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Cryoshadow (EUNE)
: Unspecified error ocurred please check the logs for more information
Did you try the exe with admin elevation? You can find it in the install folder of League, it's name is 'lol.launcher.admin.exe'.
: I would like to take a break, but i don't know how
Well, if you want to keep playing League then just play game modes that aren't serious, so anything except Ranked. Play ARAM or Normals or the rotating game mode at the weekends. Also don't play League just to play League. Only play when you really want or you will get easily super frustrated according to my own experience. I also had to take a break that lasted like 2 or 3 weeks and i also always played at least one Coop vs AI game each day to get the IP boost but i don't do even that anymore and i feel so much better now. You need to learn to take League easier unless you play Ranked because then you should be serious about the game. And if your problem is that you actually don't want to play anymore but do it anyway because you don't know what to do else you just should find other things you could do with your time. There are always options to do something else than playing League. To play League because you are bored and you don't know what to do else and then you play League and you get frustrated and/or even more bored is definitely a problem. Important for change is to really make up your mind and pull through it without trying to find excuses. You know...JUST DO IT
SekkiShin (EUW)
: Well there are dps, tank, heal and utility supports. Each is viable. You just need to pick right one for team comp. Annie support is very viable, She can almost one shot adc at lvl 6 and can protect adc by deleting anyone that comes hear.
There are no dps supports, you probably just generically mean damage. I know what types of supports exist and my opinion is still that high damage coming from support is a bad design decision. You can get all types of damage sufficiently out of any other position reliably and support doesn't really need it. Your first job in every game of League is to raise your scaling marksman to a decent spot and that should require abilities that actually do that instead of just damaging people out of lane because of how effective damage in combination with range is early game. I don't like but i didn't say it's broken. I just don't like it. The only times when i actually think champs are broken for support is in cases like Brand where the only reason why he's viable is that he has a passive that deals %hp magic damage on-ability and he has an AoE ability + a point-and-click ability in his kit to just do that. What i also don't like is that some mages can just fling abilities onto you with their mana bars lasting seemingly too long. And then there are champs like Caitlyn that turn any lane oppressive even when paired with Tahm Kench but that's another story.
Declined (EUNE)
: Would be easier if people received some sort of compensation for picking a role that is in low demand. I suggest IP.
I think that's a bad approach to the problem. Because when you give rewards you will have a lot of people just playing Support to get IP, which decreases the quality of the play of the position. People could actually hate playing Support and act negative in-game and they would justify it with that all they want is the bonus IP. Support being under-picked is a problem that comes down to the people not wanting to play it and that's actually fine. Support as a position is in a decent spot and the problem entirely is with the people. Players that don't play Support just have to pay the price for it which is the normal reaction of the system. The way to "fix" it would be to turn it into one of the other played positions but then you didn't fix it you changed it. You can't fix what's not broken. But people don't want it but need it so they have to wait for someone being available. I mean, it probably sucks to agree with that everything is just working as intended and is fine but what happens is just the normal course of things and not something that is broken. Also, in the worst case you have the same amount of Supports that just get more IP because still no one wants to play it. Source: Shitter ELO Gold 2-3 Support main and proud member of the no queue times club. And man are many people not accepting queues when i sit in queue xD
Four Star (EUW)
: How do deal with constant anxiety?
Always keep in mind that even if something fails it's not the end. There always should be alternatives. If one thing of doing what you want doesn't work out, find another one. Even if you don't get accepted by your university, i'm pretty sure you find a different way to get where you want. After all it's just one uni, how about a different one? Or doing something else until you can apply again? Maybe they didn't like your qualifications, then you can use the time to get better qualifications for the next time you apply. There are multiple ways of going for things. Also don't be a dick in ranked. That's Bjergsens rule #1 :^)
Tarolock (EUW)
: i have to laugh at posts like this... noone plays supports because everyone wants the big flashy plays with pentakill and stuff, which you dont get as a support, and how would they fix it? make supports go for killing? give them items to make them op? supports are fine as they are, the mentality of the players is the bugged thing, and i dont think they can "fix" that since the only one who can change you is yourself and while you are downvoting me ill just go back and support the shit out of any adc i come across :D
I think you could have worded your comment better but i share your opinion that the fault is with the players and not with Support. Some people just can't stand playing Support that doesn't mean it needs to be changed. It's not like Champions get changed because not a lot of people play them, for comparison.
: I noticed that too and even i as main Support, dont want to play Support anymore. It deosn't feel as rewarding as it should be. I would like to see something like.. bonus gold on Assists or.. getting more exp while being nearby an allied champion, regenerating mana and health for saving someone from death or something like that, i dont know.
Don't be upset but i think that are really bad ideas. The actual problem of unrewarding gameplay as Support is that it's directly tied to the performance of the people you support. So when your team plays like shit for whatever reason, you feel like shit. I've had games where i was doing good to okay but it didn't matter because the people i had to support where like we don't need help because YOLOQ. In these situations it's the hardest to be Support because you can't really change the approach of your teammates to the game and can often times just watch. These are the worst games. When you see your team just throw because they don't make use of you as their Support. On any other position you have far more freedom to pursue whatever you want to do, but as Support you need to cling to someone to rock the boat.
: Support main. Generally sitting at 60% winrate on my main champions. It's also the role I've found most rewarding through trying out every single lane for an extended period of time. So I don't really see a problem with it. You're doing as much work as everyone else, if not more- The only true downfall is recognition for plays normally diverts from you on to the person who secured the kill, but oh well. Honestly, support is a great role, and as long as your team doesn't fall behind heavily, you'll always have an impact.
I don't understand how some people think Support is in a bad spot. It's totally fine. My only issues with Support are the "Supports" aka more damage, like Zyra, Brand and Vel'Koz. I think Support should focus primarily on Utility and CC, which it kinda does already a lot but not enough in my opinion, and less on damage as you can get it extensively already out of every other position. My opinion on why people hate supporting is that it's less about how Support is played, it's more the people you have to support that it sometimes feels like you want to give yourself the bullet. I swear i had games today...i can totally understand people being annoyed and just playing anything except Support. I love playing Support though, just the people you have to support sometimes holy moly
: Does Riot support level bots?
ARAM and Coop vs AI are littered with bots right now and getting rid of them is not easy because League is a free game and creating an account is so easy. When you want to stick to these game modes report them for botting. Also use the comment field of the report to write botting or something, just in case. I personally would recommend to play PvP games, such as Normals, because there are no botters in there as far as i know. I know that's not a solution to the problem but trying to avoid it as good as possible should be the best course until Riot finds a reliable solution. ARAM's are also PvP i know but a lot of frequent ARAM players say that when you played a bunch of games you shouldn't get matched with them so often anymore. So there's that.
Owyn (EUNE)
: but they weren't toxic... {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
You can report people for trying to force you out of your role and it can get punished. Riot confirmed that on Reddit or Twitter a while ago.
: This is why i love dynamic Q
Just report them. Forcing other players out of their roles is report-worthy/punishable and confirmed by Riot. It never happened to me yet, so yay.
: ***
You call me an arrogant child and to act as a parent? You probably mean a grown-up or adult. You really should think about your behaviour yourself a bit before calling other people arrogant child. Doesn't sound like you know how to be mature at all.
: hmmm, someone who acts tough but is a nice and loyal person on the inside. anyone know which champion fits that? -pls no teeto-
: > [{quoted}](name=LovroLox,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=J32jr1h5,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-07-21T07:03:44.425+0000) > > So, you live by the "motion"? constantly on the run yes and i punch my people with my tentacle {{champion:48}}
Valio (EUNE)
: What will happen to my ranked placement?
Your rank is tied to the server you achieved them on and the rank will be saved even when you transfer servers but will stay on the respective server. What rank you will be depends on what rank you were on when you left. When you switch back your rank was affected by the regular decay, so you might be gold at max, because that's where the ranked decay stops. That should be the important section of the support article. Was is that what you asked for or did you mean something else? {{champion:157}} meow EDIT: You probably will be unranked, because you said you transfered in season 4 i guess. I can't tell you though if you take your MMR with you, but i kinda doubt it.
Amanew (EUW)
: I don't know of the reddit post. I've just played a lot of games and asked people where they were smurfing from and it was ranging from diamond 3 to master because they weren't having fun at their elo. I'm gonna try to find the post on reddit though as it is probably the same thing for higher elo players. (Is it this?: quite a coincidence it was posted yesterday indeed but I'm not at such a high ELO and I see no point in making a thread just from seeing a reddit post. This is only my experience and it isn't based on any other exept from the parts where I talk about Challenger players, which i've heard from high ranked players and the ladder). By "nobody will answer it", does that mean riot ? or even players ? I'm sure, and I knew that when I made this post there would have already been a ton of people like me but this was mostly to help with the issues. Thanks for redirecting me, i'll go check the NA forums. This thread was created on my own, after being matched with a 3-man premade with a smurf, took me like 2 hours.I do agree I don't have decent writing skills though, nor is english my first language.
Yeah, that should be the reddit thread i mean according to the title. Some boards users seem to get motivated to write threads in the boards about issues they have seen on reddit so i thought it might be a possibility because of how similar it was, at least topic-wise. By nobody will answer it, i meant official riot staff. I would be surprised if nobody would post in your thread but interestingly nobody but me up to this point actually commented, which is super weird but okay LOL. I also didn't mean to shit-talk the EUW boards too much, it's just the NA boards are more populated, the discussions held there seem more healthy and you actually see rioters commenting there. Rioters even make threads there to specifically talk with boards users about certain stuff, which, as far as i can say, doesn't happen at all on EUW. That's why i redirected you to the NA boards, because i figured that most people using the boards would at least like to have the chance of a little talk with riot staff which you don't have on the EUW boards as far as i know. Your english and writing skills seem totally fine to me. I've seen much worse on EUW and NA. And even if your english would be worse than it actually is it would be fine as long as people somewhat understand what you want to say. Nobody is super grammar nazi or language elitist on any of the boards. I hope you find some good conversations, the boards can be rough. {{champion:157}} meow
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: This thread is more about bad experience with new champion select than the dynamicQ, while the name suggests discussion about dynamicQ, the rest has barely anything to do with it. > We can't check ourselves what's more impactful. We can't know for sure what's weighing heavier on the matchmaking as it is not a simplistic thing to understand. It's actually pretty simple to understand. the difference between dynamicQ and old soloQ is that instead of trying to match people with similar mmr and premades of 2 now it already has to match premades of 3, 4 and 5. on the other hand NCS has much harder job do, to find people with similar mmr and right roles. im gonna say something else, i never actually heard Riot say that it's NCS is more resposible for longer Q times, it was just a more logical explanation. DynamicQ does almost the same job as old soloQ, but NCS adds a whole new level of complexity to the matchmaking.
> It's actually pretty simple to understand. > the difference between dynamicQ and old soloQ is that instead of trying to match people with similar mmr and premades of 2 now it already has to match premades of 3, 4 and 5. > DynamicQ does almost the same job as old soloQ, but NCS adds a whole new level of complexity to the matchmaking. I still think both are pretty heavy on it. I personally can't say what's worse of both because of how complicated it is math-wise. Pre-mades are pretty complicated for matchmaking in my mind, because of the overall MMR difference there can be and then you either need to find appropriate players ALSO in a pre-made form OR the correct upscaled solos. That sounds pretty difficult for me honestly, which is also why i don't really know if pre-mades or the position-select makes it FAR worse. Getting a good matched composition of players is pretty hard right now. Easily seen in how unbalanced alot of games feel and how many people complain. But on the other hand, alot of people always complained about matchmaking x) so that might not be the best indicator, but you know what i mean. And to get to the point of DynamicQ. As far as i can say, many people, independent of pro or con to DynamicQ, don't know shit about what they talk. I have seen too many uninformed threads and comments that it's actually painful. Some people hate on DynamicQ just because it's a fitting replacement for whatever they could blame before. And then you have the pro DynamicQ boys who come around the corner with "arguments" it results in my ass erupting like a volcano, it's unbelievable xD But yeah, people need to really pay attention to when it comes to DynamicQ threads because alot of them are kinda garbage for actual discussion. {{champion:157}} meow
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: > I just waited 2h and 40 minutes looking for a game with my friend. That ofc. is a major reason why I write on this post. long queue times are not becouse of dynamicQ but because of new champion select, of course dynamicQ probably influences it, but it's mostly because of NCS. also 3rd point is again against NCS, not dynamicQ And when you make a thread try to stick to a single point.
The "single point" it revolves around is 'bad experiences with DynamicQ', so it's fine. It's also not a quality thread supposed to create meaningful discussion about DynamicQ, it's just a vent thread. > long queue times are not becouse of dynamicQ but because of new champion select, _**of course**_ dynamicQ _**probably**_ influences it, but it's mostly because of NCS. "of course...probably". Maybe...for sure. 50% everytime. :^)))) Both affect it and Riot says NCS affects it more but that doesn't mean a lot. We can't check ourselves what's more impactful. We can't know for sure what's weighing heavier on the matchmaking as it is not a simplistic thing to understand. {{champion:157}} meow
Amanew (EUW)
: My feedback on ranked games and issues in high platinum-low diamond
"Champions & Gameplay" sounds like the right board to post it to, but the actual problem i see here is posting it on the EUW boards. The EUW boards are pretty much a wasteland when it comes to healthy discussion about important topics and if you want to at least have the chance of a rioter to answer you should make a thread on the NA boards. But your topic is about DynamicQ, and even criticizing it, so nobody will answer anyway. Sorry. In the League Sub-Reddit there is a post about how master and challenger smurfs are the defining factor of how diamond games play out and maybe that motivated you to make that thread (just a remark). The problem with DynamicQ is that not enough people care and maybe even then Riot doesn't. The negative points about DynamicQ were brought up so many times and still the only thing that changed is the MMR compensation of matched players and that doesn't improve the game quality but whatever. If you want to participate in the DynamicQ vs SoloQ discussion you should head over to the NA boards and try to find a good thread there or make an effort to create one on your own. {{champion:157}} meow
: Hey, thanks for the help! But i just decided to uninstall league and re-install it again and it seemed to work even with my anti-virus activated? Anyways thanks for replying.
The Anti-virus was just an idea, because i couldn't make perfect sense of the log files you posted. But as long as you could get it to work, it's fine. Let's hope you don't run into this kind of error again :) Bye. {{champion:157}} meow
YouSayWhaaT (EUNE)
: Is it normal after going 7/3 placements to drop from Diamond IV to Gold III?
Yes, that's totally normal. Every new season there is a soft reset that reduces your MMR and places you at a lower rank than last season so you have to play your way back up again to ensure that you still belong there skill-wise. Challenger players for example get placed Platinum every new season. Platinum should be the highest you can place after your Placements/Provisionals. For reference, read this at "PLACEMENTS" -> "I finished my placement matches for the first time since the newest season started. Why am I placed lower than my rating last season?" {{champion:157}} meow
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=I Rekt Everybody,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=uYd7eEBU,comment-id=00090000,timestamp=2016-06-20T06:05:18.274+0000) > > So the issue here is the translation of languages? How hard can it be to translate the words? For a game company who has servers in many different regions and cannot translate some sentences for a post is a problem in it's own rights. Localisation requires a bit more work than Google Translating something - and given the amount of languages we support in Europe, there can sometimes be a delay in things being posted in English only and posted in 11 other languages. Usually messages like this are ready to go around the same time, however some last minute changes in English would require this to go through localisation in all those languages again, as well as a second passover to ensure that things "make sense" in the languages specified. A direct 1:1 translation doesn't work in a lot of languages, especially if there's any colloquialism's or other forms of non-standard English in there. tl;dr: Written in English --> Localised in a large amount of languages --> verified --> changes can delay things as the process needs repeated.
But it seems that even the english EUW part of the site gets the information late and how do you explain that? I commonly expect News that are available on NA to hit EUW 1 to 3 days later. Even the free champion rotation doesn't always hit us in time, how come? Peoples complaints are legitimate. {{champion:157}} meow
: Updating patch error
Are you still sitting on the problem or could you resolve it? The log files say something about being unable to copy a file due to it being already accessed by something and after that a bunch of other errors pop up because of that and in the end the log ends with -> it couldn't update the game client. I'm not sure how to resolve it. According to the log files it seems you have installed it on C: with the standard path but i don't really understand the "C:/jenkins/workspace/...." part. Maybe it's just a regular temporary folder to dump some files in an attempt to fix the aforementioned errors, because that's how it looks to me. I still think that the error occurs because the program doesn't have all the permissions it needs but ultimately i'm not sure. Maybe you could try to deactivate your anti-virus for the update process and reactivate it after the League client finished, because the log files don't exactly state what's causing the access error. Also use the lol.launcher.admin.exe in the League installation folder. {{champion:157}} meow
: Updating patch error
You should write down "everything" that you already tried, because when someone wants to help you he or she needs to specifically know what exactly you have tried to suggest other possible solutions. The first fixes that come to my mind are trying to repair the client and starting the client with admin elevation and trying to repair. There was also some kind of dirty workaround where you could delete or change a specific file to make the client redownload files, but i don't remember how to do it and to what extent that affects the client. {{champion:157}} meow
Wolffer (EUW)
: contact the support team, but ehm... how did you write on the boards when your account is stolen O.o
Clearly the infamous EUNE Voodoo, but seriously, i don't know either. {{champion:157}} meow
: ranked decay
Ranked decay starts at Platinum as far as i know, so you can't decay out of Gold, ever. {{champion:157}} meow
: Got my green badge but...
There are different badges with different colors in the game. As far as i know the red badge is when a lot of people honored you with 'Honorable Opponent' and the green badge is for being honored 'Friendly' a lot. So your green badge is a manifestation of people thinking you are a friendly player. There is also a badge for great team leaders but i am not sure what color it was. Maybe yellow? {{champion:157}} meow
: Why doesnt the leauge window pop up when its you turn to pick a champ?
Riot should be aware of it and will probably try to fix it. I've seen people on Reddit complain about it, too, but ultimately it is actually your fault for not paying attention :) {{champion:157}} meow
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: > [{quoted}](name=meowsuo,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=dEoibRME,comment-id=000100000001,timestamp=2016-03-31T10:59:33.557+0000) > > There is a difference between feeding and intentional feeding, though. > > Feeding is commonly when you die so often to the same person that you make that person almost un-dealable with for the team. Feeding is also a pretty loose term and is not often used based on specifics rather roughly based on deaths of a teammate or enemy KDA. I see that, but sometimes people also like to "shift blame" a lot and use the "feeding" to achieve that. Say top dies twice to Yasou top. Yasou ganks mid and mid dies once. Then Yasuo somehow ends up bot where he gets a double. Immidiately you'll hear: "Report top for feeding Yasuo" Now, this hasn't happened to me, but I've seen it enought times. On his belt Yasuo will have 2 * top kill 1* mid kill and 2* bot kills. Yes, if top hadn't died twice, mid wouldn't have died so easily, BUT mid could have warded the river bush (like they should) and not pushed forward without vision. Two kills or not, Yasou isn't fed enough to TD kill and get away with it at that point, lest the mid makes some bad mistakes. However, mid still blames top though having not secured vision in her own lane, and then Yasou has three kills. He proceeds down bot, and gets two more, because reasons. Nobody will remember that top only died once more to that champ than mid did, and at that point the flaming will begin, even though it's only a quarter of tops fault. That was just a random example though. Of what I've seen can happen when people use "feeding" to shift blame instead of playing like a team and take joint responsibility. Sure, if the top runs into Yasou five times, then I can get people being frustrated, but... 1 death; honest miscalculation - maybe you figured you could get first kill? 2 death; you realize you can't and now you are behind. You try to play more careful. You miscalculate distance and baam. A second death 3 death; You're really careful now, but jungler ganks and your ward just went out. You were just an inch too extended, but hell, that was enough. Possibly you've also already gotten flamed or stressed that you will be. You start making mistakes. 4 death; You just got TDed the heck out of and died again. And not all those deaths have to be to the same person, you could have died twice to top laner, once to jungler and once to that darn ganking mid, but people will see 4 deaths and assume it's all Yasuo or shift blame, neglecting to mention they died once to him too. That's just some thoughts with what I see going on during those games, and why I feel that shouting about feeding is fairly useless. What I think is worse is when top has died 4 times and then start flaming jungler or his team for not helping. It's in the same lane! People have to worry about their own mistakes, and stop thinking it's everyone elses fault. If top is behind, then obviously jungler won't earn the team much from helping him. Instead top must work harder at staying safe and jungler focus the winning lanes so we have someone who can carry the team through the mid- and late part of the match.
I agree with everything you said in this reply. And your example story sounds more like unlucky than actual feeding. People are just so easy sometimes to blame whoever they can instead of trying to improve their own game. My current stand on 'feeding' and what it means is mentioned in a reply i did to someone else in this thread and i just link it here for reference. I don't know what it is that some people like to blame other people without reasonable arguments. Sometimes it is someones fault for whatever happened to him or someone else and i think it's fine to mention it but in the end people shouldn't get trapped in these thoughts and move on. Some people are also legitimately starting to throw the game on purpose when you tell them about the bullshit they do or did and i don't get these people either. Sometimes you get players who are more concerned about blaming other people than to focus on the rest of the game and sometimes you get players who start throwing just because you pointed out what they did wrong. I wish these people would overreact a bit less and would thus make the game more enjoyable for their teammates. But overall it makes those games more enjoyable where you have teammates who are not like this :D {{champion:157}} meow
: The way i see it, feeding is like giving gold to someone. So yeah, dying is exactly the same as feeding, except in the case of executes. Even if you go 25/1, you still fed, because your one death "fed" XXX gold to the ennemies. It doesn't mean you played bad, it doesn't mean you lost, you maybe even carried hard, but you still fed a little :)
The word 'feeding' means that you died so often to one certain player that he was granted so much gold that he is referred to as "fed" and that means that he has far more than everyone else that is comparable to him. When people actually feed is kinda blurry as it depends on personal judgement. I think feeding commonly occurs when you died like 6 times and upward to ONE certain player and made him rich by doing that. Some people use it later and some use it earlier. The ones who use it earlier or for dying in general definitely use it wrong. But as i said there is no clear definition at what point feeding really starts but there is some common understanding of it regardless of definition. Feeding can be just a bad game or being unlucky in some situations. That's also where the difference between intentional feeding and normal feeding starts. Intentional feeders do it on purpose to sabotage games and normal feeders most of the time had either bad luck or just a bad game. The word 'feeding' to be synonymous with dying is also totally illogical, as we have a word for it already, 'dying'. The word 'feeding' has a special purpose, a lot of people are just using it wrong or picked it up wrong. It's exactly the same thing that happened to the word 'noob'. Today it's an insult, whereas in the beginning it just referred to beginners or amateurs in a video game. 'noob' aka 'newb' aka 'newbie' = new be = to be new. Just saying. Some people are doing with terms what they want and try to sell it as being legit, although it's wrong. {{champion:157}} meow
Luis Sc (EUW)
: It's not really a case of being safe; and I've far too many PvP titles under my belt to know the genre usually brings the worst out of people. Not everybody is as good, or skilful and, for the matter, could be bothered doing more than collect skins and throw a few matches. I enjoy PvP with friends, when everybody's having a healthy banter over team speak; but despise most games I had, even with people I came across this forum. It's 50/50 for every person on your team; they might be good, or terribad. But we all know the odds and what conditions them. My point is, for every one awesome story Riot will pull from its hat, there's a million others of people that chose not to put themselves to abuse, flaming in a possible shitty atmosphere for the sake of playing.
Well, League is the most popular video game right now and it's free to play and that unsurprisingly attracts a lot of shit people that we have to bear with. Of course it's sad having to realize how many people there are who apparently never learned something even close to manners but we also can't change that by ignoring it or trying to avoid it. Riot is not accepting that behavior and tries to change as many people as best as they can trying to make the situation better for everyone. I just wanted to say that there are shit people in every game mode and there is no hiding place in League. You always have a chance to encounter them and that everywhere. It's just, to make a game of League enjoying and friendly, we need as many friendly people as possible. And when then some people decide it's better for them to play only certain modes it's pretty annoying for the friendly players who are then left with the shit people in Normals and Ranked. The toxic players are scaring away all the friendly players from modes like Normals and Ranked and that makes the overall environment worse because there are suddenly "more" toxic players that the friendly ones have to endure. When friendly players only stick to ARAM and Coop vs AI because of the toxic people, the chances of having to play with toxic people in Normals and Ranked increases and potentially ruins the experience for even more friendly players. I just want people to play whatever game mode they want independent of toxic players. You can't totally avoid them anyway and it hits the other friendly players as hard as you because suddenly there are even less friendly players in the more competitive game modes. I think it's more of a mental issue. A lot of people could endure the toxic people they could get but don't want to. Encountering toxic players also hits much harder than meeting friendly players to reinforce positivity. The bad memories commonly stick much harder and that leads people to avoid certain modes because they feel fed up with it. You still should pull through and just play what you want and if you get toxic players just don't give a shit about them, report them and keep playing. I never played Normals so i can't tell but i played a good bunch of Rankeds and i will play even more independent of how many toxic players i get. If people want to be assholes they can certainly enjoy my report and i will just play my next game and hope that i can play a fun one with normal people next time and that's basically it for me. I also don't like how some people try to come up with pseudo arguments mentioning competitiveness. Competitiveness is not a justification for being an asshole and the actual problem is how people deal with competitiveness. Some people seem to think that competitiveness is a reason to be able to behave like a piece of shit to someone else and some people even say that this behavior and competitiveness belong together and i hate that. I've seen people being assholes in real sports and i hated it and i hate them as much in a video game trying to justify their inappropriate behavior. Some people are just fricking retards and need to learn it the hard way and that's why we are granted the power of reports \\[T]/ Don't let the thought of toxic people influence you, just play what you want and keep at it. NEVER GIVE UP. {{champion:157}} meow
: > [{quoted}](name=meowsuo,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=dEoibRME,comment-id=000100000001,timestamp=2016-03-31T10:59:33.557+0000) > The system analyses HOW you played to get to these deaths and judges based on that. Do you have proof of this system and how it works? Okay it seems I don't know how to use riots forums lol
"Do you have proof of this system and how it works?" No, i don't have proof except the statements made by Riot. We were told that there is an anti-troll/grief system in place that checks for intentional feeders and such. That's all we know. I don't even know if you need to report someone to trigger that system or if it checks the play behavior in general to potentially detect intentional feeders and griefers. If you want to be sure about it you can make a thread to ask for an official answer or submit a ticket to support trying to get an answer. {{champion:157}} meow
Charibasa (EUW)
: WoW-style? or more like dark souls?
I've thought more about a classic MMO like World of Warcraft or Guild Wars, rather than Dark Souls. Dark Souls is also neither really an RPG or an MMORPG. Dark Souls has RPG elements but is not really an RPG in terms of actual role-playing. You can role-play in Dark Souls but as we can see you can also role-play in League and neither of both are legit RPG's in that regard. Also the level-based stat system of Dark Souls is not really RPG or MMO friendly. I love the Soulsborne games \\[T]/ but when it comes to character-progression i still prefer the old school ways of leveling abilities like in League or unlocking stuff at certain levels like Guild Wars and such. {{champion:157}} meow
Moon4Lord (EUW)
: My friend played ARAM all his teammates bots and one enemy that was player lol
I also heard of other players that had similar experiences. The bots shifted game modes since Dominion was shut down. The Dominion bots are now haunting all the other game modes. We can't really do something against it though. We can only report them and hope that their number will decrease. But League is free to play and there is no cost or waiting time involved in making a new account and botting to level accounts to sell them is sadly a legitimate business nowadays. {{champion:157}} meow
: Good to no then as this has been on my mind for a while esp seeing as its more common to be vs premades who might just camp your lane for the fun of it.
There is a difference between feeding and intentional feeding, though. Feeding is commonly when you die so often to the same person that you make that person almost un-dealable with for the team. Feeding is also a pretty loose term and is not often used based on specifics rather roughly based on deaths of a teammate or enemy KDA. Intentional feeding is grieving and means that a person deliberately dies often to the same person to make that person basically unkillable and to destroy the game for their allies on purpose. Intentional feeding is evaluated based on the behavior of players rather than simply dying a lot. Just because you died a lot doesn't mean the system will punish you for intentional feeding. The system analyses HOW you played to get to these deaths and judges based on that. As advice when you play Support in the future. As a Support it's really risky trying to get teammates back into the game once they have fallen back. It's commonly better to play around the stronger parts of your team and help the ones that are behind to not fall further behind. As a Support you need help to kill people and for that you often need a carry that deals damage, but you don't really get that from someone who fell behind which is why you often need a third one or a gank that needs to be perfectly set up in form a low health target and/or your chances of dying being basically impossible. I've seen a good bunch of "easy pick-ups" turn around because of misplays and/or being behind. In your case you can only try to make your top laner not die even more. He needs to farm up and participate in team actions like taking objectives and fighting as a team. You only help them when you think they will be a target and you try to prevent that, but trying to get them kills specifically is commonly wasted time as it is just easier to help the teammates who are not behind and let the ones who are behind just safely come back on their own. {{champion:157}} meow
: Gosh, I hate that word. Feeding. Now do not misunderstand me, I am not dismissing the phenomena and the fact that it happens, but that word is misused so much that I no longer give one iffy if me or anyone else on the team is accused of feeding. It has simply lost all meaning to me and I have no respect for it as a reason for complaining. - I die once under a failed gank. It's my first death. I have been accused of feeding. - I die twice under my own tower for various reasons, I have been accused of feeding. - I have one more death than the mid. She has accused me of feeding. It's just not limited to "actual feeding"; it's used whenever you die more than your teammate thinks you should have. If your deaths are higher than his or hers, then you are feeding! Nevermind the various circumstances that gave you trouble, you're still feeding. 4 people suddenly bot and no SS? Who cares, if they TD you and you die you are FEEDING, lol. It's not what that term is meant to be about! So, yeah, whatever. I use mute and work harder on keeping myself alive, which I would have anyways even if I didn't have someone to point out; "Oh, hey, you died again!" Thanks, jerk. I kinda noticed! Lol. It's not like we walk up to them, ask them to open up their mouth and then stand there giving them ample time to swallow us up. If you're having a bad game you might die quite a few times. No amount of being accused of feeding will help that. A change of strategy might, but that's kind of gonna have to be mostly in the hands of the one dying, because most of the time that mid accusing you doesn't even have the slightest clue what's going on in your lane. They pay attention to their own thing and see mostly only your KDA. Recently I've been playing Quinn top a lot, and I'll admit I die more often then. But I main support and has mid as my secondary. Only reason I go top is because I am nice and giving my roles away because my friends or random strangers want those roles and claim they can play nothing else. Due to my limited experience playing top I don't know everything about the top champs or how to play against them. I'll get match ups I've never had before, and then I kind of have to test through trial and error to figure out how to play. Not like support, where I mostly know the various match ups and can in a larger degree predict how I need to play to keep alive. But then there's the skill-difference too. If I am placed against a gold or plat, chances are they will actually be able to beat me. Sure I wanna reach gold at some point, but I am not there yet! So unless I play my best champs in my best role, I'll be in trouble. If a low silver faces a high gold then I am not going to accuse them of feeding when I see they are obviously being outplayed. You can't really help that. All you can do is try to learn from it, and at least walk away a bit better than you were before that match. So this feeding nonsense is just annoying me. If people didn't throw it around all the time like a dirty sock then maybe I'd take it a bit more serious. Funny, actually had that happen the other day. Our mid-laner had died three times to their mid-laner, but the enemy was fairly low so I figured we could take him together. I completely fail my gank, and she accuses me of feeding. That was actually my first darn death, lol. But I learned that when mid is that far behind, perhaps not a good idea to go gank there alone.
The main problem is that people use the word 'feeding' completely wrong. People who don't exactly knows what it means or how it's applied use it wrong and other people pick it up wrong due to them and the word completely loses meaning. People currently use feeding synonymous to dying and that's, of course, completely wrong. They have just distorted and devalued the word 'feeding' to become like this. {{champion:157}} meow
: > [{quoted}](name=meowsuo,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=prEPmAlZ,comment-id=000f0001,timestamp=2016-03-31T10:04:33.432+0000) > > Good stuff, i really like your role-playing idea. > > {{champion:157}} meow Our best, but not our first. We've done stuff like playing all assassins, all wearing blue, all being sea creatures or only allowed to by the one and same item (though multiple of it allowed). It's fun to mess around in bot games when you're too tired to do anything serious.
With Riot beefing up the lore of League it becomes even better when you can pick like all Bilgewater champions or Mount Targon champions and role-play like there is no tomorrow :D Maybe Riot should work on a RPG or MMORPG. Holy moly my pants would explode. I would be so playing that. {{champion:157}} meow
Luis Sc (EUW)
: My first League game was right after the tutorials; I had been warned about the piece of shit community and I know from experience what a PvP player base usually is, but I had to see it for myself. Got flamed for feeding while trying to understand what the frek was going on, but I understood very little. Put me off League for a few months until a friend asked me to relog whilst showing me the ropes and roads. Nowadays, I collect skins and, a year and half later, I've 800e worth of them ( not counting gifts. ) I play mainly coop and every time I play ARAM I end up reporting about half of the people playing ( and my /allchat is off, too. ) I'm also part of the 0.002% that haven't got a restriction... Yet... My story might not be unique, but it's nice to include average stories sometimes, not just faked advertising like you usually do when it comes to promoting the toxic abuse this game is.
There are a lot of cool people playing League, but you will never meet some of them by not playing Normals and Rankeds. I've played enough games to reliably tell you that there are shit people in all game modes. You are not safe by just playing Coop vs AI and ARAM. You should get over your bad past experiences and play Normals and Rankeds, too. Making a game of League of Legends great starts with you. {{champion:157}} meow
: Do you want fictional stories or personal stories about our experience with the game or wut? Do you need a fictional story about League happening IRL that isn't about League but makes a good League story?!! Pls help my head hurts ;______;
They want real stories about League of Legends that happened not in the game. So something great or inspirational that happened to you or someone else because of League in real life. Something like you found your true love by playing League or attending a Con and stuff like that. {{champion:157}} meow
: Once my siblings and I trolled in an intermediate bot game. It was me, three siblings of mine and a friend, so no innocent teammate was hurt during this game! I played Nami, and since she's a mermaid I was only allowed to move around in river. I had to farm near the edges what little I could reach, and whenever someone needed healing they had to come running to river so I could help them. If I died my brother, who played Yoric, had to come to the Nexus and carry me back to river. I would scream that I was drowning until he got there to "save me". I could only move on top of his champ until we reached the river. My sister played Zyra, and refused to leave the jungle. After all, plants thrive the best in the forest. It was a hard won game as two out of five were restricted to our respective forest areas, but eventually we conquered the bots. Whenever they killed dragon the river goddess Nami would come help, and they all had to say the river blessing before being allowed healing. No matter how close to death they were. Good times... good times.
Good stuff, i really like your role-playing idea. {{champion:157}} meow
RiotJerkee (EUNE)
: Tell us your greatest League story! {{champion:157}} meow
Ümit (EUW)
: > Some games are rough but not all games feel like total trash. it just feels so hard sometimes to have a meaningful impact as a solo player, when pre-mades just seemingly out-perform you because of more synergy. DynamicQ still feels really shaky when it comes to reliably find even/fair matches. > And that is actually a huge problem. In SoloQ I had a solid rating over my skill level, how I performed alone with 4 other randoms, but now facing a coordinated 4/5 man premade makes life living hell for a SoloQ player. IMO that distorts the actual rank of a player who plays DynamicQ, it doesn't show your rank based on your SoloQ performance, it shows your rank based on how well you played with your premades which is not the same as SoloQ. I admit, it is fun to play a ranked with more than just one friend, but there should be the possibility to play SoloQ against other SoloQ players, instead of balanced MMR with imbalanced premade advantage... If I have to face a premade in DynamicQ, they should actually play against higher ranked players, to balance that premade advantage they have... Just my opinion tho!{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
My opinion is to have DynamicQ and SoloQ both at the same time. Some people want DynamicQ to be removed, which i don't understand why some would want that. DynamicQ is totally fine for the people it was actually designed for, pre-mades. Solo players though can find themselves to be the 5 wheel on the car in DynamicQ and some pre-mades only care about solos because they make their games start and nothing more. I only want to have the choice to play either SoloQ when i don't fancy to play along potential pre-mades and DynamicQ when i either want to play solo and be among pre-mades or when i want to play pre-made myself. I think the ranking problem is totally correct and a lot of people were pointing that out since the beginning. You can't really know how solid your ranking is as an individual when the pre-made synergy is just distorting the shit out of DynamicQ. I still hope that they will release SoloQ as an alternative/option for people who don't fancy the behavior of DynamicQ. It's not impossible to do well in DynamicQ as a solo player, but sometimes you feel like you want to kill yourself when you get one of "THOSE" matches :D {{champion:157}} meow
: I love DynQ
I feel you, but luckily there aren't just bad games in DynamicQ. Sometimes you get unlucky, really unlucky. I also recently had a game where the opponent team had a duo bot lane and the rest was a trio and i was solo on the other team, of course, and i don't know if we had a premade. It didn't go so well in that game, but that wasn't entirely based on the pre-made thing. My team had basically no team play and that's i think why we lost. But generally it's not such a great feeling to play some of these games. It just feels like you get overwhelmed by the enemy team, just because they know what they want to do together, when and how. When you play solo you always need to watch your team mates to figure out what they probably want to do and it can take a while to perfectly respond to things, whereas in pre-mades you can potentially just talk to each other beforehand and make sure that your mates know what's up and what you want to do and all that. Some games are rough but not all games feel like total trash. it just feels so hard sometimes to have a meaningful impact as a solo player, when pre-mades just seemingly out-perform you because of more synergy. DynamicQ still feels really shaky when it comes to reliably find even/fair matches. {{champion:157}} meow
Rioter Comments
: you forget 5 v 5 team ranked, that is what was for me the best part of league and where you could try hard as a team. I mean the new matchmaking with giving us the roles we want is nice, but i really want 5v5 on a different ladder on which everybody can join your team.
DynamicQ was designed to replace Ranked 5's and Teambuilder and i think it does a good job doing that. The restriction that not just anyone can join your team exists to make Ranked actually competitive and not let players of far different ranks play in a team with each other. When you want to play as 5's without the restriction you need to play Normals and that's in my opinion also the right move done by Riot. Ranked is about competitiveness and not having tier restrictions in Ranked creates weird/uneven matching cases. I understand though that the Ranked 5's people are missing their separate ladder. It's quite similar to SoloQ in that regard. People just don't want to have one Q where you just throw everything in and pretend like it's all the same. Most players know that there is a vast difference in playing solo, duo/trio/quad and 5's. I mean, what's against making 5's a different Q with a different ladder. You can't match 5's with something else than other 5's, so you can just make it it's own Q basically, right? I don't know. We also need the SoloQ option for players who really want to avoid all that pre-made stuff. So that finally everyone can choose what Q he or she prefers and doesn't need to get forced into the melting pot Q that is DynamicQ. {{champion:157}} meow
: That doesn't suddenly generate supports. Face it, the majority of Support mains will still play DynamicQ. Not because it's the better mode, but because you can trust a premade friend while you can't trust a random guy that might flame you.
I am not so sure if it really works like that. I think some people would rather be sure that they aren't facing pre-mades than they are concerned about their ADC not being reliable. Unreliable ADC's would exist in both Q's but having a pre-made bot lane is probably the best you can get, as a Support and ADC. I think people would split based on preference. I can see reasons for both DynamicQ and SoloQ why they would attract certain players. The biggest issue overall is not the Supports that exist and aren't perfectly happy. The issue is that the Support position can't keep up in number with all the other positions and neither DynamicQ nor SoloQ can fix that, because that's an issue created by the players and not the game. Long story short, we have not enough Supports, but nobody cares. They only care about their Q times, but a lot of people are not interested to solve the problem by playing Support. I mean, people should be allowed to play whatever they like but it doesn't change the fact that the lack of Supports is causing the sometimes large Q times. I am a solo Support player and my Q pops immediately like 95% of all times. {{champion:157}} meow
: I love dynamic queue. It's WAY more fun than team builder ever was, and it feels great to use. Ever heard about a loud minority? You get the IMPRESSION everybody hates dynamic queue because the people who do complain about it while the people who dont are busy playing it.
DynamicQ is designed to be the replacement for Teambuilder and Ranked 5's and it does that perfectly. Where the problem lies is that DynamicQ is not being a perfect replacement for SoloQ. {{champion:157}} meow
: Well this are my opinion on DQ 1. i like the fact of role picking 2. however this comes at the price of really high que times compared to before, im a player in plat 4-2 and it used to be average que time of around like 1 minute, it has increased to average que time like 6 minutes, sometimes it is less then 1 minute but sometimes it is like 15 minutes 3. The whole premade thing does have a effect honestly , being able to go into skype/ts3 without a increased MMR on the enemy side gives advantages. Because you can set up ganks easier as jungler + lane, trade and zone better as duo bot etc.... 4. i sometimes play with some others who i already play with, but i don't want to randomly ask people to go duo with me that i don't know from something like forums for just a few games, so mainly that leave some people alone, because of this reason
1. That's not DynamicQ, that's the New Champ Select that does this and it's great. 2. I think the price in wait time is definitely worth the fact that you can guaranteed get a position that you are comfortable playing with/at. 3. I agree, playing with or against pre-mades has an impact on the game, sometimes for good or worse. 4. I prefer to queue up alone and get matched with people that are at my skill level instead of having to invite people from the friends list or whatever. Just because people queue up alone doesn't mean they don't want to play as a team and that's what a lot of people seem to think and say but it's bullshit. {{champion:157}} meow
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