: Aatrox rework feels clunky and underwhelming, needs some more work!
: WTF Has This Game Become?
KapiteinG (EUW)
: Bots are destroying the ARAM gameplay
I got a bot in ranked the other day. He had just 1 win and 19 loses and just bought boots...go figure man.
RogueDek (EUW)
: Riot crashed the servers again with Clash...
The usual ****** that slap riots in the back saying they doing great job coming in 3...2...1...
Icepaw (EUNE)
: Bring SMS verification to soloQ ASAP!
We would get rid of 99% of kids this way, i support this
Rioter Comments
: cant login
Piggy0703 (EUNE)
: I got permabanned and i'm actually living a happier life
You never get permabanned for just one game. Maybe you should stop lying to yourself and you will have an even happier life.
: ***
He is green, its his job
DarkMoon222 (EUNE)
: This needs to stop
She has ultimate skin...the more op the more skins $$$
4 Akashi (EUNE)
: None of these champions is actually fighter. Fizz - Assassin/Mage Darius - Tank/Juggernaut Veigar - Mage Twitch - Marksman/Assassin Brand - Mage ...
DUH? Watch the right part of picture
: Riot, Can you bring this back?
Cheini (EUNE)
: i think they are dumb. and should keep playing dodgeball. reading passive spells is for ppl having nothing better to do!
YOU ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> JOKE
: there is enough champions in league of legends
: Honestly, I dont even want to play Ranked anymore
For starters...doesnt your nick means EASY GG? And you dont flame...
: because he heals on dmg dealt and oh how much his target has HP based on exiting them so if they are dead they have 0 hp and he did 0 dmg with ult
I think it says MAX HP...not on missing HP
Rioter Comments
: No, he just activates hacker-vision and looks through all this data finding the ip and then hacking your account {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
> [{quoted}](name=Timethief49,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=cfkwZs6N,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-03-31T08:38:59.198+0000) > > No, he just activates hacker-vision and looks through all this data finding the ip and then hacking your account > {{sticker:sg-lulu}} Nop
Rioter Comments
: FPS starts dropping, it reaches unplayable amounts after a few games
I had this, I uninstalled and installed the latest version of the driver from NVIDIA and it got fixed Dunno if it would help you
quaintly (EUW)
: Severe fps drops since 8.6
I had this, I uninstalled and installed the latest version of the driver from NVIDIA and it got fixed Dunno if it would help you
: Dont enjoy leauge anymore (this is a long story)
Why can't people fc***ing use paragraphs? GOD!
BaconTits (EUNE)
: How would you describe Riot Balance Team by only using 1 word?
: My account has been banned?
Why does this look like one of those nigerian scam emails? lol
: Patch 8.6 Still Fps Drops - Unplayable
Yeah I had no FPS issues before this patch, something is wrong And in ARAM is even worse!
: Yea because everyone plays like an idiot and tilts after getting killed once Not the games' fault though
Cuz u had a chance to recover before...now u have to wish for an afk or something like this to happen
kmph2mps (EUNE)
: Annie's Q seems to have a lower range than her AA?!
I think around season 5 or 6 they lowered her AA to match her Q, probably forgot to update the info? She moves cuz her Q goes to the middle of the minion, and the AA goes to the outside border.
zammea (EUW)
: Do you enjoy the season so far
Its stomp or get stomped, its worse than ever
: client suck potato spaghetti code
This client is BS...now I lag AF ingame, i didnt 2 days ago, WTF
: Oh, how about Ashe then? Or Jinx? Or Aurelion Sol? Nidalee is not the only one whose spells hit the harder, the longer they fly. Nidalee's problem was *not* damage over distance. Nidalee's problem was insane range. Which Zoe does not have, mind you. And also Nidalee's problem was the her insanely long-ranged spear made the rest of her kit totally useless. There was just no room for turning into cat on *that* distance.
DeerBoo (EUW)
: 50 Minute Bugsplat
Yeah long games are getting weird bugsplatts, saw it on NA boards
Marchewkova (EUNE)
: Wait, you want to say that if I will reroll now 3 shards after Zoe I will not get her (even if she is the only champion I don't have)???! FFS RIOT! How much money you want us to spend on this fking game? I spent more than 500$ on all my accounts and you still greed like some fking beggar.
Lyroit (EUW)
: [7.21] Drake Vision Bug
Arsene (EUNE)
: What was the point of emotes?
$$$$$$$$$$$$ maybe? They are Chinese owned...so guess why
: If you see level 7 Riven with skin you mute her before the game start so that's not really true.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Have you tried to consider other possible explanations for why you get winstreaks and lose streaks? Do you know how the matchmaking works?
: Suggestion: Make S Champinion more innovative and funny!
xKeip (EUW)
: RIOT Balancing team
The idea of buffing everything came with Ghostcrawler...is what he did with WoW and fcked it up
: > [{quoted}](name=Great Dohvahkiin,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=EkcREPEc,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2017-09-01T14:01:21.525+0000) > > if you read that again he's asking.. > what if you've been given the adc slot.. > the autofilled support wants the top spot.. > offering him the adc slot might not cut it That means that there is player who is given top and won't swap it, while maybe he could. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
And you cant do nothing in this case, as i said Whilling to swap when u cant cuz the other person wants a position you dont have doesnt solve the issue at hand
: I'll tell you a secret that, alas, you will probably refuse to follow. When someone ask for a role swap, accept to swap with him and go support. You will be surprised by the fact that very often you win games because of that. If you won't support cause "of course i won't play support cause it's the noobs role and can't carry", then i'm afraid you are one the bad side of autofill and you won't move away from it if not by adapting.
What if that person wants top and you are adc? WHAT CAN YOU DO? This is not the best advice IMO
SirZeel (EUW)
: Riot's player support is lying to me.
Too much drug at Riot's offices
11wildy (EUW)
: Arcade event daily challenges are horrible
: I'm an atheist
Open your eyes? Tell that to faker :)
: Given the enormous complexity of League and the endless possibilities, I think it's close to a miracle that balancing is not way worse. I mean, we are basically talking about a luxury problem here. People start complaining about "OP champs" when they have something like a 53% win ratio. In every other game a win ratio this close to 50% would be considered perfect balance, but the League community became so...."professional" that even the tiniest things are suddenly a big deal. Also keep in mind that perfect balance is never the goal. Google for "perfect imbalance" if you want to know why perfect balance is bad game design.
Since Riot hired Ghostcrawler there has never been balance Season 3 and 4 were almost perfect
Woozî (EUW)
: Toxicity won't go away with this righteous bann system
I think they profit from permabans. People just make new accounts and buy more skins...profit Gg rito
Viavarian (EUW)
: Yeah, this has been broken since the alpha of the new client. Sometimes I'm not even sure what the Riot client devs are doing all day, tbh.
watching kitty videos and getting high
: I should never ever assume other people intentions cause I don't know anything about them. Context is key. I learned the lesson the hard way and I could have saved so many years of me being an idiot :) Edit: And I also keep falling for it half of the time, you never stop learning.
So there was a time u werent mr awesome? :P
: What is the most important lessons you’ve learned in life?
ban yasuo always, whenever i click the ban button i feel relieved
: Some champs makes a game impossible to win in URF
If you see Orianna go afk, its lost for sure
: That's your opinion. I think ARURF is waaaaaay better than URF, since the variety of champs is much bigger. You shouldn't just assume that your personal opinion is objective or identical to everyone elses opinion. Additionally the "why"-question you answered is completely unrelated to the one I asked and what you wrote is completely unrelated to the topic that is discussed here. Try to stay on topic please.
That's your opinion too. I bet if we made a poll, draft URF would win
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