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: Same problem here,can this be fixed plz?
Cavalie (EUW)
: Problems here too. I get loads of unknown errors, chat bugs, crafting bugs, starting match lobby is slow etc. Logging it is not 100% success rate. I lost my first d5 promo match to an error not letting me ban . I recommend not trying ranked until it's resolved. Roit pls. Update: promo went 2-3 but the next one went 3-2 so it's ok.
Unlucky for u in d5 promos! I would raged mentally
Slug4Life (EUW)
: I got the same problem. I even deleted LoL from my laptop, and downloaded it again, but the problem remains.. what the fuck ? Anyone?
Did the same, no sulution.
HatefuI (EUNE)
: Problems logging in since patch 6.9
Got the same problem! Please help us!
SuppeLars (EUW)
: Hi. I got the same issue. Never had it before. So any fix for this or are the eu west servers down`?{{item:3144}}
Isnt down, but it has to be a bug. Got no sulution tho.
Haruhi (EUW)
: Unable to login
Got the same issue! Pls help!
TesLaGun (EUW)
: Same here. Since patch slow response on EUW server. Trying to repair cliens aswell - didnt work. Yesterday everything be ok. Now cant even log in. Always see this :
Kylinz (EUW)
: Patch 6.9 Unspecified error
I have another problem if u can help? I cant login, i get an unknown error, and when i tried with my second account i did login, but it was going so insane slow!
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U53L355 (EUW)
: No rank after placement
Its not your problem. I got the same problem. It is either a bug or u just have to wait for it because Riot servers are lagging.
: Why doesn't you get your ranked ? Well as far as I'm concerned you're not the only one. Something must've happened behind the scenes.
Yeah, seems to have happen to a lot of people.
: Did 10 placement matches but got no rank.
Riot hasnt disabled anything. Their server is either lagging or its just a bug. Currently im waiting for my rank too. Heard that people got it after a few hours, but have been waiting for 12 hours now.
C8os (EUW)
: System doesnt put me in a rank after 10 placements games.
Same happen to me, waited 12 hours now. Right now i have won 10 of 15 placement games. Does the games after 10 count?
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