Awww thankyou so much ^^ i should draw more xD all the comments r inspiring me ><
Rismosch (EUW)
: 0/10! To less boob! . . . . . jk ;P good work bro <3
lol more boob is good yes xD but i wanted to try draw her as she was cuz she looks awesome ^^
: Brilliant drawing, you are fantastic at shading and the folds on the front of her tunic are brilliant! However you should work on your hands and "natural" flow of hair- they're holding you back a little :) Great job though, I love it!
this was drawn a few years ago but its only one of two ive drawn and really wanted to put it up xD i just hope ive improved since then, bu thankyou! ^^
: Yeah it's a really nice skin, and it fits her positive personality and quotes really well! Maybe a bit tooo pink though xD
shes quite pink but i like it :) adds abit of fun
: Who are you thinking of drawing next?
Hmmm i love the loo of star guidian lux... so maybe her ^^ i thinks shes sooo pretty
: Nothing to say,just awesome.. GG WP{{champion:157}}
: Amazing! Well you just got me in the mood for some hentai xd! bye! :3
Oh wow xD i didnt thin it was that sexy lol have fun!
: That looks soo cute :D. Nice Work!
: That's really good! She looks really young in the picture though, not sure if that was intended or not (I think it's the eyes). More tonal range would improve it, you could definitely emphasize the shadows more. Really nice though!
i didnt mean for her to look young xD but thanks for saying its good and thankyou for the good tips! this was awhile ago and i want to draw more champions :)
Fajerk (EUW)
: Jesus that's cute
thankyou very much ^^ glad u think so!
shadowolf13 (EUNE)
: https://youtu.be/ZXsQAXx_ao0?t=35 don't worry it is something to motivate you :)
shadowolf13 (EUNE)
: {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} good job!Very nice.Also, can you make a Zed one pls?1 more thing, this game becomes an addiction and hell breaks out at lvl 30.
I dont know if i can draw him xD i will have to see :) but thankyou! and yes... but i find it very fun, I just need to get better.
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