: Need a Coach!
you have to be so much better than the people around you to carry as a support, well only being 5% better than other people makes you rekt them on a carry role
: I think its about damn time udyr got a VU
he already has a vu, it just costs £20
Holy shjt (EUNE)
: Is binding Emotes to Q W E R Bannable?
im pretty sure you cant have one key bound to 2 actions and both be carried out anyway
Emillie (EUW)
: Diamond player here, we know we are actually trash. The more you learn and practice, the more you realize how clueless you were and still are. Same for everything in life. Yes I'm in the top 1%, but the difference between me and rank 1 KR is like day and night.
I completely agree and playing where i am (plat 1 rn, gimme that diamond xd) i see multiple times in my game where i mess up and go "oh damn im bad at league of legends" and i know theres a loooooong way before im really really good, but that doesnt mean i get to demorlize others for what they've acheived, because gold 1, better than 90% of people who play the game, is still pretty damn good in my book, regardless of how much higher there is to go.
: Is There a 'Jack of All Trades' Champ?
i think morgana is a good example of this, with times even in pro play shes been played mid, top and support, and comes out of the jungle in a few solo q games
Kjelldor (EUW)
: Just so I am 100% sure on this now. Does this mean that if you are 4v5 and your team (so the team with four players) kills the enemy team, you can still remake afterwards?
yes exactly that. had 2 games, one where the enemy thought like you and int'd first blood to try and score some freelo, and one where i 1v1'd the enemy top, and remake was still available both times xd
Kjelldor (EUW)
: This does not prevent remake. If the team with 4 players gets first blood, then remake cannot be done by them. If the enemy gets first blood, the team with four players can (and should) still remake. This was clarified in a remake FAQ.
just had a game, can confirm the team with 4 players can infact still remake. the whole first blood thing was changed since the FAQ release and people have been misinformed eversince
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Eambo (EUW)
: Hi mistgem, Ranked is currently disabled due to issues, and will manifest in other areas like this (showing unplaced etc.). This is not a true representation but a side effect of an issue we are currently triaging - your ranked games are safe however :-)
yeah thats what i figured, just wanted to make sure it wasnt an unrelated issue, thanks <3
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