: Plug-in or Wireless Internet?
Thank you for your responses. I've moved myself downstairs and used an ethernet cable to connect last night. All seemed to be going well, my MS stuck on 30. However, as happened before in post 25/30 minute games - my screen and champ starts jumping around. I don't know why this is but I dare not play Ranked because of it. It seems like there's too much going on in baroned up teamfights post 25 minutes for this potato to handle - whether it's plugged in or not. Or do we think this is fixable? Do I need a new laptop or new broadband please?
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Erik7913 (EUNE)
: Can't see my ranked stats
I hope it gets fixed soon!
: sOAZ Escape As Kennen vs SKT T1 ( Worlds 2015)
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: I think muting chat that's not between friends from under 10-25 (don't know the best option) level players. #If you are new player, you don't need chat to discuss strategies and such. In my opinion disabling chat at low levels could lessen the amount of new toxic people, because I think that people learn being toxic from other toxic players (although exceptions exist). I'm also pretty sure no one starts playing lol, any moba or simply any game at all to rage and flame over a match that doesn't affect their lifes in any way: they start playing games to have fun, but of course, most of them will start talking back when they receive abuse nearly every game just for being a new player. They learn that it's okay to call someone a noob, tell them to get cancer and die, just because they didn't play well. They'll also get used to the reporting culture that exists especially in low-level games: "REPORT FOR KS", "OMG REPORT THIS NOOB", etc. And people still wonder why there is so much toxicity in lol. --- Do you agree with me or not? Tell me what you think, I'd like to hear all kinds of opinions. :)
I'll agree that toxicity is contagious ingame. In the heat of the moment it can be easier to flame back than to ignore & mute. We're all accountable for this. As a new player (and a 23 year old man) - 18 months ago - I played bot games until Level 17 because I was SCARED of the abuse I would get for being a new player in a PVP game. Unfortunately, it also happens in Bot games. Albeit to a lesser extent. I'll always remember this in one of my first PVPs: Teammate: report gp Me: sorry? Teammate: report gp Me: I don't know what report means? As explained in the heading post - 90% of players will ignore, flame and/or verbally abuse you if you ask a genuine question about the game. In this example I thought 'report' meant give the other player a report of how top lane was going! It's silly looking back but _when you are new you don't know these things._ I had a question about how to ping a certain thing once. I think I must've gone through a dozen games - asking the same question at the start of each game before someone took the time to answer my question. **But why didn't you look up how to ping online?** There is SO much information to take in as a new league player. It's impossible to learn it all by studying a guide.
: Annie's Tibberz
Please leave Annie alone. She's already had her auto attack range nerfed this patch just gone!
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: A false report would essentially be the % of people receiving punishments who you reported / all the people you reported. So most people's would be pretty low, because most people won't receive punishments. I am guessing but I doubt 10% of reported players get punished. So that means most people will have a reliability rating of quite low (~10%). But if you are one of those with a thick skin, who only report the most toxic of players and have a very high (80%) rate of players reported eventually getting punished. They probably have the inverse too though. Ie how many games were you in, where a player infringed and you didn't report it. This will arguably count much less than the 1st indicator. They don't publish exactly how it works, because people will try to "game" it.
So I should stop reporting AFK's and save a report for a player who's a real nasty piece of work? I find it a little confusing! Useful information though, thank you.
: [Suggestion] an Official LoL Recorder??
LoL Replay never worked for me, no matter what I do. Tried all the youtube tutorials I could find, I even uninstalled and reinstalled League of Legends to try and get it to work. Useless.
Adrenalotr (EUNE)
: False reports are filtered out of the system. Riot has data on how accurate players' reports are, and the kinds of situations where players report others falsely. And there's human review before punishment anyway. Just getting 5 people to go to Peer Review would be rare, because most players just want to leave to play their next game. And they might not agree on punishing, either. This would be less effective than the old Tribunal, less effective than the current system, and the only benefit it has over the current system is that there is a bit more transparency (which the new Tribunal would presumably provide anyway).
Is there somewhere I can read how the current system works please? E.g. How it filters and what a 'false report' would be. Yes, getting 5 people to go to Peer Review would be rare. Perhaps I am being overly optimistic. I am not familiar with the old Tribunal. But even so I'm happy to hear that there is going to be a new one. The idea was born out of my desperation & passion to improve my own experiences in League. Obviously some frustration is expected to be voiced when playing in a competitive game, but the more we hear the more it seems to be accepted as the norm. The idea would give players the initiative to: take matters into their own hands; to voice their opinions; and a chance to change the normal behaviour to something better - bringing solidarity to the community. But I may be biting off more than I can chew with the 5 person-post game review.
: I like the idea, but people don't generally want to hang about after a game. I feel like 3 would be fine. IE your whole team that doesn't include the premade. In the end I guess it turns out similar to this, they'll definately give priority to games where there are 5+ reports. This will almost immediately result in some kind of action by the system.
It is designed to be harder to report so that there aren't so many of them. Also, the severity of the offense should dictate whether everyone feels obligated to stay 2 minutes longer and report or not. I feel like getting 5 players to agree is important because more often than not - the person being reported will be on the losing team. Everyone on that team could be angry with 1 player. However, the winning team may feel completely differently about that player. The winning team may agree that the player was NOT feeding, and was trying to help the team but just had a poor game.
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: Changing the communities collective mindset about winning/losing
I realise I've indirectly asked for help in being more positive myself. Both replies very useful though, thank you.
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