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: [Champion Concept] Seth, The Metal Shaper
I feel as tho the passive ability and the passive portion on his w are a bit to strong, its basically a constant version of thornmail but better for the entire game, and the reliable stun on autos as a passive is quite strong. But i like the concept overall.
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: Well damn, that's a lot of mana, Goddess might be crying a lot.{{item:3070}}
You would typically build of mana regen on her
Febos (EUW)
: Interesting. It's kinda overlapping with Soraka in the whole "Healer" department, but interesting concept nonetheless.
Thank you :) its one of only of my support concepts so im still ironing out the kinks
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Antr0p0s (EUW)
: Looks great to me, only numbers should be tweaked
Thanks for the feedback, how do you feel the numbers should be tweaked? :)
: Do you mind if i kinda steal the concept to play around with a spin-off version of it ? Took too long to answer so i did it anyway [(here)](
Yeah I dont mind :) i actually like your concept aswell
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: The numbers seem too high , and 30 insects is not gonna happen , league is meant to be playable on potatoes , with that in mind 30 insects is gonna be way too many particles for that But regardless , i really like the concept
Thank you for the feedback i didnt take into consideration the lower down computer models some may have. With that in mind i nerfed his passive and ult overall making him have less insects at once and making it more difficult to hit the insect cap!
: to be a disruptive support, she actually needs to present some kind of threat, either by the form of damage, cc or ally protection/enhancing, and it seems she doesn't have any of it, apart from the ult, which to me seems somewhat unfitting; this way, it's just as a dog that barks a lot but never bites - you can just ignore her and do what you want
I have reworked her R to fit more with disruptive support.
: I already imagine Nightblue3 CY@ing people with your Wajak Also Cowsep getting lvl 3, infesting enemy red buff brush, when their jg comes there - W E Later biach! Holy cow, this champ is SO EASY
He is the first jungler i have conceptualised so he probably needs some polishing, I'll rework his E definitely!
: Seems like we could do some fun stuff with her, but apart that she wouldn't have much utility or consistency, taking the fun away :/ She also has a lot of similarities with leblanc, creating a bit of an overlap - maybe some ideas there would fit well in leblanc's kit!
I in vision her not so much as a glass cannon as i dont want her to step on leblancs toes, she could be played as a disruptive support. Her main job is to confuse enemies and draw the attention off her team :). Thanks for the feedback i may take another look at her kit!
: Damage taken percentary threshold INCREASING when scaling up is something... silly. This way she would suffer from her levels 7/13 and delay them for as long as possible
I didn't realise i had it in reverse, it is ment to scale down with level. Thanks!!
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alasarcher (EUNE)
: Maybe u noticed that there werent any complaints about Riven since preseason? She got gutted badly, now she is shitty tier champion. Even her winrate suffered badly. She went from 49-50% to 43-45%. She is 3rd lowest winrate champion atm.
I forgot to mention this point in my post but this is exactly the problem with riven. She is either over powered or vastly underpowered. Her kit is either great or terrible and is very hard to balance.
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ProGamerZix (EUNE)
: The concept looks like it's inspired from Rek'Sai but it a lot scarier. It would be nice if we see something like this in the rift ! I like it !
Thanks Im back from a break so i will be releasing many new concepts. be sure to check them out :)
: CHAMPION CONCEPT ----- Vox, The deity of lightning
His ultimate has been nerfed quite a bit. Base damage at all ranks went down from 40/50/60 to 10/20/30, The scaling went from 10% ability power to 5%. also all scalings for his passive tie in have been nerfed.
Hat (EUW)
: so an ulti that 1-shots even fed tanks is OK to you? And all you got to say is run? that's not counterplay. A lot of champions have CC and can help in killing. Even if an enemy gets a third of the damage it's a really powerfull ability.
Im nerfing the ultimate now as there have been numerous points about it being op. So dont worry.
Valthik (EUW)
: Ok, this time you did a much better job, but let's be real, there is NO reason at all to supercharge his ult like that. Remember, you have to think how the champ would behave in a real game, and not only by himself. This is a team game, and there are LOTS of champs that can make that ult unescapable, flash or not. Wanna have a few names? - Ori (ult can attract enemies in the area again, dealing massive damage too) - Wu (ult knockups) - Braum (ult knockups) - Anivia (Ice wall) - Zyra (roots) - J4 (ult) - Leona (ult for AoE) - Cass (ult AoE stun) - Ekko (AoE slow+ unreliable stun) - Alistar (AoE knockup) - Malphite (AoE knockup) - Rek'sai (AoE knockup) ... Unless you put in a HUGE channel where he can't move, there is no reason to load so much damage in it. It would bring ALONE more damage than a whole champion kit, it's unbalanced and, forgive me for being honest, stupid. Damage should be cut down by 75% at the very, very least.
Thanks for the good feedback. The supercharge part was to add to his play style which is heavily based on casting abilitys. And when i was making it i forgot about half the champions you listed, clearly its not as easy to get away as i first thought. I am going to greatly reduce the damage on his ultimate and maybe take a look at how it can be changed. Be sure to check back later to see the new ult and give me more feedback if you want.
Hat (EUW)
: Are you the same guy of those other champion designs with a passive that requires stacks? It all seems very similar. Also, an ability that can deal 3820 magic dmg, u ok mate?
Well im not sure about the other champions. Probably made a few with stacking passives but you would have to check my profile to be sure. Now as for the ultimate. Yes im "ok". The reason i put the damage so high is because it is meant to punish enemys for being foolish enough to stay in it. He only has one crowd control which is a one second stun from Q so its very easy to escape his ultimate in 1 vs 1. The only area where his ultimate excels is in zoning off objectives and if you have a great team comp (im thinking sejuani,miss fortune,malphite,orianna) that can lock up enemys in Vox ultimate. Also if you think base damage of 3820 is bad, If you build him well late game you should have about 1000ap at level 18. And i calculated that his ultimate late game would do around 8500 magic damage. So basically stay out of his ult. And if you see him cast it RUN THE HELL AWAY VERY QUICKLY.
: Hi once again. Sorry that my reply today will be a bit short, I am up for next game :D Definitely nice, especially the graphical idea for the passive. Main concernsI see: **Q:** too strong, too easy to hit. This ability alone is making Vox, who will already have a BIG presence as a long range mage (hes kinda like a lightning - Xerath) incredibly annoying to play against, if the enemy comes anywhere near a minion, hes done, as Q sets him up for Voxs ful combo. I recommend lowering the bounce-distance or, alternatively, add this: _"Bolt prioritizes targets not yet hit."_ **R:** Range is way to high for such a powerful ability. Have a nice day mate, looking forward to more concepts from you =)
Ok thanks for the input i will nerf the q for sure and ill lower the range of the ult cast to make it more reasonable. You have a nice day aswell :)
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: So you just took Twitch, buffed his ult, made him a her, and added Lee Sin's R to her W.
Well if you look at it that way then for the ult and W i geuss so. But the rest i made up. Am thanks i guess not sure if your comment is positive or negative
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Hat (EUW)
: 2 ability's with knock-ups seems a bit too strong, or they need a really long cooldown what would make the playstyle boring. ANd Rammus is the earthquake+shell champion around here, I think that part is a bit to similar.
Ill take another comprehensive look at his kit and tone down somethings thanks!
: I think his abilities have huge costs. Decent, bue needs work :) Probably you could nerf his R and add a passive that gives more "rubble". Anyway the concept is really good in my opinion, keep working on it!
Thanks a lot :). Ill take another look at the over all concept and tweak some things.
Jeyko (EUW)
: If he can be friends with{{champion:33}} , iam ok
Muzét (EUW)
: I do like the concept but what is his range ? When I read your concept I thought about my one true pokemon love : Torterra :'( Furthermore I think about one thing, you should make the rubble cost acts like energy (being reduce according to level) or a passive on his R to increase his rubble gauge (but his passive would make him powerful). So I think that at level 5 the ability should cost 10-20 (Q) 30-45 (W) E (50) and for R it should cost (100-75-50) Oh and does E length scale with level ?
ok thanks for the scaling ill take a look at rubble costs and update them now :). And yes the E does scale with level ill add that in now thanks!
iHeyt (EUNE)
: Rubble needs to be 70/140/210 per 1/6/11 levels, because 50 armor and magic resists is INSANE bonus. And too much knockbacks, stun. In theory you can lock champion for 6 seconds, deal tons of damage to them and still have damage reduction
ill take another look at his abilitys and ill fine tune them. Thanks for feedback.
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: THIS IS STOLEN! i played SMITE and in that game there is a character called HEL and has the same stances and almost same ablilites. her W in dark stance is "CRUSH" from another character's ability from SMITE too and is called sylla. so u just stole a creation of another game,THEIF! and if u think u are smart enough to call it " your concept " then i can flood the boards with more than 100 champ concepts based on DotA and SMITE mixing them together. u know u can just say that this concept is not yours and u took it from SMITE rather than liying,just how low u are ?
No i didnt steal it. There is a difference between stealing and having things that are similar. I actually just recently started playing smite and i played against a Hel. Judging by her look and feel in the game i wanted to present her to the league players. I didnt steal or copy her at all, i drew inspiration. I came up with the abilitys myself apart from the ultimate so dont be so quick to jump to conclusions. Now about crush i didnt know smite had a copyright on the word that is used to cause harm. This is a moba game that involves crushing your enemys. So chill out. If you are so angry then ill make a new concept using one of my own completely made up ideas and see how you like it. So calm down.
Hat (EUW)
: Sure black shield is a strong ability, but you have to time it. Mikael's crucible doesn;t have a 3 minute cooldown for shits'n'giggles. Or on Alistar the cleanse is his ultimate, and only works on himself, having a cleanse that you can use to free your carry is even stronger than a self-cleanse.
ok ill take another look at the ability.
Xêm (EUW)
: Yeah that's true. But maybe make the rats attack targets that are in the poison cloud for more damage or something
The rats now target the enemy affected with his ultimate now :)
Hat (EUW)
: Also, what is it with people and those ability-bloated champions? Stop trying to make champions with 2 stances..
Well your first comment is kind of ignorance in my opinion as if you read ahead she has NO hard cc so she needs to have some way to compensate, if you build her tanky she is just a cleanse bot and if you build her damage (recommended) she is very very squishy. So i dont think she is OP and other supports such as morgana can prevent the damage as well as cc immunity soooooo i think its ok. And as for the point about 2 stances. I think its fun to have lots of options. It gets boring having to go against champions that land 2 spells and thats their whole combo. The 2 stances add diversity in my opinion. And yes i suppose you can argue she is bloated but to be honest diversity is fun and it is my champion concept so i am trying to communicate MY idea's in MY way. I respect your opinion but i do like the concept. Never the less thanks for the feedback. And in future ill try and create some concepts that hopefully you will like and see.
: My opinion on it: In Dark Form She deals ridiculously high damage while having a pretty high amount of utility in light form. I don't know on what position you want her to be played but in the current state she isn't really a midlane mage, because she has got really high mana costs for all of her spells and not really a compensation for it. On support she cannot be played either because of her needing pretty much AP to be useful because of her lack at hard CC. And finally on as Top Mage she could be played using her light stance to get her required tankyness and her dark stance to trade. I can't tell how well this would work since i don't know about her Autoattack Range and her Basestats. But finally i think that she couldn't really use her "AOE around her" abilities because she has really good scalings and so on usually not high surviving abilities in the enemy team. I think you should work on her a bit and give her a clear concept for one role (either Supp/Top or Midlane Mage).
The reason i gave her so much utility and an arguable amount of damage in dark form (i wouldnt say ridiculous) is because she lacks and ultimate ability. Without the conventional ultimate that does large amounts of damage her basic abilitys need to be powerful. Touching on the position/role point she is meant to be versatile. She would most likely be a control based mid lane, or a high damage support. She isnt really a cookie cutter mage so i thinks its good that she can fit multiple roles.
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: Kane,The horrid plague doctor
Kane has been buffed. His Q scaling has been increased by 15%. His rats now scale with ability power and focus enemys with ult. And finally his ultimate damage has been increased at all ranks and scaling increased by 5%.
Xêm (EUW)
: Nice, but seems like a copy of Singed a bit with the poison cloud.
Well plenty of champions have poison clouds such as cass. But thanks for the feedback
: Hello again =) Actually, what I am missing here, is the "Power" you describe, because honestly, in this iteration, Kane would be incredibly weak. He only has one damaging ability that is actually suited to a ranged APC, which is his Q. His ultimate is almost melee range, his W is close range, and his E is a heal :D Another problem: In your description as I am writing this, his W scales with **attack damage** (and with only a very low efficiency)...I don't know if that's a typo, but I don't see the build here...there are VERY FEW champs in the game who make good use of an AD/AP hybrid build (actually, only Akali and Corki come to mind, maybe Jax and WW tho they tend not to build it 99% of the time). His Q will be his major damage source, but the problem here is, the scaling is VERY early {{item:1057}} or even {{item:3028}} would completely destroy his ability to actually be a threat in lane. And if he tries to go toplane, {{item:3211}} and that's that, the items passive will probably heal for more than the ability does damage on some champions ^^ So that only leaves his ult, which does nice true damage (kinda like a delayed chogath ult). I really like the idea of a very threatening ability spreading to others, and the scaling-up over time it does due to his passive, but the problem is, QSS or Cleanse and his ult is negated (and you pretty much have to make this cleanse-able, its similar to mechanics like zeds ult in terms of game-logic). Bottom line, nice idea, but needs more actual power to become "powerful" :D ...higher scaling on the Q for one thing. Also his W should scale with AP, but maybe make the rats targetable to allow for some counterplay...sacrifice your own AoE damage to counter Kanes rats would be a very fresh idea. Last but not least a few questions: Do you intent Kane to be a melee or a ranged? Because what I see here, is less a squishy ranged APC midlaner, but a more brawly-kind of melee-voodoo-priest mage/fighter hybrid. Edit: And a suggestion for art, something inspired by Baron Samedi from the Haitan folklore maybe?
Thanks for the feedback im happy with it. You see the main problem with my concepts before was the fact that people always viewed them as "op" so this time i have free room to buff his kit. The concept art you presented is cool but personally i see him like this He is supposed to be kind of like swain in the way you would build him. And i did indeed mess up the W it was meant to be ability power thanks for pointing that out. And i put his ultimate as melee as it does so a large amount of damage and can spread.
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