake. How about don't pass judgement until you actually know what is happening. Ahh Muh it doesn't happen to me so it doesn't happen to anyone nice logic.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
Infernape (EUW)
: And have you tried locking your framerate to your monitor's refresh rate as I doubt you have a 300 Hz monitor.
Rioter Comments
: Having an idea to help players to reform. Poll included
The best way to stop people from being toxic is to stop trolling also im most toxic when someone refuses to answer simple questions such as "why did you do that?" or "why are you trolling?" so if people just didnt troll and actually answered messages I think the community could be much better.
: Its never really been a contest tho imo, korea has a different type of gamer, even before league on other games they would always be ahead because they sat there and grinded for 48 hours strait etc. People in the west play max 16 hours and thats the rarest gamer the average guy will do 6 hours at most and its not quality pure progress its just mucking about. For SKT in particular i think they could do even better if they replaced wolf and bang, specifically wolf as i dont think he does a whole lot when we compare him to other sups from other teams. I also think SKT never gets tested as they win by over powering other players by pure mechanics and if they had a mirror counterpart who could win lanes they would struggle mid game. Even still i agree it will almost always be korean finals unless brackets happen/manipulate to allow a western team in.
Thats not actually always true about their laners and mechanics if we look at origin vs them in the world championships that origin made it to semi finals and were strong origin actually beat them early game and only lost it mid game because of skts excellent team fighting. I actually think Europe often does very well in the lane mechanics department and can most often match korea but doesn't have the management and by the book plays down as well as the korean teams. This is why Korean imports don't do much.
: Potential bug with katarina shunpo and cait trap?
bruhhh seriously one reply come on tell me about this bug
Rioter Comments
Solash (EUW)
: Read patch notes
yes and they were essentially saying this will take away the non-skill requiring ability to just ult for 10 billion damage but it didn't and their nerfs did very little.
Rioter Comments
: Dear trolls in ranked
Yeah i for sure have trolls and toxic people like every ranked game this season it is a lot more than usual
House x33 (EUW)
: You know not everyone that dies a few times is intentional feeding {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
I didn't say that but I have had a good few people say clearly in chat "Jungler no gank no point i afk" then proceeds to int.
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