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: [LREE] Creating New Serious Team, Searching For Jungler And Support! (G2-P2)
What role are you appliyng for ?:Jungler How old are you ?:20 Where are you from ?:The Netherlands What's your english skills (from 1 to 5) ?: 3/4 ish What's your main champ on the lane you are applying for ?:Udyr What are the champions you can play on the lane you are applying for (keep in mind that we might require you to learn a new champ) ?:Udyr, xin, voli, nunu, olaf and eve. What's your division ?:g2 What was your division last season ?: somewhere lost in silver How much time a week can you spend with the team ?:probably most, currently doing a homestudy. Are you interested in participating in tournaments ?:ya Which status would you like (Main player or substitute, this will change according to your performance) ?:Substitute
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Primo88 (EUNE)
: Your "requirement" is actually a plea for "no noobs in ranked games" right? xD You cannot stop boosting,people make money by boosting and Riot is a Company as any other that aims for money.You must accept that and realise that if you want to rank up and play with better players(that is not guaranteed to happen,boosted accounts are in every tier)you must play 1000 games and always win your lane and carry the team. -Lead them or fall-
Doesnt the other requirements also do that? I dont really get what you mean with the boosting things. If one want to climb the ladder playing 1000 games it wont help, if one does not improve. what he should realise is that he sucks, accepting it and improve. Always winning a lane is impossible, know how to comeback thats something.
: Let me tell you one thing though. I started an account a while ago and I am now level 20, with no boosts. Just a casual player who doesn't spend RP. So far I've bought Ashe, Sivir, Elise and Diana. Aaan that's pretty much it. 20 levels, with over 150 games, and I can only afford 4 champions. I'm not even thinking at runes now, imagine that I have a lot of champions to unlock that I like. So, that requirment would be silly and his argument is not weak. There are people who don't spend real money to get boosts or purchase champions with RP, and with an average of like 2-3 games per day I only get little amouns of IP in let's say a week.
Well spectumsepmra, the account you are posting with is lvl 30 kinda weird but ya. So i'll just imagine that you are lvl 20. If i was level 20 I would buy T3 runes, because it unlocks at level 20. Reason behind it, you will have an advance, meaning higher chance of winning lane/game. Winning a game gains more xp/ip (first win of the day bonus) than a loss. And when you hit level 30 without T3 runes but with 16 champs, you will have quantity instead of quality. In the end you would like to be able to unlock the champs you like. Isnt it logic to choose a normal game when you want to unlock champs instead of playing competitive games where people are trying to climb the ladder. It is even a disadvantage for you if you would do that...
tom98784 (EUW)
: Runes cost so much whilst you're still buying champions, I've played over 300 ranked games and still don't have all the champions I want, or even if I don't want them, I want to be able to first pick them for other people. Unless you make runes/rune pages free I don't think this is a good idea (or keep rune pages paid but just make runes free.) If you did make this a requirement then you would just get people buying the cheapest runes to fill out a T3 rune page. If anything needed changing it would be the champion number imo. In lower ranked there are so many people only can only play 1 position well, partly because they don't have a wide enough range of champions.
To be honest I find your argument weak. First most people that are playing ranked games want to climb the ladder. To be able to climb the ladder you need to win games, what increases your chance on winning your game? 1. be lvl 30 2. have enough champs (16) 3. Full T3 Rune page there are more but this makes my point. If one wants to play for fun and earn ip to buy champs, instead of winning, you could just choose to play a normal game. I think its nice of you to be able to pick champs for other pp, but why dont do it in draft mode instead of ranked. I do agree that runes and pages are expensive, but that balances the game. Even if people bought the cheapest runes to fill out a T3 page it would still be better than a half page or T2 page. That's knowledge that most lower elo players lack.
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: Silver Problems
https://www.youtube.com/user/Trick0850 great guides on godyr on this channel


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