: Mastery points
I wouldnt like the idea to "spend" the points. I like how it shows that I played that champion that much to achieve this amount of points. The idea of little rewards like champion specific icons, banners or even specific wards would seem a cool idea. If they would do skins it better be a chroma (cheap and easy to make/produce) skin that you can** ONLY **unlock with a certain mastery level. And Im not talking about something easy like 100K Im talking about 500k, 750k or even 1.000k (a real grind)
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Sykkuno (EUW)
: Where did you datamine these patch notes? I think it has false information, Riot would not nerf Yasuo by removing PD, that would actually nerf him
IE is way to weak on champions like Yasuo, Rengar and Vi so its cost will be reduced by 600 Gold. This way champions can hit their powerspike earlier. Ohw and btw we made this change **melee only** so marksmans can't abuse it.
: This idea would require her basic abilities to be nerfed, at least damage wise. Fact is, with her passive and ultimately the way they are, being purely utility, the rest her kit gets a larger chunk of her power budget. Adding this Flow thing would take up some more of that budget and her unempowered abilities would have to take a hit. Also let's be real, 90% of the time it's going to be used on her Q.
I understand your point but I think that it depends on how fast and often you can activate this passive. Using it on Q would only give some bonus damage while using it on the other skills will provide more utility and pick potential besides its not like you can surf often in lane to activate it. This idea would make her OP if other sides of her kit arent nerfed, but it would also give her passive and worked ground mechanic way more depth instead of something you rarely use.
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Almighty (EUNE)
: Taliyah is UNDERPOWERED!
I think that she doesnt suck. Her ult gives her great ganking power and jungle help potential, her W -> E combo has great burst and chasing or retreating with q is OP. Her passive sucks though and is almost useless the moment you level your ult. I have seen a reddit post where someone had thought about a new passive and I really liked the idea but I have made some changes myself to it but I will link the original post. Taliyah R - Weaver's Wall Active still the same Passive Taliyah generates _*flow*_ when Rock Surfing or riding Weaver's Wall. At maximum flow her next non ultimate skill will have an additional effect. * Q Threaded Volley 10/20/30% magic pen if Threaded Volley is used in an area of Worked Ground the Stone Shard will also get + 3 teemo's bonus range and will get tripple the magic pen. * W Seismic Shove activate 0,3/0,4/0,6 seconds faster (original delay is 1 sec) if is using Seismic Shove is used while in Worked Ground, the target will also be knocked back 1 teemo further in the chosen direction and is slowed for 10/15/20% * E Unraveled Earth enemy champions hit by the initial are rooted for 0,5 seconds. if Unraveled Earth is used while in Worked ground targets who dash over or are knocked through Unraveled Earth's boulders will be _"Cleaved"_, reducing their magic resist by 5% for 10 seconds for each boulder hit to a maximum of 25%. -This way there is wayy more synergy with worked ground. -She will actually get a power spike in combat stats when leveling her ult. -Her passive will be more utilised and more important to use. -It fits her lore to get some bonuses from traveling like yasuo. -More depth -May make her the most broken controle burst mage in the game. Original post (https://www.reddit.com/r/TaliyahMains/comments/5nm3u5/new_taliyah_passive_idea_upvotes_are_appreciated/dccrxat/)

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