: When I was gold I loved playing against Diamond players. I enjoyed the challenge, and knew that playing against better players was the best way to improve. Now when I am Diamond I really enjoy playing with Masters, for the same reason. See it as an opportunity, because that's exactly what it is. Edit: Riot has a system to deal with this. MMR exists in normals, just like it does in ranked. If you stomp game after game from the start you will get "smurf classified". If you want to play with your brother, get a fresh account yourself, or your own main accounts MMR will keep influensing his matchmaking in a bad way.
I am not playing with him in my account I sometimes help him in his account so he'll have a chance
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Jakovec (EUNE)
: http://i.imgur.com/WGZQaN2.png isn't this too much to kill 400 minions in 1 game?
: "That's a unique Hextech token that will be used to obtain a special icon once the VS Event ends. You'll be able to craft that emblem into the icon once the event is over, and the icon you get will be decided by who "wins" the event." Quote Broporo from NA Boards
: Questions about Events & Missions? Find your answer here!
hi guys i recieved a crafting materiel named the embleme of conquerer can someone tell me what is it good for?????tnx for all the help big fane


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