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: Is ban for flaming justified?
Obviously what I'm about to say is my opinion, and if you disagree with me that's up to you and fine with me. Not everyone has to have the same opinion about everything. There are 2 major types of "flaming". The first one being the more severe and personal, like wishing someone a horrible disease or using homophobic/racist slurs. This is completely unacceptable and I agree with any immediate account bans following this. There are people playing this game that can not differentiate between banter and real insults. I don't care how "competitive" something is, if you can't keep cool and be well mannered you should look for like-minded people. Don't ever use such language if you are not !completely! sure that everyone being able to read your conversations is able to get that you really only mean to banter. And even then cases that could seem ever so minor could get you in trouble, so better keep it in voice if you can't go without! Don't be surprised if Riot won't "warn" you with a chat ban. The second one is the "not as personal" way to insult someone. I myself have been guilty of doing this, and I got what I deserved, so I'm even more biased here. If you flame someone in a non-personal way about how they play, you should be punished with a chat restriction first in my opinion. Just examples of what I've written in the past: "oh wow, our ashe would rather farm than group, but it's fine since she doesn't offer utility and has been inting for 10 minutes now", "our top should play the tutorial first before going into a real game". Still not nice, still deserves punishment. And it's not even smart to write such things. Even if they start to think about their gameplay and analyze the game's replay, for the game going on right now they'll only tilt and play even worse. But if you really have to call someone out, please at least don't use profanity! That way you're not even showing how much of an a-hole you are, but you're actually promoting a lifestyle of using such words without ever thinking about what it actually means to say it. Mute all has always been a difficult topic. If you do it, you prevent yourself from tilting, and you yourself are the only person that will influence your ranking in the long run. But you risk not being able to see important information, since many still type summoner-timers and other important information in chat and you won't see them. So everyone has to find his own "sweet spot". For me, it's muting everything (pings, emotes and chat) at the start of every game, play the game (it even helped me improve my map awareness since I can't rely on "missing"-pings and have to actively looking for every member of the enemy team all the time, or playing just like the enemy has flash all the time and I have to plan even more carefully how to achieve my goal at that moment), honor the most honorable summoner (support as default, if noone caught my attention, because supportlivesmatter) and report everyone on my and the enemy team after the game. Since they removed the report weight with the introduction of their new automated systems to detect negative behaviour there are only two possibilities: 1. The player was toxic and my report was justified, or 2. the player wasn't and my report won't harm anyone at all. Not me, no other player and not the community as a whole. Those are my opinions on that matter, and again, if you do not agree with me, that's fine. If you think I'm a horrible human being and shouldn't play this game please tell me in a constructive manner. Nothing was based on OP's case at all, and I hope you get what I want to say with my broken English, since it's obviously not my first language.
: We need a "Nevermind Ping"
Honestly, "bad call that worked out because the enemy was even more stupid and lost the fight" etc. are still bad calls. Just because it worked out doesn't mean it was the right thing to do. You should still be able to see how it was a bad call and improve, since at a certain elo mistakes are actually punished.
Undecisive (EUNE)
: It's not an opinion, it's a wish you have.Who would play a game if only 1 account is made possible?Think why riot is one of the most profiting communities out there.Riot is not dumb,it started off as a free game and it should not be account restricted unless that number is ridiculously high(e.g. tyler1)...And i've seen your based off of your games you are a smurf aswell(bot games but still way too good scores for a beginner).So you wish to remove yourself from the game too? Jokes aside...I kinda overdid it on the "half" part I agree,but still in my opnion smurfs/flamers shouldn't be permabanned. NOTE : Stop spamming the "If you use your brain" it's really annoying.
Basically we're both wrong as it was just a statement, and I didn't actually include my own opinion. And since I don't get why people below Challenger need smurfs, I don't know how many would still be playing. And I personally have a habit of making "themed" smurfs, where I think of a champion related name, play botgames until I can buy said champ, play a few games and never touch it again. So if those would get deleted I wouldn't mind at all. I only have 1 account above lvl20, and that's my main (obviously). Just explain one thing to me. There are kids, as young as 12 years old playing this game. You are saying it's ok to be toxic and you shouldn't get permabanned for it. Do you think it's good for children to grow up thinking that wishing for people to die of horrible diseases is socially acceptable? I'd sue everyone that would say something like this in real life, but it's just impossible to do this with every insult in LoL. So I have trust in Riot that they will remove them from play. But they don't care at all, they'll just create another smurf. So I would prefer a system like in korea, where every person has a unique number that is needed to register an account. NOTE : You still have to explain how restricting smurf accounts would turn LoL in a "kindergarten game".
Undecisive (EUNE)
: Good luck riot with the kindergarten game then,if there wouldn't be smurfves,half of the community would go away,by the way,who are you to not allow me/us to have more than 1 account?
I don't know how you come to the conclusion that only younger players would stay if smurfing wouldn't be possible. Why would have of the community go away? Why is having a smurf for 50% of players such an essential thing that they'd rather quit the game altogether than playing on one single account? Hmm, we still have to work on that whole "use your brain"-thing, I'm not in the position to allow or restrict something, it's just an opinion. If you make up things just to make me look bad, it didn't work.
Undecisive (EUNE)
: Permanent suspension for an account not for the game,seems like you don't know it buddy.
That's what it is right now. If you'd use your brain for just a few seconds you would realize that without smurfs a permaban would mean that this person will never play the game again. And that's something most of us would love to be possible.
Djedo (EUNE)
: Ping tracker
This idea is new and has never been discussed before.
: Honor and reports
Just to clarify, there is no difference in reports from kids and adults. If you mean to call those that report you kids, that might indicate that their reports are not that random.
: but if someone flames someoen you just mute him and report him after the game and most of them get a punishment after 10 seconds after the game bc of a computer while other people troll and int cant be muted you can mute them but that wont change theyre actions you can report them but that wont change mutch bc no one at riot looks at the matches or history of those people give flamers 35 chat restriction and then perma chat ban and then if they would lash out in the way of trolling and inting then perma ban them and inters/trollers 14 day suspention a month suspention and perma ban then you wont hear peopel that flame in game anymore and if they lash out you can ban them but at the same time you will egt rid of the computer that checks it and you make a team of peopel that actually check the games then most flamers wont talk anytmore and most/all of the trollers and inters wont be able to play
But it still takes way to many games to get punished for "moderate" flaming. And btw, with what money do you want Riot to pay the salaries of the team that manually looks over games to see if someone inted or not? Until this game becomes B2P or P2P, there won't be ressources for it.
: trolls, inters and flamers
Flame does not get punished hard enough. I don't know why people that call someone a "mentally challenged"tard do not get banned. In my eyes saying something like that once should give you at least a chat restriction. In many countries you can press charges against someone that insulted you, sadly just not enough people actually do this.
xtimigui (EUW)
: Not safe. Imagine if someone opens your computer and waste all your IP/RP?
If someone has access to my PC and does something "gaming"related, he could always open or steam and do stuff. And I don't think there are to many people having a high amount of unused RP. Or he could open Chrome and log into everything Chrome has saved my password (which is everything that requires me to have one). And much more. I personally don't think that logging into a league account is even close to the worst thing that can happen.


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