Pixelbits (EUW)
: It's not against the rules to ban the champion your ally picked (pre-pick banning in draft)!
that happened couple of times to me. i dont know why people do it, but you just reduce the chances of winning your game. your intention is to win, but you ruin it - because you don't know how well that person plays a particular champion even if that champion doesn't entirely fit in the comp.
: So Soraka
Back years ago they had Q self healing dependant on the rank of W. Then they thought it made the support too strong so they switched it. Now you have top Soraka, which will get nerfed and the support will suffer as a result.
: The Yuumi nerf has butchered her gameplay
I don't think her changes are that bad, however i would say Riot is not complete with the champion. Yeah some things feel really stupid. Let's say Kassadin's Q puts her W on a 5 sec cooldown. Silences as well, baron, dragon as well. Mana costs are very high. The gameplay has changed definitely to be more passive and just sit on one fed champion and very occasionally have guts to deattach for shield/mana gain. Depending on how much CC the enemy team has, sometimes it's not safe to do that at all.
Pixelbits (EUW)
: So what use has the current leveling system when everything is decided by MMR?
why is that a problem. leveling after 30 was added only like a year ago. there were people that played for many years and didn't get their number raised as well. it's normal that MMR decides everything, otherwise you would get smurfing people in silver making the games not fun.
: Yuumi feels so weak
Q is not weak, if you max it first and E second while building support items. It deals a bit more base damage, but less based on AP scaling (compared to 9.23). This is exactly where they pushed her - to be an enchanter. Either way Yuumi is a decent champion, but not an early game one, and she really shines only from around level 10-11 and 20min+ in the game once she has a couple of items. Her 45% win rate (it was 40% in 9.23), still doesn't do her justice and i do think a couple of things have to be done. And yeah Q slow would be very welcome, to make it at least to Soraka's Q slow level. And maybe a bit less mana cost on E. Although what i hated most was the Q missle duration reduction from 3 to 2 seconds, i wish they reduced it to 2.5 instead.
: Pyke players with Aftershock.
it's the case with many champions - people argue which runes are better and why. but at the end it comes down to your own personal preference and how YOU can make those runes work. if you are good at using electrocute and you are succesful using that, then why not!
maneeboi (EUW)
: Stuck on the Reconnect button
still stuck as well. i guess the problem is "fixed" but i seem to be hanging in the old game. can't start client
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Regnarc (EUW)
: Ranked Despair
it doesn't matter. you might have bad luck once in a while, but you will end up where you are supposed to be after a certain amount of games. i didn't play this season, and started with pre-season, within 100 games playing as {{champion:16}} {{champion:350}} support ended up in diamond 4. previous seasons when i played worked in a pretty similar way. now i'm trying to do the same with playing flex 5v5 (as solo always and only with {{champion:350}} ). there is some form of frustration at around gold up to low plat. not every game goes well, win streaks happen and the opposite as well in every elo. but eventually with time it settles down. once you reach your elo then you will fluctuate around it. the best players in master /challenger also have bad luck and drop out of it, then climb back to it again. it is completely normal. and i think lastly the whole problem is that people thing that there is a certain elo "everyone is supposed to be in". Gold is fine, platinum is fine, even silver is fine, just play a game, enjoy and do your best - more you can't do really :)
: Is Aphelios too complex?
over designed, over loaded champion that seems like he doesnt' belong in this game
: Just Quitting League of Toxicity
You can do one thing: at the start of match mute everyone or just remove the chat altogether. Some people play like that, it's weird - as sometimes nice people try to communicate and you are silent, but it will help you mentally to still play the game :) For the rest, i've been playing league on and off since closed beta in 2008-2009. And the toxicity has sort of stayed the same always. people just don't mean to say those terrible things sometimes, but as they are safe behind the screen, they do it. I'm quite strong in that and i literally never flame, although it does rarely but does get to me. A couple of days back i had a game where everyone was super friendly in chat select and in the beginning, then i did a couple of mistakes and they did a couple of mistakes as well and started blaming me and each other, which got to me - because first they give an impression of being friendly and then are unaccepting of somebody's mistakes. but then next day i had games where i did very well and people loved playing with me. so in the end it doesn't matter. there are many people on this planet and all of them have different opinion. every time you play a game you meet 9 of them, with different opinions and backgrounds, all 9 hiding behind a screen, safely and securely able to tell whatever nasty things they can :P
Morrhen (EUW)
: Except, you should always build the grail as your third item after boots. That's what true Senna supports build. From what i've seen, people just go purely offensive Senna, instead of focusing on doing their role correctly. Senna has AP scalings too. Plus her ult scaling is getting buffed in 9.24. This item simply provides way too much utility for her Q and ult. Alongside the mana regen.
that is true, we probably will see a lot more athene's in 9.24 on senna
: Allow to choose champion select priority!
It's an interesting suggestion i guess. I always think that in soloq it doesn't really matter what you play, as long as you play the champion you like/are good with even in the worst comps. But for players who like dozens of champions - why not. I also think they should let supports queue as "only" support if they want to, with no secondary role.
jacktjong (EUW)
: Which way should Senna go?
I definitely want to see her more as a support. In fact that's what RIot wants to see her as well. Now her winrate as ADC is better than support, so i expect some tuning up in support power and tuning down in carrying power. {{item:3174}} would be good on her, but if it had AD
: Why always this toxicity??
THey need to implement a system that REWARDS properly people that are friendly and show civilised behaviour. Right now there's just nothing like that. But on the other hand, the world is just full of terrible, toxic people. And in league people just show that very clearly - their hidden toxicity, because it's internet and nobody sees them and they just hop into the next game.
StEvilas (EUW)
: How the hell matchmaking is done here ?
well, games aren't done in 5 minutes. comebacks are very real and happen often. and matchamking is purely based on you win/rate ratio and against what rank people you lost/won games. it is not fair, if you look at let's say 10 games, but with 200-300 and more games it becomes more fair and more reflecting your individual skill and putting you against people with similar skills. Mentality is not included there however, how tilted someone is or not. But also, during preseason, feedings and grievings/flamings are more often than during normal season.
Šternberg (EUNE)
: Senna still not getting nerfed in the next patch?
yeah unfortunately. also it seems that senna bot is doing better than support (which was not their intention i guess) so i believe they might tune her supporting up and reduce her "carrying" down. but still sad to see many many champions not getting some work done. Nothing new in the next patch, except for some tiny buffs to ezreal, and Yuumi is still sitting at 38-40% win rate for like a few months now - and nothing.
: Buff Ivern for real
i guess that's what happens when the game has around 150 champions, and some changes come to jungle.. they just pretty much forget that some champions might be more touched by something than others. Poor Ivern got hit by the jungle changes too much, and it will most likely take them 3 months to figure it out and fix it one way or another. Some champions just end up being forgotten when you have so many of them. Like {{champion:350}} was nerfed into oblivion now, and it will take as well probably half a year for them to start working on her.
: Remove surrender vote from all Solo Ranked games.
I never surrender normally, it's just pointless. And i don't like to finish games early, there is always something to learn even from bad games. But FF in cases of someone afk after ragequit and feeding (which doesn't happen often) could be good still. Although i wish generally you couldn't surrender.
: Stop releasing new champions this fast-paced. New champion (after Aphelios) already announced.
they should balance {{champion:350}} also. they keep on releasing new stuff, but what about poor {{champion:350}} got nerfed into oblivion with her pathetic 38% win rate. i also am always amazed how new champions have so MUCH in their kit.
: What do I do about Champion Select trolls?
what elo does this happen? my friend plays with bronzies and these things rarely happen. im at around platinum atm and these things happen maybe once in 20 games. all you can do is report them, and hopefully riot will take care of those people. but it is unfortunately unavoidable, a lot of people are stupid enough and irresponsible to do such things
exydos (EUNE)
: Hardstuck Plat
i always get surprised how people are dissatisfied with their ELO. It's a video game and you're supposed to have fun actually, and being in plat means that you're at like top 10%. Which is already very good, considering the majority is in Silver. Keep in mind that if or once you jump into Diamond you will get people that will be judging you as "low diamond trash", then higher diamond players will be insulted as being not master etc. Then masters will be insulted for not being in challenger etc etc. It's a never ending story and not worth it for a video game. I noticed that the attitude of people never really changes in whatever ELO they are.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Support is highly demanded now?
IMO Riot should make that you can queue ONLY as support. I queue as support/mid and always get support, but once in 50 games i get mid and then i better dodge lol.
: Control wards, how to do it with the gold cut?
i try to buy them, but it's difficult really. i probably waste around 500 gold for control wards, which definitely delays my build even further, and delays my level even further cos i can't get XP while walking around and warding
: 9.24 on PBE
No clue, i hope soon enough. I really want to see some {{champion:350}} changes. 38% win rate is such a disaster. and possibly a few {{champion:235}} nerfs
: it is. Ivern is only played by one tricks. a 49% winrate for a champ only played by one tricks is bad.
Yuumi is 38% lol. how about that. 49% is totally viable, even 45% is. But i understand that Ivern got hit too much, especially the dragon issues.
Orvvadasz1 (EUNE)
: New support items are basically useless in late game
The sad thing is that the games never really get to the late game since like season 6. Games are super short and closed within the first 10 minutes (usually). For the support now - if the game goes on long enough, you are less and less behind. In levels, in gold, in items..So not rewarding to be a support and see that the impact that you have is so tiny.
: > I feel like all of the above really encourages you to play enchanter supports like Soraka, Nami, Yuumi etc. Yuumi got hit really hard by this changes. Those changes doesn't encourage anyone to play Yuumi.
Yeah, winrate dropped to 38%, it's by far the most unbalanced champion in the game. I remember years ago people were whinning about Azir having 45%, although he had such a learning curve that mastering the champion increased it substantially. But 40% or below that just doesn't justify it. But even other enchanters that need {{item:3174}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3107}} , usually end up with just two items at the very end of the game. Less items, less possibilities, less fun, less strong compared to other champions. just so not fun :(
BigSml (EUW)
: So supports are second rate players now ?
some champions, especially (and ironically) {{champion:235}} benefit a lot from the new items. As poking with 600 AA range doesn't cost much of mana. But many supports are quite hurt by the changes. Some more, some less, for example {{champion:350}} win rate dropped to 38-39%. Just shows how unbalanced the game in some aspects really is. Overal it is very unrewarding playing a support indeed, and the new changes will make less and less people play this role. And we will see more supports like {{champion:412}} that don't need items to be good. hopefully though, it's just a preseason and some things will be hotfixed.
Boart (EUW)
: Why is Tresh played every game now?
Thresh was always good. Good CC, good utility for team without needing too much items (which is now the case with new support items - champions are good that are able to survive with 1-2 items). He's just a better version of {{champion:53}} or {{champion:111}} . And has more impact. Like, take {{item:3117}} on him, and at level 3-4 you are already able to roam and get a kill and have huge impact on the game. I wouldn't say he is OP, but he is definitely good and always was good. It's just that now with the new support starting items seems like other supports are struggling quite a bit.
: senna is hell too broken
Yeah she is actually OP. Immediately after release she had 48% win rate, then a couple of days later it turned 50%, now it's around 51%. For a such new champion it's very strong. For comparison Yuumi on release had like 44%, which was the lowest, and then they proceeded to nerf Yuumi to oblivion and now its 40%, and actually dropped to 38%-39 after the new support item LOL.
: Is the support item change a nerf or a buff? - Analysis -
Yeah it is a big nerf. What they need now to do for the items is basically: 1) add health recover on minion kill share for the tankier item. 2) add some extra damage proc on spellthief (just like the previous item in 9.22 or a bit less damage), 3) NOT disable gold gain after item turns 3 tier 4) possibly another extra item for tanks that doesn't give any AD. Now it looks like the AD items were literally made for {{champion:555}} {{champion:235}} .
: Support yourself
Too bad they didn't hotfix anything about supports yet, probably will have to play like this for a month. I mean the more i play, the more i get used to it, but it still irritates me that i finish the games with just 2 items, while before i could finish with 3. There is less creativity possible in that way, which of course depends on champions and whether you have 'core' items or not. But these changes are only okay (ironically) for {{champion:235}} {{champion:555}} . Meanwhile tanks for example, are left with having some useless AD.
: About the support discussion
I don't know why for example gold wouldn't be a completely viable ELO, since like 50% of population is in silver, which is completely fine and is a viable elo as well. either way the changes in general are bad, but they can be good for just a few champions that are good by rushing the first 1-2 core items. overal of course it touches all of the supports, some much less than others (ironically Senna and Pyke actually benefit a lot from this), but it's not much of a support VS support thing, as support VS the rest of team, or the impact that support has on a game, and the impact was always rather low compared to mid/top or jungle, or well, even ADC.. and the impact now is less and less as the game goes on. I mean when Riot tries to make support role more attractive to reduce queue times for years, this isn't a very attractive change..
Cooler39140 (EUNE)
: I actually think these changes are kinda better for full AP supports like Zyra and Fiddle, as they get very good amount of AP from the upgraded support item and can focus on building their other damage items instead of wasting gold on support item upgrades, which would delay their potential power spike. Also, supports now can place more wards on average, as the full upgrade of the support item was often avoided for it's inefficiency even though you could get 4 charges of Stealth Wards.
it's only really good very very early game, but then again - 10% cdr and mana regen is lost, and that is quite crucial. It all made just for all support to be able to finish the first item quicker, whatever that 'core' item for a support is. But after your first item, your passive gold earning will shut off and you are left with stat-wise very basic item that gives AP and health, and 1 item. By the time i finish the second item, the game is already over. as a result there is just no creativity, before the changes i was able to actually have 3 items and felt like i had more impact, because i had more choice. now my choice is all into getting the first item quicker, but for that i sacrifice my third item UNLESS the game is going ridiculously long :/
Wex0r (EUW)
: Answer to the Support Issue
they need to hotfix the gold income, just NOT to remove it past 1000 gold, and the majority of issue is solved already. As for how to cope now, i guess getting magical footwear is essential, that's free 300 gold. and i haven't thought of anything else really, other than taking 20 CS eventually or how many CS can we take until the punishment for farming comes.
: The nerf is the best decision they have made in a very long time. Yes, it was a nerf but a deserved one. Support was THE most overpowered role for a few years now and that role is the biggest beneficiary of power creep. So if you just compare the role to what it was recently, it was a nerf, but if you compare it to what it is supposed to be, it suddenly isn't bad. The state of supports isn't bad at all after the changes. In fact, it's more in line with what it is supposed to be. Its real strength level. To understand that concept you have to understand what a support is and how it came to be. A traditional support is a champion that is NOT gold reliant and can assist the team with utility and protection with just the tools in his kit. Take thresh as a good traditional example, he can use his abilities to peel for his allies and to disrupt the enemy and catch them with his hook. He doesn't need any items to be useful. A support is specifically a role that SACRIFICES his own gold gain so that a teammate can get stronger faster. That's what it was originally invented for. A term "funnel" should be familiar by now. So if we use supports of season 9 as examples, they didn't sacrifice their own gains anymore because they had other means to get gold easily. So suddenly they gained power when they should have been giving it up in exchange for getting a stronger ally. The support is supposed to assist his team, not to be the main character of an anime themselves that dominates the game and pulls gold out of his butt.
what a nonsense, for the last 10 years this game has been around it was always known - if you want to climb fast, don't play support. That's what every challenger streamer/lcs player would say. Mid/top/jungle has always been a way to climb. Riot is actually trying for many years to broaden the support range from just traditional janna/soraka type (that's why we got AD Senna support now and new items that make literally almost everyone able to support, ironically except tanks lol). It is quite logical that a champion that has the lowest level, least gold amount, then one dedicated item to supporting(warding), that has to stay in one lane for a rather prolonged time - will have least impact on the game. and supports always were that. now as the game progresses, supports have less and less impact.
: The thing is... new support items were made like this so you can prioritize your actual build without having to spend gold on your warding item. I honestly find this to be really good, since that money can be spent on something else, such as {{item:3190}} {{item:3050}} {{item:3109}} {{item:3107}} which are better as far as stats go and their active is very usefull both mid and late game. Also you have more money left for those juicy 2 x {{item:2055}} backs.
No, you only really save 450 gold early in the game - that you can spend towards your support item. But you lose 10% cdr, 50% mana regen and passive damage proc/heal etc. After 1000 gold is accumulated through your item, you get no more gold. In the end the item just doesn't give what every champ needs (Ap/Ad + HP), and you only save 450 gold - which isn't enough to compensate for lost CDR and regen. As the game progresses the real struggle starts - gold deprivation is really prevalent, hence support becomes less and less impactful as the game progresses:/
: For Frostfang it takes around 22-25min usually until the new system gives you less gold than the old one; that is not taking into account the increased passive generation and assuming you proc your tribute constantly - which is an unrealistic assumption as you won't really proc it after the laning phase anyway.
Not really. You really only save 450 gold for an upgrade, since the third upgrade was usually only for very, very late game and only on several champions. For 450 gold, you lose the passive DMG bonus, you lose 10% cdr, and 50% mana regen. And after 1000 gold is earned through item - the gold gain from it is disabled also. At the end basically all you get is some "free" AP/AD and health. Just very basic stats that are welcome but not super efficient on everyone. But that 450 gold you "save" is not enough to get your 10% CDR, mana regen from other items (and passive DMG proc). As the game goes on past 20 mins, then the real deprivation starts as well.. Basically, it is just not worth it in the long run. It helps you to finish your first item tiny bit quicker, but after that you get no gold unless you get a kill.. So support gets less and less impactful on the game.
Uraraka (EUNE)
: Ya. Because in pro play and in top 1-2% of ladder, support doesn't need more gold-so let entire player base have the change and make supp suitable mostly for {{champion:555}} {{champion:235}} because ~~skins~~ one has gold generation from R and other can scale with passive.
i think it will also touch the 1-2% (diamond+?) people. Because now as the game progresses, support has less and less gold, so the impact of support in game decreases substantially. this makes the role very, very unattractive.
: New support items are abhorrent and disgusting. Thanks Rito for pushing me out of the role I loved
It was really terrible. I thought at first that they freed up some extra gold for supports and will make the role more enjoyable. But now i realised that the passive gold earning is disabled after 1000 gold lol. Not only that but we also lose mana regen and 10% cdr. In the end actually you lose tons of gold from passive disappearance and the fact that you need to buy your mana regen and cdr from other items. What a terrible idea. They should hotfix this by at least NOT turning off the passive so that there is something done until this is fixed.
CJXander (EUNE)
: After 6 years of supporing, i'm ditching the role
No gold after item completion is teh worst. In the beginning i thought wow: i dont need 450 gold for an upgrade, maybe i can live with that. but once i figured that after 1k gold i have ZERO gold income after.. it just makes no sense to me. What a horrible idea!
Just Cat (EUW)
: So... support was not only put back where it used to be deadrole but actually nerfed beyond that?
the gold shut off passive is a terrible idea. im so deprived of gold. i just got to the end game with yuumi and couldn't even finish the third item while everybody else had a full build. the impact i had on game was thus so limited. terrible terrible idea.
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: Client Down
nothing seems to be working at all. spent maybe 30 minutes logging it and it says to check my connection after i logged in, nothing else works.
: Cant start game
same here unfortunatenly, button just stays grey, i cant click anything to start the game
Gabresol (EUW)
: Support and Mana Regeneration
I actually find that it gives too little sustain. In season 8 there is really really very little way to have good mana sustain early in the game which is painful. All you can do is take an item that you are obliged to get anyway, and then your other two options are to get mana flow band which does practically nothing early in the game and the biscuits which are the only option. End game skills spamming is very easy obviously, because of the ridiculous regen that redemption gives or other items. This particular "issue" is more a case of nami herself, she's just a very good early game champion.
Kieru (EUW)
: League Of Legends is totaly broken, not playable for enjoyment unless you pick meta champ.
it's always been not a very balanced game, that is what makes this game popular. Based on popularity on champions various things get nerfed/buffed, then reversed in the future again. Then masteries are changed etc etc. Changing everything over and over makes this game 'alive' and that's how riot is earning their money and keeps people coming. The only thing that really strikes me in this season is how easily everyone is one shotted at even quite early levels with no 'feeding' by for example a rengar or something like that. It leaves no room for counterplay or anything like that.
: So regarding LeBlan changes..is it the right way?
they should just revert the entire assassins update changes to her. she was broken already before that to someone who knew how to play her.
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